Create a Wonderful Vacation Opportunity in 2019. Here are the Best Travel Websites in India to Book Your Vacation This Year.

Create a Wonderful Vacation Opportunity in 2019. Here are the Best Travel Websites in India to Book Your Vacation This Year.


Gone are the days of long waits and irritatingly unresponsive travel agents. This is the digital age and we want you to exploit it fully. So, if everything is available right at the touch of a screen, why look anywhere else when it comes to booking your favourite holiday destination? Check out these handpicked Travel Websites tailor-made for Indian Travelers.

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The Growing Footprint of Online Travel Websites in India.

With the advent of the era of Information and communication technology, the travelling experience has changed rapidly. Online travel websites have changed every aspect of travelling, whether it’s Hotel booking, Car rentals or complaint redressal.

They have become a billion dollar industry today. The prospects of an online travel website lie in the fact that all kinds of details related to a trip are just a click away and can be accessed across the globe. The emergence of big players like Make my trip, the easy trip, clear trip has unfolded new potential for new entrepreneurs.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Online Travel Agency

Which Website Is Offering the Most Cost Effective Services?

Cost is the most important factor in travelling. There are many websites available on the web, offering the same trip at various rates. Our suggestion is that you should never stick with one website to book your trips. It may be disappointing but you might be spending more in this way. Competition is increasing everyday for travel agencies, so they do their best to stay ahead.

Some websites offer cashback and royalty points to their customers and some websites like redbus offers cheap hotel deals if you book your trip with them. You must go through as many websites as you can before finalising your trip. Believe us, it will save you a lot more than you thought. So what are you waiting for? Grab your laptop and start scouring different websites for your next trip.

How Are the Customers Reviews and Ratings?

As a traveler, you are going to an unknown location and will mostly be concerned about the services you are going to get and your security as well. This is where review and ratings come to play a crucial role to help you book your trip with the best travel operating website out there. This should be your second priority after cost while looking for best travel agency.

User ratings have evolved as an important tool to get the know-how of the place and also the authenticity of the service provider. A fair user rating and review system not only empowers the customers but also builds the website's reputation. They act as a seal of authenticity as genuine customers give their feedback without any biases. This way, you will get to know the exact truth and it will help you to take the right decision. So, always look out for the reviews and ratings, after all it is all for your comfort and safety.

Is There Robust Customer Support System?

Customer support acts as the backbone of the service industry. A robust customer support system not only serves the customer, but it also reflects the website's commitment to serving.

Before booking your trip with an online travel agency, you must look for their customer services. Explore their website and search for the details of customer support. Their support email and phone numbers must be there. If any website lacks these important details just remove them from your list. These details can help you a lot. For example, you booked a bus from their website and are now confused about its arrival or boarding place, then their customer support will help you to board the bus at the right place at right time.

Tourism and travel industry are expected to have a 24 X 7 customer support system to address issues concerning the traveller. Customer support is a very crucial part of any booking and you should keep this in mind.

These Are the Best Travel Websites in India

Make My Trip

The brainchild of Deep Kalra, Make My Trip, has radically transformed the way India travels. The website has a wide range of service including flights, hotels, cabs, trains and many other services.It has always stood up to the expectations of the customer and has been rated as India’s most searched travel websites. The website has operations in more than 50 Indian cities.

The main reason for its success is the excellent customer service support it provides which makes it one of the favourites. The website's return policies are also in coherence with global norms. The holiday packages are also well planned and are budget friendly. Tourism package includes both international and domestic locations. Make my trip’s relocation facility also makes it unique as it gives real-time relocation if the place of stay is not up to standards.

Ease My Trip

Founded by the Pitti Brothers and started as a travel company, Ease My Trip has emerged as the top contender of the travel industry in India. They provide a one-stop solution for all the booking needs and ensure every need is catered at a single place and customers don’t have to keep on switching websites. Amid tough competition from the global players, EMT stands out on many aspects, be it the
waving of the conveyance fee or having offline centers in different countries e.g. **Singapore,
Maldives. This not only helps in bringing new customers but also builds existing customer's confidence**, which further improves its reputation.

Website’s loyalty points system give customers the flexibility to choose a wide range of options including different airlines and Hotels across the globe. The company’s policies are also customer friendly and there is no chance ever that you are going to get any hidden charges which customers may encounter with other online or offline travel agents. The website's user interface also makes it the top choice as every minute detail is clearly outlined.

Clear Trip

Clear Trip is another website providing a huge range of services for travelers across India. If you are looking for a holiday package, the website gives you the one-stop solution and provides affordable and luxury holiday packages depending on your budget. Apart from this, they have one of the cheapest flight tickets, train bookings, hotel bookings and any other travel related bookings.

