Make Your Return Gifts Look More Appealing: 10 Party Favour Stickers Suitable for Various Occasions(2020)

Make Your Return Gifts Look More Appealing: 10 Party Favour Stickers Suitable for Various Occasions(2020)

Are you planning a party? You obviously want your guests to enjoy themselves and return home satisfied. You can express your gratitude to your guests by offering them appropriate party favours depending on your budget. It has almost become a custom to give party favours to guests at birthdays, engagement parties, anniversaries, retirement parties and the like. If you are too busy to create stickers for your return gifts, we bring some of the most lovely recommendations for various occasions.

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Ever Wondered How the Custom of Party Favors Began?

Interestingly, the tradition began in Europe long ago. It was a custom among the high-class people of France and Italy to offer a gift to the guests attending a wedding party before they leave. They termed these gifts as bonbonniere which usually comprised of a tiny box made glass, ceramic or gemstones. The box was stuffed with sugar cubes as these were considered to be an extravagance during that era.

The sugar was replaced by simple almonds or almonds coated with sugar during the 13th century. Generally, five almonds were given, which carried a special message. These almonds represented the five wishes of the bride and the groom - longevity, happiness, fertility, health and wealth. Later, during the 16th century, party favours at a wedding were ribbon knots tied by both the bride and groom. Presently, these have been substituted by different attractive items like flavoured chocolates and beer bottles.

The party favours in India, especially in birthday parties, have seen a lot of modifications. In the past, a slice of cake or a balloon as party favour has been modified to commodities with different themes consisting of interesting items in present days.

Your management capability and talent gets reflected by your capability to arrange an efficient party. You have to showcase your imagination through the crafts, floral art decor and food menu while arranging any kind of party. You can include party favour stickers in any of the parties that you plan to organise, which adds a distinctive flair to the party.

Tips for Selecting the Right Stickers

  • Theme of the Party: A party with a theme is always an added attraction apart from food and decoration. A theme party exhibits the creativity of both the guests and the host. Choose a theme relevant to the age group of the guests you have invited. The idea should have a broad prospect so that your guests can select costumes accordingly. This will favour both the host and the guests. You have to decide initially whether you want to arrange the party outdoors or indoors, before selecting the theme. You definitely have to heed on the weather while organising the party area within your premises. As an instance, it is better not to plan a garden party during monsoon, as rain may play spoilsport and devastate your arrangement.

    Themes are generally taken from movie or fictional characters for birthday parties. You can choose specific offbeat educational topics like ‘save the earth’, ‘go green’, ‘origami object’ and like, which will induce the children into constructive activities. This will aid them to both learn and enjoy. You can design the party favour stickers yourself, complying to the theme.

  • Cute and Beautiful: The party favour stickers should always be cute with a meaningful message or image. In case of birthday parties, you can put stickers with individual names of each guest on the cups and plates, so that your little guests can conveniently find their items even though they get carried away by the party fervour. You can find stickers relating to the theme of the party and stick on the return gifts. If you are throwing an anniversary party, stickers can be used to tag the return gifts or wine glasses. Make your imagination wild and choose the appropriate party stickers.

  • Sheet Stickers: Sheet stickers are an asset as you can print numerous stickers on a sheet. You can include labels as desired on the sheet stickers which help you to customise your party. Additionally, you can also design your child’s favourite character for a birthday party or your friend’s favourite item in your get together party. You can create any geometric die-cuts shapes according to your choice, devoid of any additional charges. This provides you with an ample of options to select from a variety of designs.

  • Stickers Depending on Age, Gender: You should select the stickers considering the occasion, age of the guests along with their genders. The stickers for a birthday party arranged particularly for girls having pictures of Barbies, Disney characters, figures emphasising pink colour are more appropriate. Similarly, the stickers for a boy’s birthday party can highlight characters of superheroes, football players, etc. You can also prioritise stickers according to the age of the children.

10 Party Favour Stickers for Various Occasions!

Birthday Party Favour Stickers for Boys


Michael Murphy and Vicky Wong, famously known as Meomi, created Octonauts in 2006, which was adapted into a cartoon in 2009. A group of animals constitute the team of octonauts. They are housed on an extraordinary underwater ship resembling an octopus called Octopod. Each of the stories is based on their slogan – “explore, protect and rescue”.

The team of animals have been assigned skilled characters as a captain, doctor, medic, photographer, professor, cook and a first officer to the captain. The characters are replicas of the mascots of winter Olympics in 2010, namely Sumi, Mukmuk, Quatchi and Miga. You can plan Octonauts as a theme birthday party for your son and buy these pack of 100 stickers from Amazon for around Rs. 700.

Customisable Wedding Favour Stickers


A wedding is one of the most significant events in our life, and we want to celebrate it in the best possible way. A wedding celebration is a grand occasion, and we always want to shower our acknowledgement to the guests apart from meticulously arranging the party. Party favour stickers in weddings can be used for indicating the menu on the back of the dishes, which aids the guest to decide what to eat. Decals can be used to label the type of juice or drinks on the glasses. Finally, if you plan return gifts for your guests, it is a marvellous idea to put thank you labels on each pouch which will exhibit your humble and courteous nature. This pack of 40 custom wedding stickers can be purchased from Amazon for approx. Rs. 800.

