Festivals Can Be a Great Time to Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated: 9 Amazing Onam Gifts for Your Husband (2019)

Festivals Can Be a Great Time to Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated: 9 Amazing Onam Gifts for Your Husband (2019)

Finding the perfect gift for someone is always hard as there are numerous options available around us. In this article, we will explore the ways in which we can choose the perfect gift for your husband. We have provided you with some amazing recommendations. Check them out!

Why is Onam Celebrated?

Onam is an annual Harvest festival in the state of Kerala in India during the month of August and September. Onam originated in Kerala as a celebration to remember the golden rule of King Mahabali. According to a legend, King Mahabali was a mythical king who ruled over Kerala. Jealous of King Mahabali's popularity and his power, it is said that the Gods sent Lord Vishnu to earth in the form of a dwarf Brahmin to end his reign. However moved by his devotion, Lord Vishnu granted the king's wish to visit his land and people once every year.

Gift Your Husband for Onam - What Would be Best to Gift?

Onam is the festival of social togetherness and is celebrated with families and friends. Besides offering puja to God, the young ones seek blessing from the elders. People also exchange pleasantries and gifts with others to share their joy. Onam is also the perfect time to bond with your husband. Show your love and appreciation for your husband on Onam buy surprising him with a memorable gift. Furthermore, choose an expressive gift for the ones you adore and make this Onam a joyful occasion for them.

Narrow Down on his Interests

First, make a list of all the things your husband is interested in and things that define who they are. Also ensure to check whether they have received any similar gift like that in the past. Explore their interests and craft a complete package that will surely be a hit among them. Moreover, rake your brains to find whether your husband had casually mentioned that he needed an item or showed a particular interest in an item. By doing this you can ensure that you can surprise him with your thoughtfulness. If you’re not planning to get him physical gifts, you can also go ahead and gift him good experiences that can be cherished by him, such as trips, getaways, concert tickets to his favorite band or to his favorite movie. Furthermore, show your thoughtfulness by adding a personal touch to your chosen gift.

Is the Gift Useful for Him?

Think out of the box and gift your husband a useful gift for Onam. Rather than choosing a gift that just gathers dust on your showcase, choose a gift that will serve the purpose of being useful. You can also choose a gift that will be useful for him on a day-to-day basis such as a dashcam, stress buster gadgets, grooming kits, collectibles and much more. Always remember to choose a gift based on his interest. For instance, if your husband is interested in reading, gift him a reading club subscription or you can get him book subscription from online clubs or a fancy reading gadget to keep him company.

Set the Budget for Your Gift

Before you go ahead and pamper your husband with gifts for Onam, ensure that you do some planning. Before zeroing on a suitable gift it is necessary to set a budget for your gift. Choosing a gift and then checking out the price before buying may lead to disappointment as the gift might be too expensive. To avoid such disappointments, it is always wise to choose a gift after setting a budget for purchasing. Based on the budget, you can explore all the options that are available for gifting and proceed with your purchase.

Surprise Him With a Customised Gift

Customised gifts are always special as they add a personal touch. Gifting a personalised item also shows that you have taken the time and effort to plan the gift. You can also make your gifts personal by getting them customised from you rather than for them. You can also create a personalised art piece, write a song, write a letter, and make a wooden plaque and much more. Combine one or more suggestions to create a personalised gift to sweep him off his feet.

Tips to Buy a Gift Online

With the festive season around the corner, buying a gift for your loved ones can be a tedious process. Here are a few tips to help you buy gift online.

Check for discounts – Around the festive season, the majority of the e-commerce sites offer a site-wide discount. Check out whether the gift is available at a discounted price to save your money.
Check the quality of the products – Beware of low-quality goods that are available online. Always purchase from a trusted buyer and check for authentication certificates before buying.
Ask questions – If you are facing any issues with your order, don’t hesitate to enquire with the seller.
Check for return back options – Check whether easy return back option is available for things. This ensures that the gift can be returned when it is not up to the mark.

Best Gifts to Get for Husband During Onam

1. Onam Gold Coin

Onam is a significant event that is celebrated in Kerala and celebrated with much fanfare by Malayalis. Gifting gold is considered to be very auspicious on Onam. Gift your husband a gold coin to make his Onam celebrations a special one that will also increase your wealth. The 5-gram onam gold coin weighs 24 karats with 995 purity. The gold coin comprises a temple, coconut trees, and the famous Kerala boat race. The gold coin comes with a mirror finish and is of height 1.1 mm and 19 mm width. Moreover, the Onam gold coin comes with a purity certificate and tamper-proof package. The 5-gram gold coin can be purchased for Rs.21,266 from IBJA Gold.

