Want to Make Your Loved One's Smile? Gift Your Special Ones with Best Chocolate Bouquet with Flowers to Heighten up the Joy of Moments (2022)

Want to Make Your Loved One's Smile? Gift Your Special Ones with Best Chocolate Bouquet with Flowers to Heighten up the Joy of Moments (2022)

A chocolate hamper is one thing...But a chocolate bouquet? So whether you can’t be with a loved one for their birthday, or you want to arrange for a surprise knock at mum’s door this Mother’s Day, why not send a Chocolate bouquet with flowers? Behold, our tried and tested pick of the 10 best Chocolate Bouquets with Flowers

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What are Chocolate Bouquets?

Chocolates are something that is loved by every age group. They are the delicious and healthier ones with various benefits such as reducing stress, changing mood, etc. For this, chocolate bouquets are being created. Chocolate Bouquets are simply a bouquet designed properly with chocolates for special occasions and gifting them at the right occasion.

The bouquets are generally for chocolate lovers and it looks so adorable because it's arranged so beautifully. The chocolate bouquet is generally given as plain or with some extra inputs in it such as some pictures of the person to whom it's gifted, some of their favourite flowers, some of the handwritten quotes or messages, etc.

Why are Flowers Best to Be Taken in Chocolate Bouquets?

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Chocolate Bouquet with flowers is taken because of their beauty, a perfect blend of a fresh bunch of flowers from nature and chocolates that are loved by all. The flowers are the symbol of the beauty of nature and chocolates are one of the most delicious and loveable desserts amongst others.

You can also design your bouquet with lots of love and romance by inserting some of the messages and beautiful lines for the receiver to make them even more special. When you have a chocolate bouquet with flowers you can have ample ideas about how to make it unique every time.

8 Different Chocolate Bouquets with Flowers

Here, are 8 Amazing Chocolate Flower Bouquets with different varieties of chocolates as per your preferences. You can buy any one or more required by you and gift your loved ones.

Rose Flower Dairy Milk Chocolate Bouquet

When it's about chocolate, every age group is willing to consume it. The chocolates are being popular because of their uniqueness and their brand names. This is also one of the best and most well-known chocolate brands Dairy Milk.

You can have this creative flower bouquet from this site as the dairy milk looks amazing in between the roses and this both fully completes your Rose Flower Dairy Milk Chocolate Bouquet. You can also have different varieties of dairy milk or can use a single variety in your entire bouquet. You can give them this on birthdays or any family occasions even at weddings and show your feelings towards that moment. The bouquet consists of 20 Roses Flowers on which 11 Dairy Milk chocolate each 15gms are placed. You can buy this amazing Dairy Milk Bouquet with Flowers from cake flowers gifts just for Rs.1,093.  

Red Roses Bunch With Nestle Kitkat Chocolates

Source m.fnp.com

The taste and preference in the matter of chocolate differ from person to person. It is because some can like plain chocolate and some can have chocolate with the wafer. For that, here is the amazing wafer bar coated with chocolate, with an amazing tagline "Have a break, Have a........". It is surely Kit-kat. 

The packaging of kit-kat is of red colour which is a symbol of love and it looks wonderful with red roses. The chocolate flower bouquet here is covered in a red-coloured covering with a white bow which looks amazing. The bouquet consists of 7 Red Roses with 5 Kit-Kat bars of 18 g. You can have this Red Roses Bunch with Nestle Kit-kat Chocolates from fnp just for Rs.749.  

Ferrero Rocher - Flight of Happiness

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What if a person desires to have chocolate with crunchiness outside and chocolate inside with an amazing hazelnut. Chocolates can also be gifted according to them, by this ferrero rocher bouquet with flowers. This flower bouquet is small in size with a bunch of red roses and ferrero rocher balls. Each ball is placed alternatively with flowers. It looks amazing as it's color combination of golden shiny foil wrapper with naturally red roses is beautiful. This Ferrero Rocher bouquet consists of 16 pieces of ferrero rocher with 16 beautiful red roses. This is being tied up through a beautiful red ribbon and placed at a proper base. You can buy this Ferrero Rocher - Flight Of Happiness from Winni just at Rs.1,899.

5 Star Chocolate Bouquet with Flowers

The major attraction towards the chocolates is being done through their uniqueness and creativity. The 5 Star Chocolate also have it's specialty of having caramel inside with chocolate outside. One such flower bouquet of 5 star chocolates with flowers is being proposed here. It consists of 7 fresh and bloody red roses with 4 5-stars each of 25 grams placed in a sequence with a transparent red vase as a base. By this, you can share a moment of love and propose a polite gesture towards your loved ones and make them feel the moment and spread happiness. You can buy this 5 Star Chocolate Bouquet with Flowers from flower aura for Rs. 689.

Bouquet of Dark Chocolate Bars in a Vase

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The dark lovers and the one who likes bitterness a lot can be gifted with this amazing Bournville bouquet. This Bouquet Of Dark Chocolate Bars In A Vase consists of three varieties with cocoa-rich chocolate you can have Cranberry, Raisins, and Nuts.

The bouquet is also being enriched and enhanced by the beauty via a suitable base placed at the bottom. The product proposed here today to you consists of a beautiful square-shaped transparent glass vase on which the purple-coloured artificial flowers have 10 bars of Bournville placed each of 31 grams. This Bournville chocolate bouquet with flowers is filled with lots of richness, deliciousness, and smoothness. You can buy this bouquet from igp for Rs.1,395.

