Surprise Your Partner with a Thoughtful Gift this Karwa Chauth! Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Both Husband & Wife (2019)

Surprise Your Partner with a Thoughtful Gift this Karwa Chauth! Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Both Husband & Wife (2019)

With Karwa Chauth around the corner, have you also been looking for the perfect gift to break the fast of your beautiful wife? We're here to make that much easier for you as we present to you our top picks on gifts for the auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth, for both husbands as well as wife. As a bonus, we've also added some romantic things you can go for along with the gift. Read on to find out more.

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Karwa Chauth: The Celebration of Love

Karwa Chauth started as a traditional festival, with the ritual of wife fasting for the long life of the husband, but in today’s modern times, it is so much more than that.

It is the celebration of relationship of companionship and love, with gifts and gestures which go beyond, and it is on both the partners equally to take this day and celebrate it together while you also make your partner feel special and loved.

In this article, we have shared some gift Ideas which are ideally suited for the occasion of Karwa Chauth. We’ve also listed down specific ideas as to how you can spend some quality time with your partner this Karwa Chauth.

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Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife

Daniel Wellington Watch Gift Set

This Watch Set by Daniel Wellington is a classy gift which your life would love to wear and flaunt. The pack comes with a Daniel Wellington watch along with a classic Daniel Wellington Bracelet. The watch has an eggshell white dial and mesh strap, making it a timeless day-wear from office attires to evening dinners or parties.

It also comes in an elegant box with Daniel Wellington’s embossed onto the box, making it a good looking gift as well. You can get this pack from for Rs. 14,698 (Prices subject to variation).

If you’re looking for a different watch, then you can also have a look at other gift sets from Daniel Wellington, and pick between different colours and different combos, such as a watch with an extra strap. You can have a look at their gift sets here.

Flirty Kisses Of Love: Chocolates

No occasion is complete without some sweets to mark the celebration! Which is why we picked this pack of assorted chocolates which you could gift your wife, this Karwa Chauth. These are handmade chocolates and come with a romantic ‘Kiss Me’ message.

The overall packaging and look of this chocolate box suit the occasion of love. It contains twenty dark chocolates, one lips-shaped chocolate and six white chocolates with the combined message ‘Kiss me’. Moreover, it comes in a beautiful brown heart-shaped box, making it the perfect gift.

You can get this from for Rs. 899.

Body Care Gift Box

It is a beautiful gesture to gift a caring item to your loved one items of care because it is a way you can let them know that you care for them. These items are also something that can be put to proper use, especially if they can be put to use every day.

We picked this Facial Cleanser Box from Forest Essentials, which has everything related to face care, making it a great utility gift.

This Gift Box contains a Sugared Rose Lip Balm, an Aloe Vera, and Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion, a Honey Lemon Rosewater Facial Cream and a Kashmiri Walnut Gel Facial Scrub.

All the products have been made by traditional Ayurvedic realms and will be thoroughly enjoyed by your partner. It also comes in a beautifully packaged box, and you can get this Facial Care Essentials Box for Rs. 1,625 from

Memories in Spotlight - A Memory Frame


When looking for gifts, you can either search for items of utility, something let’s say your partner has been looking for; or something which seizes a memory, which can then be cherished forever.

One such gift from the latter category is this Memory Frame by Oye Happy. It’s a unique frame like no other, in which you can store 12 beautiful memories, clipped using wooden clips and the frame will light up with a button, making it look beautiful, and putting your memories on a spotlight. Moreover, you can also easily replace these pictures in the future with new memories whenever you like.

You can get this frame for Rs. 2,150 from and you can upload the pictures after you’ve processed the payment, and Oye Happy will take care of the rest.

A Flower Box - White & Red Roses Box Arrangement


There are some gifts which never go out of style, and have almost become essentials when it comes to a celebration. One such gift is flowers - old school yet romantic! However, there are so many different ways you can gift the old school flowers, making it as modern as you’d like.

Which is why we picked this Flower Box from Ferns and Petals as a perfect Karwa Chauth Gift instead of the regular flower bouquet.

This comes in a beautiful and very classy cylindrical black box with Ferns and Petals Embossing, with a perfect arrangement of 25 red roses and 15 white roses, making the overall gift look very pretty.

This one is priced at Rs. 1,499 and you can get it from

Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Husband

The Man Company Charcoal Express


Gone are those days when it was believed that self-care was a woman’s domain and why should be, after all, every individual should be able to indulge in some self-care for a better well being.

