6 Saree Cutting Projects That'll Get You A Stylish New Wardrobe Plus Ideas To Repurpose Your Sarees

6 Saree Cutting Projects That'll Get You A Stylish New Wardrobe Plus Ideas To Repurpose Your Sarees

Wondering what to do with old sarees? With a little bit of imagination, you can turn them into a cool new outfit. We have gathered the most creative ideas to reuse your sarees into a range of outfits, ranging from skirts to shrugs. So cut up your sarees without a second thought and start on an exciting new project. Scroll on for exciting DIY ideas!

Creatve Saree Cutting: Stitch And Style Your Old Sarees Into Anything You Want

Are you having a cupboard full of sarees that you do not wear anymore? Or do you have too many memories attached to it so you do not want to give it to anybody? Well, there is a beautiful solution for you.

Grab a pair of scissors, take your saree and revamp it to anything you want. We all know that dresses, kaftans, boho tops, shirts, long palazzos; all are so much in trend. What amplifies the look is when all of these come in bold ethnic prints or single solid colors.

While YouTube is teeming with DIY videos and DIY bloggers, today we will bring to you the most wanted and mostly used DIYs that women love to do with their sarees. In this guide we talk about how you can cut and stitch your old sarees with innovative ideas and bring the trendiest outfits from it.

Don't Want To Drape A Saree And Yet Sport The Traditional Attire?

You might feel very monotonous in draping the same 12 yarn cloth around you with the same old pallu on shoulders and pleats on the body. It's quite natural!

Have you seen how the runway models drape their sarees and look like a goddess? You can try the styles too. Instead of putting the pleats on shoulders, try wrapping the pallu around your neck and pair it with either a bold colored off shoulder crop blouse or anything in embroidery. Pairing the saree with a couple of denim or striped pants is also a very sassy look that can turn heads around.

Just an add-on tip: If you are choosing any Indo-western style, try to go for the traditional jewelry like a giant nose ring, Borla or a decent tiara. It looks gorgeous.

Reuse the Sarees that Have Been Through Wear and Tear

Our dresses are like our favorite novels. Each of them has some emotional bonding from the first time you have to wear them. If you are too attached to throw you the saree away, you can reuse it by making other clothes.

Making salwar suits by cutting an old saree is one of the most popular techniques to reuse the worn out or torn material. Shirts, palazzos, tops, kaftans, over tops, etc can be made easily by saree cutting. Curtains, furniture covers, doormats, etc can also be made from an old sarees to decorate the house.

A Unique Way to Flaunt Your Sarees

You can be unique in many ways. You can wear the same saree that you have worn 70 times earlier with a new hairdo, a new eye makeup with your new pair of heels. It will make you unique from the previous ways that you looked.

But if you search for a new look, you will see that blouses of a saree are stealing shows everywhere. From Deepika Padukone slim sleeved backless blouse to her high neck blouse with heavy chocker; you cannot remove your attention from any of these. Cropped blouse, off the shoulder, inner shoulder, backless, these are very much in fashion these days.

Oftentimes, when you get hold of a new saree, you realise how unusually nice your saree will look if you could team it up with a blouse made up of another saree you own! Feel free to mix and match. Cutting of saree blouse from an old saree and pairing it with a new saree will enable you sport the look with much sass.

Look For New Ways To Drape The Saree

The culture in India is varied. People belonging to different cultural communities have different ways of draping the same saree. Search the internet for saree blouse cutting and stitching videos download links and you are good to go! These videos will give you a clear idea about the different kinds of saree blouse cutting and stitching like saree blouse cutting in Marathi, saree blouse cutting and stitching in Tamil, saree blouse cutting in Kannada, saree blouse cutting Telegu and so on.

Be Your Own Style Expert

First and foremost, select the saree which you want to reuse. Then decide what do you want to make from it. You can make anything from a 12 yard of cloth.

No, I'm not talking about converting an old saree into a suit. You definitely can make a gorgeous salwar suit if you are fond of them, but there is a lot more to serve your plate. Decide the style you want to create by rescheduling the cloth. You can make it on your own or get into your nearest tailor and give him the details. Be sure to provide the measurements correct; you will not be able to change the fitting later.

Amazing Ways To Get Something New By Cutting Up Sarees

Sport an Smart Looking Shrug

You might know how layering is a part of every outfit now. Layering your same boring outfit with jackets, coats, and overcoats has been a trendy and classy style. From traditional formals to regular casuals, an overcoat goes all the way.

Making an shrug or an overcut by cutting a saree is very easy. First of all, take your measurements and decide the way you want you are overcoat to be done. You can make more than one folds in the front or keep the former one short and the later long. Choosing a sleeves- less overcoat will help you in looking more stylish.

How About a Trendy Kaftan Kurti?

For making a kaftan, you need a pair of sharp scissors and chalk to mark the measurements. Yes! Making a kaftan from a saree is this much easy. This is the best way to reuse an old chiffon saree as chiffon makes the best kaftans.
First of all, mark the length of the kaftan that you are going to make. You can make a long or a short kaftan top by cutting saree of chiffon. Fold the dress material into a square shape. Cut the neckline on the top and stitch the two sides of the folded square according to your body shape. Do not forget to leave gaps for your hands to glide. And voila! Your trendy, flirty kaftan is ready.