Snickers Red Roses Arrangement

Source cpfg.in

Nuts are being preferred and consumed with several dishes because of their benefits and taste. One such nutty bar is snickers. It has a composed taste of chocolate outside with caramel taste mixed with crunchiness of peanuts inside. They can be consumed as a protein bar.

The product displayed here is beautifully and uniquely designed amongst others. It comprises 16 roses aligned in 4 rows and 4 columns at the center and covered with 16 snicker bars each of 50 grams around these red roses. The roses are being placed in the squat vase and snickers are placed at the sides of the vase. It is knotted with a White Raffia. You can buy this Snickers Red Roses Arrangement from CPFG for Rs.3,049.

Hershey's Milk Chocolate and Almonds Candy Bouquet with Flowers

Source www.etsy.com

Plain pure chocolate is being fondly loved by people as it assures the quality of taste and ingredients. The most suited kind of chocolate is Hershey's Milk Chocolate. The product displayed today is the beautiful Hershey's Milk Chocolate and Almonds Candy Bouquet with King Size, Full Size, Fun Size & Snack Size Bars.

It includes 5 Large Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars, 4 King Size Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars, 8 Fun Size Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bars, 4 Hershey's Milk Chocolate Minis with a Shrink-wrapped (symbolizes as an artificial flower) with a bow to preserve quantities while in transit. The King Size bars and mini-bars are used for making the base and above it, There are large size Hershey's bars and fun size bars. You can also attach a card or a message as there is space to attach it. You can buy this bouquet from Etsy for Rs.5,123..

Galaxy Chocolate Bouquet with Flowers

Source www.igp.com

The chocolate, when melts in the mouth, seems to an individual that they are residing and enjoying in heaven. One of the silky, smooth, and milky chocolate is a galaxy. The product displayed here of Galaxy Chocolate Bouquet with Flowers is differentiated as it consists of different and exotic flavours with its uniqueness. It comprises of smooth Milk Galaxy bars, Galaxy ripples (1 packet), 1 Pouch of Galaxy Minstrels, 1 Cookie Crumble Chocolate, 1 Galaxy Salted Caramel Chocolate, and 1 Galaxy Crispy Chocolate.

This all is being placed upon a triangular base of golden colour and tied with a golden bow and a white shrink-wrapped. These delicacies are amazing ones with delicious flavours and mouth watering look. You can buy this Galaxy bouquet with flowers from igp for Rs.4,798. 

How to Make a Chocolate Bouquet?

Here, are 7 Steps for you to know how to make a Chocolate Flower Bouquet. This will help you when you are in need and aren't able to order it online.

Step 1: Select Your Recipient’s Favourite Chocolate

When you desire to have a chocolate flower bouquet, firstly you need to know the favourite chocolate of the recipient. This will help you to know while you are confused at the time of purchasing all the required things. Above are some of the flower bouquets with varieties of chocolate brands. You can select them as per your preference but, as per the suggestion the recipient's choice will be accepted as ultimate consumption will be by them only. If you aren't able to know about their preferences you can choose the common brand of chocolate in your bouquet. You need to purchase approx 10-12 pieces of the chocolate you have chosen to complete the fillings in your bouquet.

Step 2: Glue Your Delights

After the selection and purchasing of the chocolate is being made, you need to start with assembling of all your stuff. You have to identify where the need is placed in your bouquet. After that, you can set glue on the desired chocolate pieces packaging one by one and stick them. As stated above, you can stick the small-sized chocolate at the center of your flowers and place the larger ones in the middle of the flowers. You should use a hot glue gun to want a long-lasting temporary sticking of chocolate in your flower bouquet. You can also use double-sided glue tape for a 3-D look in your flower bouquet.

Step 3: Create Your Bouquet Box

After gluing your treats, now you will require a base for making the bouquet stand and stay steady. You can have a professional and customized bouquet box by purchasing it from someone who deals in it. If you aren't able to do that, you can use any box such as shoes, clothes, or any scrap box you find from your storeroom. For glass base, you can use the empty sauce, soft drink, or jam bottles as they are designed beautifully. It will create the best out of waste. The important thing is that they should be durable and best looked at when you place chocolate with flowers in them.

Step 4: Place Foam at the Bottom of Your Chocolate Bouquet Box

After you assemble your chocolate with flowers in the bouquet box, now you will require foam to secure your base that is being placed at the bottom of your chocolate bouquet box. The bottom foam should be heavy, as they need to support the upper weight of flowers, chocolates, and the bouquet box. You should cut down the foam with perfection and accuracy. It is good to secure your box with a durable foam piece at the bottom.

Step 5: Add Coloured Tissue Paper

After all this, what you simply need to do is that you are required to show some innovation and creativity. You can enrich the two-colored look in the rainbow-colored or with a huge color combination by using colored papers. This will be available to you from any of the stationary shops. You can have a look at DIY videos on youtube to have brief and excellent ideas for further creativity. You can use the colors of tissue paper as per the occasion or favorite color of the recipient.

Step 6: Add the Additional Spark

You can also add more spark to your chocolate bouquet with flowers. This can be done through some of the stickers that are best suited for the occasions or covering your bouquet in the golden net or any other colored net as per your choice. This can also be done by adding more chocolates or you can also sprinkle some golden glitter on your flower's petals.

Step 7: Wrap Your Gift Box In Cellophane and Tie-up with a Bow

At the final stage, you should wrap up all your chocolate bouquets with flowers using cellophane. Then, tie up a not at the top of your bouquet box, and for a beautiful and proposing gesture, place a bow either of ribbon or of paper on the knot.

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