Groom Your Beard For An Elegant Mien And Attractive Luster! The Best Beard Grooming Products For 2020 To Help Grow And Maintain Your Beard.

Groom Your Beard For An Elegant Mien And Attractive Luster! The Best Beard Grooming Products For 2020 To Help Grow And Maintain Your Beard.

Among certain circles, the beard is may be viewed as the central to man's virility, though there are many dogmas associated with the beard, it still stands as an iconic fashion style. Grooming it makes for better appearance and to help you look good and groom your beard in the right way discussed, are the best beard grooming products available today.

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Look Your Best By Groooming your Beard!

Growing a beard is today a trending fad among men of all ages, worldwide. However, growing a beard and grooming to look its best is not at all easy. You need to put in a lot of effort to keep the beard well-groomed to ensure you look good with it.

When growing a beard, you must consider the shape of your face and your build before you can decide on how you can groom it. It is essential to use various products to keep your beard in proper shape and condition. Keeping it clean and maintaining proper hygiene is of utmost importance. It is also necessary to use appropriate styling products while grooming your beard. So, what are the products that you will need? We are going to discuss this and more in this article.

The Must Have Beard Grooming Products

Beard Oil

The beard oil is one of the most important grooming products that you will need for your beard. It is usually used as a conditioner and can moisturise the skin beneath your beard. It is also used to soften the beard hair. It can help to enhance beard growth and help to keep the beard smoother and fuller. It can ensure that the pores do not get clogged and most of the products are scented, and the beard smells fresh.

The beard oil can also help in preventing an itching sensation that is common form people growing a beard. It can also prevent any dandruff and ensure that your beard is tamed and there is no flying hair. It ensures that the beard grooming procedure is hassle-free and works as an excellent styling agent.

Beard Wash

When you are growing a beard, you must also ensure that it is cleaned regularly. Your beard will get dirtier than your hair, and both need special care. Such care will ensure that you do not have any skin condition like itching and redness. It helps to remove the germs and makes the beard look shiny. Most beard washes and shampoos are scented that provides the fragrance that lingers for quite some time too.

Please understand that you cannot use the shampoo you use for your hair on your beard! The beard wash products are milder and the customised only for your beard. You must also keep in mind that the beard wash is formulated in such a way that it cannot remove the essential oils from the skin.

Take the time to analyse your skin -whether it is oily or dry, etc. You may then use a face wash as a substitute for the beard wash if you are unable to get hold of one right away.

Beard Balm

You must understand that your beard needs special care to soften it. It is the reason that it is suggested to use a beard balm. It is a softener or facial hair oil that also contains a small amount of wax to ensure that the beard hair is manageable. Most of the products are also free from Sulphates and Parabens.

A bottle or tube of beard balm usually contains essential oils, solid fats and some amount of carrier oils. It can work against dry and flaking skin and can prevent dandruff too. It ensures that the moisture in the skin does not get reduced and the skin is well hydrated. It contains beeswax that can form a thin layer on your beard hair and offer natural protection.

Beard Trimmer

A trimmer can help when you wish to have a shorter beard. Choosing a trimmer depends on the length of the beard, which will also be a factor for the performance of the trimmer. It is even better to select a battery-operated one as it will be more convenient for you to use it.

A trimmer can also ensure that you have a groomed look. There is no risk of having an irregular shaped beard that is one of the risks faced by most people with a beard. Most trimmers have well-rounded edges and blades that can self-sharpen.

Some of the Best Beard Grooming Kits Available in India: All in One Sets

Beardinator by Bombay Shaving Company

When you wish to grow a beard, you must be using the right product to groom it as well. The beard must be cleansed, and you must have the best beard grooming kits to help you. The beard grooming kit from the Beardinator brand comes with a Beard Activator, a beard growth tracker along with an Onion Growth Oil and a Charcoal face Wash.

The 30 ml Beard Growth Oil comes with a unique fragrance and has all the ingredients to ensure your beard grows faster. The 100 grams Charcoal Face Wash has activated charcoal that removes the dirt and grease from your face and keeps the skin cleaner. The toxins are also removed from the skin. There is a Beard Activator that has 540 Titanium needles to enable the microscopic pores to absorb the nourishing ingredients for the skin.

It is priced at Rs. 699 on the Company's Official Website Bombay Shaving Company.

Beard Grooming Kit by The Man Company


The next on this list is the grooming kit from The Man Company – among the renowned men's grooming brands in the country. This beard grooming kit contains a Beard Wash of 100 ml, a Beard Oil of 30 ml, a Beard Comb and a trimming scissors.

The beard wash and beard oil both contain almonds and thyme as the principal ingredients. The beard oil is aflush with nutrients and is packed with Vitamin E that smoothens your beard and makes it manageable. The beard becomes softer, and thyme provides a relaxing effect on you. The beard wash cleans your beard from the root but does not take moisture from the skin. You can groom your beard with the pair of scissors and keep it in shape. The comb is suitable for your beard and can massage your face skin every time you use it.

This beard grooming kit is priced at Rs. 942 on Amazon.

