Surprise Gifts for Teacher: Save the Apples for Your Own Lunch and Surprise Your Teacher with One of These 10 Thoughtful Gifts on the First Day

Surprise Gifts for Teacher: Save the Apples for Your Own Lunch and Surprise Your Teacher with One of These 10 Thoughtful Gifts on the First Day

You cannot repay the debt of your teachers, not in this lifetime. However, what you can do is go a little out of the way to show your appreciation for their endless pursuit to making you a better human being. Try these unique ideas to thank your teacher on the very first day.

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Teachers - The Guiding Lamps in Our Lives

The importance of teachers in our society cannot be underestimated. The role of teachers in our society is both significant and valuable. Teachers play an extraordinary part in the lives of children for the formative years of their development. They involve themselves in moulding their students into responsible citizens of the country.

Teaching students information in a way that they remember it and put it to use is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give to another person, and that is what teachers do. The best teachers also inspire their students to work harder and push themselves. They encourage students to understand the importance of dedicating themselves to passionate projects or endeavours. Saying that teachers make a huge difference is an understatement.

Thoughtful Things You Can Do for Your Teacher

Write a List of Things You Love About Your Teacher

While writing a list of things you love about your teacher might seem hard, it's easier once you get started. Your teacher will be very happy that you took the time to share your thoughts.

Letting your teachers know why you love them can:

  • Help them feel appreciated and show appreciation back.
  • Help them feel good about themselves when they are feeling down.
  • Remind them about the reason why they started teaching.
  • And most of all, they recall your words at times they need to be reminded that they are loved and appreciated.

Make a Special Painting

Art! You can never go wrong when giving someone a handmade/homemade painting. Gifts are always a meaningful gesture, but even more so when it's something you've painted yourself. Teachers can definitely appreciate the love and work that goes into handmade gifts.

The fact that you spent your time to create something special for your teacher will mean a lot to them. Paintings help humans perceive the world in a profound and unique way. They evoke emotions, they are timeless, and they Improve the quality of life. So by gifting paintings, you are gifting a long lasting treasure that will remind your teacher about you. 

Make a Card

You don't have to wait for a teacher's day to make a thank you card for your teacher. Sometimes all it takes is a simple card to show your appreciation. Include a thoughtful, hand-written note to thank your teacher for all their hard work this year, and it will go a long way in helping them remember you.

You don't even have to make the card alone! You can ask your friends and classmates to make their own cards, or you can all join hands together and make a single card filled with little comments from all the students. Heartfelt and creative cards and gifts are simply irreplaceable.

Bring a Smile to Your Teacher's Face with These Gifts

Orange Stationery Kit

It is always important for teachers to be prepared. Stationary is an important component to a teacher's preparedness. School budgets vary widely for classroom materials. Some schools provide basic supplies, but those materials likely dwindle during the last stretch of the school year. You can decide to help your teacher out by buying this orange stationery kit for him/her.

It contains white sheets of paper 3″ x 3″, 10 pads of sticky flags 1.75″ long – 2 of each colour (pink, yellow, orange, blue, and green), 1 compartment of colorful paper clips, mini blue stapler 2″ long (staples included), Miniature highlighter about 2″ long, Sweet mini red eraser and mini red sharpener,and 5 1/2″ pen- blue ink, which are all essential stationary for teachers. It is available on at Rs.499.

Buddha Tea Light Lamp

Is your teacher stressed out or just in need of meditation? Then this gift is perfect for him/her. Buddha Tea Light Holders are absolutely gorgeous and make powerful additions to any meditation room, bedside, altar, or sacred space. Featuring a beautiful metal frame, this holder will hold one tea light and will infuse any room you place them in with energies of peace, enlightenment, clarity, and illumination.

This Budha Tea light holder can be found on at the price of Rs.299. This product is Shipped worldwide and has the option of Cash-On-Delivery.

Pen with Stylus and Mobile Stand

3 in 1 Multi-Function Stylus Pen- One side is a retractable ballpoint pen, another side is a capacitive stylus. It comes with a clip design, it is easy to carry and it is compatible with any capacitive touchscreen device such as tablet PC, smartphones etc It can also be used as a phone stand holder. This ball pen uses international standard black colour ink, 1.0mm Medium Point.

It makes it easy to write without leakage of ink. The cartridge can also be replaced once out of ink. It is Elegant and classy, each crystal diamond pen comes with a clear gift box. It also comes in a set of two. You can find this product on at the price of Rs.249.

Help Me Bookmark

A bookmark is a thin marker used to keep the reader's place in a book and to enable the reader to return to it with ease. Bookmarks allow as many readers as possible, to read the book, with minimal damage. They help books stay readable for longer.

Bookmarks are perfect gifts for someone who loves books. This particular product: Help Me Bookmark is made of plastic, hand shaped and engraved. It comes in attractive colours and in a Set of 4. The Height is 14.5 cms. You can find this gift on at the price of Rs.250.

