17 Best Desk Toys for the Office to Make Work Fun: Amazing Science Desk Toys And Stress Relief Toys That You Must Have at Your Desk in 2020

17 Best Desk Toys for the Office to Make Work Fun: Amazing Science Desk Toys And Stress Relief Toys That You Must Have at Your Desk in 2020

Personalizing your work-space can make it your own. In addition to gifts, as well as plants, desk toys for the office can add some fun to your workday. They have no work-related function but are often intended to provide decoration or pleasure, boosts imagination, relieve stress, improve your creative skills and, thus making you work smartly. Fun desk toys for the office can keep you company during those long work hours and provide some amusement to break the stress. A funny or surprising knick-knack can also spark conversations with co-workers or maybe even customers and clients visiting your desk.

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What Are The Benefits of Desk Toys

Have you ever noticed people sitting on their desks twiddling a pen, drawing something random in their diaries or simply tapping their foot unconsciously? Chances are, you have done more such things yourself while getting bored or restless on your office chair. Recent studies and researches have proved that fidgeting around with something or just playing with a fun toy for even a few moments may increase your focus, boost creative thinking and lower anxiety levels.

Toys on your desk improve your creative skills and boosts imagination, thus making you work smartly. Also, a few minutes of break while playing with your favourite toy can help you clear your mind of those random thoughts which keep on popping now and then and restart your work with a fresh perspective.

Funny Desk Toys

Either you are a Marvel fan or Batman raises your adrenaline, having a funny character or toy by your side while you are working on your office desk gives a certain level of comfort that, there is someone who is with you and constantly watching you. In the tense moments, just a glance at these funny desk toys sends a positive vibe across your persona.

Albert Einstein Genius Bald Headed Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

Source www.amazon.in

The genius paper clip holder which resembles a bald Einstein which can hold the paper clips on its magnetized bald head. The gravity-defying, hairstyle formed by the paper clips makes it a fun desktop toy. The magnetic head is 3.75 inches tall and this paper clip holder can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs.2,404.

Funko Pop Marvel Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure

The character of Groot from Marvel’s Avengers series is a popular fictional figure and looks cute and funny. This dancing Groot Bobblehead action miniature is made of plastic material and is 5 cms x 11 cms in dimensions and the Groot head starts bobbling with a simple tap on its head. A fun and attractive looking figure for your office desk and is available for Rs.769 from flipkart.com.

Funko Michael Scott - The Office Pop

Source www.amazon.in

Want a gentlemanly figure on your desk! This Phil Toy by Funko would have everyone asking you at least once about him. This beautiful and cute figurine teaching philosophy to students would nod his head on the slightest touch of your fingers and would bring a smile on your face many times in a day. Your partner for the little breaks in the office, this Phil Toy stands 4 inches tall and is available on amazon.in for Rs.1,099.00.

Blue Aura Superhero Batman Bobble Head with Stand & Mobile Holder

Baby Batman is a bit angry and sitting at your office desk waiting for his next mission. But you are making him angrier by fidgeting his bobbling head now and then. Jokes apart, this cute looking batman would make a great desk toy for your office and looking at this toy in those tense moments would make you frown a little less. The 6 cm. tall toy is made of PVC, weighs just 200 gm. and is available on flipkart.com for Rs. 650.00.

Tied Ribbons 1 Compartments Polyresin Cute Dog Decorative Pen Stand

You would definitely like this item if you are a dog lover. The cute dog decorative pen stand looks stylish and will provide a certain attraction to your desk. The pen stand figurine statue is 11 cm in height and made of polyresin material. The pen stands in the shape of a bag which the cute puppy is holding in his little hands will remind you of these loyal companions. Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, a corporate employee or a self-earner professional; this cute dog decorative pen stand would add glamour to your work desk. The wonderful pen stand is available for Rs. 329.00 on flipkart.com.

Scienctific Desk Toys

Whether you are an engineer, a geek or someone passionate about science and technology, a scientific desk toy would cheer your mood during the short breaks from your work. These gadgets mesmerize you from their movements and help you relax and forget about the tensions for some time. The scientific desk toys also help you focus on the task in hand and a little bit of fidgeting with them improves your concentration levels. We have researched and picked a few toys from this category which would increase the attraction of your desk and are decent conversation starters as well.

Revolving Gadget Perpetual Motion Desk Office Decor

Enjoy the planetary motion of earth, moon and sun right at your desk while watching this revolving gadget which makes for an amazing desk toy. The centre of this gadget represents sun while the outer layers have spheres indicating the moon and earth respectively. You can rotate the different circles and see the variations and combinations of these planets which are very satisfying to watch. The item weighs 330 gm. and the dimensions of the three respective circles are 24cm, 22.5cm and 14.5cm. The silver colour revolving gadget can be purchased from snapdeal.com.

Newton Cradle Pendulum Swing Balance Ball

Source www.amazon.in

You have seen them in pictures or movies, but now it’s time to gift one to yourself. The Cradle Pendulum Swing Balance Ball works on Newton’s principle of “to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. It’s fun and quite simple to play, you just need to pull a few balls from one side and release and an equal number of balls will swing up on the opposite side. And, the pendulum motion along with the clicking of balls will continue until the entire motion stops. The arch and balls are made of stainless steel, which are mounted on a shiny plastic base which gives it a premium look. This science desk toy; which also makes a great table showpiece can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs. 499.00.

