Impress Your Beloved with Precious Gifts in Silver! Here are 10 Ideas for Silver Gifts for Girlfriend (2019)

Impress Your Beloved with Precious Gifts in Silver! Here are 10 Ideas for Silver Gifts for Girlfriend (2019)

Silver has this allure to it. Its shimmering look shines beautifully, which makes it an ideal gift for a loved one. In this article, we discuss the various silver gifts you should opt for when you want to give your girl something she would cherish for a long time. Read on!

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Don't Underestimate the Power of Silver!

Silver in all its sparkling glory is nature’s true wonder. The shining precious metal mined from the earth’s crust is not exactly as rare as gold or diamond, but it does have a certain degree of charisma and elegance. There was a time when jewellery markets were dominated by gold and diamonds and only the less fortunate would invest in silver. But today, with the craze of matching jewellery and matching costumes, the importance of silver has come to the surface. Many women have started getting their gold jewellery polished in silver to get that white gold look. On the other hand, many people are getting their rings, necklaces and earrings made on a base of silver metal.

Not only in jewellery, as silver is considered auspicious in Indian culture, many families gather silver metals, pooja items and other such items in silver as it never loses its sheen. The market for silver is every-increasing and with more and more artifacts, decorative items and jewellery being made in silver, it is currently at its peak.

Raiseworthy Asset!

Silver is a raise worthy asset as it’s value has only increased over the years. You can invest in silver articles and vessels when you have some spare cash in hand and these items will not only add beauty to your home décor but also increase in value in the coming years. These are forever increasing and appreciating assets. In tough times, you can always sell these articles and get their present value's worth of cash to help you.

Never Loses its Sheen!

Silver just needs a little polish and it can always remain sparkling and shining if protected properly. It does get tarnished on contact with oxygen in the air, but if you preserve the metal well, like cover it with a cellophane paper, it will always retain its sheen, luster and sparkle. This is also one of the reasons why people believe in investing in this lovely metal.

Considered Auspicious in Indian Culture

Parents of daughters always stock silver articles, vessels and ornaments to be able to gift their daughter at the time of her marriage. Silver articles raise a person’s wealth and are considered auspicious and pure in Indian culture. Gifting silver articles during traditional functions is also considered as a blessing.

Never Goes Out of Style

Another benefit of silver items is that it never goes out of style. As its market value has always increased, a silver jewellery, silver artifact or a silver pooja vessel can always upgrade the beauty of your décor or your overall look, because it never goes out of style.

Easily Moldable

A silver jewellery item gifted to you by your grandparents can be easily remolded into a desired style as the metal is easy to mold and change its shape. You can get new and trendy jewellery pieces designed from your old silver jewellery as you will only be charged making cost.

More Memorable than Cash or Gifts


Silver articles, gifts and artifacts are more memorable than cash gifts because, after some years, the cash gifts gets used, but you tend to keep the silver gift forever. It will always remind you of somebody’s love, gesture and concern. To your amazement, if you knew the value of the item then and if you found the value after a few years, you will find it to have increased. Silver is an ever-increasing wealth.

Silver Jewellry That You Can Gift to Your Girlfriend

If you are thinking of buying something special for your girlfriend on her very special day, then why not gift her a silver jewellery gift that she can remember and cherish forever in her life? A silver jewellery looks delicate, beautiful, elegant and is not that risky as wearing a gold or a diamond jewellery all the time. Here is a list of some pretty silver jewellery gift items we have selected for you. These can be purchased online easily.

Silver Bracelet


A silver bracelet looks delicate, dainty and pretty on any girl’s wrist. It the way silver color gels with the Indian skin that makes it all worthwhile. Invest in this pretty Pink Australian Crystal Bracelet for your beloved for just Rs. 499 on Amazon. A perfect giftable for Valentine’s Day or Birthday, this fashion jewellery can easily match with western or Indian attire. It is crafted from high-quality Australian crystal. Five-layer-micro-white gold-plated, this bracelet will stay put for long. It features intricate high-quality polish which makes it look glamorous. It is absolutely nickel free and lead free. The bracelet is also quite safe for the skin.

Silver Ring

Evaara diamonds in Sterling Silver for your girlfriend will be a gift she will cherish forever in her life. The ring is made of 925 Sterling Silver. The ring is studded with Swarovski crystals, which give the look of actual diamonds. The ring boasts of a high-quality make and is also hallmarked. Featuring a platinum shade, this semi-precious jewellery is perfect for wedding and engagement, everyday work wear and casual wear. It has a glossy finish and platinum plating and 19 Swarovski crystals studded in the center. The silver purity is S 925 and silver weight is 2.352 gm. You can get it from Flipkart.

Silver Pendant

A wonderful gift for your strong girlfriend, this one will definitely show her what you think of her and also convey your pride in her. This handmade silver pendant features an inscription about the strength of women. Priced at Rs. 5203, this one is hand-crafted by designer B B Becker. The sterling silver is hand polished and also has the designer’s wife’s own handwritten inscription to add a personal touch. The chain is 18 inches long and the pendant’s diameter is 0.75 to 1 inches. You can grab this one from

Silver Drop Earrings

These Silver-Toned Spike Drop earrings will be your girlfriend’s favourite jewellery item as these can be matched with Indian as well as western wear. Available at for Rs. 2170, these earrings are rhodium plated and have cubic zirconia. Featuring a post and back type of closure, these Peorra earrings instantly add a classy touch to your ensemble. These are 7 cm long. It is best to clean these with a soft cotton swab when required and they should be stored away wrapped in a plastic wrap to avoid oxidation issues.

