Envelope Decoration Ideas to Try at Home for Greeting Cards, Shagun Envelopes or When You Want to Send Mail the Old Fashioned Way (2019)

Envelope Decoration Ideas to Try at Home for Greeting Cards, Shagun Envelopes or When You Want to Send Mail the Old Fashioned Way (2019)

Envelopes can make any occasion special. Be it a hand written letter, a parcel, or money, decorative envelopes will make your gift stand out from the rest. So go ahead and try these creative and hand-made envelope ideas that will surely impress your loved ones. Give them a try!

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Letters, the Lost Form of Communication

In the ancient times, the most common form of communication was letter writing. But recent years have replaced letters with modern form of technology. Technology has made everything fast and people can talk faster using phone and social media. Yes, for most of us messenger, snapchat, emails and social media hangouts is the preferred communication method . But what about the old form of letter writing?

Letters were not just a form of communication, but a way to build relationship with the recipient. We all remember how great it used to feel when we received letters. The childhood days were the best ones with a pen friend to whom we used to write on weekends about our daily life. Letter writing is a form of writing which has died a slow death the fast few years. Let’s excite our loved ones with our written words. While we start , one important thing to consider is the envelopes. Envelopes speak a lot as much as the letter in fact. Go creative with these mind blowing envelope decoration ideas.

Make Your Envelopes Stand Out with These Unique Ideas

History always repeats itself and the trends keep coming back with a little twist. For people with the love for writing letters, the trend never went out of style. Covering the letter in a nice envelope is equivalently important. Though it is a place to write the address of the sender and recipient, it could be creatively done to catch the attention of the recipient. We are trying to develop a few creative ideas, keeping in mind the sender’s intent. Every idea here could be looked up in video tutorials for better understanding.

Use Hand Lettering with Calligraphy

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Calligraphy adds a beautiful touch to any document. The use of calligraphy on the envelope is an interesting idea to grab the attention of your recipient. The product is a tangible art which will be cherished by the recipient forever. You don’t need to be a professional expert to do this. Try switching fonts, use lines and apply different pen strokes for a better output.

Look up YouTube videos for ideas and techniques.

Doodle Drawing Could Be Fun

Doodle drawing could be a fun way of decorating envelopes. We all have passed n-number of classes by doodling on the back of our notebooks. Bring these years of practice to the paper by adding cute and small drawings . These are a fantastic way to personalise the envelopes, and you can add your own touch to it. Charming geometric designs, vines, flowers or cute animals could be a part of your envelope front.

Innovate with Colorful Stamps and Stickers

The simplest form of decorating is through striking or unique stamps/stickers. You can add stickers, rubber stamps or embellishments to the envelopes. Create exquisite and colorful patterns for envelopes using such materials. For a closer feel you can always go with the typical “Me to You” forever stamps. They are just adorable to ignore.

Trending Envelope Designs for Your Different Needs

Envelope ideas must change according to the content of your letter and the recipient. We will help you figure out a few concepts to envelope your ideas.

Unicorn Theme for Birthday Party Invitations

Gifting is an incredible way of showing love and affection. You have a kid’s birthday party and you need to share a letter with him or her. The best way of doing it is through cutely designed unicorn envelopes. The Little Jamun Unicorn Themed Envelopes Stickers Gift Tags Multicolor - Set of 10 is a specially designed envelope for your kids.

The envelope is made of paper, and has an attractive design from the Little Jamun brand. The classical style of these gift accessories makes your gift letter or card look attractive. The creative envelope design can also be used to share return gifts on your kid’s birthday party. The pack of 10 unique themed invite envelope cards is available at Rs. 1,140 from www.firstcry.com. The quality of the paper is thick and is perfect for party invitations.

Classy Gond Painting Envelopes for Exhibition Invite

Gond Painting is a painting derived from the green mountains of Madhya Pradesh. The Gond tribes believe in everything in nature is inhibited through sacred spirits. The printed craft is inspired from trees, animals, and mountains which is a sign of reverence and respect. Additionally, Gond paintings are also inspired by Indian mythology and daily tribal chores.

The Set of 6 Gifting Envelopes with Gond Painting Motif- Pattern 1 is a typical envelope inspired from Gond Painting. The paper used in this envelope is recycled handmade paper. The paintings used in the drawings uses striking colors in red, blue and white. The set of 6 gond painting has a beautiful sketched drawing in shimmery colors. This envelope set can be used for aesthetic events like exhibitions invite, or classy social gatherings. The set can be bought at a price of Rs. 150 from www.giftpiper.com

Colorful Envelopes for Bridal Shower or Housewarming Party Invites

Housewarming parties are events where we celebrate our new home. While planning this party we do follow the normal rules. But what is the surprise element in the party? We will suggest a nice gesture for surprising your friends. Colorful envelope with gift card invites are a fun way of sharing your housewarming invites.

The envelopes are a simple polka dot designs in surreal colors. This shows your classy taste and innovative new style. You can acquire this stylish and royal piece of envelopes at a price of Rs. 368 from www.order2india.com. The shipping is free across every city of India. Alternatively, you can also use this envelope for bridal shower invitations or baby shower invitations.

