Express Your Undying Love and Affection for Your Lady Love This Karwa Chauth  and Make Her Karwa Chauth Memorable with These Special Gifts (2019)

Express Your Undying Love and Affection for Your Lady Love This Karwa Chauth and Make Her Karwa Chauth Memorable with These Special Gifts (2019)

This festival is a celebration of the sacred bond shared between a husband and a wife. Being a symbol of love and reflects deep care for each other, Karwa Chauth is the most important festival for all the married women. So, with our extraordinary gift ideas, make your wife feel the most special person in this world. So, this Karwa Chauth, surprise your lady love and bring a huge smile on her pretty face.

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Things to Remember When Purchasing Karwa Chauth Gift for Wife Online

Ensure That the Gift Resonates Her Character

Karwa Chauth is celebrated by a married woman who dedicates the day to their husbands, wishing for their long life and prosperity. It entails a very difficult fast by the woman, as it is broken only after seeing the moon and after all rituals for the day have been performed. Undoubtedly, it takes a lot of love and dedication to perform the ritual. So, when the wife takes all that trouble for you, it is important that you as a husband also gift her something beautiful, unique and valuable.

Each woman is different and special to her husband and none can be generalized. So, when purchasing gift why go for generalized ideas? Let the gift you get for her personify her character. Invest some time in thinking about her, what is likes the most, and prefers the most; it will make your task easier.

It Must Suit the Occasion

It is a special occasion and unlike the other celebrations like Holi and Diwali; it is specifically for married couples. So, try to maintain the essence of it through your gift. Be unique and thoughtful and let the lady of your life know how much she means to you. You might not be observing the fasting with her but your love for her is now way less than hers for you. So, avoid purchasing generalized items.

The Online Gift Ideas for Wife on Karwa Chauth Must Speak Volume About Your Relationship

While she endures so much of trouble for you, it is your duty to make sure that you make the day special for her with an enticing gift that speaks volume about the special marital bond that you share with her. Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships and one of the most crucial one, and this day is dedicated to you solely, make the maximum utilization of it. Make sure that you express your love and respect for her through the gift. If you can personalize the gift then nothing can be better than that.

Top 10 Unbeatable Karwa Chauth Online Gifts

Love has no language and it cannot be weighed with gifts, but gifts for sure make the recipient happy and is one of the best ways to make her know you value her.

We understand that it is not an easy task to buy a gift for a lady and most importantly your wife, whom you want to see the happiest. We have collated a list of some of the most special and unique gifts that might help you and lessen the burden from your shoulder. You simply need to browse through the list of 10 gift items and place your order from the convenience of your home or office. And, then wait to see the joyous and brimming face of your wife.

Gold Plated Rose with Red Petals And Love Showpiece


A red rose is a symbol of love. Gift your wife this gold plated red rose for Karwa Chauth and she will cherish this moment forever. This red rose come with golden words “love” implanted on it. This showpiece will forever be witness to the love and warmth you share. What can be a better gift to appreciate and acknowledge the dedication she endows you with? Order this from at just Rs. 450 only and make this Karwa Chauth a lasting memory.

Nykaa Trousseau Box - Pinktastic!


A girl always loves to dress up and put on makeup for his man! So gift her this Trousseau Box for this Karwa Chauth. This box is spacious enough to fit the entire makeup essentials that your girl might need to put on that perfect look for you. It comes with a mirror for those final touches. The metallic body has colour options too, you can choose from Pink to silver to moon metal to radiant red. So choose her favourite shade and see her blush with love when she holds this gift. The light weighted Trousseau Box is easy to carry around as well. Do not waste time pondering on gifts, and order it from at an unbelievable price of Rs. 799 only.

Shimmer Necklace Set


See the glitter in her eyes when you gift this Hollywood styled necklace set. This classic piece of jewelry is delicately designed and crafted with Austrian Crystals. It is finished with German rhodium polish and is made of high-grade lead and nickel free environment. The set sparkles with its American diamonds and has a Sliding Tab Style Clasp making it safe to wear. Surprise her with this fine necklace and pair of stud set from at just Rs. 4,800. Quite jaw-dropping isn’t it!

Donna Bracelet


Hold your breath when you see this beautiful bracelet from Donna. Imagine what happiness this will bring to your wife! This simple yet stunning bracelet is made of Blue Crystals embedded in shiny platinum finish base and is encompassed by ethereal Swarovski Crystals. It has a white gold finish and is made of high grade of lead and nickel. And if that is enough it comes with a yearlong warranty as well! So to make her love more profound gift her this chic and classy bracelet at just Rs 2,200 from

StBotanica Argan Radiance Face Oil - 20ml - For Anti Aging & Anti Wrinkle Skin Brightening Serum

The Argan Radiance Face Oil from St Botanica is a delightful gift for your beautiful wife. Show her how much you adore gifting her by this pack. Every time she uses is and refreshes her beauty she is going to love you a little more. Argan Oil is professionally designed to fight stubborn woes of wrinkles and skin ageing. No matter which skin type your wife has this oil conditions every skin and helps in reducing pigmentations, skin scars, and sun damages. It offers deep nourishment to the skin. On top of that, it is easy to use, just a few drops massaged into the skin does the trick. What are you waiting for? Order this serum from at an affordable price of Rs. 999 only.

