Pongal Festival Gifts for 2019: Make Yours the Most Unique Gift of All by Opting for Pongal Gifts from Our 10 Recommendations

Pongal Festival Gifts for 2019: Make Yours the Most Unique Gift of All by Opting for Pongal Gifts from Our 10 Recommendations

There is a strong tradition in South India to greet Pongal with an exchange of gifts. The tradition helps to develop stronger relationships with loved ones and to add more joy to Pongal celebrations. However, a dilemma that most people face is to select that perfect Pongal gift. To ease that problem a little here are ten awesome Pongal Gift Ideas.

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Pongal, an Ancient Tamil Festival

Pongal is the beautiful Tamilian festival that welcomes and celebrates the onset of Spring after the Winter season. It is a colourful festival given its associativity with Spring. This is an ancient festival that is celebrated all across the country. Sometimes it is called Pongal and at other times it is called Makar Sankranti. This is when families get together and members living in different parts of the world gather together to celebrate the festival with a lot of love and joy!

History of Pongal

Pongal has a rich past that is celebrated throughout the country. This festival is said to have been first celebrated during the Sangam age, which was around 200 to 300 B.C. Pongal was originally a Dravidian harvest festival that was celebrated then. However, historians often associate this with the Thai Un and Thai Niradal that used to be celebrated during the Sangam Age. During the ancient version of Pongal, young girls used to pray for rain and prosperity of their country. Milk and its products were all avoided throughout the month. These people did not oil their hair and refrained from using mean and harsh words. The idol of Goddess Katyayani was worshipped and women bathed early in the morning.

The Stories Behind the Celebration of Pongal

Pongal has some nice interesting stories associated with it. They are often recited during the Pongal celebrations to the young ones of the family in an attempt to pass on the legacy from one generation to another. This is when the family bonds. Through these stories that bind all the branches of the family tree together, the youngest generation comes closer to the oldest generation. And that is where the beauty of it lies.

#1 Legend of Mount Govardhan

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This is one story that we have grown up listening to. The first day of Pongal- Bhogi Pongal, was celebrated in honour of Lord Indra. Everyone gathered together to worship him and this made him very proud and daunting. Little Krishna noticed this and decided to teach him a lesson. He asked the people to worship the mount Govardhan instead of worshipping Indra. They agreed and this made Indra very angry. As a result, there were storms and heavy rainfall. This is when Krishna lifted the entire mountain on his little finger and gave shelter to everyone. After three days of storms and rainfall, Indra realised his mistake and apologised to Krishna for it. He promised to stay modest and humble.

#2 Legend of Lord Shiva

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This is a lesser known story but it is a great one indeed. Once, Lord Shiva asked Nandi, the bull, who was his mount, to go down to earth and to ask the people to massage oil and bathe daily and to eat once a month. By mistake, Nandi asked the people to eat daily and to massage oil and bathe once a month! Enraged by this, Lord Shiva cursed that there will be a limitation of grains on earth and banished Nandi to stay on Earth so that he could help the people plough the fields to grow grains.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Pongal Festival in India

#1 Artificial Flowers Hair Accessories for Women

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Pongal is a festival that is incomplete without flowers. In fact, any festival associated with South India and South Indian customs and traditions is incomplete without flowers. The use of flowers makes a festival so lively and so colourful! It adds a different charm to the celebrations. And that is exactly what this hair accessory aims to do. It uplifts the spirit of South India and the beauty that lingers there. There one is made from artificial flowers that can be worn as a headband. You can buy this for the women of your family and watch them glow in this! Buy this from Amazon at Rs. 399 only!

#2 Ritzees Unisex Polyester Printed T-Shirt

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We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect thing to wear during Pongal, especially if you do not want to wear something traditional. Thus, we dug this up for you so that you can enjoy the festival in little modern clothes! This is a unisex t-shirt that can be worn by both males and females. It has a really nice Pongal greeting printed on top of it that is perfect for the occasion! This not just looks great on men, but it also dazzles up the look of the females who decide to wear it during Pongal. This adds a modern touch to the festival while still preserving the essence of it. You can buy it from Amazon at Rs. 399 only.

#3 Indian Hair Gajra for Girls And Women

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If you are trying to find the perfect Pongal gift for a young girl or woman then this beautiful hair accessory could be it. It is a south Indian themed Gajra design that they can wear during the days of Pongal which call for dressing up in the best way possible. The design can be worn on a bun or in other hair styles as well and would like really beautiful. It is available on Amazon India for just Rs. 599 only.

#4 Amazon Pongal Gift Card

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Well, if you are not sure what the person would actually like or you cannot find a gift that matches the Pongal spirit and is also something they would like, then the best bet is to get them the gift of choice. Buy them a gift card so that they can get whatever they want for themselves. Amazon has some pretty good Pongal-themed gift cards starting at Rs. 500 only. They could be the perfect gift ever.

#5 Bringing Good Luck

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One thing that we know about South Indians very well is that that they are loving people with a big heart. And thus, it is perfect for Pongal. Whether you give it your friend as a Pongal gift or to your family as a keepsake, this one is one of the perfect gifts you can give anyone! This is called good luck two layered bamboo plant. By the name, if you have guessed it, you are right. This is a bamboo plant that is said to bring in good luck. To some that may sound so much like hocus-pocus and absolute foolery, but to others this is a matter of belief. And the ones who believe are the ones who receive. Besides being a good luck charm, this bamboo plant looks beautiful when set on a glass table in front of the couch! You can buy this from Ferns and Petals at Rs. 499 only.

