Importance of Presenting Gifts to Your 8 Year Old Girl and 10 Fun Gift Ideas for Her

Importance of Presenting Gifts to Your 8 Year Old Girl and 10 Fun Gift Ideas for Her

8 years is a tricky age to buy gifts for. They are not yet a tween and also not a baby. Get babyish gifts and you are dethroned. You'll need gifts that are creative, cute and also fun. Keep reading for wonderful gift 8-year-old will love and also the importance of giving gifts to kids.

Importance of Presenting Gifts to Your 8 Year Old Girl

Giving Gifts Helps You Build a Strong Bond

Giving gifts to your loved ones feels amazing. The joy of seeing the other’s smile after receiving your gift is incredible! Especially, when you give gifts to kids. Kids aged 8 are really innocent and usually associate happiness with gifts and surprises. So, if you want to build a strong bond with your special little friend, then consider giving her a really nice gift. She is certainly going to remember you as the cool aunt or uncle who got her that amazing gift. She will also look forward to meeting you now that you have made her feel special with your wonderful gift. Be it your niece, a friend's child, younger sibling or your own daughter, gifting is a great way bonding with her.

It Makes Her Happy on Her Special Day

Birthdays are all about celebration and giving an incredible gift to an 8-year-old girl can be your way of brightening up her day. Gifts from her family members and elders certainly make her day all the more special. You can look for gifts that are suitable for her growing age. Something that is educational will be a good choice. For examples toys that help in learning. You can also give gifts like accessories and the like which are admired by girls of all age.

How Much to Spend on Your Child's Gifts?

If you are planning to give your 8 year old daughter a gift, then it is always a good idea to set a budget. This is because there are ought to be other expenses related to the birthday party. So you can do the budgeting well before time and buy a gift accordingly. However, if you want to give a gift to your friend’s daughter or a niece then you can look for reasonably priced gifting ideas. If she is an acquaintance's friend, then a budget of below Rs. 500 will be good. If she is closely related to you then you can go for gifts ranged from Rs. 500 to Rs.1000.

Aspects to Consider While Choosing Gifts for 8 Years Old Girl

The Gift Should Be Safe for the Child

There are various gifting options and you should choose your gift wisely. Especially, if you are planning a gift for a kid. You should avoid giving gifts that can cause injuries. Do not go for gifts with sharp edges that can hurt the little girl. Gifts that can get eroded can be harmful and you should prefer gifts made of plastic or non-toxic materials which pose no threat to the young one. Since kids spend a lot of unsupervised time with the toys and gifts that they get, you should choose them carefully to begin with. Kids cannot discern between the safe and unsafe gifts which is why you should select a gift that is safe.

Educational Gifts Can Impart Knowledge

Kids while growing up should be given gifts that augment learning and are educational. You can go for building toys such as building blocks that imbibe creativity among the kids. Another option could be to give electric toys that help in doing the math. These gifts are fun and educational at the same time. So, the next time you are looking for gifts for an 8-year-old, make sure that you consider educational gifts as they will be really helpful in their development.

Gift Something She Can Use in Daily Life

While looking for gifts for an 8 year old, you can select gifts that she can use in her daily life. Useful gifts never go out of style. Gifts like cute clothes that she can wear on casual occasions or maybe a water bottle that she can take to school are good examples. You can also gift her shoes, a good quality backpack, and stationary that she can certainly use in her daily life.

Best Gifts Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

Disney Single Bed Blanket


This Disney single bed blanket can be a perfect gift for an 8-year-old girl. It has a beautiful and attractive Aladin and Jasmine print on it that is really cute and dreamy. It can be used on a single bed and is reversible. It is made of microfiber and is very soft to touch. The little girl can easily fall asleep with this cosy blanket. You can shop this online on Amazon for Rs. 824.

Magic Water Bottle


This magic water bottle is very easy to use and clean and has a plastic lid with straw. It is made from stainless steel and is unbreakable. The bottle is very lightweight so that the kid can carry it around with utmost ease. It has Frozen characters printed on it and magically reveals the image when cold water is added to it. This gift will certainly be appreciated by any girl kid as it has the famous Disney character printed on it. You can shop this cute gift from Amazon for Rs.699.

Key Chain Purse

Gift this adorable keychain to your little girl. It is not only a keychain but also has a cat embroidered coin pouch. The cute blue and orange colour keychain is made from PU and is smooth lined with polyester. It has an embroidered detailing that makes it look really amazing. It can be used as an accessory for a bag or as a keychain. It can also be used as a tiny wallet. Give this chic looking keychain to an 8-year-old on her birthday and watch her smile with joy. You can shop this unique gift from Chumbak for Rs.795.

