Wondering What Gift to Get for Husband on the 1 Year Wedding Anniversary? Rekindle Your Romance with 10 Out-of-the-Box Ideas!

Wondering What Gift to Get for Husband on the 1 Year Wedding Anniversary? Rekindle Your Romance with 10 Out-of-the-Box Ideas!

The first year anniversary marks the day when you made a lifelong commitment to each other in sickness and in health. To mark this special commitment we have curated a list of one-of-a-kind gifts ranging from "The "Don'ts for Husbands" Book" to mark the traditional 1st wedding anniversary gift of paper and a romantic trip to spice up your life. Are you new to buying gifts for your beloved? We've got you too! Below are 3 tips to help you pick the perfect gift.

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Why is the First Anniversary So Special?

A year has passed since you two tied the knot and, your first anniversary is a beautiful reminder of how far things have come. From knowing about each other to have started living together like a team, your marriage is soon to complete a full cycle of rollercoaster rides. The first anniversary serves you an opportunity to reinstate how much the love, affection and respect between the two of you has grown. Don’t miss this chance, and show him all that’s in your heart!

Tips on How to Find The Perfect Present for Your Beloved

Knitting a Blanket of Memories

Marriage is a rollercoaster ride. The year went about with you having a lot of new experiences, an added number of family members, rituals, silly fights and customs. Pour all these experiences into your gift. An anniversary gift will be perfect if it is able to encompass all the memories you have of being together with him.

Keeping in Mind His Favourites

When it comes to gifting, the basic 101 rule is to look for something that the person actually likes. Following the classic practice, mentally analyse and note down the things that you’ve come to know are in his strict categories of likes and dislikes. When you look out for perfect gifts, match his likes to the undertones of the gift and pick accordingly. Materializing the things he utterly needs will also prove helpful. Search for gift options which contain items he frequently uses in his day to day life.

Adding Your Personal Touch

The gift you buy off the racks of some fancy looking gift shop won’t earn you the amount of praise that you’d receive if you add your personal touch to the same gift. Placing a mushy love note along with the gift, baking a set of cupcakes to light candles on, or just adding a rose will an attached stringed tag saying ‘love you’, will warm his heart more than anything else.

10 Fabulous Gifts Your Husband Will Love for the First Wedding Anniversary

A Lovely Plant to Symbolize the Warmth of Your Relationship

Source engrave.in

Gifting bonsai plants is not only considered auspicious in many regions of the world but, it also indicates towards how the relationship you have will bloom only when both the individuals put in time, effort, patience, love and respect. Show him how you have decided to nurture the bond you share like a tender plant, for the rest of your life. A typical Jade plant, which has its origination from South Africa costs about Rs. 3,499 on Ferns and Petals. It can reach up to a height of 15 inches and needs least amounts of direct sunlight.

Gold Plated Cufflinks to Add the Bling

Source www.amazon.in

Cufflinks are a gentleman’s staple fashion accessories. They are not only useful but can be exclusively made for your man! Yes, you can get personalized elegant cufflinks, containing the initials of your husband in a beautiful font. Furthermore, you can make these monogram cufflinks even more special by getting them gold plated. Websites like engrave.in in partnership with LeCalla offer micron gold plating on such monogram cufflinks in two gold shades (yellow gold and rose gold) along with one platinum plating. You can buy these custom-made cufflinks at Rs 2,100 only.

The "Don'ts for Husbands" Book

Source cherishx.com

This one’s a hilarious gift to give to your hubby dear. If you share a very understanding, goofy and fun relationship with your spouse then, make him laugh incessantly with this book containing snippets of interesting and entertaining advice meant to keep a marriage happy forever and ever. The book was written in the year 1913 but is still touching lives and making people laugh. You can also create your personalized version of “don’ts for husband” by writing down rules in the notebooks which have covers inspired from this book. Even though the advice and hilarious narration of this book is luxurious, it comes for the inexpensive price of Rs.199 on amazon.in.

Organize a Surprise Dinner Date

If you’re a person who loves all the bling and big things in life, this gift idea is tailor-made for you. Planning a grand surprise dinner date which will not only be awe-inspiring but, will literally sweep him off his feet is all that you need. But, to execute such huge plans, you might require helping hands from a lot of people. You can place your trust in online commercial firms which work to create grand dates and their execution, a reality. They offer you options ranging from serene candlelight dinners to adventurous experiences such as a personal proposal on a helicopter. All you need to do is, contact them and share your vision. The prices of such arranged dates can vary from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 10,000 as mentioned on cherishx.com.

Beautiful Glassware to Add to His Drinking Sets

Source www.etsy.com

For the husband who loves various kinds of drinks and collecting antique drinking sets, a gift containing beautiful glassware etched with charming city skyline, wrapping it all around in an unending panorama. For a wine lover, this will make the perfect gift and flatter him to heights. Each one of these wine glasses retails for Rs. 1727. These classy set of wine glasses are made in USA and can be shipped by placing orders at uncommongoods.com.

