Say Thanks to Your Husband for His Gift: Thank You Quotes and Gift Ideas to Celebrate Your Man (2020)

Say Thanks to Your Husband for His Gift: Thank You Quotes and Gift Ideas to Celebrate Your Man (2020)

There are so many things about your husband that you're thankful for, so why not go ahead and tell him so. Thanks in the form of a sweet gift will be additionally be a tangible reminder of your appreciation. Here are some wonderful thank you gifts for husband for everything, thank you messages for him as well as ideas on how to make him feel loved and cherished.

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Why It's Important to Thank Your Husband for His Gift

Whether it was for your birthday, your wedding anniversary or a celebratory occasion, your husband’s gift was just perfect. When he’s taken the time to pick out something special just for you, your heart is naturally overcome with happiness and joy. His care in thinking about your needs, remembering your likes and dislikes to find the right gift is a reflection of how much he loves you

Such loving behaviour calls for an equally heartfelt thanks from you, doesn’t it? In addition to thanking him in the moment, giving a well-thought out message of thanks (and maybe also a gift) is a great way to make him feel appreciated.

It Matters: The Power of Appreciation

Being taken for granted is one of the common reasons for people in relationships to feel unloved. As time goes by, spouses often expect the good stuff from the other, treating it as par on course, and get more fixated on the negative parts, which can erode mutual trust and respect.

When spouses regularly show gratitude and appreciation it nourishes the relationship. Acknowledging the efforts of the other makes them feel cherished and the relationship remains fresh. Not surprising then that studies have repeatedly shown that expressing thankfulness is one the most important things to keep a marriage strong.

Thank Your Husband with a Gift and Not Just Quotes: 9 Thoughtful Ideas

My Husband Colour Changing Magic Coffee Mug

A thank you gift that he will use every day! Get your husband this cute magic mug that changes colour when a hot beverage is poured into it. This large coffee mug is black when cold but reveals a sweet message for your husband when it turns hot. A small but lovely gift that will remind him of you whenever he uses it.

Available for Rs.499 from

Funky Boxers

Another small gift to get him smiling - funky boxers! If your husband is nerdy - then check out this cool Marvel Comic Strip from The boxers have an authentic batman comic strip/graphic novel look featuring cool superheroes from the Marvel universe. Made from premium cotton, these have a slim fit. Get it for Rs.549.

Looking for something a little more naughty? Check out the Meri Pahuch boxers, from with a tongue-in-cheek image and message. Available at the store for Rs.325.

Chic Monogrammed Cufflinks

Personalised cufflinks are sure to add a lovely touch to your husband's wardrobe. These custom cufflinks from come in an intricate design and are made from high grade stainless steel. You have the option of getting them in 3 colours - silver, gold and rose. The monogram can have up to 3 characters on each cufflinks. Order this stylish accessory from the site for Rs. 2,800 and give your husband a classy commemorative thank you gift.

Personalised Message Crystal Keepsake

A romantic gift that will preserve your message of love and thanks for years to come. This elegant crystal keepsake can be engraved with your loving message to him along with your and his name. A unique gifting idea, the crystal piece is etched using laser which ensures a tasteful appearance.

Get it done on for Rs.1,399.

Leather USB Cable and Charger Roll

With multiple gadgets becoming an essential feature of life, all of us struggle with cords that invariably get tangled up. Buy him this elegant leather cord organiser for Rs.1,500 from which can be used to neatly store all essential cords. The leather organiser is lined with grey wool on the inside to protect the cords, and is available in 4 colours.

Is your husband a gadget freak who struggles with a lot more cords.? Then perhaps something a little more heavy duty will work. Check out the TMGOG Universal Accessories Organiser on Amazon. With a rigid exterior and a soft slotted interior, this organiser is great for storing whole range of things - small electronics, batteries, cords and other accessories safely.

The internal compartments include 8 loops of elastic,2 dividers, 2 mesh pockets plus 2 zippered pockets - enough to hold your husband’s full collection. The box’s design also makes it ideal for travel. Available on for Rs.799.

Bose Sound Link Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A gift idea that is on the pricier side, but something that he will love to receive. If your husband is a music lover and also loves the outdoors, then giving a Bose speaker will be a winner. This cute Bose Sound Link Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker guarantees loud, clear and amazing bass for which Bose speakers are famous.

The speaker comes with a rugged exterior so can withstand some rough usage, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is also waterproof so he can use it anywhere even in the shower without worrying. There is also a speaker phone feature so your hubby can access his paired smartphone and take calls or give voice commands via it.

Available for Rs.8,089 on Amazon.

Walter 24 Kt Gold Plated Money Clip Wallet

Get this sophisticated Money Clip Wallet for your dapper husband. The Walter 24 kt Gold Plated money clip wallet is handmade from premium quality leather. It is a minimalist wallet for carrying cash and cards. Compact and sleek, the wallet with its gold plated clip is an elegant accessory to own. You can order the wallet in 8 different colours. Available on for prices starting at Rs.1,595. Customisation of the wallet with your hubby’s name or initials or even a message from you is possible but at added cost.

Constellation Pocket Journal

If your husband is someone who likes to jot down thoughts and ideas in a journal, then the Constellation Leather Journal is a cool choice. This single fold journal comes with a beautiful navy blue leather cover which is delicately embellished with a constellation design, created out of antique-finish metal studs.