Traditional Envelopes for Festivity Invites

Classy hand –embroidered envelopes in fabric is a perfect way of sharing money gifts in occasional parties or ceremonies. The handcrafted envelopes are in the royal colors of red and golden. The flap of the envelope is golden with intricate hand made floral designs.

The major portion of the envelope is bright red, an auspicious color in the Indian customary. It is perfect for all occasions, graduation ceremonies, shagun etc. The Kolorfish envelopes are a pack of 5 envelopes bunched together. The traditional envelopes can be availed at a price of Rs. 548. The fabric is pure cotton and is ideal for gifting inwedding and festivals. You can check it out on www.flipkart.com

Handmade Envelope for Special Occasions

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Handmade gifts will always be a trend in the gifting regime. We suggest a handmade Navya Navelli shagun envelope suited for money shagun gifting. These beautifully crafted envelopes are a perfect way to gift cash on auspicious occasions. The outlook of the envelope is a premium designed collection with a crafty outlook. The envelope is made from pink handmade paper and the designs are handcrafted with golden thread work.

The border of the envelope is made using a similar pattern of golden threads. The envelope is compatible with Indian notes of 2000, 500 and 100. Now you don’t have to worry to share your money gift vouchers on festive and other family occasions. The envelope can be availed at a price of Rs. 400 on www.amazon.in The price is quite budgeted and affordable.

Shagun Envelopes for Wedding Gifts

Many guests in Indian weddings give cash gifts. Some times the cash gift in a shagun envelope is additional to the gift! Well there are quite a few varieties of shagun envelopes for such tokens. We have handpicked a classy and traditional envelope format for such gifting needs. The envelope is a true representation of our ancient art forms. These shagun envelopes are embedded with a 1 Re. coin.

The colors chosen for this envelope pattern are attractive and bright. The 19 x 9 cm is compatible with all type of Indian notes too. The Indo gifts 4 packs of 10 envelopes in multi color choices are a great way of sending monetary gifts. The set of colorful envelopes with traditional outlook can be availed at a pocket – friendly price of Rs. 101 on www.amazon.in. We guarantee that you will never run out of envelopes with this deal. Prepare yourself ahead of the wedding season.

Multi Color Fun Envelopes for Love Letters

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Love letters, since time immemorial, hold a special place in every individual’s heart. They are meant to express your true feelings to your counterpart. Considered the most effective way of communicating your love, this trend has never gone out of fashion. You are aware about what will go in your love letters, but what about the envelopes?

We recommend a multi-color handmade envelope for your lovable counterpart. This beautiful product is handcrafted envelope made from cloth. This envelope is a perfect fit for sharing your letters with your loved ones. The floral print and the dusky shade of colors give a classy outlook. The handcrafted designs make it even more adorable and are sure to be cherished by your recipient. It is important that we look into the minute details. These gestures are sure to keep your loved ones close to your heart. The extravagant envelope can be bought at an affordable price of Rs. 295 on www.amazon.in

Follow These Tips to Make Your Business Envelope Stand Out

Even in today’s fast moving companies, there are a huge number of businesses who work with envelopes as a daily stationary. For everyday financial transactions to important proposals, everything is transferred using the envelopes. Nonetheless it is an important tool of everyday brand communication. Thus it should be used smartly enough to reach out to the right target audience.

Not just in the form of stationary but other things like important holiday greetings and personal invites to office parties are some places that use envelopes in a business environment. The idea is to make your recipient feel the attention and care given to the letter. While designing your envelope collateral's, try minimal content and design to portray your ideology.

Place Your Logo in a Prominent Position

To start with, company logo is the integral part of your business promotion. A simple logo is the identity of who you are and what you deliver. Inserting the logo in a prominent area of the envelope is significant. A right logo placement could speak tons about your brand. Place it in a position which will easily grab attention. for instance- Once a US firm experimented with a printed logo and a wax stamped logo to create a memorable instance on their envelopes. Well it stayed with the people, so the job was done right.

Eye Catching Imagery

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For companies with a creative background, like a marketing agency or design firm, you can experiment with eye catchy colors and designs. The envelope then truly defines who you are. People expect difference in statement from such organization. Boring and plain envelopes don’t strike the right impression on you people.

On the other hand, companies with serious business, could use abstract imagery or singular patterns to start with. but ensure that you don’t go overboard with your ideas. Try to keep your company’s brand goals in mind while creating these designs. Alternatively, you can choose to adopt creative illustrations to show off the company’s creative spirit.

Stay Consistent & Keep It Simple

Staying consistent is very important. As an organization it is significant that your envelope artwork is in line with the rest of the company’s visual branding. The brand collaterals are distinct but should be in sync with the business ‘s signature, logo and typography. Make it a point that your brand marketing complement each other. You can use logos, symbols, photos to express those concepts. The color of the designs should be as per your brands colors. The right color psychology triggers the desired response in your target audience.

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Create a Strong Impression by Choosing These Envelope Designs in 2019

Although they are used less, envelopes still create a bold and strong impression on the receiver. So, if you want people to remember you distinctly, or your company, follow these tips and tricks and choose the right envelope for the right occasion.