2. Onam Cotton Dhoti Mundu

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Mundu is a piece of garment that is worn by men, around the lower body and tied around the waist. The mundu is closely related to a dhoti, lungi or a sarong. The traditional mundu is an ancient dhoti that is used to cover the lower part of the body. Let it be a visit to the temple, a Sunday at a Church, a Friday at a Mosque, a wedding, the mundu is something that will make your man stand out. The mundu is made of 100% cotton and is a great attire for celebrating Onam. Moreover, the length of the mundu can be customised based on the customer’s requirement. The mundu is made of fine quality cotton and is very closely weaved making it very elegant. The Pournami Collections Men's Onam Cotton Kerala Dhoti Mundu can be purchased for Rs.599 from Amazon.

3. Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe World Map with LED Light

Does your husband have an affinity towards technology and likes quirky gadgets? The magnetic levitation floating globe world map is the perfect addition to his collection. The magnetic levitation gadget consists of LED lights that bring balance and lighten one’s surroundings. The gadget is operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system that consists of an electromagnet and a magnetic field sensor. The globe comes complete with a LED light feature and levitates mid-air with the help of the magnet and a microprocessor. When the globe is rotated, it spins for an extended period of time. The gadget can be installed easily and is the perfect desktop accessory for your husband that can be kept at home or at the office. The cool gadget can be purchased for Rs.2,055.52 from Geekbuying.

4. Brass Nautical Navigation Collectible Tool Set

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The Brass nautical collectible toolset comprises of a vintage brass nautical sextant with leather case. A nautical sextant is a device that is used for measuring the angular distance between two visible objects. They are primarily used for measuring the angular distance between astronomical objects for celestial navigation. The sextant measures four inches and consists of shaded glasses that help in viewing the various angles. The toolset is made of solid brass and comes with an antique finish. The toolset comes carefully packed in a velvet case making it the perfect addition for your husband’s antique collection. The toolset can be purchased for Rs.2,099 from Amazon.

5. Dash Camera + Car Suction Cup

A dash camera and a car suction cup is the perfect combo for a husband who is fond of cars. The smart dash camera comes with an advanced driver assistance system that provides a real-time intelligent lane switching and deviation warning. Moreover, the forward collision feature warns the driver if he goes too close to the car ahead of him making your journey safe and sound. It also consists of a 165-degree wide-angle lens that eliminated blind spots and captures accurate readings. The camera is apt for imaging in night time due to sensitive aperture and lens alignment. The camera captures sharp, HD images with glare reduction and can be synced with app to view the recordings. The suction cups ensure that your mobile phone or other electronic gadgets are at a reachable distance without the issuE of slipping. The cool combo can be purchased for Rs.4,111.78 from Geekbuying.

6. Gourmet Snack Hamper

A gourmet snack hamper is a perfect gift for your husband for Onam. The ‘Hello Sweet Stuff’ gourmet snack box comprises of sweet treats that are sure to be hit with your husband. The snack hampers consist of caramel, stroopwafels, chocolate spread, flavored health bars, honey twigs, gourmet sweet popcorn, flavored candy, and flavored millet cookies. The gourmet sweet treats come wrapped in a personalised gift bag along decorated with ribbons. The snack items are made from quality ingredients and handcrafted by experts with love and care. The gourmet snack hamper can be purchased for Rs.1,630 from The Gourmet Box.

7. Boat House Trip

A special weekend getaway or trip is a perfect gift for a husband who loves to travel. Surprise your husband for Onam by booking a surprise boat house trip in the still backwaters of Alleppey. The boathouse trip is a backwater cruise in a luxury boat. You can choose between a variety of boathouses ranging from superior, deluxe, luxury and super luxury boats. Experience the hospitality Kerala has to offer by tasting traditional Kerala cuisine, luxurious experience, and exceptional hospitality. Head to Kerala Tours to book a boathouse trip with your husband for Onam. Check out the offers on www.keralatravels.com

8. Classic Watch

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Diamonds are considered to be a girl’s best friend and likewise, a classic watch is considered to be a man’s best friend. The Classic St. Mawes Rose Gold Watch with a leather strap is an integral part of Daniel Wellington’s classic collection. The watch is a slim timepiece that comprises of a simple round dial and a classy leather band. The watch comes with an elegant casing and comprises of Japanese quartz movement. The timepiece is made of double plated stainless steel with a brown leather strap. The watch is water-resistant and comes with a two-year warranty. The classic watch can be purchased for Rs.14,299 from Amazon Fashion.

9. Personal Grooming Kit

A personal grooming kit is the perfect gift for a man to ensure that he has personal time for taking care of himself. The personal grooming kit from Bombay Shaving Company consists of a razor, blades, badger crush, face scrub, cream and a soothing balm. The personal grooming kit preps your husband’s skin before shaving and also provides post-shave care. The grooming kit is carefully crafted to offer a complete grooming experience for men. This personal shaving cum grooming kit will be a sure hit with your man. The personal grooming kit can be purchased for Rs.2,995 from Bombay Shaving Company.

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Celebrating Onam

Onam is a festival celebrated with great enthusiasm and families come together.To make Onam special for your husband, get him a thoughtful gift that tells him that you care about his interests. Make sure you do some research beforehand and have a budget ready for the gift. Happy Onam!