Be Different and Wish Your Friends Happy Friendship Day with a Gift You Can Download! 10 Super-Cool Digital Gift Ideas for 2019

Be Different and Wish Your Friends Happy Friendship Day with a Gift You Can Download! 10 Super-Cool Digital Gift Ideas for 2019


Friendship's day is celebrated to acknowledge the uniqueness of our friends. So, when it comes to gifting, this uniqueness should reflect in them. And when everything else is digital these days, why stick to the same old greeting cards and the long, tedious hours of gift hunting. This friendship's day, go for digital gifts to make your friends feel extra special.

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Digital Gifts - The Latest Trend in Gifting

Once upon a time, giving movies and TV shows were some of the easiest gifts that you could choose for your friends. Did your friend just start watching ‘Seinfeld’? All you had to do was gift the entire series on DVD.

But sadly, that’s not the case anymore.

Today is the age of digital technology and which means, the times have changed, and frankly, the fun of giving gifts totally sucked. So, what’s the way to remedy that?

Enter – Digital Gift.

And the best part is that with the entry of ‘digital gifts’, they have opened up a whole new world of possibilities in front of us. Now, rather than buying the same usual gifts for your loved ones, how about you gift them a ‘digital gift’? Say – a gift card, a subscription membership to one of their favorite services, or you can even gift them an app, that you know they will like.

Neither will these gifts require room, nor will they sit unused for days – and what’s better – you can send them instantly, plus they require no wrapping paper (unless, of course, you have decided to be creative with how you want the digital gift to be gifted to your friends.)

Top 10 Digital Gifts for Your Friends on This Friendship's Day

iTunes Gift Certificates

No matter how big or small your friend circle is, there’s bound to be a few who are big fans of online media. Then, why not gift them an iTunes Gift Certificate, which is a great way of saying that you love them plus, they too will love having an iTunes gift card.

Here, in India, we don’t have an option to buy the iTunes gift card directly from the website, and hence, we will have to buy it from third-party websites, namely, and the best part about this is that you can deliver the gift card to your recipient by email, or you can print it out at home and wrap it before giving it to your loved ones

Google Play Gift Card

This one is for the game-loving friend from your friend circle – and if they can’t seem to stop downloading game apps from the Google Play Store. Why not gift them a gift card from the Google Play Store?

Now, remember though, you can’t buy any gift card for Google Play from their official store in India, rather, you have the option to opt for a gift card from the All you need to select a style for the gift card, then, enter the details – namely the amount and the e-mail address of the recipient. Also needed is your name plus any message that you want to send.

Netflix Gift Card

It’s a pretty obvious choice, right?

One of the most popular streaming services in the world, NetFlix has 100 million subscribers around the world and still counting. Chances are, pretty much everyone in your circle are already a subscriber or would like to be one.

The, how about you give them a ‘ NetFlix Gift Card ’?

Although, you are not going to find a NetFlix Gift card in India, but you can find one on – not in the Indian version of the store, but in the U.S. one, and this is not going to be a hindrance, as you can simply buy one and e-mail it to your loved ones. You should, however, make it a point to remember that NetFlix keeps on raising their prices, so, if you plan to gift one, make sure to do your math before deciding to gift one.

Evernote Premium

Have someone in your circle who is either a writer or a student? Or they may even be a productivity enthusiast?

If so, how about buying them a subscription for Evernote Premium– priced at only Rs. 190 per month, and Rs. 1,500 per year, you can opt for a yearly subscription plan and gift it to them. Doing so, will increase their monthly allowance, plus offering them many much-needed features such as various file format support, syncing of files across all devices, PDF search and many more.

Myntra Gift Cards

Have a friend in your circle who is always way ahead on the fashion wagon? Consider gifting them the gift card from one of the most renowned online stores of India – Myntra.

All you need to do is to choose the occasion, and write your loving message, and then add in the e-mail address of the recipient. Add in the amount that you want to gift, and then, your friend’s name including yours. Before sending the gift card though, it is recommended that you check it at least once (they even show you a preview of how your gift card is going to look when it reaches the intended recipient), and if all is well, press send and you are done.

However, do remember that when it comes to gift cards, the amount that you intend to gift can be less than Rs.100 and more than Rs. 10, 000.

Nykaa Gift Cards

Nykaa is an online store that is best for people who are into looking good – well, we are sure that almost all of us want to look good, so, why not gift them a gift card from

Gifting a friend a Nykaa gift card will offer them a set of benefits – they can buy their favorite products from the brands that they frequent since you probably don’t know as to what their skin type is and what they prefer in a lotion.

