Turn the Heat Up on Your Wedding Night with Sweet, Sentimental and Sexy Gifts: 10 Ideas for 1st Night Gift for Husband (2020)

Turn the Heat Up on Your Wedding Night with Sweet, Sentimental and Sexy Gifts: 10 Ideas for 1st Night Gift for Husband (2020)

When it comes to weddings, sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s not just the bride who likes a little romance – a surprise gift for the groom can make him feel loved and appreciated. Here are some of our top picks that you can gift your husband on your first night together!

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Why Do You Need to Gift Your Husband on Your First Night?

Start of a New Life

Your first night together is also the official start to your marital journey together. You both of waited for this night with equal anticipation and excitement. Just like we start any new beginning with a sweet or a chocolate, exchanging gifts would be a beautiful thing to do on the first night. It also is the beginning of a custom where both of you would gift each other on important occasions thereby making your marriage very exciting.

A Gift Will Make the Night Memorable

Your first night with your husband will come only once in your lifetime. It is also the most awaited night since a very long time. You must have dreamt of this moment a thousand times when you finally get to be alone with your husband. It is a night when both the bride and groom are equally anxious, excited and happy about. Finally, when the moment arrives, a thoughtful gift helps to add on to your memories. Years later when you look back at these gifts, you will recall your first night.

A Gift Given Now Will Convey Your Feelings Beautifully

A thoughtful gift given now will convey your feelings for each other aptly. You, of course, will give it a lot of thought and effort to choose the perfect gift for your beloved. The thought and time taken to choose this gift will perhaps be the longest as compared to your other gifts. With this gift, you can convey your care, your feelings, your love and your concern for your husband. It is advisable to pick something that will always last with you for a lifetime.

Important First Night Gifting Tips

Gift Him Something That Reflects His Hobbies

A gift which will make your husband very happy could be something related to his hobbies. If he loves reading, then gift him his favorite author's books. If your guy loves music, then how about gifting him a music system or a collection of his favorite music CDs? If he is a soccer fan, a Messi autographed tee or a FIFA cup-shaped glass would be ideal. If he loves gaming, a PS 4 controller or a gaming CD would be an ideal gift.

Make Your Gifts More Personal

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This is your night as a couple. Select gifts which are appropriate for the occasion and also which are only meant for your husband or for both of you. You might really like a crockery set which could be useful for your new home but it is not suitable for a first-night gift. Your gifts should be on a personal level, something which either your man could use or for both of you. You obviously would not like it if your husband gifts you a blender on your first night. Go for something on a more personal level.

A Handmade Gift Would Be Appreciated

A handmade gift given during your first night would be more special than any gift you purchase online or from a store. A handmade gift showcases your love, talent, patience, and priorities. It can be anything right from a handmade greeting card to a handmade picture collage, the options are endless. If you have a skill in embroidery, then you can also gift him his personal monogrammed handkerchiefs.

10 Cool First Night Gift Ideas for Husband

Here is a list of some awesome first night gifts, we have picked for you. These have been selected from most popular buys in the same category across various Indian ecommerce sites. Browse through the options and see which one suits you the most.

A Watch on Your First Night

One of the most preferred gifts for the first night is a watch. A good branded watch will stay with you forever. It is also a very useful gift which your man will certainly love. Gifting your man, a good branded watch will show that your care and concern for him. He will feel pampered and treasured. Your first night is a wonderful beginning to a new phase in your life. You can spend a little more on this day as the occasion demands something substantial.

This Tommy Hilfiger black analogue watch is a classic piece. Priced at Rs. 3,855, this one is available on myntra.com. This impressive, trendy watch from Tommy Hilfiger is sure to draw attention whenever he will tell the time. Tell him to match this black piece with slim jeans and a basic tee for a super-cool date outfit. The watch has a solid stainless steel round dial. It comes with a black colored regular leather strap with a tang closure. With two years of international warranty on this piece, it is an instant grab.

A Collection of His Favorite Music

Music is always a much-appreciated gift. During your courtship, you might have asked your husband about his favourite singer or favourite genre of music. On your first night, why not gift him some soulful melodies of his favorite singer. It is a gift which both of you can enjoy during your free time.

This My Favourites - Arijit Singh Audio CD Standard Edition has some amazing numbers from the great singer. Arjit Singh is one of the most popular singers of the millennium. This CD is available for Rs 199. It is an inexpensive gift but one which will always remain by your side. You can wrap it up beautifully and write a personal message on the CD which will always remind your sweetheart of your love.

Grooming Kit

Many women gift a Grooming Kit to your husbands during their first night. It is a thoughtful gift for practical men who prefer to get useful gifts. This grooming kit will help your man stay all hygienic and well-groomed. Coming from the brand Davidoff, this grooming kit is priced at Rs. 3,775. It contains a cool water aftershave, shower gel, and a cool water aftershave balm. The delightful fragrance of this combination will amuse you for sure. Suggest your man use it on his pulse points. A beautiful combination of mint and green nuances, lavender, coriander and rosemary, this Davidoff collection tops the charts when it comes to selecting a masculine grooming kit.