Baby Shower Favour Stickers


Baby showers are parties thrown for pregnant women to mark the arrival of a baby by friends or family. It is arranged to help the mother to get the products that will be required for her newborn baby. During the ancient era, the pregnancies were not talked about in public; hence, different rituals were celebrated by ancient Egyptians and Greeks after the baby was born. People attended the ceremonies and offered gifts of religious significance to mother and baby. During the renaissance, the mother of the new born was showered with costly gifts.

The concept of stork parties bloomed during the Victorian era, which comprised of various games and gifts for the pregnant mother. This later came to be known as baby showers during World Wars, when the expectant mother was aided economically by gifting baby essentials. These parties are arranged towards the later part of the pregnancy tenure. Since you become heavy and get tired easily during the later part, it becomes hard for you to take part in the arrangement actively. You can take help of your friends and relatives and arrange simple return gifts for them. You can buy a pack of return gift stickers for a baby shower from Flipkart for Rs. 199.

Barbie Party Favour Sticker for Girls


Barbie is the favourite figurine for girls growing up. Every little girl is mesmerised by Barbie dolls, Barbie kitchen set and various other things. They even start to endear pink colour which is used for most of the Barbie products. So, Barbie is the best theme for the birthday party of your cute little daughter. You can buy this pack of beautiful Barbi stickers from Amazon for Rs. 1,000.

Valentine's Day Kids Party Favour Stickers


Valentine Day can be a day to express our appreciation to anyone who deserves it. The kindergarten kids celebrate Valentine’s Day as a significant occasion where they adorn their boxes beautifully for storing their valentine gifts. The children are taught to make gifts for their family members and loved ones. The teachers throw a party in the class and disperse the gifts to the children. The teacher so arranges that each child gets an equal number of gifts. This initiates a method to exhibit the appreciation of a child to even someone whom he or she may not like much and thus instil the sense of tolerance. If you are a teacher and are planning to arrange a valentine day class party, you can buy these cute party favour stickers from Amazon for Rs. 400.

Racing Car Theme Party Favour Stickers


Racing cars are a favourite for young boys. They fantasise about racing cars and their speed. Hence it is a great idea to make a theme birthday party on racing cars for kids between 6 to 8 years. You can use stickers of different racing cars with the name of your little guests and label their dishes and glasses. Their return gifts can also be labelled with stickers of racing car heroes which will make the gift item attractive for the kids. You can buy these exciting racing car stickers from Amazon for Rs. 299 for a pack of 40.

Retirement Party Favour Stickers


Retirement party has its own typical flair as it is celebrated to acknowledge the dedicated efforts of an individual throughout his professional career. The person is presented mementoes by the members of the organisation, for carrying a sweet memory of the days he had spent in the organisation. You should be very careful while selecting the gifts for the person and you can adorn it with meaningful stickers, which will infuse special meaning to the gift. You can buy these stickers from Amazon for Rs. 400.

Mermaid Party Favour Stickers


Mermaids make for fantastic party themes of both children and adults, especially girls and ladies. People opt for the venue near a beach to comply with the theme. The dishes, cups, chairs, tables can all be adorned with mermaid stickers for emphasising the theme. Additionally, the recent trend has seen both young girls and ladies opt for mermaid as a theme for their birthday parties. You can arrange different games like passing the parcel where each of the boxes can be designed with mermaid stickers. The return gifts also should be tagged with cute mermaid stickers. You can buy this pack of 48 mermaid stickers with sweet messages from Amazon for Rs. 400.

Girls Night Out - Bachelorette Party Photo Booth Props Kit


A would-be bride spends quality time with her best friends before her marriage in a bachelorette party. The friends arrange the party for the bride-to-be, where the bride is given gifts for personal use. You and your friends can tag the gifts with bachelorette party favour stickers. You can purchase these 20 stickers with cute shapes and messages from Amazon.

Gift Stickers for Diwali


Diwali - the festival of light is the most awaited and elaborately celebrated festival in India. It is a festival to send different kinds of gifts to our relatives, friends and loved ones. You can send a pack of dry fruits, sweets, new clothes, to name a few gifts. This festival is also meant for beautiful decorations of your house and surroundings. Hence, you will also like the gift pack to be beautifully decorated to impress the receiver. Give a finishing touch to your decorated Diwali gift pack by adding stickers with a theme representing the festival. This will reflect your aesthetic essence. You can buy this pack of 48 stickers from Amazon for Rs. 350.

Bonus: Make Your Own Stickers!

You can transform your imagination into reality by creating your own stickers. Stickers can be easily made easily at home. You can either draw the figure you plan to have as a sticker or cut your favourite characters from newspaper or magazines. They can also be printed from the internet. It is on you to choose the size of the sticker, and you merely cut out the outline with a scissor.

  • Get your sticker images from the internet.

  • Next, you should make the perfect combination of the glue for sticking suitably. A mixture of gelatin (1 tablespoon), boiling water (4 tablespoons), sugar or corn syrup (1 tablespoon) and few drops of vanilla extract is taken in a bowl and mixed vigorously. This makes your glue ready.

  • Spread an aluminium foil and place the cut out images upside down on the foil. A light coating of the prepared glue should be applied to the backside of the pictures by using a brush. The adhesive should be allowed to dry completely in the air.

  • Your sticker is ready. You have to moisten the back of the sticker before sticking. This process gives you an unlimited choice of stickers.
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Acknowledge Your Guests' Presence through These Lovely Stickers!

Gifts are medium through which a person can remember you for a long time. The reason behind tagging your gifts with party favour stickers is to make it more adorable and distinct. A beautiful sticker on the gift makes it a special and heart-warming commodity for the receiver.