They also givereal time updates regarding the booking status and also look into issues concerning cancellation of booking, which makes it not only reliable but also a healing touch to the customers if they encounter any distress in the course of their tour. They also come up with festive offers which make it the top contender among the tours and travel industry. Thus an option like Clear Trip is worth exploring if you are planning for a trip this summer.

Thomas Cook

A true travel website in every sense, Thomas Cook, is a brand worth trusting and it offers a plethora of services. A honeymoon package, or a guys day out, they plan everything for you at an unexpectedly low rates. On top of it, their offline centers across the globe also make
it trustworthy and remove the iota of a mishap chance.

They also provide insurance facility along with your tickets, which helps it grow the customer base. They also provide Cruise to the most exotic locations such as Seychelles, Maldives and Bali. The cruise facilities are available from all major ports and thus, provide convenience with which the customer can get on board. The trips are designed in such a way that it gives greater flexibility as per the availability of timing and the budget.



Booking has proved itself to be one of the most reputed websites as far as its exceptional accommodation facilities are concerned. It has wide-ranging places for accommodation to provide, depending on your affordability and needs. It has Villas, apartments and hostels which shows the wide spectrum of stay it has to offer.

And the reach of this website is exceptional. Whether you are searching for a place in a remote Turkish village or New York city or the Siberian region, hardly disappoints you. The range of services caters to every demand. The user rating and review system gives an unbiased review of the places and the stay provided by . It is one of the few websites where you can get hostels in the remotest area. So a global travel agent is at your doorstep to take you on your next trip and charter the unexplored territories.


Another Indian travel giant based in Gurgaon has one of the best services among its peers. Apart from an exceptional travel experience, Yatra has one of the best loyalty points and cash back system which helps them maintain their customer base and also improve their services. An excellent customer support system and wide range of services including travel blogs, make it stand with the leaders in the market.

The reach of the website can be ascertained from the fact that it was ranked among the top 5 online travel agents. The website's commitment to a transparent business of travel industry makes it among the leaders. Unlike most of the offline travel agents, they aim to secure your journey with a greater degree of responsibility at their end and least burden at the customers end.


One of the most trusted names in the industry, a subsidiary of Ibibo group, Goibibo has proved itself as the market leader by getting the largest customer base and becoming the most downloaded travel app in India. As they provide for flights, train, hotels and holiday package booking, they have a unique system of providing cash back in terms of go cash which is further used in booking.

They have a wide network of hotels which cover almost entire India and most of the popular destinations abroad. The websites packages are a must to look into if you are planning for a trip abroad which accentuates the possibility of getting a fare deal.

Travel Guru

Most of the websites provide direct flights, hotel and other bookings but Travel Guru gives you the liberty of choosing among the best. This also helps the customer to do a holistic analysis of the choices available. And a special fete which the website has to offer is their last minute deals which can actually reduce your travel expenses to less than 50%.

Their festival offers and year-end offers are the ones which you cannot afford to miss. And don’t forget to use exciting range of coupons they provide. A relatively new player in the market, it has a lot of concerns and thus, gives over the top discounts in order to widen its customer base. So it’s a
win win game for both the customers and the company.


A global player and a name with a reputation which has a global acceptance across the continents. If you are travelling global, you ought to consider Expedia. The website has some amazing and jaw-dropping deals. They also surprise you with complimentary perks like free breakfast, pick up and drop to the airport. And not to mention that they have some amazing deals on flights, hotels and cab bookings. The global outreach also makes it a trustworthy name.

They have an excellent customer support system ready to assist 24*7 in order to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Expedia emerged as a major player in the USA but now it has reached every nook and
corner of the world. The websites commitment to provide a global service is evident from the fact that it has emerged as one of the top company in their segment wherever they have started services. The website's software and UI helps a customer to select the perfect location, irrespective of the time of the year.

Final Checklist Before You Make Your Bookings


Let's go over the finer points of what you need to do to ensure you get great deals and have everything in place for your trip:

  • Before confirming your booking with any online travel agency, you should check various websites and then select the one which is offering same trip for much lower price.
  • Watch out whether they are providing any reward points or cashback or not. It will save little more money.
  • Check whether they have a fully dedicated customer support or not.

Go through this small checklist and you will find your best online travel agency for a particular trip. Our recommendation is that you should book your trip 20-25 days prior to your trip date, it will help you to catch the best deal. So go ahead and plan your next trip and we promise it's going to be the best one.

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Grab Some Amazing Deals for Your Trip in 2019 Through these Websites

There you have it, the best online travel agents! These will cater to all your travel needs, from your train/ flight journey, to pick-drop facilities, to comfortable accommodation, to adventure activities, everything that you require for a comfortable vacation. So, leave your worries with these sites, and embark on the trip of a lifetime.