COI Note Pad/Memo Book with Sticky Notes & Clip Holder with Pen

This is a diary style desk organizer and memo note pad with a closed size of 7.5 X 4.5 inch appox. It has 3 sizes of sticky note pad and 1 pad of loose sheets with clip holder and a pen. The Memo Note Pad has a sturdy clip holder which helps you attach the loose sheets neatly.

The Memo Note Pad is made of durable material which is long lasting. This is a great gift for your teacher. It was rated 3.4 out of 5 stars on, where you can find it at the price of Rs.249.

3D Wooden Doggo Phone Stand

These Mobile phone stands aren't ordinary! They are in the shape of endearing dogs - available in the form of your favourite dog breeds - husky, pug, bulldog, shibu, bull terrier and dachshund. They are perfect gifts for dog lovers. This can serve as a wonderful decorative piece for your teacher's desk , your teacher can simply rest his/her phone against the loyal dog.

This Mobile Phone Stand is made of solid wood. The dimensions are: 9 cm x 11.5 cm x 7.8 cm , and they are compatible with phones of screen size up to 6 inches . You can find this cute dog mobile stand on at the price of Rs.799.

"World's Best Teacher" Pen with Stand and Clock

"Why buy a Teacher's Mug when you can buy a World's Best Teacher Pen that has both a stand and a Clock? Don't let this beautiful trio set pass you by! Buy one for your favourite teacher today. You can find this product on at the price of Rs.495. Click on the link attached to check out this beautiful product."

Personalised Mouse Pad

This high-quality mouse-pad can be personalised! You can put it in your teacher's picture for that personal touch. It is made of anti-skid materials and has a high quality vibrant and permanent print that looks great on your desk.

The size is: 22 x 18 x 0.3 cm. It has a textured surface to assist with mouse movements, to control gameplay. It works perfectly with any computer mouse. Buy this product for your teacher on where it is rated 5 stars, for the price of Rs.175.

Multi-Utility Pen Stand

A pen stand is an item of utility as it is used to store pens, pencils, and/or other small stationery items. Pen stands aren't just for storing pens, they also make a statement on a desk. They make great desk accessory.

This wonderful Pen stand is just the perfect gift for that teacher who has a lot of pens and pencils. You can buy it on for Rs.395.

Natali Teacher's Day Scroll Card


Normal cards are good, but have you seen a scroll card before? They are great! Do you want to send a note to your teacher in a unique way? Then this product is for you. You can find this product on at the price of Rs.299. Click on the attached link to buy this unique gift for your special teacher. This product is rated 5 star on

Try These Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Your Teacher

A Beautiful Flower Pot with Lovely Flowers

Teachers love putting flowers on display on their desk or on a windowsill. One way a student can present a floral gift to their teacher is by putting it in a beautiful pot. Finding the perfect flower for your teacher is not easy. You can start your decision making by finding a flower that will be sturdy enough to last a long while. Flowers that are in season tend to be healthier and more robust, so picking one from a seasonal group will improve its chances of long-term survival. For flowers that will last even longer, choose to gift a potted plant. Offer to do watering duties for your teacher to show how much you appreciate him or her. Take your potted plant gift one step further by adding a few DIY touches like designing the pot or hanging a cute sign on the pot.

A Video Displaying Appreciation

Teachers love receiving personal notes from their students, and some of those notes make them so emotional that they cry. So why not take it further and make a Thank You Video for your teacher? Don't worry if you're not sure how to go about it, it is easy.

How to make a Thank You Video for your teacher:

  • Write the things you love about your teacher down.
  • Find photos from this year that you can use in your video.
  • Decide if you want to film yourself reading the letter, do a voice over, or add text.
  • Combine everything together in a video
  • Give your Thank You Video to your teacher, along with some tissues!

A Special Meal

Teaching is a challenging job that takes up so much energy. Giving your teacher special meals is an excellent way to show your appreciation. You can ask your mom to make healthy foods for your teacher. A healthy vegan diet rich in vegetables and other plant-based protein is one of the best ways to save animals, help protect the environment, and improve one’s health (teachers need to survive flu season somehow!), so gifting your teacher a healthy vegan midday meal is a great idea because it will help nourish your teacher during their busy day.

You can also decide to go the unhealthy but energy packed way by gifting your teacher snacks like potato chips, popcorn, Cookies in a Jar, Strawberry Shortcake in a Jar, Wrapped Candies, Fancy Cupcakes, all paired with Soda . Teachers have a sweet tooth too!

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Thank Your Teacher for Being Your Constant Guide in 2019

Teachers are the harbingers of knowledge who hold our hands and guide us towards excellence. Thank their effort by choosing these amazing ideas. Remember, a gesture of gratitude is appreciated by everyone, especially your teachers.