A Gold Bracelet

Add oodles of style to your man's persona by dressing him up in this chic bracelet. This Drake Bracelet for Him is elegant, beautiful and stunningly crafted. This 18kt gold bracelet is 7 inches long. Coming from Caratlane, you can rest be assured of its quality and purity. A bracelet will truly mark your special occasion and make it memorable. This bracelet is a forever gift which will always remind your man of your love for him. The exquisitely carved bracelet features a lovely pattern of leaves with a polish on the inside. This one will cost you Rs. 35,729.

A Cute Little DIY Scrap Book About Your Journey So Far

If you really want to give something memorable, amusing and long-lasting to your husband which reflects your patience and talent then a DIY scrapbook would be a great idea. You can add childhood pictures of both of you along with the pictures of when you both first started dating. Make a complete love journey scrapbook with little messages and notes in between. Such cute memories stay with you forever. If kept with care, you can even show your grandchildren what your sweet little love journey was all about. You can get a scrapbook from a stationary store and get really crafty and decorative with it. Ask your husband's mom to help you with some of his childhood pictures. You can also take some pictures of him from his social media accounts.

Personalised Wooden Plaque

If you have a wonderful picture of both of you captured after your engagement or during one of your wedding ceremonies, then have it enlarged and beautifully framed. This can be hung in your bedroom and will always be a sweet reminder of your love for each other. If you do not have the time to get a picture of yours enframed, then you can order this Personalised Tile Frame for My Love from archiesonline. Priced at Rs 599, this one is quite affordable and a gift forever. Alternatively you can get the photo engraved on a wooden plaque. You can even customize the message printed on it! Available on woodgeekstore.com for Rs. 2,499.

Cuff Links

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Just like diamonds are forever for a woman, cuff links are forever for men. On this special occasion, gift your love these cute cufflinks from amazon.in. This Meenaz Branded Jewellery Valentine Shirt Cuff Links are priced at Rs 175 only. These cufflinks are built with highly durable brass and have a bullet back locking mechanism. These have been double checked for ease of use on a daily basis. These are perfect for gifting and can be used for suitable occasions. The sheer brilliance on the outside contrasts with the black inner side of these cufflinks. These can be easily attached to the sleeves and worn daily.

Honeymoon Package

Now, this idea is going to be a good surprise for your love. If you feel your husband is being burdened with all the marriage expenses, then why not gift him your honeymoon package. This one will definitely be the best gift of the lot. These days, most of the women are independent and earning. If you have accumulated sufficient funds for yourself, lessen the burden of your husband by taking the honeymoon package planning and booking upon yourself. The honeymoon destination would largely depend on your budget. There are amazing scenic locations in India where both of you can have a wonderful time. If a foreign location is your fancy, then go ahead and browse through the various options available on makemytrip.com.

Sexy Lingerie for You

Although you gift his naughty gift to your husband, it is ideally for both of you. What more can make your special night more romantic than a sexy lingerie set for you! Surprise your husband with this gift and am sure he will be overjoyed with your sense of humor. Log on to thatspersonal.com and take a look at this sexy corset top perfect for a newly married bride. There are some other options too but this one caught our fancy. Priced at Rs 2,999, this one has a sexy mesh panel in the front with a lace up. It comes with a matching choker and G-string.

A Tablet

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If you want to gift something really useful, expensive and practical to your nerdy husband, then a tablet would be your best bet. Amazon.in has some of the best tablets from Apple, Sony, and Samsung. This iPad is the 6th generation Apple tablet in space grey shade. With 32 GB and Wi-Fi connectivity, this one is an ideal buy. It is priced at Rs 26, 880. You also get exciting EMI options to get this one if you do not have all the cash with you currently.

Get a Twist to the Traditional Custom of Being Gifted by Your Husband, Surprise Him with a Thoughtful Gift from You Instead!

It is a tradition for the husbands to gift something valuable to their brides on their first night. Nowadays more and more brides are also gifting memorable things to their husbands. Marriage is a bond between both and to exchange gifts on the first night is a very endearing thought. Why should only husbands gift their wives? Wives too can be a part of this beautiful tradition. It is a start of a new life for both of them and what is more beautiful than beginning a new life with giving each other gifts! So, surprise your husband when he gives you a gift on your first night. The look on his face when you say, 'I have got something for you too' will be priceless!

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Break the trend, gift your husband on your first night

Gone are the days when only the husband was expected to gift something to the wife on the first night after the wedding. The trend nowadays is that the wife also buys gifts for the husband in order to express her love and affection towards him. Keeping his likes and dislikes in mind is essential while purchasing the first-night wedding gift because it shows how much you understand him and value his opinions. You can opt for either handmade gifts which you make yourself or you can buy gifts from local/online stores. What matters, in the end, is your act of appreciation and love towards your husband.