"Life Is A Journey" Printed Map

Source www.amazon.in

Couples often visualize how experiences, like growing old together, and travelling the world together, would feel like. The “life is a journey map” celebrates the same emotion of spending and happily completing the journey of your life with your beloved partner. It contains a sparkly printed map of the world along with a short message that could be personalized, on top of it. It’s not only gorgeous to look at but, also evidently conveying your message of spending your whole life, happy with your husband. Isn’t that a perfect vow to take on the first anniversary? This can cost you anywhere between $15 to $107 on Etsy, depending on whether you want a soft copy or a hard copy, what kind of material you would prefer and what is the size you want to be built.

An Organizer for the Tech Savvy Husband

Source www.fnp.com

Men are generally known to be electronics lovers which proven right with their unendingly great interest quotients in collecting electronic equipment. If your man is one such electronics fanatic, who likes to collect devices and equipment like a tablet, power banks, cables, phone chargers, adapters etc., then gifting a much-needed electronics organizer bag will serve the purpose. It will be the perfect gift showing how much you care about his likes, dislikes and most importantly his needs. You can look out for various designs of multi-pocket and sturdy organizer bag on amazon.in where prices may range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500.

The Charcoal Personal Care Set for Your Man

Source www.fnp.com

In the first year of marriage, there must have been times where your husband decided to put you first, taking care of what you feel or need, rather than thinking about himself. This fundamental rock bed of selfless love is what you can celebrate by gifting your man a personal care hamper. With the act of giving him this set of products meant to be used for his grooming and personal care, you wish to tell him how he should take care of himself at times. The man company charcoal gang sold by fnp.com is sure to take care of rough and tough skin with the help of their products like, Lemongrass & Cinnamon Charcoal Body Wash, Pepper Mint & Clove Charcoal Shampoo, Lemongrass & Eucalyptus Charcoal Face Scrub, Ylang Ylang & Argan Charcoal Face Wash, Black Pepper & Bergamot Charcoal Cleansing Gel, and Charcoal Soap Bar; all packed together at a steal-worthy price of Rs. 2,799. All these products are charcoal based which makes them exclusive targeted to make your skin squeaky clean and lovable!

3D Printed Initials on a Tie Pin

Finding gifts for men can be tough, considering all your brain goes to think of is a tie or a watch. But, have you ever thought of gifting a cool and quirky tie pin? Tie pins are seriously underrated, and so are their varieties. You can gift you man a personalized tie pin with his initials characterized on it, in an exceptional looking font.

These exclusive and custom-made tie pins are available in four select materials. You can opt for any one of- Sterling Silver, Brass with Silver Plating, Brass with Black Rhodium Plating, or Brass with Gold Plating. These are not only chic and elegant but, are sure to garner praise from your man as well as any onlooker. Such tie pins are created with the help of special 3D printing techniques, made possible by MakeWhale, which is a firm known for producing beautiful 3D designs for customers, which are fully personalized. Each piece of these tie pins retail for Rs. 3,200 at engrave.in with an added amount of Rs. 2,800 only if you choose the material option of Sterling Silver.

Take Him Away to an Exotic Holiday Destination!

The first year of your marriage passed like a blow of wind, with all bitter-sweet memories of trying to gel together and make a team. It is time for you two to take a break and celebrate the unison in a soothing yet grand fashion. Surprise him with a completely planned holiday package destined to take both of you to an exotic location that had been sitting on your wish list since eternity. Take your time and analyse all the different places you had imagined to see, one day, with him by your side. Look out for online romantic travel packages offered by various travel websites, which often contain special romantic suites to stay in, discounted dinners, and even exclusive date nights organized by the hotel.

To cut off some serious price, search about holiday packages in places that are currently labelled as off-season locations. Making off-season locations your choice of destination will ensure that you encounter lesser numbers of tourists, flocking in your hotel and site seeing venues; which will be a plus one to your privacy.

Bonus Tip: Know What He Needs Before Selecting the Present

The mistake that most of us make while buying gifts, is to overlook the actual needs of the person whom the gift is meant for. There can be nothing better than getting something that you desired or required, through loved one's presents. It shows how they cared to look after your requirements rather than just randomly picking up a present for the sake of doing the job.

You have been living with your husband for a year, and seen him through his ups and downs. You should be able to analyse his likes and dislikes, and thus, wisely choose a gift which will make him feel special and extremely loved. Don’t try to clash the reality with how pretty or amazing a gift looks. For example, if you’re aware that your husband will have a busy month where he might not be able to spare time for a vacation, don’t stress on planning a holiday then. Either change the gift or plan it during some other time. Remember, that the essence of right gifting lies in understanding the depths of the person. Make your first anniversary, a memory that you and your hubby dear will remember, forever. Happy anniversary!

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Make The Night Memorable

The first year wedding anniversary is a very important milestone in your relationship. It the year when you learn to adjust to each other and learn all the hard aspects of your marriage. It is also called the paper anniversary. Even though you have been married one year you are technically still newlyweds. You can use this as an excuse to be sappy and plan a romantic date for your man. Or maybe an adventure if he is more into an adrenaline rush. Decorate your room with flowers and candles and set the setting for a different kind of night. Or maybe do a romantic dinner date and a night to remember. Make this night memorable for all the years to come.