After all, a lot of people care about their look-up, so why shouldn’t your friends do the same?

Gaana E-Gift Cards

Okay, not all of your friends may admit that they are secret bathroom singers, but they will surely tell you that they are big fans of music.

If that’s the case, how about gifting them the gift of uninterrupted streaming music. Priced at Rs. 999 for a 12 months subscription, you can opt for this gift card from, one of the popular streaming music services from India. There’s pretty much everything in this music streaming service that your friend will need – right from the favorite artists of the day to the global trending songs to top 50 trending songs – so yeah, pretty much everything.

Amazon Prime Gift Card

When it comes to, there are a number of ways that you can send a gift card to your friends – be it e-mail, snail mail or printable options.

Plus, did you know that you can even customize a card to make it look great and then, add in your amount and loving message. Gifting an Amazon Prime gift card is great for many reasons – faster delivery services, unlimited music streaming (that’s Amazon music for you), listen to audiobooks (and that’s Amazon Audible), and many more. Amazon Prime gift card also makes quite a great gift for those people who like changing their hobbies every now and then (and we know, we all have a friend like that in our group!!).

Jabong Gift Cards

Have a male friend in your group? How about giving them a gift card from Jabong– an online store that your male friend is surely going to love with all of the international vibe street styles.

Now, unlike Myntra, Jabong doesn’t have the option of gifting a gift card from their official store, but you can make do with a third-party site, named all you need to do is to enter the denomination (or amount) that you want to gift and add the recipient’s e-mail address, plus the message that you want to add, though you should remember to tell your friend that the gift card will only be valid for one year from the date of issue (though we doubt that it will remain unused for that long!!)

Three Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Digital Gifts

Let’s face it – digital gifts are trendy , and at times, they can even come off as a lifesaver. When you want to buy a gift for someone who has very refined tastes , but you don’t exactly know from where they buy their products from, digital gifts such as gift cards save the day.

But, when it comes to digital gifts, one thing is missing – the excitement and thrill of opening a gift. Sure, it is appreciated when a gift card shows up in the e-mail from a friend, but as we mentioned earlier, you don’t get the thrill of opening a physical gift.

So, what should you do when you gift a digital card to your loved ones, that shows you care about the person receiving the digital gift?

Try Alternatives to E-mail

Just because you have planned to gift a digital gift to your loved ones, doesn’t mean that you can simply send the digital gift to their e-mail and be done with it – it doesn’t work that way.

If you have decided to gift a digital gift to your loved ones, just try to leave the ‘digital part’ and instead, try to make it physical as much as possible. When it comes to digital gift, you usually get the choice of sending it by e-mail (well, that’s how it usually goes), but you can make it different.

You can print out the digital gift (that’s possible, only if the digital gift is a gift card, though) and print it out on either card stock or plain paper . If your digital gift is a code – say, to use in an app or website – you can opt for a printable (you can create them by using PhotoShop or Canvas; you can even download them as there are many templates of printables available online), and print the code on cardstock or paper. Get a nice little box, put the paper and wrap it, and voila – you have got a beautiful physical gift.

And do remember to save the original copy of the digital gift card, in case, the recipient loses the gift (not likely, that will happen, but it’s better to be safe).

How about Mix and Match?

There are many inexpensive things out there in the market that can suit the theme of your digital gift. Say, if your digital gift is either an iTunes or Google Play gift card, you can gift the card along with a pair of earbuds.

If your digital gift is related to gift cards for a cosmetic store, you can send the gift card along with a small cosmetic kit. Related to a stationery store? You can add a journal or diary and put the gift card as a bookmark inside it.

The choices are many – you only need to be creative!!

Making Good Use of Wrapping Paper.

Sometimes, it may so happen that you can’t think of anything to go with the digital gift. In such cases, why not print it out on cardstock and add it to a box of chocolates. Chocolates are the types of things that can literally be paired with anything.

Get a box of chocolates, and take the printed cardstock, and wrap both of them with wrapping paper. It’s one gift that your loved ones will always remember.

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Go the Digital Way this Friendship's Day with these Super-Cool Digital Gifts

Gone are the days of the physical forms of gifts. When everything is going digital, why leave the gifts behind. This friendship's day, choose these super trendy Digital Gifts, and take your friendship to next level.