10 Sentimental B'Day Gifts for Husband That Will Sweep Him Off His Feet and Totally Surprise Him on His Big Day (2019)

10 Sentimental B'Day Gifts for Husband That Will Sweep Him Off His Feet and Totally Surprise Him on His Big Day (2019)

Want to surprise your husband on his birthday? Here are some useful and some amazing birthday gift ideas that will help you pick a perfect and thoughtful birthday gift for your husband and make him feel special and loved on his special day.

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Why It's Important You Give a Stunning Birthday Gift to Your Husband

Ignite the Spark of Passion in Your Relationship

A birthday is a perfect occasion to show someone how much you love them. It is your duty to make that person feel pampered and love. So, on your husband's birthday get him something he loves and make sure it is grand.

You can also use this occasion to ignite the spark of romance and passion for both of you. Plan a date night for him or if your budget permits, a weekend getaway. The whole idea is to spend some quality time together and create the magic of love.

Get Personalised Gifts for Your Husband and Make Him Feel More Special

The market is filled with different types of gifts and it can get really get overwhelming to choose one. But, if you want to go right always then personalized gifts will always do the trick. It does not matter that you made the gift yourself or got it made from an artist or purchased it online. A personalised gift is appreciated by everyone.

Thus, your husband will also love something like this. Get a coffee mug with his name on it or a passport cover in his favourite colour. If nothing strikes you, then leave a personalised note with a gift. He will appreciate that as well.

There are Limitless Gifting Options Available Online

When looking for a gift, make sure that you brose the options online. There are tonnes of websites with alot of gift options available. The best thing to do is download the application of those websites and add the items in your cart. You can then sit and screen your shortlisted items and then decide on the final gift.

Apart from that, online stores also run a lot of sales all round the year which could help you get a good deal. It is also very normal to get confused with so many options available. To avoid confusion, read the reviews of the particular product and that could help you decide better.

How to Buy a Unique Gift for Your Husband?

Research on the Internet to Find Interesting Gift Ideas for Men

When you are confused and cannot decide on that one gift for your husband's birthday, then take help of the internet. You can also look for ideas if you have simply nothing in mind. There are a lot of websites which give amazing gifting ideas.

It is also a good idea to look for options on Pinterest. There are ample of blogs available who will help you to make a gift on your own as well. Simply browsing online stores for ideas will also help because you might end up liking something that you want to gift your husband.

Put Some Originality and Creativity into Choosing the Gift

Do not get a gift for the sake of gifting. Put some effort in choosing a gift. Be a little creative with the note or the packaging of gift. Try and think of something fun and different instead of just handing over the gift.

You can either get creative with the gift or get creative with the way you present it to your husband. For example, you could plan a treasure hunt for your husband to find the gift. Make sure that the clues of the game contain some cheesy romantic lines. You can take help of the internet for this.

Consider Several Factors Like Age, Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes Before Buying Gifts

While deciding a gift for your husband, make sure that you choose a gift based on his preferences. Make a list of things he likes and in this way, you will end up choosing the right gift. Pay attention to his favourite colour and brand.

Do not get him something that you like. Also, pay attention to him while talking. It is quite possible that he might have dropped some hint to you or mentioned of a thing that he wants to buy. If you get him that, he will definitely jump with joy. You could also stalk his Amazon cart.

10 Best Birthday Gift Options for Husband

Laptop Bags

Source www.amazon.in

Laptop bags make great gifts for husbands. If your husband also carries his laptop for work, then get him a nice and trendy laptop bag. You can alternatively choose a laptop cover too.

Aristocrat Gusto Fabric 30 Ltrs Red Laptop Backpack from amazon.in is a great gift option. It comes in a red colour and fits a laptop up till 15 inches. There is a manufacturer warranty available for 1 year. The total weight that this laptop backpack can take is 630 grams and it is priced at Rs.1,405.

A Food and Wine Basket

If you want to give something unique to your husband, then gift him a food and wine basket. You can curate this basket on your own as well. Get items that he loves and decorate them in a basket and you are good to go.

Apart from that this decadent gift hamper from naturesbasket.co.in is a great gift. It contains: a gift accessory, cherry preserve 370 gm, hazelnut cocoa spread 160 gm, Mediterranean chips 141 gm, grape juice 750 ml, dark chocolate 100 gm, chocolate creamy milk turron 80 gm, sour cream n onion 110 gm, pista 200 gm, coated almond 100 gm, and a bottle of Italian sauce 350 gm. The hamper is packaged beautifully and is priced at Rs.4,185.

