10 Unbelievably Stunning Gifts for Boyfriend Going Abroad and 3 Ways to Give Him an Awesome Send-Off

10 Unbelievably Stunning Gifts for Boyfriend Going Abroad and 3 Ways to Give Him an Awesome Send-Off

Boyfriend going on a trip abroad? While it is going to be difficult as it is, we are sure you are looking to buy gifts to ease this separation. To make it easy on you, we have curated an all-comprising list of gifts ranging from travel hoodie pillow to a camera to a personalized clock and everything in between. We have also added a few tips on how to make the send-off special for him. What are you waiting for? Start reading.

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How to Choose an Ideal Gift for Boyfriend Travelling Abroad

Choose Gifts for Use While Travelling

Going abroad implies that your boyfriend will have to travel a lot. Both while getting there and afterward. You can gift him something that he will find useful while he travels. For example, you can gift him with travel bags that he can use to store his essentials. You can also gift him with an eye mask so that he can catch some sleep while commuting and in the plane. Satchel bags and packing cubes are other such gifts that will come in handy while he travels. It will be a useful gift that he can use while staying abroad. He can have a hassle-free travel and will be grateful to you for giving him such thoughtful gifts.

Pick Something that Makes Leisure Time Fun

Going abroad means spending a lot of time at the airport along with the long waiting hours. This will leave him with a lot of leisure time and he might get jaded while waiting around. You can gift him something that will be helpful in spending his free time. For example, gift him, headphones that he can use to listen to music. You can also gift him with novels and books that he can read while he is free. Gifting him with a subscription to Netflix could also be a good idea. He can spend hours without even realizing by watching awesome movies and TV series on Netflix. You can also give him a Spotify subscription using which he can listen to his favorite music. If your boyfriend is an avid reader, then you can gift him Kindle to read all his favorite books online.

Gift Something that Will Remind Him of You

As your boyfriend is going abroad you can give him something that will remind him of you whenever he sees that gift. No matter whether he is going away for a few months or a couple of years, you can always gift something adorable that will keep you in his memories. For instance, you can give him a personalized photo frame with a cute picture of the two of you. You can also give him a romantic neck piece that splits into two, of which one part you can keep and he can take the other one with him. This way he will always have you on his mind even when he is miles apart. If you wish to make it even more special, you can give him a handmade gift. You can make a card or a scrapbook full of your pictures together that he can always see whenever he misses you.

Top 10 Gifts for Boyfriend Going Abroad

Travel Hoodie Pillow

This hoodie with a neck pillow is a perfect gift for your boyfriend travelling abroad. The cushion safeguards the neck from jerks and sprains while the hood avoids exposure to light while sleeping. The lock mechanism of the pillow keeps it in place and it has microbeads to ensure comfort. It has a removable cover which can be useful when it comes to cleaning it. It is ideal for the long car journeys and flights. Your boyfriend can take a quick nap almost anywhere with this travel hoodie pillow. You can shop for this from bigsmall.in for Rs.1,699.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (Black)

Source www.amazon.in

Your boyfriend can capture all the beautiful moments during his stay abroad with this Fujifilm Instax mini 8 Instant Flim camera. It has a slim and light body and an automatic exposure measurement. The camera signals the recommended aperture setting automatically with a flashing LED. This helps in capturing a perfect picture every time. The camera can also take good portrait pictures. It also has a viewfinder for better visibility and clarity. He can take awesome pictures of anything with this camera by his side. You can shop for this from amazon.in for Rs.3,300.

Sungale PF709 - 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame

Source www.amazon.in

This 7-inch digital photo frame with an ultra slim design is the perfect gift for your boyfriend going abroad. It is black in colour and has an HD LCD screen. It has a wide utilization and you can give this gift along with lovely pictures of the two of you. It supports various memory devices like a flash drive or SD card. The digital photo frame has a lot of viewing options like slide shows, transition effects, photo rotation, and interval time options. Apart from this, the photo frame also has convenient features like a calendar and clock. You can shop for this from amazon.in for Rs.6,610.

Foldable Travel Bag

A foldable travel bag is a quick fix to the luggage problems. It is made of polyester and it can be easily transformed to a travel, overnight and aeroplane bag. It can be easily attached to the trolley bag thus making it very convenient to carry. You can choose from the four colours available i.e. green, orange, blue and pink. It is a perfect blend of utility and stylish look. The bag has a large capacity and can be folded while not being used. You can shop this amazing travel bag from bigsmall.in for Rs.399.

Weaves of Blarney Passport Cover

You can gift this trendy passport cover to your boyfriend who is going abroad. It has an asymmetric texture and grained detailing. It has a blend of colours in the overlay and is made of leather. This fashionable yet useful passport cover is easy to maintain and is very durable. It very well compliments any modern look. You can give it to your boyfriend so he can keep his passport in this stylish cover. The beautiful pattern and quality of the passport cover make it suitable for contemporary use. Shop for this from indiacircus.com for Rs.532.

Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i

Source www.amazon.in

As your boyfriend travels abroad, he is going to need this power bank to keep his phone charged on the go! The 20000mAH power bank is white in colour and has a lithium-polymer battery. It provides quick charging for multiple devices at the same time. It supports devices such as MI, Apple, Samsung etc. It can also be used to charge certain types of USB-C laptops. It is a durable power bank with optimal performance. It also has a dual USB output. Moreover, it is anti-slip and scratch resistant. The product comes with a warranty of 6 months. You can shop for this product from amazon.in for Rs.1,499.

Park Avenue Hamper

Source www.fnp.com

Gift this awesome Park Avenue Hamper to your boyfriend while saying goodbye to him. It is a complete kit that is specially curated to help men kickstart their day while taking care of themselves. It is a refreshing shaving and grooming kit that leaves a soothing effect on the skin. It contains a Deo Talc, Luxury soap, Apache Razor, Shaving Cream, Shaving Brush, After Shave Lotion and Body Deodorant. He will be amazed to receive such a wonderful gift from you. You can shop for this awesome gift from fnp.com for Rs.1,949.

Personalised Rotating Pen Holder

Source www.fnp.com

How about a gift that is useful and reminds him of you at the same time? You can give this personalized rotating pen holder to your boyfriend as he goes abroad. All you need are 4 high-resolution images that you can upload while buying this gift. It is a multi-purpose desktop essential. It can be used to keep all the stationery at work and can also be used as an organizer in the study room. Your boyfriend can keep it in his room or at work and it will always remind him of you. You can shop for this awesome gift from fnp.com for Rs.649.

Boat Stone 260 Portable Bluetooth Speakers (Prism)

Source www.amazon.in

If your boyfriend is an outdoorsy person, this is the gift for him. The Boat Stone 260 portable Bluetooth speakers are water resistant as well as shockproof. It suits an active and outdoor lifestyle. These speakers can be easily carried to swimming, hiking, camping, drifting, cycling and more. It is made of highly durable silicon and has a matte finish that makes it shockproof. It also has an outdoor protection against the dust and water. The speaker produces a bass and crystal sound that is perfect for parties. It has a Bluetooth 4.1 transmission without any audio loss. It delivers 9 hours of talk time and over 4 to 5 hours of music. It can be easily paired with all other Bluetooth devices. You can shop for this product from amazon.in for Rs.1,499.

You Complete Me Personalised Clock

Source www.igp.com

This personalized clock accurately conveys your feelings for your boyfriend. It has a sweet message written on it that says “You Complete Me”. It is a practical gift as well as a romantic gift with that heart design on it. The table clock has can be customized by adding a picture of both of you. It is a modern gift for your boyfriend that will always remind him of you as he glances at this. Your boyfriend will love this romantic gesture of yours and will absolutely like the table clock. He can keep it at his office or even at home. All that you have to do is to upload a good quality picture of the two of you. You can shop for this product from igp.com for Rs.600.

Give Him a Memorable Send-Off so He Can't Wait to Come Back to You!

Plan an Amazing Last Day in Town

Before your boyfriend leaves for his new adventure abroad, you can give him a special send off. You can plan an amazing send off for him before he leaves. Identify all the places that you want to visit together. You could select the places where you have gone for dates and plan a day filled with visits to all such awesome places. You can check with his schedule and ask him to take some time out so that you can surprise him with your plan. Click a lot of pictures together and make sure that you create a lot of memories before he leaves.

Go for a Romantic Date at Your Favourite Restaurant

As a couple, you must have a restaurant that you always visit and where you go for dates. You can plan a romantic date with your beau before he goes abroad. It could be a brunch date or a dinner date. You can take help from the restaurant to set a romantic mood. Maybe use candles and champagne to make it extra special. While you are at the restaurant, you can give him the gift you have bought for him. He will be swayed away with this romantic gesture and will always cherish it.

Bake a Goodbye Cake for Him

As your boyfriend is going abroad, you can make a special cake for him to bid him adieu with love. All that you have to do is to bake him a Goodbye cake. Get all the ingredients and choose the flavour based on what he likes the best. You can take the recipe off the internet and there are various ways in which you can decorate the cake. Be it frosting or using chocolates to decorate the cake, you can make it as creative as possible. He will be moved to see the effort that you have put in to make a cake for him.

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Timing Is Important

We are sure you are excited in giving your boyfriend the best send off with everything planned to the "T". You can even arrange a party for your boyfriend. Gather your mutual friends and give him a send-off to remember. However, you need to remember that the days leading to the travel are going to be very hectic with all the packing and getting the documents ready. You'd have to plan your send-off at a time when it doesn't hinder his travel arrangements. Make sure it is well in advance and the surprise element is still there. Even though it is going to be tough on both of you, the send-off and the gifts will definitely help both of you.