10 Great Jewelry Gifts for Boyfriend and Tips on Selecting Tasteful and Trendy Jewellery for Your Man

10 Great Jewelry Gifts for Boyfriend and Tips on Selecting Tasteful and Trendy Jewellery for Your Man

So your man sports the occasional leather bracelet, has some cool and funky rings or matches his tees with statement pendants and you decided to buy him a piece of jewelry. Did you realise buying jewelry for men is nothing like picking up trinkets for your girlfriends? Men are extremely particular about what they wear. We have put together some tips and checklists to guide you to the best jewelry gifts for men. Don't forget to check out the awesome jewelry ideas for boyfriends birthday and good jewelry gifts for boyfriend.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Jewelry for Your Man

Know the Specific Material and Colour You Are Looking For

Finding the right jewelry for your boyfriend can sure be a task. Especially because it is easy to choose a gift for a female friend or so but choosing a jewerly for men can be quite tricky. To begin with, know what type of metal you are looking for. Do you want to gift him with the traditional gold and silver jewelry? Or want to give something trendy instead and opt for other metals like brass or accessories made of other materials like leather. There are also options like platinum which are priced on the higher side.

But, fashion jewelry is trending these days as it is stylish and not too loud as compared to the conventional jewelry types. Also, be mindful of whether your guy is allergic to any specific type of mental in which case you should avoid that. It is nice to have a general idea of what type of jewelry you are looking for.

Get the Right Size before Buying

Another important aspect to look for while buying jewellery for him is to know the exact size. It will be disastrous to buy him a piece that does not quite fit him. So you better find out about his ring size to gift him the perfect ring. The best way to go about it is to have a look at his existing jewellery and maybe have one with you while shopping for him. However, do not make it obvious and manage to find out about the right size to make the entire shopping easy breezy.

Browse a Little Before Finalising a Budget

With so many options out there, you might tend to sway away from your budget and binge shop. So you must set aside a budget before buying jewelry for your boyfriend. If you buy such gifts for him often and have a fair idea of pricing, set a limit before you step out to shop. Otherwise, browse online to acquaint yourself with prices and set a reasonable budget.

When you go out shopping from a store then you can share a rough budget range with your vendor to find the perfect gift. On the other hand, if you are shopping online then most of the shopping websites have filters for price so you can define the same and then shop from the filtered list. Knowing and defining your budget is crucial while shopping and it will help you find the right jewelry gift for your boyfriend.

10 Awesome Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Synthetic Handcrafted Necklace

Gift your boyfriend with this brown necklace made with synthetic material. It has a slip-on closure and has got a trendy vibe. It is very easy to maintain and you simply have to use a cotton swab to clean it. It would look great when worn with a plain white t-shirt and denim jeans. Your boyfriend can sport a casual and funky look by wearing this awesome handcrafted necklace. It can instantly add a lot of glamour to any outfit and gives a minimalistic yet trendy look. This could be a perfect jewelry gift for your boyfriend. Buy it from Myntra for Rs.600.

Gold and Steel Toned Chain Bracelet

Make your boyfriend feel special by gifting him this classy piece of jewelry. If he likes a touch of bling to his ensemble, this Peora Men Gold-Toned & Steel-Toned Chain Bracelet has cut-out and interlinked details. It can be secured with the adjustable lobster clasp. It is easy to maintain and is made up of steel. This stylish bracelet comes with a warranty of 1 year against manufacturing defects. He can wear it in parties and social gatherings. It is a perfect casual and trendy jewelry for your boyfriend. You can buy it from myntra.com for Rs.875.

Classy Band Style Ring for Men

This classy band style ring is truly made for the urban men who prefer stylish jewelry that makes an unique fashion statement. It has a golden and silver band style design that gives a subtle and classy look. It has got the feel of a band in a ring. The fashionable ring is surely eye-catchy and can be worn in parties and even for casual wear. It is made of stainless steel with dual plating for a contemporary look. It is handcrafted to be worn with panache. You can get this piece for your boyfriend from Voylla at Rs.579.

Biker Black Arrow Pendant

This arrow pendant from the biker collection has an elegant look. It looks best when worn with white colored t-shirts and can be worn to outings and vacations. Although the pendant comes with a chain, you can wear it with the chain of your choice. It has a sharp yet elegant look. For maintaining the pendant you should avoid using harsh chemicals and exposure to moisture. This pendant will make your boyfriend look stylish and charming. This leather-made pendant could be the best jewelry gift for your boyfriend. Shop it from Voylla for Rs.399.

Dual Tone Brass Bracelet for Men from Dare by Voylla

Gift your boyfriend with this dual tone brass bracelet designed by Dare. It has a captivating design and is made of brass which makes it rust resistant. The bracelet has a stylish and metallic look thus making it a classy accessory for men. The charming bracelet increases the fashion quotient of any apparel when worn with it. This cool jewelry comes with a 30-days return policy and is available for Rs.400 from Voylla. This could be the perfect jewelry gift for your boyfriend on his birthday or even your anniversary. He can flaunt this dual tone bracelet while hanging out with his friends or on any informal occasion.

