For That Special Woman in Your Life, 10 Unique and Awesome Gift Ideas for Her Birthday! (2019)

For That Special Woman in Your Life, 10 Unique and Awesome Gift Ideas for Her Birthday! (2019)

Her birthday is around the corner and you are at loss on the best gift to get for her to commemorate the day. This article got you covered. Read on to familiarize yourself with our exceptional and cool gift and gesture ideas, and certainly, you would be glad you did.

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Things You Should Keep In Mind While Choosing A Gift For Her

Of all the things a girl expects, respect and love are two things she most expects from you. So, let the ladies in your life know that you value them and respect the relationship.

Whether it's a friend, a mother, a sister, a niece or a colleague; we are sure we all have that one super girl who makes us a little more alive. The one who understands you perfectly and is always ready to support you in the most unexpected ways. She is that one person who knows you better than anyone else and will always have your back no matter what situation you are in. Just like the way she chooses your happiness over a lot of others, we are sure you also want to ensure the special days in her lives are more memorable and beautiful!

Pick Something She Would Use On A Daily Basis

Look for gifts that would be useful to her and something that she'll use daily. You will surely want to give her that one thing which will remind her of you every day!

Be it her birthday or any other important day, you do not want to leave any stone unturned to let her know how important she is in your life? You surely wouldn’t! A special girl deserves a special gift. And therefore, you should go hunting for something which will be exotic, useful and memorable. You would love to gift her something that will be useful in her daily life and valuable at the same time.

Select Things With Good Aesthetic Appeal


Always remember, a beautiful girl always wants beauty around her. Make sure that you gift her something which will appeal to that same sense of beauty and goodness she brings into your life. This will always bring the desired smile on her face. Anything which connects her to her femininity and makes her feel beautiful will always do the trick. Don't forget - the traditional ways never cease to impress. A girl and her love for cosmetics, perfumes, and pieces of jewellery never fade. She might be of any age, but the right piece of jewellery is sure to leave a girl with a twinkle in her eyes.

Top 10 Gifts That Will Make Her Go Wow

While you might be going through a lot of emotions thinking about your girl, let us help you choose a personalized gift that befits your budget. We have deliberately created a pick list which will not dishearten anyone’s needs. We have edged out a select catalogue which will be welcomed by all kind of thoughtful folks out there. So what are you waiting for? Just dive in! Browse, explore and make that super girl super happy!!

Girl Boss Notebook

A girly notebook, symbolic of the universal ‘girl power’ is a wonderful gift. To top all that, it has “girl boss” inscribed on its feathery soft covers, making it a perfect choice for that special strong & independent girl out there waiting for her birthday surprise. It is an ideal carry-on notebook for sketches, notes, reminders and it is also enormous as it comes with 192 pages. So what are you waiting for? Order this one and she will think about you every time she turns over those pages while making her notes. You can purchase it for Rs. 299 from

Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers

If you want to pamper her, then gift her these soul refreshing ballerinas. Unlike the regular shoes, this one comes with a special removable in-soles, with lavender infused aromatic therapy which immediately transports one to the fair land. The flax seed filled soles make it thermally conducive. So while you can heat it up in an oven for a cold night, you can also cool it off in a refrigerator for a hot summer night. The surprise does not end there, these are also washable. So order these comfortably plush aromatic spa-styled ballerinas for that girl whose birthday is around the corner. Trust us she won't stop thanking you enough for this sole- full experience. You can buy it for Rs. 3370 from uncommongoods.

Personalized LED Cushion Yellow


If you want to spoil her with something exotic, then give her a this personalized LED cushion. The cushion is made of Canvas Poly Duck Material and filled with Recron making that a perfect treat for her soul after a long tiring day. The LED light gleams, once it is plugged in, which makes it way too special. This is something every girl would want to possess. Rest assured, every time she holds up this lighted cushion, she is going to smile warmly and feel proud that she has someone like you, making it so much delightful for her. You can buy it for Rs. 599 from ferns n petals.

Women Gold-Plated Layered Kundan Jewellery Set

A piece of jewellery is always close to a girl’s heart. This beautifully designed jewellery set is worth a buy. It is a necklace & earring set, crafted in gold-toned kundan patterns. This pristine necklace is paired with a set of matching jhumkas. The drawstring necklace makes it easy to wear as well. It is easy to clean with a cotton swab, so just make sure that the girl keeps it away from perfumes & sprays. So don’t think and order this royal piece of jewellery crafted with a lot of colourful stones and beads making it one of the top picks. You can buy it for Rs. 582 from myntra.

Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp

You can choose to lighten up her life with this Eifel Tower Bottle lamp. Explicit in its name, it is an Eiffel tower shaped lamp fitted in a bottle. It is magical in itself. Bring her home one of the Seven Wonders of the World in a bottle which works with a USB cable as well. A befitting gift for this wonderful girl. She will lighten up with your thoughts every time she powers on this lamp. You can buy it for Rs. 1399 from

Women's Organizing Travel 4-pack

Every girl can get a little disorganized when she has to pack up for her travels, so help her out with this Travel pack organizer. This stylish travel pouch is designed by renowned designer Jennifer Jansch. Since it is imprinted with black and white images of what goes inside, packing and travelling becomes instantly hassle-free. So, be it ironed clothes or muddy shoes, your girl can manage all that packing in a go. You can buy it for Rs. 3370 from uncommongoods.

Girl Eau De Toilette Perfume

Perfumes never fail to charm a girl, so gift her the fruity floral Guess Girl perfume. While the fresh and delicate fragrance connects to her feminity, it defines her strength and compassion too. It is carefully blended out of a mix of Champagne rosé, forest fruits, golden delicious apple, Pink peony, violet, and natural Arabian jasmine, Musk, and Australian sandalwood. Can anything beat this divine combination? And it lasts like forever making it perfect daywear for her. Nothing can make her more classy and confident. She will surely be filled with a wonderful positivity every time she puts it on. You can buy it for Rs. 2440 from myntra.

Multi Purpose Eye Mask Pillow

A beautiful girl will never compromise her beauty sleep. Gift her this multi-purpose eye mask pillow to fulfil her need to rest. This mask is also great for travel and a short nap. Made out of soft plush micro beaded fabric, it has the perfect blend of pressure resistance & stretchability, making it the first choice for a comfortable sleep. Furthermore, it is easy to carry and clean. It can be hand-washed or dry cleaned as the need be. Don't you want her to think of you every time she wakes up from an amazing slumber? You can buy it for Rs. 799 from

3D Angel Mug

Every sip can become an experience for her with this 3D angel Mug! The silver winged handle will make her fly into a dream every time she sips from this mug. It is micro oven friendly as it is made of ceramic. Not only will it add magical qualities to her drink, but she can also turn it into a stationery holder when she does not need a sipper. Order this to make her every sip angelic! You can buy it for Rs. 899 from

New York Blushed Nudes Palette Eyeshadow

Help her create that perfect look with this nude eye shadow palette. She can feel ethereal with the shimmer it can add to her eyes. The 12 rose gold shades are designed to enhance the beautiful eyes of a girl with hues of sensuous rose, tempting taupe, and provocative plum. With its smooth texture, it can make a girl look naturally ready for any social go, ranging from a workday look to an eventful evening look. You can buy it for Rs. 656 from myntra.

How To Choose A Perfect Gift For Her

Your gift should translate the effort you have taken to think about her and her tastes. Not necessary that you will hit jackpot all at once. So take time, sit quietly and recount all the times when she has expressed her likes and dislikes. Don’t forget to take count of the things which she might not possess.
We have already provided the list of unique gift ideas for her, but you might be confused on what to buy for the specific lady in your life.

We understand, purchasing gift items for ladies is not a cake walk, so let us help you with certain tips that you should keep in mind while making your purchase:

  • Make note of her aspirations.
  • Consider all the things she is fond of and things which can brighten up her smile.
  • Eliminate the kinds of stuff which do not interest her.
  • It should have a long shelf-life while making value addition.
  • Obviously, your budget plays a crucial role.

Read on to on why we have suggested the above tips to you.

Go For Something That Compliments Her Personal Style

Each person has certain characteristics that define her individuality. While gifting someone, if you can keep that typical character of hers in mind, then you will be able to get things of her choice, and this makes all the difference. If you want to compliment her personal style, it is crucial that you think deep into her interests, disinterests and goals. Only when you have put your heart out to it, you will be able to arrive at that perfect thing. Try to understand her and get something that synchronizes with her personal style.

Check How Durable The Gift Is

The durability of a gift is important. While there are perishable items, we suggest you go for items which has longer shelf-life and which she can use in her daily life. Also, the thought of it should be reminiscent of the experience she goes through while beholding something precious. It should converge with the emotions she holds for you. If you can purchase an item like this, or create a memory like this, you can rest assured that you have created an everlasting moment for her!

Make Sure It Adds Value In Some Way


Value is not always created by the price tag, but it is created when the gift brings the desired twinkle in her eyes, when she uses it in her everyday life, and when she holds it dear to her heart. It is created in the experience a person goes through on an important day or event in their lives. The emotional journey enhances the value of a person and also a gift associated with that loved one.

Consider Your Budget

Needless to say that your budget is crucial in making your choice. Don’t overburn yourself in purchasing the best gift for your lady, as she would never like it! Hopefully, our list of items will give some solace without being taxing at all.

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Make her birthday count and one to remember!

From Girl Boss Notebook to New York Blushed Nudes Palette Eyeshadow, these gift ideas are sure to please. Remember to choose that which aligns with your budget.
Most importantly, your choice should be that which she would find great use of, perhaps something she can use everyday or most days. So, why not go ahead and choose the most suitable gift for her from our list, and certainly, you would be glad you did.