Make Your Party a Memorable One with the Best Birthday Party Favours for All the Age Groups

Make Your Party a Memorable One with the Best Birthday Party Favours for All the Age Groups

Everyone loves to attend parties. People of different age groups love different kind of parties but there is something that everyone love, a gift. This party favour will make your party long-lasting in their memories. So with other arrangements, include party favours too in your bucket list. BP-Guide will definitely help you in selecting the perfect favour for you since you won't be having time because of other arrangements.

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Tips to Choose the Ideal Birthday Favours

Choosing gifts may look easy but we know that it always put you into confusion while selecting one for your loved once. Because there are several things you have to consider while buying a gift for different age groups. So why not take a look at some tips before buying. This will definitely make your decision wise enough to buy a perfect gift.

Something Useful Must be Chosen

Choosing birthday favours can be difficult at times, especially if it is for an adult's birthday. Most of the items in your list may not be appealing enough, and you may have already handed them out earlier. But this time, you want to give something new. You must provide your guests with a gift that would be useful to them. While showpieces can also be chosen, you must ensure that they are durable so that they act as a remembrance. You can also include a fun factor, and some of the items on your list could be flashlights, key chains, photo albums, etc.

Sometimes Small is Better

Most of us feel that gifts should always be large. However, we often forget that the gifts need to be taken away by the guests, and it could be cumbersome if the gift were too large. Some of the guests may have travelled from a far, and some others could have flown down only to attend your celebration. It would be inconvenient for them to take back big gifts. It could also add to their baggage fees. Sometimes small gifts are better. Hence it is prudent to give smaller gifts that could be easier to handle.

Consider Something Nostalgic

A gift should be such that your guests can feel a strong connection with it. You must always consider the tastes of the attendees. If the person is close enough and you had shared some nostalgic moments with that person, you may be thoughtful to present a memento. It could be snap from earlier days in an elegant photo frame. It could also be some of the happier moments spent with your friends. Some of the gifts could be a DVD with nostalgic or romantic songs, your favourite movies, etc.

Keeping It Personalised

A personalised gift helps in remembrance for a long time after the event. It is all the more necessary for special events, like a wedding, the 25th anniversary, a new job, etc. The recipient can relate to the gift, and it is better if it could have a personalised message too. Even a small personalised thanking message can also be enough to share the celebration. All it will take is a little thoughtfulness on your part to make the gift memorable.

Keeping It Thoughtful

You must apply thought when selecting the gift to be given out as party favours even if it is just a bracelet that you would hand out as a gift. You must always consider few factors to choose the gift. You must bear in mind the age, sex, and the specific preferences of the attendees. If it is for your kid's birthday, you must plan accordingly. The gifts that you choose must be useful and practical at the same time. If it is a theme party, your return gifts must also be related to that theme. It could reveal your hobbies too.

The Packaging is Essential Also

When we are selecting a return gift, we always forget the packaging aspect. While the gift itself must be chosen by applying thought, the packaging can make an immediate impact too. It begins with the gift that you have selected, and the packaging needs to be a continuation of that idea. When you pack the present, the colour and the texture of the packing materials must be commensurate with the gift. Unique methods of packaging can be a statement in itself. If you are giving out food items in glass bottles, you need to pack them accordingly.

Birthday Favours for Your Child's Birthday

A birthday favour for your child birthday will definitely make your child a hero in front of his friends. Children love to take gifts and it will make the party memorable to them. You just need to select a birthday favour according to children's liking. If you are not sure what to buy here we have selected a few of them for you. You can just directly buy them and get them home delivered.

Wooden House Coin Bank With Giraffe Cut-out

When we were kids, we also loved our piggy bank. We would save some amount from our meagre pocket money and store them in our piggy bank. Those days the coin banks were not as beautiful as the ones now. Kids would love to have them as birthday favours. It is a warm welcome to the world of savings, albeit using coins.

This coin bank has a beautiful design with a giraffe depicted in front of a house. It encourages kids to save money, and that too with fun. It is a decorative piece for their room too. The item can also be shown off to guests by the kids. The coin bank is made of wood with the coin slot at the top. The removable lid at the bottom can be used to take out the coins. The 8cm X 5cm X 10cm coin bank costs Rs. 99 at the Party One website.

Alphabet Tree

Learning the alphabet need to be fun for kids. There are several games to learn them, and this one should rank among the best. It is also ideal as a birthday party favour for kids. Just as the kindergarten song on ABC goes, the kids can also solve the puzzle and sing along as well.

The puzzle acts as a motivator for the young kids to learn at the same time while playing. It is a beautiful gift for kids to have. Each of the puzzle pieces contains the alphabet along with a picture of what it represents. There are twenty-six puzzles – one for each letter of the alphabet. The size of the puzzle is 143 X 14 cms, and they come in a colourful box. It is priced at Rs. 300 in the Party One website.

Wooden Thread Tops

We had all loved to play with thread tops when we were kids. So, why not let our kids have fun too. The thread tops are an absolute must-have for kids as they help in developing hand-eye coordination among kids. Both boys and girls can use them. The toy is colourful and like regular tops. The motion is produced by twirling the stem of the toy using the thread, that produces the circular motion. These beautiful toys come cheap and are available at Rs. 59 on the Party One website.