Silver Chain

This Taraash Sterling Silver chain based pearl necklace set for your girlfriend will take her by complete surprise. Priced at Rs. 2906, this one comes with a 925 sterling silver box chain in three layers with triangle pearl layered setting, along with matching earrings. The size of the chain is 16 inches and it comes with an adjuster pendant of length – 5 cm, width – 1.5 cm and earrings length – 5 cm and width – 0.5 cm. This set looks best when teamed with western wear long gowns or dresses. It also looks fabulous with dressy tops over jeans.

Silver Pendant with Personalized Initials

Personalized initials silver pendent will not only be a special gift for your beloved, but also a memorabilia of your love relationship. You can choose to get her name initials or both of your first name’s initials customized on this pendant. The price of the personalized silver pendant is Rs. 2800 and you can buy it from It is handcrafted with the initials of your choice and the beautiful piece has a gold-plated heart in the centre. The chain and the pendant are made of sterling silver. The heart in the middle is 18k gold plated and the chain is quite sturdy.

4 Unique Silver Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

If you feel your girl has tons of jewellery already and you still want to give her something in silver, then we also have some stunning silver articles which she will fall in love with instantly and preserve forever in her life. Scroll down below and choose your pick.

Silver Ganesh Lakshmi Idol


If your girlfriend is quite religious and believes in the power of deities, then these alluring Ganesha and Lakshmi idols will prove to be the best gifts for her. Beautifully crafted, these idols bring positivity to your home and are worshipped with utmost devotion and love in every Hindu household. These 99.9 sterling silver Ganesha Lakshmi idols can be kept in your home pooja room and also in your room. These idols are worshipped during all the major hindu festivals especially Diwali. The idol features dimensions of 1.5 x 1.5 x 1 inch. Ganesha and Lakshmi idols when gifted in a pair are believed to bring happiness, love and prosperity in your homes and lives. Available at IGP

Silver Plated Box

This lovely silver plated box from episodesilver is priced at Rs. 1357. The sturdy 4 x 4 inch box is silver plated and anti-tarnish. The box can be used for storing dry fruits and other knick-knacks. The box has a royal look that adds a lovely touch when displayed. It is a rich and luxurious item that is also long-lasting at the same time because of its high-quality make. She can also keep small jewellery items or other such things in this box on her dressing tables.

Silver Tray

If you want to gift something in silver which can be displayed on your girlfriend’s work desk or house centre table, then this silver tray is also quite suitable. The pretty silver tray features intricate carving. Available at Homeshop18 for Rs. 1699, this one features a spiritual theme and weighs 250 gm. The metal purity is 0.888. The tray features dimensions of 22.86 x 7 x 22.86 cm and she can use it for serving dry fruits, keeping earrings, rings and chains for daily use and also as a display item on the centre tables.

Silver Coin with Photo Engraved

This photo engraved 20 gm silver coin will be one of the most unique gift items your girlfriend has ever received. presents this lovely engraved coin for Rs. 3499. Engraved and customized silver coins look distinct especially when customized with a personal photograph. This photo coin will make a lovely addition to your girlfriend’s jewellery collection. It features a lovely shine and finesse. The coin is of 20 gm silver and you can upload your name, photo or a special message on the website to be engraved on the coin. The company manufactures the coin from scratch and it is possible to get it personalized the way you want. You can also get diamonds added or other gem-stones added or get it designed into a pendant. You need to upload your images to the provided WhatsApp Number or email id.

Tips on Maintaining the Integrity of a Silver Item


A pure silver item does get tarnished when exposed to air. To regain and restore the sheen, there are a few easy peasy Do-It-Yourself home solutions, which can help you keep your metal shining forever.

Baking soda:
Just pour some baking soda on an old toothbrush and scrub it over your silver article. You will find all the black residue disappear within moments to reveal a sparkling surface beneath.

Tamarind also helps to remove the blackish residue off the silver item. Just soak some tamarind in water and use the soaked piece to scrub your silver article. You will soon find your silver item sparkling just like new.

Take half of a cut lemon and rub it over your silver vessel. It will quickly remove all the black stains and reveal a shiny surface below.

Colgate toothpaste:
Rubbing Colgate toothpaste on silver items is also found to be equally effective in making a silver article shine.

So, while gifting silver to your beloved, also share these maintenance tips with her so that she will not have to run to the commercial jeweler for a silver polish every time. These tips will help her keep her silver articles in good condition for long.

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The best of silver gifts

Very lovely silver jewellery gifts right there for your girl. Sorry if they are so much that you are now confused about which to choose. But I guess since you know your girlfriend well enough, you'll be able to shortlist from the lot and make your choice. So, go on, choose the best that your girl would cherish and appreciate forever and watch her blush when you gift it to her. Cheers!