Which is why we suggest you break the stereotypes and gift your husband, this Charcoal Express Gift Hamper from The Man Company. This gift hamper contains two charcoal soaps, one peppermint, and clove charcoal shampoo and charcoal face wash.

It is a great gift option which will be used every day, and you can get this gift hamper from for Rs. 1,299.


Clothing gifts such as shirts and jackets can be predictable and boring, and when it comes to gifts related to dressing, there are so many unique options available to choose from.

Such are these Cufflinks from AZGA, which comes in the design of a Time Machine, showcasing a unique style of craftsmanship and designing, making it a very off-beat gift for your husband.

These Cufflinks are Brass Gold Plated and will make a unique statement, whether dressing up for a formal office meeting, or well-suited wedding attire.

You can get this from for Rs. 2,850.

Frame A Star for Your Star!


This is a gift like no other, which shows that you went the extra mile and also an incredibly romantic gesture. So, if you’re a hopeless romantic, then this Karwa Chauth, frame a star for your husband as a romantic gift.

All you need to do to name a star after someone is sharing their name, zodiac, and date, and after that, a star will be picked for them.

It is a perfect way to surprise your husband and an out of the world gift! You can name and frame a star for Rs. 2,350 and you can get this done from

Limitless Wallet


An item of everyday use but with a modern twist is this beige wallet in leather with an embossed design.

We picked this one from LetterNote with a design that says ‘Limitless’, and you can also look at their other designs and pick the one that you think suits them best.

It’s a wallet with a smart design which has different compartments and card slots. It is priced at Rs. 795 and you can get it from

World's Best Husband Certificate

Another unique gift in the list is this Wooden Engraved ‘Best Husband Certificate’ for your Husband. It’s an excellent way for you to let your husband know that you love him for how he cares for you.

Moreover, it is something that can be a great addition to a work desk, or your bedside table, adding to the set-up of your house or workplace.

It will be personalised with the name of your husband and your own, and also comes with a beautiful message of thanking your husband for all the support, care, and love.

You can choose between Mahogany and Birch, and can also edit the content for this certificate depending on what you want to express through this gift.

It is priced at Rs. 1,499 for 11 x 7 size and Rs. 2,499 for 17 x 11 size. You can get it from If you’d like, you can also add a greeting card along with this gift, at an additional price of Rs. 199.

Spend Some Quality Time with Your Partner This Karwa Chauth!

Well, nothing can replace spending time with your loved one, not even the fanciest of gifts. Gifts yes, are a way to let someone know how much you love them, but nothing can replace gestures, especially thoughtful ones.

Which is why we've listed down some ideas on how you can spend some quality time with your partner this Karwa Chauth.

A Romantic Dinner

Delicious food, a beautiful setting, romantic music, and your partner by your side, what more could you ask for? If you agree, then there is nothing better than a romantic dinner with your partner filled with a passionate and sweet conversation.

And what better than Karwa Chauth, to celebrate the same? So, this Karwa Chauth, find a beautiful and romantic restaurant where you could go with your partner, spend some quality time, and have a great meal.

During Karwa Chauth, a lot of restaurants these days have some romantic candlelight dinner options, or some other unique set up or event going on, so you could do a quick research before you make the reservations.

Couple's Spa

With our crazy work lives during the day and personal lives by the evening, it is difficult to maintain a work-life balance, and it all ends up leaving us drained due to our hectic schedules.

Which is why if you and your partner both lead hectic schedules, then a couple’s spa would be an excellent way for not only the two of you to share some quiet time but also a way both of you could relax and rejuvenate.

Street Food Binge

This one has its own fun, and it is something that will leave you and your partner with a fun-filled evening where you and your partner decide to go for a street food binge and hop from one street vendor to another.

You could find a place where you’d see all kinds of food items, and you can hop from one vendor to another for snacks such as panipuri, then to the main course at a street-side Dhaba and then ending with a street style Kulfi or Faluda.

Travel Together

Travelling together is an essential aspect of any relationship since you get to see all sides to your partner and get to understand him or her better. Moreover, it is also when you get to spend the most amount of quality time with your partner without any work distractions.

So, this Karwa Chauth you could surprise your partner with a short excursion to a place you two have been planning to visit since forever.

Not only would it be a great gift, but also an excellent opportunity for you two to unwind and spend some fantastic time together.

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Appreciate Your Partner Through Small Gestures!

Have you ever cooked for your wife? Did you ever go surprise your husband at his office? These small gestures are what keep the spark in your relationship ever alive and increase your love for each other even more! So, this Karwa Chauth, along with getting a gift for your partner, make the best out of these small gestures which you are sure your partner will love and surprise him or her in the most unexpected way!