Silver Toned Handcrafted Pendant with Chain

This silver-toned rectangular pendant is handcrafted and comes with a chain. This product by Dare is made for the contemporary men with a great sense of fashion. The chain can be secured with a lobster clasp. You can choose to wear the pendant with a different variety of chain also. It can be easily worn outdoors and has a very attractive look. The pendant being handcrafted might have a different color, texture and size than that in the picture. It is made of 3 per cent alloy. You can buy this awesome jewelry gift for your boyfriend from Myntra for Rs.427.

Miami Men Blue Silver Horse Round Cufflinks

Source www.amazon.in

A classy pair of cufflinks can accentuate the look of any blazer, suit or even a formal shirt. Gift your boyfriend this small yet glamorous jewelry that he is sure to cherish. These blue silver horse rounded cufflinks are made of highly durable brass. They are back locking cufflinks that can be worn with blazers and shirts for formal meetings and events. They are crafted from high-quality Austrian crystal and are gold plated. The intricate design creates a luxurious look and makes for a perfect jewelry gift for your boyfriend. It is of free size and comes with a box case. You can buy this from Amazon for Rs.399.

Designer Metallic Stud Earring

Get this stunning designer metallic stud earring for your boyfriend on his birthday. It has an eye-catching finish and is made of stainless steel. The silver-plated ear stud is a must have in your boyfriend’s accessory collection. He can wear it and make a bold fashion statement for himself. The material of the accessory is completely safe for the skin and it can be worn during any party, outing or even casually. The metallic stud earring is a stunning piece of jewelry. For making it last longer, you can keep it away from chemicals and moisture. Get this awesome gift from Voylla for Rs.300.

Bullet Shaped Stainless Steel Pendant with Chain

The gold-toned stainless steel pendant is bullet shaped and comes with a chain. It can be easily secured with an adjustable lobster clasp. This edgy and funky piece of jewelry is ideal to be gifted to your boyfriend. To maintain it, you should keep it away from moisture and can keep it in an air tight pouch while you are not wearing it. It has a metallic and rusty look which can make anyone wearing it look dashing. You can experiment with different types of chains to go with this pendant. Flaunt it at a gathering or wear it casually, the choice is yours. Buy it from Myntra for Rs.699. You can gift this jewelry to your guy on his birthday.

Yellow Chimes Leather Bracelet

Gift your boyfriend with this yellow chimes leather bracelet that is trendy and fashionable. He can wear it for any casual event and the bracelet, made with pure leather, can help him make a unique fashion statement. It has a great message engraved on it which goes “Where there’s a will there’s a way” which makes it one of its kind jewelry which is trendy and unique at the same time. The rustic leather bracelet has a metallic band with the aforementioned message on it. Gifting this to your boyfriend could be symbolic of your love and support for him. This gorgeous piece can be bought online for Rs. 232 from Flipkart.

How to Learn What Kind of Jewelry to Gift to Your Boyfriend

Stalk His Selfies to Know His Style

You can gauge the style of your boyfriend easily by stalking his selfies on his social media. If you scroll down enough you are sure to notice a pattern in his sense of style. Now, based on this, you can choose the jewelry for your guy. If he is huge fan of accessories made from leather then you should look for leather-made jewelry. If you have seen him wear metallic jewelry before or have seen it recur in his selfies than that is probably what he prefers wearing. Moreover, you can always ask for advice from his friends and close ones who can help you know his preferences. So, based on this, you can select the right jewelry for your man.

Check if He is Allergic to Any Metal

You might not have thought about this aspect. However, often times people are allergic to a certain metals and it would be great if you could find out as to whether your boyfriend is allergic to any specific type of metal. While most people don't have a negative reaction to precious metals, casual and statement jewellery is often made of cheap alloys that can trigger skin reactions.

You can either find out via his friends and family or you can casually bring it up in one of your conversations to find it out. It will be terrible if you end up gifting him something that he cannot even use. So it is always advised to find out and then look for gifts accordingly. Doing some research beforehand will save both time and money.

Play it Safe by Gifting Simple and Classy Jewelry

Lastly, if you have absolutely no idea about gifting a jewelry to your boyfriend then play it safe. Just go for something that is simple and classy at the same time. Remember that no matter how fashion trends may evolve, a classy gift never goes out of style! You also need not to go for something quirky, just buying a gift that is simple would suffice. While buying a gift for your boyfriend, the aforementioned tips can come in handy and will help you land a gift that he will truly cherish. Off lately, funky and trendy jewelry is more in vogue as compared to the traditional style of giving gold or silver jewelry to men. Gift according to the latest styles and you are sure to have him all excited about your gift.

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Understand men and jewelry

Unlike women, not all men wear jewelry and if your boyfriend happens to be one of those who don't, tread carefully. First find out his reasons for not wearing any and then try to gauge whether he would be open to trying it out. It will be disappointing for no one but you if you hunt high and low for the perfect piece and then he never wears it. If you are introducing him to it, start small and let the idea grow on him. Even if he does wear jewelry, stick to a style he favours.