Tired of Seeing the Same Old Ideas and Gifts Everywhere? Here are 10 Friendship Day Ideas for Gifts as Unique as Your Friends (2019)

Tired of Seeing the Same Old Ideas and Gifts Everywhere? Here are 10 Friendship Day Ideas for Gifts as Unique as Your Friends (2019)

Friendship day is fast approaching. A special day set apart for friends to celebrate one another. Coming up in August in most countries, it's the one day friends must go out of their way to appreciate each other. One cool way to do this is to give awesome gifts. Thus, this article would unveil cool gift ideas you can get your buddy for life. Read on to find out.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Friendship Day Gifts

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The Colour and Brand Preferences of Your Friend

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People love receiving items that they like and adore. Thus, it is important to focus a bit on their likes and dislikes and then buy a particular item. Thus, while choosing a gift for your friend, make a list of all the things he/she likes or dislikes.

Make a Shortlist and then write his/her brand preferences. Then, move to look for options online or offline before deciding on an item. Apart from that, you can also stalk their Amazon wishlist or Pinterest. In this way, you will exactly know what thing or item they like. Surprise them by gifting them that.

Do not gift him/her something of your choice. Since it is friendship day, make sure to put in the effort in buying a gift. Your friend will not only be happy by receiving a gift of his/her choice but will also appreciate your effort.

Gift Them Something That They Really Want

Try remembering your conversations with your friends. This will help you to recall if they have mentioned something they need or something they really need to buy.

Apart from that, you can choose to ask them directly. In this way, it will be easier for you to make a purchase and your friend will get something he/she has wanted for a long time. Apart from that, you can also get your friend something they really like but will not buy on their own.

For example, a lot of people love cute interior wall hangings or showpieces. Although, they would not buy it because they do not want to blow their money on irrational things. If your friend also has this habit, then gift him/her that "irrational" item.

Give Sentimental Gifts

Since it is friendship day, gift your friend something sentimental and show them how much they mean to you. You can indulge yourself in a DIY activity from Pinterest or YouTube. If you do not feel like making something elaborative, then just make a simple greeting card.

Write a letter to your best friend and express what he/she means to you. It is a small gesture but your best friend will surely love it. You can also do something different by gifting him/her something that you own as a remembrance.

You can also plan to make a scrapbook or a photo collage. Collect even the old photos of both of you, if you have any. Decorate it properly. You can also write about some important event in your friendship that you both remember. He/She will have a remembrance for a lifetime.

Ideas To Celebrate Friendship Day

There are many different ways to celebrate friendship day. You can either chill indoors or meet outdoors. If you are planning an indoor meet, then you can watch your favourite movie together with popcorn and soft drinks. In this way, you will spend some quality time together.

Apart from that, if you are a group of people celebrating friendship day together, then you can play fun games. Write down a questionnaire and give different choices in different situations. Ask the player to choose a friend and an answer for him/her. Later, compare the answers.

For every wrong answer, plan a fun dare or a punishment. In this way, you will also know how well you know each other. Apart from that, if you are planning to meet outdoors, then choose a nice cafe or a restaurant, where you can spend some quality time together.

10 Unique Gifts for Friendship Day

Lady Photo Stand In Two

Have fun with the whole gifting process and thus, gift your friend something unique and quirky. Lady Photo Stand In 2 from regalocasila.com just fits in that definition. It is basically a customised funny caricature.

All you have to do is upload a nice picture of your friend on the website, before placing the order. The face of the uploaded picture will be extracted by the team and used to make the funny stand. It can be put anywhere on the table, desk or showcase.

It is made of glossy acrylic material. The dimensions of the photo stand are 19 cm by 7.5 cm and the thickness of the cutout is 3 mm. You can also plan and get one stand done with your face and gift him/her both the stands as a keepsake. It is priced for Rs.325 each.

Dreamy Love

Source www.winni.in

If you are totally confused with the gift but still want to gift something to your friend, then opt for Dreamy love from winni.in. It is a hamper which contains a cake, a bouquet and a greeting card.

The cake is of 500 grams and is in black forest flavour. The bouquet contains 6 red roses in a cellophane packing. The hamper is a total package for celebrating almost any occasion. You can cut the cake together and enjoy the cake celebrating each other's friendship.

Winni offers different services in terms of delivery. They have an option of fixed time delivery, early morning delivery, late night delivery and free delivery. The whole hamper costs Rs. 1069. The cake is also available in an option of 1 kg.

You're the Joey to My Chandler Custom Engraved Wooden Frame

If your friend is a huge fanatic fan of the television show, "Friends", then gift him You're the Joy to My Chandler Custom Engraved Wooden Frame from woodgeekstore.com. He will not only jump in joy but will be impressed with your choice of the gift. The whole frame is made of wood.

They also give you an option in terms of the colour of the wood. Both birch and mahogany are available. You can customise it by uploading an image of your friend and you. A preview of the design will then be mailed to you by the website.

The brand recommends sharing image with high resolution so that they look well lit and crisp on the frame. The frame will be shipped in 5-6 working days after the design is finalised. It is priced for Rs.1499.

Hamee - Best Friends Forever - Friendship Day Special White Coffee Mug

Friendship Day Special White Coffee Mug from hamee-india.com is the most appropriate gift for friendship day. It is because the coffee mug has a slogan printed on it which says, "Best friends forever." The mug is white in colour and the print is black and red in colour.

