10 Corporate Promotional Gift Ideas to Help Create Your Brand Identity in 2019: Bonus Gifting Tips for Entrepreneurs

10 Corporate Promotional Gift Ideas to Help Create Your Brand Identity in 2019: Bonus Gifting Tips for Entrepreneurs

Promotional Gifts can make or break your brand, as it is something that once gifted stays with the person, and can be belittled even in the future, which is why you must spend a good amount of time and thought in choosing the right promotional gift. Here are tips and some Promotional Gift Ideas for your brand which you can buy online. Scroll below to have a look:

Importance of Corporate Promotional Gifts

In today’s time when there are so many competing brands, corporate gifts can make or break your brand’s image in the professional space. Whether you’re planning on giving those gifts to your special clients, your employees or your customers, it is extremely important to get it right. Corporate gifts create a long-lasting impression of your brand on your target audience and are capable of creating a word of mouth publicity, both positive and negative.

When you’re giving corporate gifts to your clients or customers, you must give it some extra thought and consideration since these days there are a lot of competitive brands out there offering all kinds of creative and curated gifts and you’d not like for your brand to be overshadowed.

Since promotional gifts aim to create enough promotion for the brand which then results in sales, it is important that you put time and thought into it. In this article, we are sharing with you our tricks and tips and the rest you need to know when you’re stuck in the dilemma of curating corporate gifts for your brand.

Along with this, we’ve also listed down 10 Promotional Gift Ideas which would be great for your Brand Image. Read below to know more.

Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing a Corporate Gift

Who Is It for? Employees, Clients or Customers?

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself while working on promotional corporate gifting is ‘Who is this Gift for’, and you’d notice that based on the audience or recipients, you will have different ideas as to what needs to be gifted. This is also because your brand shares a different relationship with each of these entities, and the objective is also different in each case.

Which means that you would want to opt for a gift which would cater and strengthen the same.

The selection of your gift would vary depending upon the target audience, which is why make sure you understand your audience well - their needs and requirements, or what they expect out of your brand.

What Is the Occasion for the Gift?

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Another thing that you need to keep in mind while deciding on corporate gifts, is the occasion behind the same.

For instance, if it is given on the occasion of celebrating a milestone, then it should be reflective of the same, like a gift with a thank you note for premium clients, customers and employees, or something that states what the milestone is like ‘10 years of success’, or similar.

In case of a festive occasion, you should opt for something indicative of celebration and festivity like Planners with Food Hampers. If you are launching a new product or holding an event, then again, you need to look for promotional gifts that will not only tie in with your brand but also strike a chord with your audience.

Don't Go Overboard with the Branding

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This one’s important, because it usually gets missed out. Now, even though the purpose of a Corporate Gift is to promote your brand, which means it needs to have something to promote. It could be a brand’s logo, motto or name.

It is always smart to keep the promotion minimal yet impactful, rather than something which is out loud and obvious.

10 Promotional Gift Ideas for Your Brand which You can Buy Online

Key Rings

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Key Rings are very common promotional gift items because they are quick, low cost and an item which everyone would put into use on a regular basis, which means your brand will get noticed whenever someone notices a key ring in someone’s hand.

But what matters is the right designing, so that it registers with anyone who sees it thereafter.

We picked this square key-chain by Ferns and Petals which can be customised as per your brand logo. This design is simple, yet sturdy which makes it great for everyday use.

A piece of this key-ring would cost you Rs. 299, and you need to order a minimum quantity of 30 pieces. You can order this from www.fnp.com.

Wooden Engraved Notebook

This Wooden Engraved Notebook is sturdy, classy and everything you want your brand image to be. You can get your brand’s name, logo or even motto engraved on the cover of the notebook, and it would make it a very classy Promotional Gift.

It is from the Letter Note’s special Bespoke Custom edition and, is a minimal and sophisticated corporate gift option. They have created customised editions for a wide range of brands in the past and understand that corporate gifts can be a great way of forming a cohesive organisational culture as well as cultivating a loyal customer base.

Notebooks, we all know are an item of everyday use, and everyone ends up using them for one reason or another - be it scribbling notes, making lists or jotting down phone numbers.

The great thing about this one is because of its unique look and great design, it would automatically catch anyone’s attention.

You can get this custom made for your brand as a promotional gift and can choose between A5 size and pocket size. You can get this from www.letternote.com and to inquire about pricing regarding bulk corporate orders, you can reach out to them on info@letternote.com.

Passport Wallet

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Nowadays, Travelling is an essential part of everyone’s life. Be it for business trips or personal ones, we all end up hopping on a flight for one reason to another.

Which is why a Passport Wallet would make for a great corporate gift. This Leather Passport Wallet from Ferns and Petals not only has a compartment for your Passport but also has other compartments to keep your ID proof and other cards intact in one place.

A single piece of this Passport Wallet would cost you Rs. 699 and you need to order a minimum quantity of 30 pieces. You can order this from www.fnp.com.

