8 Affordable, Yet Awesome Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Your Girl Best Friend in 2019 and Three Ways to Show Her You Care!

8 Affordable, Yet Awesome Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Your Girl Best Friend in 2019 and Three Ways to Show Her You Care!

Make this Friendship Day special for your special female friend who has stood by you through thick and thin. Gift her these 8 awesome gift ideas we have carefully handpicked for her. This article also helps you with tips on finding the right gift for her. Happy gifting!

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Show Your Female Friend That You Care for Her on Friendship Day

Friendship Day is a great occasion to tell your friend or show them how special they are in your life. It is a day when one can realise how rich their heart is as there resides the most precious feeling of friendship and how lucky they are to have a great friend in life. To show the person your thankfulness to be a part of your life, how about buying a special gift on this occasion? We know, it is a tough call, purchasing a gift. Moreover, when shopping for a girl, it is even more difficult. You need to think about certain things while choosing a gift.

Think About What Kind of a Person She Is

Brainstorm your ideas before you head to the store. Coming out with a plan that will suit her taste, is the most important thing. Make a list of things your girl friend likes and also a list of stuff you know about her which can include anything and help in planning a good surprise.

Search for a Personalised Gift Item

Don’t wait till the day arrives to buy a proper gift. Plan ahead for it so that you have time to execute. Many girls appreciate practical gifts, you can make it personalised with girl’s name, or some friendship quotes you both love, and eventually, it will be one of the most beautiful gifts for friendship day. Think about a gift that she will like or use but might not think of buying it all by herself.

Organize a Surprise Party

What can be a better option than organising a surprise party for your girl friend? All that needs to be done is choosing a theme she loves with all her heart. A day full of awesomeness with cards, food, balloons and gifts is all you and her would need to unwind from your daily schedules. The theme can be made heartwarming with ‘down the memory lane’ ideas in the party which can never go wrong.

10 Best Friendship Day Gifts for Your Best Girl Friend

1. Pretty Pearl Earrings

There is hardly any girl who wouldn't like to wear pearls. It’s an elegant ornament which is equally beautiful for any age or occasion. A pearl dangler drop earring is perfect for party wear as well as a gift for Friendship Day. Girls will love to wear these beautiful pearl jhumkas on a special day. The polish used is of rhodium, and it is a drop type earring. It has a stone attachment and the colour is white. It is based on alloy metal, and the pearls are not dyed, they are natural. The dimensions of these earrings are 55 mm in length, 30 mm in width and 0.25 mm. These gold polished jhumkas will cost you Rs.2,835 at www.chandranipearls.net.

2. Maple Pendant

Source www.amazon.in

A beautiful and sleek pendant does not need to be perfectly sized, and it can be used with any dress. Your friend would love to wear a rose gold pendant from Yellow Chimes which is one of the finest brands of fashion jewellery in India. This new range of fashion jewellery is a designer piece as well as charming and appealing. The elegant pendant is affordable, and a casual party wear. The pocket-friendly pendant is made of superb quality material, and it is attractive and mesmerising in look. The material is a premium quality as it retains its quality and shines longer. This is a nickel free pendant, and as per international standards, it is lead-free and safe for skin. This perfect girl gift is available at Rs.299 on Amazon after a huge discount and free shipping.

3. Moonlight Cushion

When friends are around, they prefer a comfortable area to relax and chat rather than a formal place. Without a bunch of cushions in the bed or sofas, or even on the floor the gathering is impossible. If you are thinking about just a simple cushion, here is a more interesting option for you to choose. A very girly Moonlight Cushion from www.prezzybox.com has some unique qualities which will brighten up the room instantly. It has a beautiful selection of colours which illuminate the cushion. The ultra-soft plush fur casing lightens up through the cycles of pink, purple, yellow and green which makes the environment calm and relaxing. It is safe for kids as the cushion casing has inside zipper where the batteries are tucked, and the LEDs which are used consume low power. The outer layer is made with furry material and comfortable to hold. The cushion costs Rs.1,899 and is perfect for a special Friendship Day gift for girls.

4. Beauty Store Box

Source www.amazon.in

Women love to keep their precious belongings in a vanity case which is unique and great looking. A professional beauty makeup box and organiser can solve this problem amazingly well. This white makeup box comes in two sets. It has enough space to store several cosmetics as well as jewellery. This is a must-have product to keep all the beauty essentials or jewellery well arranged. It has a convenient metal handle design which is portable and hence, travel-friendly. It has a built-in mirror which is ideal for the girls who love to do makeup. The dimension of the set of boxes available on Amazon is 26 x 18 x 11 cm and 2 x 15 x 08 respectively, and costs Rs.1,499.