#6 Stylish Artificial Rangoli

All festivals call for on special thing- a rangoli! Often, we do not have much time to devote to it as there are greater preparations that require our attention. However, with this artificial rangoli set, you can simply forget all about rangolis! You can get this even if you are looking to innovate and want to make your rangoli look different. This is a pretty set of six side pieces and one centerpiece that have tea light candles and are decorated with kundan work. This makes the entire place look pretty and creative. This rangoli set is sure to make your Pongal beautiful! You can buy this from Gift Across India at Rs. 437 only! Hurry and grab one before it runs out of stock!

#7 Silver Plated Kamadhenu Cow Idols

Cows have been called our mother in our holy books and that is probably why this is going to be a great piece to give someone as a gift. This is a silver plated idol of a cow feeding its calf. It is colourful and shiny and will certainly make the room it is kept in look beautiful. This is especially suitable for people who worship cows and who consider them holy. This cow idol will be deeply revered by such people or such a family. Some people think of cows as a symbol of wealth and prosperity so if you are giving this one to someone like that then you are probably wishing the person a lot of wealth. That is a great thing, right? Get this one from Gift Across India at Rs. 1,395 only!

#8 Gold Plated Kamadhenu Cow Idols

Cows are truly the mother of our religion. That is probably the reason why these idols are so popular with people. Here is another idol of a cow that you can gift a relative who worships cattle. This one is in gold, unlike the last one that was in silver. This is gold plated and looks gorgeous. Cows are a symbol of wealth and prosperity and if you are giving this to a family or to your friends, you are just wishing them a lot of luck and wealth throughout their lives! You can buy this beautiful showpiece from Gift Across India at Rs. 749 only.

#9 Gold Plated Stone Bangles for Women

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Okay! So you will probably thank us for digging this beauty out for you! These are simply a set of bangles. And trust us when we say that these are simple. But they are gorgeously so! They are elegant and eclectic and look sophisticated. Moreover, they are gold plated, which makes them so much more than what they are. These bangles are perfect for your Pongal celebrations. You can surprise your mother, sister, aunt or any other woman you can think of, with this pair of bangles. If you wish to, you can simply pamper yourself, too! These are so pretty that you will not feel like opening them! We can promise you that! You can buy this from Amazon at Rs. 699 only! Go and grab this before the stock runs out!

#10 Richi Rich Silver And Gold Plated Bowl Spoon With Plate Set of 13 Pcs.

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Ta-da! We have got you another beautiful thing that you can either use during Pongal or you can simply give your relatives and friends as a gift! This set of two bowls, one tray, and one spoon is so beautiful that you will buy it immediately! These are gold and silver plated on brass and are good for the environment as these help in cutting down waste. This set is beautiful to buy and even more beautiful to use. The box that it comes in is equally pretty and classy and make your gift look so much better! You can buy this set from Amazon at Rs. 299 only!

The Significance of the 4 Days of Pongal

Pongal is celebrated over a duration of four days. Each day has a significance that is important for the people of Tamil Nadu. This history of Pongal makes our Indian culture rich and fills us with pride. We have shared the significance with you here.

1st Day - Bhogi

Bhogi is the first day of this auspicious festival. It is the day when new things are brought in and old things are discarded or burnt. Often, this day is correlated with the festival the Cholas celebrated in honour of Lord Indra. Lord Indra is the lord of thunder and rain and this day is often associated with the legend of Krishna and the Govardhan mountain.

2nd Day - Perum Pongal

This is the most important day of the four days that Pongal is celebrated over. This is the day when the Sun God, Surya is worshipped. His consorts, Chaya and Samgnya are also worshipped alongside him. The houses are decorated and central courtyards are filled with kolams, which are made of rice flour and red clay. The famous Pongal dish is cooked right at the moment when the new month begins.

3rd Day - Mattu Pongal

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The third day is celebrated by glorifying the cattle that help men in so many different ways. They are bathed and decorated with flowers and garlands and bags of coins are tied to their horns. Villages often host bullfights in the evenings.

4th Day - Kaanum Pongal

Originally, this last day of the festival used to be celebrated by the families and used to be treated as a get-together. They used to gather around the river and host a great feast. This used to be the time when families used to bond together and spend time with each other. However, in the modern days, this day is celebrated in honour of the farmers who grow food for us.

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Celebrate the Festival of Pongal in Great Harmony

Pongal is like an Indian version of the Thanksgiving festival celebrated in other parts of the world. The festival of Pongal also marks the beginning of a new year in Tamil Nadu. Celebrate Pongal with pomp and splendor. Decorate your homes with flowers and rangoli to mark the beginning of the festival. Dress in new clothes for the Pongal Celebrations. Women can wear half saree or saree and men can wear lungi and angavastram. In modern settings, almost any kind of decent wear is allowed, though people stick to the Indian styles. In the end, don't forget to exchange gifts to share the love with one another.