Bring the Outdoors into Your Home: Ideas for Home Decor with Plants. Plus 10 Perfect Indoor Plants for Your Living Space (2020)

Bring the Outdoors into Your Home: Ideas for Home Decor with Plants. Plus 10 Perfect Indoor Plants for Your Living Space (2020)

Want to add some life into your home decor? Try these amazing and beautiful house plants that will add some colour and nature to the bland corners of the hosue. This article also includes tips you can use to get the decor right. Go ahead!

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How to Decorate Your Home with Plants

Have a corner in your house or office lacking life? Does your home look dull and gloomy? The solution to all your answers is home decor with plants. Plants add character to your home, be it a tall plant in the corner, or the hanging vines, or the evergreen ferns. They make your indoor space bright and bring dreary corners to life. If not chosen with care, this beauty can turn into a tedious task and downright intimidating. But worry not! We put together a couple of pointers to help you get started and choose your plants.

Choose Your Indoor Plants with Care

The plants you choose depend on where you plan to place them. Instead of investing in a plant and then looking for indoor space, decide on the location first. The reason being, not all plants need the same amount of sunlight and temperature. House plants mostly require bright lights but not direct sunlight.

Unless your plants need direct sunlight like cacti or succulents, place your plants under an east-facing or west-facing window. This prevents your plants from suffering the harsh midday sun. But since cacti and succulents thrive in the hot summer sun, a southern-facing window seems to be the best option. Shaded corners or windows are not the best places to keep your plants. Unless it's a dragon tree, mother-in-law’s tongue, parlour plant, lucky bamboo plant or a spider plant, they do not thrive in low lighting conditions. North-facing windows provide full shade for the above-mentioned plants.

Just like pets, your plants also need extra care and a bit of love. If you cannot provide such care for your plants, go for low maintenance plants such as spider lily, English ivy, jade plant and more.

Flowering Plants vs Non-Flowering Plants


There is always a dilemma when it comes to flowering plants and non-flowering plants. Though both have their own merits, there is no sight more beautiful than a flowering plant with their bright blooms. Flowering plants bring a spot of colour and brighten up your home.

But they are high in maintenance too. Unlike non-flowering plants which can tolerate weeks of not trimming, flowering plants need to be trimmed regularly. Without proper trimming, they can easily look shabby with dried and shrivelled blooms.

However, do not overlook the power of non-flowering plants. With the right plants, you can create your own personal tropical garden. Choose plants with colourful foliage to add a bright spot to an otherwise bleak scene.

5 Ways to Decorate with Plants

The place we live in should be aesthetically pleasing and provide us with some measure of peace and happiness. Nature can give you that and more. When possible, slip nature in your home decor and watch your space brighten up. Home decor with plants is the trending means to decorate your home. You can easily give it a glamour quotient without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are a few ways by which you can sneak plants into your home decor.

Hanging/Wall Herb Garden

Plants can fit in any corner of your home with little ado. No space for standing pots? Not a problem. You can always have a wall-garden or maybe a hanging garden. What's a wall-garden? It is nothing but hooking your pots to a frame on a free wall. You cannot go for bulky plants, and smaller plants are the best bet. You also have the option of going for themes like air-purifying walls or even a herb wall. Ever thought about the pleasure of having fresh herbs at hand? You might just get addicted to it.

Hanging garden is the same concept except you hang your plants. The pots need to be in a space where it is not disturbed. Your balcony works the best if you have one at home. Bird’s nest, strings of pearls, air plants and even orchids work best as hanging plants.

Succulent Corner

Succulents are the latest trend in home decor with indoor plants. The reason being the plants are easy to care for and handle. Even the typical plant killer would find it difficult to kill them off. Succulents are desert plants, hence can tolerate heat and survive in harsh climates not suitable for other plants. Needing less water and sunlight, the plants are very low maintenance. These tiny plants have a unique, aesthetically pleasing look. Choose your planters with style and nurture your succulents on your coffee table or in your living room.

Towering Plants

Have a corner that needs something lively? Towering plants or tall plants is what you should go for. These bring your room an entirely new look and double up as a green corner. Choose your plant depending on the natural lighting and amount of sunlight. Also, keep in mind the overall decor of the room, including the furniture. If your furniture is tall and takes up space, a tall plant that reaches the ceiling fits right in. But if the other furnishings are dainty and your plant is tall, it stands out instead of fitting in with the decor.