On the inside, the cover is black faux suede giving it a luxurious feel. The journal holds 80 jet black paper sheets, plus a convenient pen holder. You can pick from 15 different constellations to adorn the front cover.

Buy this chic journal for Rs.2,000 from

Bogatchi Personalised Thank you Chocolate Box

A simple yet classic gift - thank your husband with a box of chocolates and personalise it with your message in a note. The Bogatchi Thank You Chocolate box for Rs.769 contains 14 chocolate pieces handcrafted from premium chocolate and has a 'thank you' printed on the box. Order it on Amazon or on their website.

How to Make Your 'Thank You' Unforgettable

Found the perfect quote to tell him thanks? Well, don't stop there! Here are 3 ways to make your "Thank You" to your beloved husband even more meaningful

Handmade Card

A handmade card is the perfect medium to creatively communicate your feelings. Put your chosen message in a card made by you (or buy a handmade card from sites like He will treasure the card and love to read it again and again.

If you have never made a card yourself, don’t stress. Creating a card is very easy today. Craft stores and websites sites like Itsy Bitsy have card and envelope sets as well as embellishments or sticker sets using which you can make a card in a jiffy. Look up tutorials and DIY videos if you run short of ideas.

Homemade Treats

The way to man's heart is through his stomach – this age-old truism still holds good! Express your gratitude by making his something he loves -whether it is his favourite dessert, meal or snack. And pair it with your thank you note or a gift to make it all-in-all lovely experience for him

A Gift Plus a Bouquet of Roses

Yet another fantastic way to thank your husband is to give him carefully chosen return gift. Give him something memorable along with a bouquet of romantic roses bearing your 'thanks' message. Your gift can even be something small because what matters here is showing your appreciation. But make sure to get him something that he will love.

We have some great suggestions to help you find the perfect gift for your husband – just keep in mind his preferences and personality you’ll be able figure out the right one.

Showing Thankfulness to Him in Everyday Life: 3 Simple Ways

Showing thankfulness for not only special gestures but also giving your husband credit for all he does in daily life will make him feel loved, and also strengthen the connection between you. He will know you take notice of what he does and will feel encouraged. Here are 3 simple ways to thank him:

3 Simple Ways to Thank Your Husband:

  • Remember to express appreciation often
    Expressing gratitude for being a great husband (and a great father), for taking care of his family and for supporting you is very important. Also important is making sure to say thank you explicitly when he takes care of the day-to-day stuff—whether it is taking out the garbage, buying groceries or dealing with repairs and finances. He will be thrilled to see that you value and recognise his contributions.

  • Praise him in public
    Everyone likes to be praised in front of others now and then as it gives us much needed validation. So an easy way to make him feel valued is expressing your appreciation in public – ideally in front of people whose opinion he values like extended family, kids (if you have them), or friends. It will give him a jolt of irreplaceable joy and pride!

  • Keep a gratitude journal about him
    So this is a somewhat offbeat idea but can be an awesome exercise in general. Keep a journal describing all the things done by your husband for which you are thankful. Even if it is for a short period, this will be a tangible record of the small and big things he does that you appreciate. Gift the journal to him on his birthday or your anniversary and see his face light up.

Quote Corner: Thank Your Husband with These Touching Quotes

If you are looking for the right words to tell your husband how much you appreciate his gift and the effort taken by him, look no further. Here are 10 heartfelt quotes that can help you put across your feelings eloquently.

  • I loved your fantastic gift. You know me so well. It made the day even more memorable than it already was. Thank you for being the best husband any woman could ever ask for.

  • My sweetheart, you are everything I ever wanted in a husband. Thank you for your lovely gift and all that you do for me. I am touched by your thoughtfulness and love.

  • Thanking you is an impossible task because one lifetime is too short to show my gratitude for how wonderful you make me feel every single day. Your fabulous gift made my heart smile!

  • Your gift is just another example of how thoughtful you are. Thank you for it and for making me feel so loved. I am so lucky to have such a loving and caring husband. You are the best!

  • Thank you for the amazing gift! I deeply appreciate the time you must have spent to pick it out. I am so blessed to have someone like you as my husband.

  • Thank you for making the special day even more wonderful with your generous gift. Your love and caring means so much to me, I will never forget this incredible day.

  • Such a lovely gift. You filled my heart with so much happiness. I am thankful for the concern and thoughtfulness you show - not only in getting this gift, but for every little thing you do for me and our family every single day.

  • Thank you so much for your gift! I can't imagine how you knew to find just the right one to know me better I know myself! You truly complete me.

  • Your gift was an amazing choice. But the even better gift for me? Your thoughtfulness. I am so touched by your tender attention to my needs.

  • I can't imagine a more perfect gift than what you got for me. It made my day unforgettable.
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Make a habit of appreciating him

People never get tired of being told they are loved and appreciated; thanking your husband frequently can transform your marriage into a more loving and meaningful relationship. If he does something nice for you, thank him, if he takes over your chores when you've had a long day, let him know how much you appreciate it, and when he gives you a thoughtful present, show him your gratitude. If it's not something that you as a couple do often, it will be a surprise for him at first and then he too will follow your lead. Gratitude is a simple act but it will switch the focus away from negativity to all that is good in your partner.