Personalised LED Bottle Lamp


Want something more personalized? This LED bottle lamp is probably your stop then. This modern looking table lamp is a perfect way to lighten up your marital life this Karwa Chauth. You can order it online and just click on the Personalise button to upload the image you want to get printed. Make this day special by gifting her this lamp from at just Rs. 725.

Four Fountains De Stress Spa Gift Voucher


Spoil your wife with a Spa gift voucher from Four Fountains De-Stress Spa. This voucher is the ultimate luxury you can shower on your spouse. It is redeemable at any location of Four Fountains De-Stress Spa and comes with a validity of 3 months. So be it aromatherapy or Thai massage or Swedish massage she can make her pick at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa Gift. This voucher can be availed from at Rs. 1,000 only.

Royal- Beautiful Forever Blue Rose


A beautiful blue rose from Forever brand can outweigh any gift item. Traditionally rose are a symbol of infinite love and what better way to express the affection you feel for your wife. So make this Karwa Chauth really special with this Blue Ecuadorian rose. The Ecuadorian rose is the highest quality rose as it grows near the equator. These Roses are cut at their peak and after being dehydrated, they are injected with a wax based non-toxic solution that inhibits the growth but retains the soft texture & shape. This is a completely naturally preserved rose and can last for up to 2 years. It is believed that it took 14 years of research by two companies ‘Florigene’, and ‘Suntory’ to create the world’s first blue rose. So order this unique gift for your wife from at only Rs. 1,499.

Raga Viva Rose Gold Dial Metal Strap Watch

This Titan raga can make your love timeless! The elegantly designed raga watch is made out of stainless steel and the round shaped dial is of rose gold-toned. It reflects a sunray finish and denotes time with appliqué baton indices. The analogue has 3 three sleek hands and the rim of the watch has a hammered texture embellishing the beauty of the watch. It is fine-tuned with a rose gold-toned stainless steel strap locking up with a jewellery clasp. It also comes with a 24-month warranty card. So do not drool and order it at Rs 4,495 from

Swarovski (Even Pendant)

Swarovski crystals can win the heart of your wife forever! Gift this classic crystal studded and rhodium plated pendant for Karwa Chauth. The modern look of the pendant is a plus. It is accompanied with a 42 cm long chain as well. You can purchase it for your lady love at just Rs. 2,796 from

How to Buy the Best Karwa Chauth Gift for Your Doting Wife?

Now that you have the list of some of the most unique and ravishing online Karwa Chauth gift options for your wife, don’t you feel more confident? In case, you are still feeling lost as in which gift is the best suited for your wife, and you are not convinced that your wife can be elated with any of these, let’s help you further with a few tips which can help you to make your choice:
• Try to spend a lot of time with her
• Make her feel special and beautiful
• Plan out the day in advance
• Take some time out for you both only
• Try to prepare something for her
• Make use of DIY craft and make something at home
• Go the extra mile and fast with her

Make the Day Memorable for Her By Within Her

Most of the time we are too busy with our daily schedule and do not spend time with the most beloved people in our lives. Take a break from the mundane routine and dedicate this day to her and to your marriage. Karwa Chauth is a day for you and your wife; try to spend the maximum time with her. If you participate in her daily life and spend some extra time with her; it will surely lift up her mood.

Fast Along with Her

Nothing can beat it: fast with her! The fasting of Karwa Chauth is not an easy one, and still, she does it for you because she loves and wants to spend her life with you. We are sure you also love her and want to be with her always, so why not pray for her long life? Why not go the extra mile and fast with her. If you can do this, mark our words, it will surely be the best gift for her. It is bound to touch her soul as you will be not doing it as part of any tradition but only her wellbeing and happiness.

Prepare for the Day Well in Advance

The day is full of rituals and ceremonies, so suddenly if you want to spend your day with her, she might feel awkward and your plan might not work out. So, plan everything well in advance. While you might want to surprise her and do not want to disclose your plan to her in advance, try to settle other things to avoid any last moment confusion.

She must be dressing up especially for this occasion; so you also invest some extra time and effort on your dressing so that you can compliment her perfectly.

Nothing Will Please Your Better Half More Than a Handmade Gift

The other rocking idea which is bound to sway her off her feet is if she finds that the gift is handmade by you. It surely will not be costly in terms of money, but the effort and time that you will invest are bound to be well acknowledged by her. Use DIY crafts or cook something for her. It can be simplest of the simple things; but where’s the harm in trying? Now-a-day internet is full of videos on DIY crafts and cooking tips; simply select something easy or something you know she will love and get going.

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Give Priority to Her Preference

When you are thinking to select a gift for your beautiful wife, you must be taken into her preferences as well. Think about your wife's favourite things. Do they have a favourite show, movie, city, cartoon character? Look for gifts that feature these themes. They can be as tasteful or tacky as your wife’s personality. That doesn't necessarily mean it coincides with your personal preferences.

If she loves any animal print, get that print top over the plain one or if she likes a particular brand then get her that brand. Think about what she would like and in what style she would like it.
If you are thinking to give her a gift card of any particular store then you should keep in mind that she shops from this store too otherwise this would be waste.