Plant Corner

Have some empty space that just needs something? Turn it into your indoor garden aka plant corner. Grab a couple of benches of varying height and arrange your pots in varying heights. Layer them so that all your plants are visible and have enough lighting. Add in a shelf and place whimsical ferns like strings of pearls or vines for an added green touch. Extra points to you if you add plants with foliage of varying colours. Your planters also matter a lot. Have a theme in mind and look for similar colours or shapes. Trust us! Your end result would have everyone ooh-ing and aah-ing at your green space.

Go Fake

Not everyone is blessed with a green touch. Few fingers can kill even the hardiest of plants like the succulents. Not to worry! If you cannot make it, fake it with the most natural-looking green plants. The right plants have natural-looking foliage making it difficult in identifying the fake ones. Look for your favourite plants, flowering and non-flowering. The most commonly available are bamboo and ferns. Add some scented candles with scents similar to plants for an extra little touch.

Beautiful Home Decor with Plants

For the Entrance

Plants positioned right near the door or at the door gives your home a welcome look. The spot of green with or without flowers are a welcome sight for anyone visiting your home.

Frizzle Sizzle Plant

A unique yet attractive plant with curly leaves would sit well in your entrance, charming your visitors. The Frizzle Sizzle plant is a succulent variety and originated in South Africa. The unusual plant has bright yellow flowers but there is a long cooling period between each flowering season. It requires partial sunlight and water only every 5 days. The plant comes in a plastic pot, 9 inches in height and 5 inches in diameter. Costing you Rs.1,099, the plant is available to buy at Plant Guru.

Bird of Paradise

A stately and beautiful flowering plant towering at 5 ft placed on both sides of your entrance makes for an impressive sight. The tropical plant gets its name from the spectacular yellow, unusual flowers that resemble a bird in flight. With its origin in South Africa, the plants are quite hardy and require bright sunlight. Priced at Rs.399, the plant comes in a round grower pot measuring 6 inches. It is available to buy from Nursery Live.

For the Table

Cute figurines and souvenirs are so last season! Get a succulent for your coffee table. Cute and trendy, the succulent makes for a beautiful addition to the living room.

Jade Plant and Cute Monks

Jade plant is considered lucky and as such is present in most homes and offices. The low maintenance plant is said to bring in positive vibes. The plant is of succulent variety with woody stems and oval-shaped leaves. This gives it a miniature tree-like appearance which makes for a decorative house plant. It does well in high temperatures with lots of sunlight. The one we have for you comes in a ceramic pot with 4 monks depicting the famous Japanese proverb and is available to buy at Nursery Live. The entire setup costs you Rs.995.

Succulents in Clay Tray

There is something about the little plants that bring you utmost joy. Succulents can tolerate harsh climates better than any other plant. This along with their tiny nature make for beautiful table plants. These plants require less water and even less direct sunlight, making it a perfect indoor plant. Priced Rs.500, the succulents in a clay tray from Mud Fingers has assorted succulents arranged artistically.

Echeveria Plant


Echeveria plant, another well-sought succulent for its air-purifying quality. Each plant can purify the air within 100 sq feet of floor space. Native to the desert area of Central America, the plant requires just the appropriate amount of direct sunlight and water. Just like all succulents, make sure the soil is completely dry before watering it again. Echeveria plant with its jewel-toned leaves makes for an interesting addition for your coffee table. Costing Rs.599, the echeveria plant is available to buy at

Mini Succulent Garden

Succulents have the ability to blend in with any kind of home decor. Here we have another succulent garden complete with five different plants. It is adorned with white stone chips and pebbles. Middle of it all is a clay model of Lord Ganesha. The mini succulent garden is ideal for indoor display at your home or office. Water your succulents as needed and provide it with not-so-direct sunlight. The succulent display is priced at Rs.1,700 and is available to buy at Harith Tharang.

For the Living Room


Ever thought plants could fit in your living room decor? Try planning your home decor with plants for a spot of nature right in the living room.