5. Soap Set In The Basket

Source www.igp.com

Girls love to dress up, but along with that, they love healthy skin. To keep the skin glowing and healthy we need to devote time and great skincare products. These beauty soaps from Khadi are handmade and are made from herbal glycerin. The good Ayurvedic bathing soaps are not harsh for skin and can be used regularly. Try moisturiser after using it if your skin is on the drier side. This collection of soaps comes as a gift hamper of different assorted beauty bars which will definitely take care of your friend's precious skin. The basket consists of some beautiful fragrances along with herbal ingredients like fresh lemon, kewda, strawberry, lavender, mixed fruit, neem-tulsi, mogra, orange, need and almond khus. It also comes with a wine towel, a teddy key chain and two towel candies in a beautiful cane basket. The basket is arranged beautifully, and the hamper definitely looks exclusive. The luxury soap basket also has a rose sandal face wash, and the dimensions of the box are 13 x 10 x 2.5. The gift hamper will cost Rs.2,250, and is available on igp.com.

6. Rug Handbag & Stole

Source www.igp.com

Utility and style can definitely go together and what can be better other than a handbag and a regular stole? Indigo coloured items are a new trend, and this printed rug handbag in indigo colour is definitely a good choice to gift. It is a combo set which can be a style statement for many women. The bag can carry all necessary accessories perfectly and the indigo blue stole along with it is a perfect match. The handbag has a leather handle, and it is comfortable to carry on both shoulder and hand. The block printed handbag is a casual carrying accessory which has the dimension of 19 x 24 inches, and it is made from high-quality cotton material. The stole is also casual wear, and it is also made from soft cotton. This cute bag can be teamed with a pure white dress on a summer day with flippers or even regular jeans. Both ways, it is a perfect match with if your friend has a casual day style. This combo set comes at a price of Rs.2,475 on igp.com.

7. Panda Hug Mug

Pandas are one of the cutest animals and if your friend loves pandas, then this panda coffee mug will be a great choice of gift. This panda hugs you back and keeps the cookie intact along with holding the coffee. This mug is something your friend will treasure for years to come. The C shaped handle has an easy grip which is comfortable as well as firm enough to hold. This mug is made with a ceramic material, and it is microwave safe. Your friend can use it for a hot, or cold drink as well as a pen or pencil holder. It has an ergonomic design with a smooth surface finish. This is an ideal gift for an animal lover, and ideal for gifting on Friendship Day. This black and white cup with a capacity of 350 ml will cost around Rs.899 and can be ordered on bigsmall.in.

8. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The waterproof shower speaker is an ideal choice for a person who loves gadgets and also likes music. We often miss our favourite tune or an important call while we are in the shower because we can’t take those gadgets inside the bathroom. It is a waterproof shower speaker which you can use while taking a bath. It can be easily connected to compatible mobile devices including Android, iPhone or tablet. It has the advanced Bluetooth 3.0 and a powerful HD 1080 technology that delivers crisp, clear, loud sound over the range of ten metres. It has a simple suction cup mount which can be used in any wet area on the wall or glass. The easy button display control panels where you can operate phone calls, skip, play, pause, and volume of the song list. It also has a built-in mic with it. The rechargeable batteries yield six hours of continuous play on three hours of charge. It is great for the outdoor pool, deck, boating, hiking, camping and more without worrying about anything as this is a full water resistant and shockproof design. This great featured beautiful gadget will cost you Rs.999 at scrollstreet.com.

Tips to Buy the Perfect and Affordable Gift on Friendship Day

  • Buy during the big sale: You can buy the perfect gift at a great price while there is an ongoing sale. Plan ahead for the gift and buy while the exclusive offers last. Using the available gift cards during your purchase is also helpful to utilise the card as well as buy something with less price. If you are buying from online stores, the time around the holiday seasons is best to crack the deal.

  • Try combo gifts: Combo gifts are always a good idea if you don’t want to buy a single item. A combo gift comes in low price or at least a few bucks less than when you try it buy them separately. The present looks bigger and you also save some money.

  • Make a handmade chocolate hamper and card: Whatever you buy, you will need to pack it or put it in a hamper basket. If you spend a little time, you can easily make a handmade gift hamper with lots of chocolate and card with a gift to add in the basket. All you need are some coloured papers and accessories. Here is a great video of how to make one easy gift basket in no time.

  • Make a photo album all by yourself: Memories last forever, and you can make this statement right with a handmade photo album as a gift for Friendship Day. You will need the stuff that is available in your own house. You can reuse them to make this unique and priceless gifts. Here is a video to help you get the idea of how to make a photo album easily by your own.

  • Take out for coffee: A date for coffee on the extraordinary Friendship Day can reunite the past moments of love, trust and happiness. This is the best idea if you have not got the time to buy a gift for her. Even if you have a small gift, a coffee and warm conversation can be a genuine friendship day gift. Create that beautiful vibe and enjoy the day.
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Show Your Friend How Much You Value Her With a Perfect Gift

Friendship Day is a day on which you can show your friend how much you value their presence in your life. She may be the girl whom you learnt a lot of things from. Make her feel special this Friendship Day with thoughtful gifts. Make sure you know what her preferences, hobbies and interests are before deciding on a gift. Good luck!