Muuchstac Beard Kit

The third on our list is this grooming kit from Muuchstac. It comes cheap and can work wonders with the upkeep of your beard. The beard kit contains a beard growth oil, a face wash and a beard wash. The beard growth oil is an ayurvedic product and is made from organic oils, like Cedarwood Oil, Jojoba and Almonds. The face wash provides you with the necessary coolness after a tough time in the sun. Apart from the nutrients, it also has an excellent fragrance. It rejuvenates your skin and gives a lasting glow. The beard wash is also enriched with natural oils like Rosemary Oil and Tea Tree Oil that nourishes the beard.

It is priced at Rs. 899 on the Company's Official Website Muuchstac.

Best Beard Oils

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Oil For Men


The Bombay Shaving Company is renowned for its grooming products for men. The Beard Growth Oil ensures that your beard is healthier and is nourished. The oil is made from Coconut, Vetiver and several other nourishing oils like Sesame Seed Oil, Brahmi Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Amla Oil. It also helps to improve blood circulation that is needed to ensure a healthy beard.

The oil also reduces any chances of having rashes and acne on your face. You can take around three to four drops and massage it on your beard and skin and leave it overnight. The oil is free from Paraben and SLS.

A 30 ml bottle is available for Rs. 199 on Amazon.

The Man Company Beard Growth Oil

The Man Company is another men's grooming brand, and this Almond and Thyme Beard Oil help in the upkeep of a healthy beard. The oil also contains a high amount of Vitamin E. It ensures that your beard is smooth and manageable and shiny. You have a healthy beard as the oil nourishes the hair from the root till the tip. It can also help in the management of the frizz and helps in the growth of the beard significantly.

The oil reduces the effect of dryness under the chin and dandruff too. It is made from natural ingredients and is free from SLS and Parabens. The oil may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

A 30 ml bottle is priced at Rs. 227 on Flipkart.

Best Beard Wash Products

Beardo Beard Wash


Your beard is different from the hair on your head, and this requires specially formulated beard washes. This Beard Wash is mild and does not irritate your skin. The dirt and pollutants are removed from the beard and keep it clean. This helps to keep it healthier as the beard grows. It is made from Clove, Nutmeg and a Sweet Orange Essential Oil. The beard is thickened naturally and reduces any skin infection and acne. The oil also reduces the fall of the beard hair and fights dandruff. It can even cure a bacterial infection.

A 100 ml bottle costs Rs. 308 on Amazon.

Ustraa Beard Wash for Men


We include this beard wash product from Ustraa who offer a wide range of men's grooming products. They are known to manufacture natural products that are free from Parabens, Sulphates and other harmful chemicals. The products are also cruelty-free and are not tested on animals. The products contain the nourishment of Wheat and Soy Proteins that ensures that your beard and the skin stay healthy.

The product also contains Amino Acids that help to create thick and healthy hair. The product ensures a deeper cleansing and the ingredients help to keep it germ-free. Moreover, a denser foam ensures that it reaches the base to provide better cleaning.

A 60 ml bottle is priced at Rs. 164 on Amazon.

Best Beard Balms

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner


This balm cum conditioner is made in the USA and is known to soften your beard. It is a natural product that works well against dandruff. It contains the nutritional properties of Shea and Cocoa along with butter. The product also contains essential oils like Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Castor Oil along with an extract from Jojoba Seeds that provides the additional nutrients for your beard.

You need to take some of it in your palm and spread it over your beard gently. A 59 grams pack costs Rs. 1,878 on Amazon.

Ustraa Woody Beard Softener


It is great to have a beard, but the problem people face is to keep it nourished and healthy. Moreover, it is equally necessary to keep it softened too. It is the reason why the beard softening product from Ustraa is ideal. It keeps the beard manageable and is free from parabens and SLS. It contains Argan Oil that repairs damaged hair and moisturises it. The Castor Oil will thicken the beard hair and will help to fight hair loss. It also has Shea butter that softens and nourishes the hair.

A 100 grams bottle costs Rs. 360 on Amazon.

Best Beard Trimmers

Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Trimmer


If you are keeping a beard, it is also necessary to keep it in shape and trim it occasionally. A trimmer can help, and we have this product from Panasonic who manufactures the best ones available. It is ideal for you and comes with long-lasting rechargeable batteries. It has twelve lock-in length settings and uses Japanese blade technology. It is durable and allows the user to trim their beard like a professional.

The product has an S-curve design that provides the elegance it needs. It also has a floating wide blade cutter and a pivot head that ensures the perfect shave. The trimmer is washable, and you can use it cordless too.

It is priced at Rs. 1,880 on Amazon.

Mi Beard Trimmer


If we are discussing beard trimmers, how can we not mention this Mi Beard Trimmer? It is a unique product that can charge within five minutes and has a water-resistant body that allows you to wash it thoroughly. It will enable forty length settings and can be used cordless too. Its unique technology allows the blades to self-sharpen. The blades have rounded edges to protect the skin and have lubricant protective coating. It also has two combs to enable the user to have the looks they need. There is a LED indicator to show the charge levels.

It is priced at Rs. 1,399 on Amazon.

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