Flamingo Theme 3D Rubber Toy Pens

Children love flashy gifts and love to play around with them. These 3D designed pens have an embossed design with a flamingo theme with a big figurine at the top. The pen has a silicon rubber top affixed to it and the colours or the materials used are in no way harmful for kids. It makes an ideal return gift for kids.

There are multiple designs that you can choose from at the Return Gift Wala website. These designer pens are entirely washable and are a welcome relief to adults too from the boring pens. These pens cost Rs. 49 each on the Return Gift Wala website.

Aerobics Skipping Jumping Rope with Counter


Making kids exercise is a big issue for parents as they are easily distracted by material benefits. Skipping is an exercise that can help kids during their growing years and provide impetus to bone and muscle growth. But most of the skipping ropes are drab with nothing exciting.

Giving out a colourful aerobic skipping rope as a return gift will help the kids in their daily exercising activity. The skipping rope is ideal for sporting activities and has an automatic counter to count the number of jumps and can be reset if needed. The rope can also be folded if necessary, making it convenient to store too. It is priced at Rs. 69 on the Giftoo website.

Clay Kits for kids

Kids tend to grasp a lot from their surroundings and have a lot going on in their minds. An ideal way to express these thoughts is through toys. Clay kits help to improve motor skills, and the kids can make any shape of their choice. It also allows children to understand the three-dimensional aspect of various objects.

Using clay kits as a return gift is also helpful for the kids apart from being a wonderful and colourful gift. The Kores Cool Clay kit is made from colourful but non-toxic materials. They are non-hardening and scented too. The 100 grams clay kit has twelve shades, four moulds along with a roller and a cutter. It is available at Rs. 76 on the First Cry website. It is suitable for kids above three years.

Lunch Boxes

Mostly, kids have their lunch based on the items provided as well as the colourfulness of the lunch boxes. A colourful box attracts the kids and ultimately results in the kids having a full lunch. These boxes also need to be sturdy and durable with separate containers for various items.

Having such a gift will also allow the kids to stay healthy. The lunch boxes from First Cry are ideal for kids as they fulfil all requirements of parents to ensure their kids have a full stomach at school. These boxes have a two-in-one fork and spoon along with an attractive print of Mickey Mouse – a favourite kids cartoon. It is made of plastic with dimensions of 16 cm x 16 cm x 5 cm and is priced at Rs. 123 at the First Cry website.

Birthday Favours for an Adult's Birthday

Choice a birthday favours will be different for different age groups. Usefulness must be taken into consideration while selecting a gift for an adult. If you are not sure what to give then you can easily pick any one of these gifts to give. Because all of these are selected considering the common choice and usefulness. You will never regret buying these for someone you want to make happy.

Personalised Couple Mugs

Many of us adults have a penchant for collecting coffee mugs that have been our weakness for a long time. The mugs also act as a remembrance for the party and show the emotional attachment that people have with you. And why only have coffee! You can use these mugs for various other activities at home.

The couple mugs are made of high-quality ceramic and are dazzling white. The print can be added according to your requirement and also allows you to include a message too. The gift is characterised by permanent printing and is dishwasher safe too. Each piece is available on the Perfico website at Rs. 299.

Passport Holders for couples

A passport holder is an elegant gift that is quite useful for the recipients too. And what if you can add a personalised message to the recipient too. The personalised passport holders from the Perfico website is elegant and can snuggly fit into the hands. What more, it can easily hold thick passports too. Along with a special pocket for passports, you may also fit in a few of your debit or credit cards. It also has a room for your boarding pass and a separate pocket for receipts.

Made from premium quality leather, the 5.7 inch X 4.3-inch passport holder costs Rs. 699 on Perfico.



Travelling light is an important requirement and toiletries are something that cannot be forgotten. Also, the grooming essentials need easy access when in urgent need. Furthermore, there is always a risk of spillage in your luggage. To prevent these from happening, you need a set of mini toiletries that can be stored in the side pockets or the hand baggage and can be used as needed.

The travel pack from Beardo contains a 50 ml body lotion, a 50 ml face wash and a 50 ml shampoo. It helps to cleanse yourself quickly and also moisturises your skin. The set is priced at Rs. 499 and is ideal as a party favour, its available on

Leather bracelets


Sometimes small is big! Especially when it is for someone close, mainly friends. A trendy unisex leather bracelet can be a funky birthday favour gift for friends. It makes a great fashion statement, and you may also engrave a personalised on it. The rustic looks give the additional style that everyone craves. The bracelets are stretchable that allows to suit all wrists.

The bracelets come in a pack of five that is priced at a heavily discounted price of Rs. 275 on Amazon. The recipient is bound to look cool in any attire. On the flip side, the bracelets need to be kept away from perfumes and other chemicals.

Fish Memory Card Game

A memory card game helps to enhance your memory and is something that can enliven your evenings with friends and family. You can choose up to twelve cards to start the game. It is also a great birthday favour gift for the attendees.

The set contains 24 cards and each card is 3 inch X 3 inch and made from 300 gsm paper along with matte finish. The photos are also of high resolution. The pack of cards are available on the Clixicle website for Rs. 249.

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