Exotic S-Shaped Bonsai


The Ginseng Ficus Bonsai is of the same genus as the mulberry tree and is a famous bonsai variety for beginners. The bonsai tree is characterised by its thick potbellied base, ‘S’-shaped trunk and dark green oval leaves. The tree is also easy to maintain and purifies air in the room it's present in. The bonsai tree comes in an attractive plastic pot measuring 10”. Priced at Rs.3,500, it is available to buy at Dream Green.

Square Wall Terrarium

Love a succulent garden yet no space to place them? Try wall terrariums. Small in size, yet big in style, the wall terrariums add a beautiful aspect to your living room. The square wall terrarium from Mud Fingers is a mini succulent garden complete with succulents, decorative pebbles and potting soil. Measuring 10 x 4 inches, the terrarium is a small unsealed open container. Terrariums are quite independent in nature and hence utmost care should be taken when watering them. Drops of water on the root of the plants are usually enough. The Square Wall Terrariums are available to buy for Rs.1,850.

For the Balcony

Not everyone can afford space for an indoor garden, especially if you are in an apartment. Here is where hanging gardens and vertical gardens come into play.

Hanging – Asparagus


Hanging asparagus, despite its bright green colour, is a part of the lily family and not a fern. The soft foliage of the plant is quite pliable and can be trained to creep as a vine or hang from a pot. In spring the plant is dotted with small white or pink flowers and is a sight to see. Priced at Rs.250, the plant is one of the hardiest indoor plants. It requires direct sunlight and only needs water when the soil is dry. A well-grown plant along with a 7-inch hanging pot is available to buy from Dream Green.

Vertical Garden

Another way to showcase your green thumb is the vertical garden. A vertical garden is nothing but a freestanding garden frame with potholders. They are currently in trend and are a space-saving technique for cramped living spaces. The vertical garden we have for you has 18 hanging pots with various tropical plants. Measuring 4 x 2 ft, the frame is made of pine wood. Buy yours for Rs.4,250 from Mud Fingers.

Fake it Till You Make it

Killing even the hardiest of indoor plants? If you can't make it, just fake it with artificial plants looking oh so real.

Bamboo Tree Pot

Bamboo trees always bring in peace and calm your soul when you gaze at them. The Bamboo Tree Pot from Nearly Natural features lush long emerald green leaves with a natural-looking stalk. Available in three measurements, namely 72”, 48” and 60”, the Bamboo Tree Pot starts at $89.99 or Rs.6,926. It comes with a black pot, artificial soil, and a bamboo palm tree.

Tall Planters


Your planter doesn't have to be a boring old ceramic or mud pot or the environmentally destroying plastic pot. Get fancy with the Tall Planters from Fleck. The planters feature electroplated iron pots with powder-coated iron stands. The planters are so designed that you can use it to place your artificial plants or even your flower arrangement. The set of two tall planters costs you Rs.5,800.

Pot Stand

Brighten up your living space with this cycle stand potholders. The cycle stand presents an immaculate and ingenious way to set your indoor pots. Made of metal and painted white, it brings an old-world charm to your home decor. The pot stand can also be used outdoors as a part of your garden. It is available to buy for Rs.550 at Plants Buy Online.

Lovely Artificial Cactus Plant

Looking to bring a spot of nature inside your home for the first time? Why not go for an artificial plant before trying your hands at growing a real one? Check out the lovely, almost natural-looking artificial cactus plant. Measuring 5 x 5 x 8 inches, this is the perfect choice for your living room. It comes with an attractive cactus plant and a wooden pot complete with artificial moss. Priced at Rs. 350, it is available to buy from Flower Aura.

Diamond Planters

Planning to make a vertical garden, aren’t you? Why not go for these diamond planters instead of boring old pots? Featuring a geometric pattern, the planters are white with a gold frame. They measure a chic 4.4" width X 7.5" length, perfect for a succulent or even your kitchen herbs. A set of 2 Diamond Planters are available to buy for Rs.1,999 at Apartment 18.

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Bringing the House to Life

If you find it difficult to take care of plants in the house, then don't worry. You can still add fake plants to the decor and they look exactly like real plants and you don't even have to fret over taking care of them. Plus, they also add the same color to the living room you have been wanting to decorate. Happy decorating!