Cute Bathrobe


This is yet another gift that she can use on a day to day basis. The red coloured bathrobe is crafted with pure terry towel cotton to provide comfort for the kid’s skin. It is very soft, cosy and absorbent. This bathrobe has a tie knot closure and is ideal to be worn after taking a shower. It is very trendy and attractive and can also be used in the swimming pool and the beach. Shop this gorgeous piece from Amazon for Rs.499.

Art Set


It is indeed a great idea to give a gift that fosters creativity. This attractive and unique design colour kit has 6 oil pastels and 12 crayons. It contains all the primary colours and helps the young one in drawing to her heart’s content. It also has a pencil and sharpener and additional 5 paper clips that can be handy while drawing. This is a complete kit that you can gift to any 8 years old and helps in honing her drawing skills. It will help her unleash her imagination and is also a great way of spending leisure time. You can shop for this art kit from Amazon for Rs.340.

Special Surprise Arrangement


You can make the birthday really special for your 8 year old kid by giving her this adorable surprise arrangement. It is specially curated. It has a cute teddy bear, 5 white roses and 5 red roses, and 10 Cadbury dairy milk chocolates. It comes with a beautifully decorated cane basket and is an awesome gift hamper for the little one. This sweet hamper will definitely make her feel loved and pampered. You can shop this amazing gift from for Rs.999.

Black Graphic Backpack

Shop this black printed backpack for your kid’s 8th birthday party. It is a black colour bag with a gorgeous Barbie print. It has two haul loops, adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps with padding for comfortable use. The back side of the bag is also padded to ensure great comfort. It has one main zip compartment and is made with polyester. You can use a clean and dry cloth to remove the dust on the bag. This beautiful bag can be used to carry books to school or tuition and has an exceptionally cute look. You can shop it from Myntra for Rs.384.

Hair Accessory Set

Gift this cute hair accessory kit to your little girl. It comprises two hairbands, a pair of earrings, and three alligator hair clips. The mint green and black hairband has a beaded and bow detailing and is shaped like a flower. The hat-shaped alligator hair clips have lace and star-shaped appliqué detailing. It is a complete hair accessory set that will certainly make the kid look beautiful. The set also has a pair of mint green flower shaped stud earrings that are secured with a post and back closure. The material of the accessories is very delicate and should be wiped with a clean cotton swab when needed. You can shop this amazing set from Myntra for Rs.524.

Colorful Donut Coffee Mug


Pick this offbeat donut coffee mug for gifting your 8 year old niece, sibling or daughter. It is a beautiful looking donut shaped coffee mug that looks like a bitten donut. The perfect shape of the coffee mug, chocolate dripping effect, and the adorable sprinkles make it the best gift to give to a kid. Your little angel will be surprised to see this adorable donut coffee mug. It is made of ceramic and is perfect for hot beverages. For ideal care, you should clean it with a sponge and do not use a harsh scrub on it as that can cause the design to get scratched and fade. Shop this pretty mug from for Rs.1,007.

United Colors of Benetton White Printed Top

This United Colors of Benetton White Printed Top could be your best pick as a birthday gift for your 8-year-old little one. It has a cute print in the middle of the top with a round neck. It has short frilled sleeves that add a cute look to the outfit. The top is made of cotton material and can be machine washed. You can select the age from the options given in the shopping window to get the right sized attire. The subtle and adorable print on the top looks amazing. Shop this gorgeous top from Myntra for Rs.399.

Personalised Gifts vs Regular Gifts. Which One to Choose?

The art of gifting has certainly evolved over time and now we have a range of options to choose from. There are various types of gifts like customized gifts, engraved gifts, DIY gifts and normal gifts. All these gifts can be bought online from various websites. However, as compared to the normal gifts, personalized gifts have an uncanny charm. They certainly stand out from the normal gifts and have a personal touch. Moreover, personalized gifts help in making a deeper connection with the receiver of the gift. It is very touching and makes the receiver feel very special. So if you wish to buy a perfect gift for an 8-year-old girl then consider going for a personalised gift. It will be truly cherished.

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Creative Gifts

8 years is the age when little girls love to try their hands on something creative. Girls love creating something. They are just learning to find their own style. If the little one you are are buying the gift for is going through the same stage get her jewellery making kits or designing kits. She can make pieces of jewellery herself and even for family. Even if she's not yet interested in fashion you could get her the pottery making kits or decorating kits. You could also get her the loom kit. Which 8 years old is not interested in loom kit? Or follow the trend and get her a slime-making kit. Who knows; She can be a little designer or an entrepreneur.