If you want to get your brand’s logo embossed in the same, then you can reach out to Ferns and Petals and inquire about the customisation options for this product.

Hamper with Assorted Teas

Tea Boxes are a great gifting option if you pick the right one - with great quality, decent quantity and overall size and packaging.

We suggest assorted boxes by Tea Box, for they present artfully crafted and thoughtfully created gifts for every occasion. You can choose and personalize tea gifts from their elaborate selection catering to different occasions, offering a variety of teas, packaging options and multiple sizes.

We Picked this ‘You’re Gifted’ Packaging Option, which offers 3 teas, in Matcha Green Tea, Mint Matcha Green Tea and Berry Matcha Green Tea. It is a great option during the festivities, adding an element of celebration. Moreover, the packaging of the gift box is extremely classy, with a black box with golden embossing.

A single piece of this Tea Gift Box would cost you Rs. 2,850, and you can reach out to them to know more about their bulk orders and pricing.

Not only do they have a great range to pick from, but they also personalize your gifts the way you want to - allowing you to create a brand image you want to, with great flexibility.

They make it easy with a variety of ways to personalize your gifts - You could choose ribbons & wraps, print customized sleeve, add your name & logo, insert your business card, write a special message and so much more.

If you're looking for a different budget, then www.teatrunk.in has other gift hampers as well, and you can also let them know of your budget and inquire about special gifting packages.

Leather Cable Wraps

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We all know how difficult and chaotic it can be to look for our chargers, and other cables - be it our headphones or charger cables.

But with a Charger Wrap, you no longer have to rummage in your bag or even turn your room upside down looking for your phone charger. This charger wrap snugly wraps around the cord and adapter and ensures hassle-free days. It’s a thoughtful corporate gift option which offers great utility.

We picked Daily Objects, a brand which has worked various high-end clients to create their promotional gifts. Their products can be customised with your brand logo and more. To know more about their corporate gifting programme, you can fill in the form on their website www.dailyobjects.com and inquire about pricing, delivery and more.

Customised Pen

Customised Pens are extremely common, and can be seen everywhere for they are highly useful and result in easy promotion and marketing. Which is why, if you’re considering a cheap and quick look for your promotional corporate gifts, then we suggest you go for a Customised Pen, with your brand’s name and logo.

You can get this customised from Vista Print, and this ballpoint pen look classy, and you can get this customised using laser technique.

You can choose among various colours for the body of the pen-like Blue, GunMetal, Burgundy and many others. Depending on the colour you can also choose the metal finish for the pen. A single pen would cost you Rs. 130 and you can get this from www.vistaprint.in.

Mug with a Customised Message

Source inkmonk.com

Another way to promote your brand is to let people know about your brand’s motto, as that will help people relate and resonate with your brand.

If that is what you want to achieve through your corporate promotional gift, then go for this Coffee Mug with a customised message from Ink Monk. You can create your own mug, choosing the size, design and messaging that you’re looking for.

You can check out their website www.inkmonk.com and start creating your own design.

Diary Organiser

A Diary Organiser is a great corporate promotional gift, especially if you’re giving it to your clients or employees since it is something that they could actually make use of.

We picked this Zipper Planner, which allows its recipient to easily organize everything in one place. It comes with three-year calendar, and an inbuilt diary of a 100 pages.

A single piece of this Diary Organiser would cost you Rs. 322 and you need to place a minimum order of 100 items. You can buy this on www.brandedcorporategift.com.

Wooden Pen Stand

Another smart, yet easy promotional gift would be this single pen holder. It comes in a triangular wooden design and can hold a single pen.

Not only would it look classy on any desk, but would also very clearly promote your brand. It can be engraved with your brand’s name and logo, making it a great promotional gift for your brand.

This would cost you Rs. 299 for a single piece and you can order it from www.zestpics.com.

Book Mark

A Book Mark is something that everyone can put to some use, and it is also something that is a great product for promoting your brand since if well designed, and intriguing, everyone would give one read to a bookmark.

You can focus on creating a great design, with your brand logo and colours, and add one element which would gauge everyone’s attention. You can browse various designs of Bookmarks at www.printstop.co.in and place your orders. The price per piece would depend upon the quality of paper and design of the bookmark.

Bonus Tips for Buying Corporate Gifts Online

There are various websites and options available online when it comes to Corporate Gifting. However, with something as important as corporate gifts, there are some things you should keep in mind before placing an order, like:

Get a Quote for Bulk Orders

Usually the prices listed for corporate gifting products are based on a minimum order, however if your order size is much more than the minimum order, then it is always smart to reach out to the dealer and ask for a new quote for your order size, and there are chances that even a slight change in price would allow you to save a lot on your budget since you’ll be buying the product in bulk.

Ask for Samples to Check and Ensure Quality

Sometimes products look very different online than how they would look and feel once received. This is why you should always first ask for samples and do a quality check on them before placing the order or giving an advance payment.

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