Ticket to His Favourite Sport's Event

If your man loves sports, then gifting him something around that genre will be a good idea. If some match is going on during his birthday, then you could set up a nice ambience at home with great drinks and food. After which you both can sit and watch the match together. You can also call his friends over.

Apart from that bookmyshow.com has some great events listed. If there is some ongoing match that is played in your city, then the best thing to do is surprise him with the tickets of that match. The whole idea is to make him feel loved and special and a gesture like this would definitely make him happy.

A Dinner Date

Gift your husband something romantic and sweet. If you are married for years, then chances are that routine might have taken over your life. So, planning a dinner date on his birthday would be a good way to recreate those lost dating memories. Even if you are recently married, planning a dinner date would still be a good and appropriate option.

You could plan the date in the house or go to a restaurant. Make sure to order his favourite food and drinks. Also, get a cake and choose an ambience which is cosy and romantic. If you are planning it at home, then play his favourite songs and light some aromatic candles.

Personalized Photo Keychain

Gift him a personalized gift which he will cherish forever.Rectangle Key Ring from prestogift.com is a great option. It is a polymer rectangular key ring.

The best part is that it can be customised with a photograph. So, you could either choose just his picture or a picture of both of you together. It would be a great idea to get it customised with just your picture on it. This way it will always remind him of you. The product is priced at Rs.250.

A Watch

The best gift to give your husband on his birthday is a wrist watch. The best part of a watch is that it is timeless. It continues to sustain for years and years. Also, it is a great gift for men as they love wearing it .

Decide if you want to give a smart watch or just a normal watch. Casio G-Shock GWN-1000F-2ADR (G598) Premium Men's Watch from casioindiashop.com is a great option. It comes with a mineral glass and smart access. It is made up of resin and stainless steel and shows world time.

It comes with a double LED light and has 200 meter water resistance. The watch also contains a digital compass and comes with a 6 months rechargeable battery. The item weighs of 101 grams and is priced at Rs.29,995.

His Favourite Sports Equipment

If your man is playing any kind of sport, then gifting him something related to that would be a good idea. Gift him any equipment or athletic wear. If he does not play anyting but goes to the gym or for a jog, then get him something that would help him in that.

DS Compact Bodyweight Rack from decathlon.in is a great idea. It is especially made for building upper body muscle. There are multi body weight exercises possible on this equipment like chin ups, dibs, abs, core strenghthening, body weight and more. The item is priced at Rs.12,999.

It is also very durable and can take maximum load of 130 kg. It is designed compactly as it takes less than one square meter from the floor. The product weighs of 42 kg in total and has a warranty period of 2 years.

Car Accessories

Source www.amazon.in

If your husband loves his car or driving then gifting him some great car accessories would be a great idea. If your budget permits, then you could gift him a car too but if that is not possible, then stick to the accessories. boAt Dual Port Rapid Car Charger available on amazon.in is a great option.

It is a charger which is compatible with all USB and type C devices. It has in built safeguards to protect your devices from overheating, overcharging and excessive current. It comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer and is priced at Rs.599.

A Yearly Subscription for a Sports or International News Magazine

If your husband loves reading magazines, then get him a yearly subscription of the same. Make sure to subscribe to the one that is his favorite. Entrepreneur Magazine - US Edition available from indiamags.com is a great option.

It is a yearly subscription with 10 issues. It is the best magazine for reading business news and entrepreneurial stories. It comes with a free delivery and is priced at Rs.7,386. India Mags also has a lot of different variety of magazines from travel, sports, science, fashion and more.

A Classy Wallet

Wallets make a great accessory for men and are considered good gift options too. Allen Solly Black Wallet from allensolly.com is a great gift option. It is made up of premium quality leather and has a casual design which makes it perfect for daily use.

The length of the wallet is 11.1 cm and the width is 9 cm. It has two big compartments and a small coin pocket. This is a classy wallet and the brand is reliable too. The wallet is priced at Rs.1,499.

Go the Extra Mile to Make His Day Memorable

Put ypur efforts in creating or finding that perfect gift. The recipient should also feel that there was enough thought that was put inside the gift. Go an extra mile to get that perfect cake or flowers.

You can also add a handwritten note or a nice birthday card with the gift. You can also try and write a poem about how you feel for your husband. This definately is one of the most important relationship in your life and it it worth to spend some ectra money for the person's happiness.

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Get him excited about receiving presents

Think as long and hard as you need to in order to get wonderful gifts for your husband. Shirts, belts and wallets are all nice, but will he get excited receiving them? Give him something he has been wanting to buy or has been eyeing for a while. Don't let it become a =n unexciting exercise, he should look forward to his birthday gift!