Wind Up a Dreamy First Year of Marriage with a Fantastic Gift for Husband on One Year Anniversary: 10 Great Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wind Up a Dreamy First Year of Marriage with a Fantastic Gift for Husband on One Year Anniversary: 10 Great Anniversary Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique and outstanding gift to give your husband on your first wedding anniversary? Give him a quaint vintage collectible scooter, or a beautiful love note in a heart shaped glass vial; stay on his mind through the day with a personalised desk calendar or wrap him in a mist of scintillating perfume. Find all this and other great anniversary gift ideas here, along with tips to make your anniversary everything you want it to be.

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The 1st Year Wedding Anniversary is Special

Marriages are made in heaven. The first year of the marriage is quite special for a couple. All the special moments between a newlywed couple coalesce into a much stronger bond by the time they reach their first year of togetherness. A wife gets to know her husband better and vice-versa.

"You look beautiful" compliments a happy husband.

"I will be waiting for you at dinner", a shy wife whispers.

What a beautiful feeling. It is not difficult to please a wife with a gift as there are lot of women-friendly products available in the market. As far as men are concerned, their childish self also craves for surprises. Who doesn't want their first year anniversary to be memorable? To appease the husband, a wife can refer to this guide and buy a gift which is sure to enthrall him and turn his day into a delightful memory.

Tips for Buying Gifts for Husband on First Anniversary

List it Out and Make a Plan!

Rushing to a shop to buy a gift without proper planning is like boarding a plane without luggage. You may know your partner well, but buying stuffs with no proper preparation just spoils the fun. First year anniversary is special and a thoughtful gift can just take the happiness quotient to the next level. So, first things first, make a list of all the items, and moments your husband treasures. This small act of preparedness will help you design a gifting idea or a moment that will etched in the mind of your husband forever.

Presentation Matters: Wrap it Up!

Beauty talks for itself. Our eyes gets stuck on a picturesque image instantly and our body releases happy hormones that starts anticipating the surprise which is going to follow it. This is the impact left by a creative gift-wrap. You can take help from a designer of gifting ideas to help you create a whole new experience for the gift which is yet to be unfurled by your husband.

The Gift Should Put a Smile on His Face

"So much work", "Such a bad traffic", "I am totally exhausted", complaints, complaints, and more complaints. Our busy schedules has left us with minimal choices to be happy. If stress leads us to depression, smile or laughter leads us to life. Present your husband with a gift that will bring that million-dollar smile on his face whenever he needs it.

1st Anniversary Gift for Husband: Traditional Gifting Ideas

Paper gifts for your geek husband: boring? You may be surprised to see some of the interesting items in the list.

Anniversary Journal


Memories are best captured either in pictures or in papers. Writing down every bit of emotion, seizing the laughter, joy, resentment, envy, melancholy etc. and reliving life looking backward is a great experience in itself. Anniversaries are one of those special days which gives further reasons to the husbands who like to maintain a record of their encounter with happy moments on paper. What best way to gift an anniversary journal gift for husband first anniversary?

How about gifting a journal that not only encapsulates the persons emotions but also backs it with pictures that can be pasted on the space provided for the same. One such admiring gift item is the Anniversary Journal where pages record highlights of each year and has a photo page to embellish each section. It has an alluring feature of a page 'glowing' effect. Once bought this book covers up to 30 years anniversary. You can single out the journal cover to be either white faux leather with gold or silver embossing or brown leather with gold blazon. You can buy it from Rs.949 from Amazon.

Time is Tide: Why Not Capture this Tide in a Personalised Wall Clock?


As the famous saying goes - Time and Tide, wait for none. The first 365 days into a relationship is an experience that stays in the mind of the husband and wife for a long time. Even though every single moment cannot be captured in a picture, but one can capture those special moments in time and space which left a lasting impression in both their lives and has been the reason for their love to grow multifold. To commemorate this special feeling of togetherness, the wife can gift her husband a creative wood wall clock which can be accessorised with photos and handwritten notes indicating different time slots. It can be bought for Rs.1,099 from Amazon.

Give Multiple Doses of Surprise to Your Sweet, Romantic Husband

Tiny Message in Scroll Bottles to Express Your Love to Your Husband


Paper gifts vary in nature. Its complacent nature is good enough to render a rendezvous effect as each word penned down on a scroll is a well thought out statement which is generously wrapped with feelings of love, and gratitude. Here comes another gifting idea to make the 1st anniversary for your husband a special one.

Gift your husband small bottles with scrolls slid inside and wrapped with a red ribbon around the bottle. Love is best expressed in words. So, put your emotions into words as poems or a letter to your husband in these scrolls and hide them in the closet, under the pillow, in the laptop bag, in the tiffin carrier for your husband to unearth them one by one with the same amount of surprise element as the first scroll.

You can buy some of these tiny message bottles from Amazon. Buy 20 piece Atoz Prime Cork Empty Tiny Clear Message Glass Bottles for Rs.2,792.