Stitch Palazzo Pants for Yourself

We all know how favorite palazzos are. It can be worn with almost everything; a top, a crop top, kurta, shirt, etc. on a summer day, nothing beats the comfort of a palazzo. You can shape your old cotton or silk saree into an elegant palazzo and be summer ready.

To make a palazzo by cutting an old saree, you have to get the measurements right. mark the lengths in a slanting manner. Take chalk and go along the length of your lower body. The more you make the marking slant, the more full your palazzo will look at the bottom. Take the measurements a bit higher in case you want to make a high waist formal palazzo for the occasional purpose. Else, mark the normal measurements for the Palazzo. Stitch along the ends that you have marked and your palazzo is ready.

Make Yourself a Gown

Gowns are like the must-have elements in everybody's wardrobe these days. almost 9 out of 10 girls own one or two gowns. But what beats the style when you design a dress from your own or just copy one of Sabyasachi designs. Your saree cutting dress will help you flaunt your fashion with great pride.
Please do not make this gown by yourself and go to the tailor. The professionals know it better how to cut and stitch the fabric of such long length and put it into shape.

Make A Skirt Full of Flair

Honestly, a flared skirt was into style even two years ago. It is not entirely in trend now. But whenever we see someone walking with a high waist long flared floral printed skirt, we cannot help but STARE! Yes, here lies the beauty of it. You can pair a flared skirt with anything. Even in winter, you can wear it with your jacket and a thermal underneath to protect your legs. Wow, such a boho look!
A flared skirt can be made easily by cutting and stitching saree made of chiffon. We choose chiffon because it is a very lightweight fabric and makes the dress look more flirty. First of all, take the saree and start pleating it along the upper line of the saree. What you have to do is, make dense pleats and start stitching the saree all along. It should be a continuous process. You pleat and stitch simultaneously. After this is done, join the two ends of the pleated side with the measurement of your waist. You can add a belt or can wear it normal.

Mix and Match Tradition with Trendy

Indo-western outfits are exceptionally hot now. Almost everybody is wearing them. You should try making a front slit kurta by cutting and stitching the old saree.

To make a high slit kurta, first of all, you will need a saree of your choice. Place the saree flat on the surface now. Take one of your t-shirts and lay it on top of the saree. Make sure that both the saree and the t-shirt has no fold or greases in it; else it will ruin the texture of the dress. Mark the armholes, side seams, neckline and length on the saree just as the length of the shirt. Stitch the two pieces of fabric, and your top part of the kurta is done. To make the slit, take the fabric along your waistline and keep a cut in the front, i.e., in between the two legs. Stitch it with the top and your slit kurta is done.

With These Tips, Never Run Out Of Fashionable Outfits

Use Creativity To Reinvent Your Wardrobe

Doing DIY is one of the best ways to reinvent your wardrobe. You can try making these following ideas for a contemporary wardrobe.

  • A modern shirt or a skirt: This is one of the best ways to transform your silk saree with just a weave. With ideas like such, you can be the fashionista of your clan and design beautiful dresses for other people.
  • A capelet: If you are looking for a royal touch up in your wardrobe, nothing can beat the essence of a capelet. If there is a saree of a heavy material, make a capelet by cutting and stitching. You can wear a capelet with anything, a saree, kurta, top and anything.
  • A long jacket : Winters are here, and it is the season to get layers all around your body. What else can replace a long coat of beautiful prints this season! Nothing. If you have a beautiful, elegant silk saree that you are tired of wearing, make a long jacket by cutting and stitching saree. Pair it with denim, high boots or with a kurta to steal the show.

Experiment with Your Sarees to Make Traditional Look Cool

In the wedding season, choose to be experimental rather than buying new clothes and wasting tons of money. Almost every people are obsessed with wearing sarees with matching blouses. Be an exception and steal the show with the something which is all produced by you.

  • You can make a lehenga out of your old Benarasi saree from your Mothers wardrobe and flaunt on the wedding day. Just go to your nearby tailor and give him the design. He will stitch you your dream Sabyasachi lehenga that too without breaking your wallet.

  • You can also make a kurta and a sharara by cutting and stitching sarees. Shararas is something which was in fashion during the 90s and now, all the 90s fashion is kind of returning back with few twists and turns. Wear a short kurta along with a beautiful sharara and look like a Diva!

  • You can also make an Anarkali salwar with a saree. A beautiful long sleeved Anarkali with matching leggings never goes out of style.

Look Through Online Resources for Ideas

DIY not only helps you to clean your wardrobe and make space for better and trendy outfits but also saves a lot of your money. Say if you are making a lehenga, you dont have to pay anything for the material but only the tailor charges. Besides the ideas here, you can search online for more DIY ideas and improve your skill of discovering new talent.

Doing a successful DIY project can even open another gateway of your income too as you really get a hands-on understanding.

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Experiment Boldly

Cutting up sarees may seem a little drastic, but there is so much more you can do with them. Start with the cheaper old sarees and then work up to silk sarees, so you have more confidence in what you do. Apart from new outfits, you can also use sarees to make household items like wall decor, cushions, bags or shrugs/scrafs. Your imagination and creativity is the only limit.