Electronic Robot Piggy Bank with LED Desk Lamp

Now, this is truly some next level desk toy for the geeks and technology lovers. This multifunctional electronic robot is a piggy bank, an LED desk lamp, plays up to 10 English songs, has light eyes and a centre of attraction. People would be talking about this science desk toy in your office and you can proudly boast it on your desk. You can put money in the upper slide and the money will be saved in its stomach. Now, whenever you want to take it back, you need to enter the four-digit correct password which you can set as per your choice (and also change the password) and the robot will slide out the currency from the lower slit. It’s a fun toy to fiddle with and you can play with it once in a while as the robot can slide and also move its arms. This wonderful electronic robot with a piggy bank and LED lights can be purchased from snapdeal.com for Rs. 1,375.00

Magic Balancing Bird Science Desk Toy

The balancing bird science desk toy is a magical looking desk toy which will help you to remain calm and poised when you are fighting the inner battles. Though it looks like a simple decorative piece, but try balancing it on our finger for some time and you’ll forget about everything else in the world and focus solely on the balancing act. It’s a fun way to ease your stress and increases the beauty of your desk and this amazing desk toy is available on snapdeal.com for Rs. 569.00.

LED World Map Decoration Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

Looks like a magic gadget, but this LED Globe with world map which levitates under magnetic force is surely going to grab some eyeballs and would increase the attractiveness of your work table as well. The arch has an inbuilt light as well, which looks quite beautiful when turned on in the dark. Made of ABS plastic and rubber, this desk toy works on electricity and can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs. 1,799.00.

Game Desk Toys

Ever miss those old, school days while working on your desk? Try your hands on these games-inspired desk toys and you would feel the positive energy they can bring into your life. If not a major change, still a small energy boost in between your tight work schedule is what these desk toys are capable of.

Tri Fidget Hand Spinner

This colourful and vibrant looking fidget hand spinner can give the much-required satisfaction to your fidgeting pangs. The Zinc alloy produces rainbow-like colours and fits snugly in your fingers. The steel bearings provide a smooth and long-lasting spin to the spinner and this toy would look attractive on your work desk. The fidget spinner is available on paytmmall.com for Rs. 230.00.

Wooden Mini Bowling Game Tabletop Toy Set

Source www.amazon.in

Now no need to wait for the next visit to the mall to play bowling alley as you can play it right on your work desk. The miniature desktop bowling alley toy, game can be played anytime and anywhere. The ramp can be positioned in the desired direction and keep the ten bowling pins at their designated place and you are ready to strike the steel ball and bring the pins down like a real bowling alley game. This wooden mini bowling game set can be purchased from amazon.in.

8.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet Board Electronic Writing Pad

Source paytmmall.com

Scribble, draw, write anything, pour out your feelings on it and then erase with a simple touch of a button. The lightweight LCD writing screen is created to feel like writing with a pen on paper. You can use it time and again without feeling guilty about wasting paper and also contribute in saving trees. It has features like memo note; sketchbook and whiteboard etc. And this useful writing pad can be purchased from paytmmall.com for Rs. 349.00.

Rubik Stickerless Puzzle Cube

Most of us have either heard about Rubik’s cube or have played with it. If you have misplaced the last one you had or just want to try your hands on this mind puzzle, then this is the perfect choice on a budget. The stickerless Rubik cube has minimum friction between the internal moving parts and it allows smooth rotations. The bright colours of this desk toy look very attractive on your work, study table and this puzzle cube are available for Rs. 116.00 on amazon.in.

Magnet Cube Toy Stress Relief

This magnetic cube set has 216 equal-sized balls which are stuck together due to the magnetic pull and can be rearranged to make beautiful shapes, structures and designs. This game desk toy drives imagination; creativity and concentration and is quite helpful in those moments when you are feeling anxious or restless. This magnet cube toy is a great way to give your eyes some relief from the laptop or mobile screen and is also helpful in reducing pressure and kill time. The magnetic cubes toy set is available on flipkart.com for Rs. 699.00.

Office Desk Toys for The Geek

Geeks are living in their imaginary or techy world and they deserve something different when it comes to desk toys. We have handpicked a few attractive options for them as well.

Magnetic Swinging Finger Creative Decision Maker

Feeling stuck, confused, unable to decide or simply too excited about something! Hold on, the magnetic swinging, finger decision-maker is right at your table to help you and your colleagues as well. Swing the pendulum and watch the decision-maker do its thing and guide you in the right direction (not a voodoo element though). A fun way to play and relax, this desk toy is available on order2india.com for Rs. 1,302.00.

1: 32 Alloy Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 Model Alloy Sports Car

Source www.amazon.in

Lamborghini in your mind! Keep the inspiration always in front of your eyes with the miniature model of Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 Model Sports Car. The 1:32 replica looks so astonishing that you won’t be able to take your eyes off it for a few moments. The toy car is a pullback toy car and would even produce sound, the front and rear lights will glow and the car would zoom to few feet as soon as you pull back and release the car. The 3 doors of the car can be opened like the real car and this miniature costs Rs. 684.00 at amazon.in.

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Does toys relieve stress?

In our modern world, Stress relief is critical. Stress is a neighbouring constant fact of life for many. Between the demands of work-life, personal life, and distressing world events, the need for stress relief products and methods is at an all-time high. It’s no surprise that people are searching for solutions to manage and relieve their stress.

Learning to manage stress effectively is vital to positive long-term health outcomes, both mental and physical. That's why fun toys is so important tools to weave into your daily routine, so you can mitigate the impact of stress on your body and mind. Stress relief toys are useful because they’ll decrease your stress and anxiety, increase your focus, and help you feel calm and grounded.