Add to His Vintage Collectibles on the 1st Anniversary


Men sometimes hold onto their loved possessions for a longer period of time. The life may be fast-paced, but one can always revisit their memory lane through the collection of artifacts. One such passion for a certain section of men is the collection of vintage items, like vintage cars, scooters etc. With each passing day, some of the most cherished moments are slowly disappearing. Just revisiting the old days, like riding the old scooter with their father, or the old vintage cars which were the prized possession of some of the most affluent section of the society, can be of much more value to your husband than an electronic gadget or a cake. Give your husband a surprise by gifting a green vintage scooter collectible for Rs.1,200 found on IGP.

Gift a Custom Calendar to Your Forgetful Husband

Wives have lots of complaints when it comes to the husbands' nature of remembering dates. "Sorry, was it your birthday today?", "Oh God, I forgot to plan for Dad's birthday.", "When is your parents anniversary?", questions that not only upsets the wives, but also are the reasons for some heated arguments. So wives to mark the beginning of the first year anniversary, here we have a solution to tackle this grave "public relations" matter for you. Buy your husbands a personalised playful calendar from Archies. This personalised desktop calendar allows you to add pictures as per your liking and costs you Rs.399 only on Giveter.

Golf Mug as Anniversary Gift for Husband

Most of the times the husbands are busy meeting deadlines and project targets compromising on the family time and other leisure activities. A wife can reciprocate her feelings towards a workaholic husband by gifting an item that not only helps him relieve his work related stress, but also soothes his mind as he reminisces his wife whenever he uses the gift. A creative product that can help rejuvenate a stressed out husband is the "Hole in One Golf Mug" item which is accompanied by a miniature club and ball. Husbands can carry this gift with them to work and play while he is sipping a "mug" of coffee during his coffee break. This item costs Rs.695 and is available at

Compact Suit Folder as a Gift for your Business Traveler Husband

With the amalgamation of globalization in the job industry, MNCs are recruiting candidates for various projects that require business travels. Women who are newly married may not always accompany their husbands during such international trips. Men usually are not into managing their stuffs during travel and look for options that helps them make their job simpler, particularly folding their clothes or doing the laundry. A perfect gift for such husbands is a compact suit folder for them to fold their shirts, suit jackets, pants and tie without worrying about fixing the creases. Give this out-of-the-box gift to your husband on the first anniversary and see the stress lines on his forehead disappear! This Compact Suit Folder can easily fit into any travel bag and costs Rs.1,747 on uncommongoods. com.

Gift an Innovative Lamp for the Running Shoes to your Runner Husband

"Fit Nation" is the new slogan of India as well as the world. Nowadays, both husband and wife take part in various fitness activities and competitions. Gifting each other fitness equipment, shoes, etc. is quite common these days. Husbands who love their early morning or late evening routine of running across the street may have certain challenges tackling the traffic and potholes in the dark. New products are being continuously launched in the market to help save the runners from any injury due to fall. Gift your fit husband a pair of Night Runner Headlights that can be clipped to the running shoes and brighten the path of an otherwise dark street. These adjustable lamps are water-resistant and provides a 270 degrees visibility in front and also has taillights to help traffic locate the runner. Gift your husband this innovative lamp as the first year anniversary gift which costs Rs.4,192 on

What to Gift a Musically Inclined Husband on the First Year Anniversary?

If you are one of those lucky girls who was charmed by the song "I'M Yours" on guitar by their husbands (originally sung by Jason Marz), you know that your partner has an inborn talent. Who doesnt get euphoric by a melodious tune especially when it is played on guitar. For all those musically inclined husbands, wives can opt for either a musical instrument or equipment that helps create the music.

Choose a natural guitar pick as the first year anniversary gift for your husband and enjoy the ecstasy in his eyes and the unconcealed emotions of love and gratitude for you. The "Tagua Guitar Picks (available in the set of 2)" can be one of the most alluring gifts for your husbands who love to play their guitars. These "ivory" nut picks are capable of inducing a warm, vibrant and clear tone accentuating the sound of the guitar. You can buy this at a cost of Rs.1,747 from

Love the Odour Your Husband Carries? Give it an Enviable Contour

"People who smell good are automatically more attractive"- who hasn't heard this saying. Perfumes are always treated as a welcome gift and can make any occasion aromatic. Men and women both love their fragrances and wear them with pride on all occasions. It is only about the choice of fragrance one likes to immerse into. Who else is better at picking the fragrances for a man if not his own wife? Here is a perfect buy for all those wives with extraordinary olfactory sensations. Buy this Davidoff Silver Shadow (100 ml) perfume for your husband as an anniversary gift idea. This will cost you Rs.2,035 on Giftcart.

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Pay attention to impact rather than price

Too often we use the price of things to judge their value, when the best gifts are in fact best valued by the impression they create on the receiver. There's no way to put a price on the swirl of emotions your husband will feel on reading a heartfelt love note from you, or the childlike delight on opening a present filled with beloved memories. Keep in the mind the effect you want you want the gift to create; price tags are an insignificant thing in comparison.