The mug is made of ceramic material and has a capacity of 350 ml. The mug is completely microwave friendly and thus, it will keep your beverage warm for longer durations. The mug comes in a box packaging.

You can also choose to buy some chocolates with the mug for your friend. The mug is priced at Rs. 199 which makes it a very affordable and budgetary gift for friendship day. You can also choose to add a loving note for your friend to the mug.

Womage Silver Metal Little Hearts Bracelet For Women

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Friendship Day has always been celebrated with friendship bands, worn by people who are close to you. Thus, this friendship day, give your friend this Womage Silver Metal Little Hearts Bracelet from amazon.in. It is a friendship band that she will be able to cherish for a long time.

It is made of normal metal and is silver in colour. It contains 3-4 strings together with heart-shaped pendants. The best part about this bracelet is that it will match with almost all the outfits and your friend can wear it daily. The bracelet is priced at Rs. 295.

BodyHerbals Luxury Bath and Body Spa Hamper

If your friend loves pampering herself, then gift her the BodyHerbals Luxury Bath and Body Spa Hamper from flipkart.com. It is a set of 7 different pieces. The hamper contains 1 Strawberry Shower gel, 1 Body Lotion, 1 Rose Geranium Body Massage Oil, 1 Diffuser, 1 Rose Potpourri, 1 Bath Puff and 1 t-light.

The best part about this hamper is that it is suitable for both men and women The products are made of complete organic and natural ingredients. Essential oils are added in all the products which make them smell really good. The products maintain a healthy and regenerating skin.

The shower gel, lotion and skin booster are packed in a 200ml bottle. The body diffuser oil is packed in a 100 ml bottle. You can also gift this set to remind your friend to take a break and pamper herself. The set is priced at Rs. 1439.

Doodle Love Struck Spiral Bound Diary Notebook

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Doodle Love Struck Spiral Bound Diary Notebook from amazon.com is a great gift. If your friend loves journaling or writing. It is a single ruled book which comes with 192 pages. The paper comes with 80 gsm and the book cover is black.

The binding material of the book is hard and it is spiral bound. The book also contains 3 theme based separators which can help the recipient journal with categories. The dimensions of the book are 8 inches by 6.5 inches.

Each page also contains a theme based illustration which makes it fun to write. The cover of the book has a slogan which reads, "You are just my type". The book also comes with a PU leather heart with chains. The book is priced at Rs. 219.

The Oxbox Fudge Festive Hamper

The Oxbox Fudge Festive Hamper from qtrove.com is a great gift for your friend. Gift this to a friend who loves desserts and has an absolute sweet tooth. The hamper contains 9 different flavours of fudges.

Flavours of the fudges are:

  • 1. Classic Chocolate Walnut Fudge
  • 2. Fresh Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge
  • 3. Fresh Chocolate Roasted Almond Fudge
  • 4. Just Chocolate Fudge Without Artificial Ingredients
  • 5. Fresh Chocolate Cinnamon Fudge
  • 6. Fresh Chocolate Coffee Fudge
  • 7. Fresh Dark Chocolate Fudge
  • 8. Fresh Dark Chocolate Mint Fudge, and
  • 9. Fresh White Chocolate Fudge

Almost all the fudges pair well with fresh and dry fruits. They can be used to make smoothie bowls or added in your cereal bowl with milk. The fudge also tastes great with ice creams.

It is asked to store the fudge in a refrigerator and the shelf life of the fudge is one month from the date of manufacture. You can also plan and give one flavour each to a friend if you have a lot of friends. The whole box weighs 500 gm and is priced at Rs.546.

Skylofts Attractive Gift Basket Hamper Bars

If everything fails, chocolates can come to your rescue. Almost everyone loves chocolates and thus, you can gift your friend Skylofts Attractive Gift Basket Hamper Bars from flipkart.com. The chocolates are packed in an attractive basket.

They are gourmet chocolates and are semi-sweet in taste. The chocolates are completely vegetarian and have a maximum shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture. The website recommends reading the manufacturer label thoroughly. The hamper is priced at Rs. 649.

Assorted Tea Collection

Source teatrunk.in

Gift your tea lover friend this Assorted Tea Collection from teatrunk.in. It contains a blend of 6 different exquisite tea flavours. It has a total of 15 tea bags in one box. Tea Trunk is known for its good quality of tea bags and leaves and thus, you can rest assured with the quality.

The pack contains rose oolong tea, marigold green tea, saffron kahwa green tea, apple spice black tea, chilli chai black tea and long island green tea. The assorted collection is available in tea bags only. Each tea bag is packed in a good quality food grade foil pouch.

The tea bags are pyramid shaped and hence allow proper infusion. Each tea bag is carefully made with natural ingredients and whole tea leaf infusion which makes it ready to infuse 2-3 times or brew 2 cups of tea in a pot. The collection is priced at Rs. 800.

Why is Friendship Day Celebrated?

Friendship Day is celebrated all over the World but is popular in all the Asian countries. It is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. It all started in the U.S. when the police killed an innocent man, after which his friend committed suicide for his justice. Thus, the people of South America proposed the government celebrate that day as International Friendship Day. This happened back in 1935 but the government approved the request in 1958. It took almost 21 years for the government to agree.

Although, friendship day got into trend from the year 2000. It has kept on increasing with the rise in social media. People now celebrate it in a grand way by throwing parties for their friends and giving them gifts.

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