10 Tree Gifts You Should Be Gifting in 2019: Bonsai, Dwarf Trees, Saplings and Potted Plants & Tips on Caring for Plants

10 Tree Gifts You Should Be Gifting in 2019: Bonsai, Dwarf Trees, Saplings and Potted Plants & Tips on Caring for Plants

Plants and trees are wonderful gifts to give for so many reasons and not knowing what kind of trees to give should not stop you from gifting a tree. Learn all about the indoor varieties of trees, species that are especially suited to Indian weather, caring for them and even planting tress as gifts. Whether you have a nursery near you or not, we give you some unique gift ideas and show you how to gift a tree anywhere in India.

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How to Select the Perfect Tree Gift

The Gift of a Tree

Nature and mankind are meant to coexist. From the air we breathe in, to the carbon dioxide that we breathe out, to absorbing all other pollutants, trees take care of everything! A single tree can generate enough oxygen to support a minimum of two people in a year, as also absorb almost 50 pounds of carbon dioxide yearly, which is way over its lifetime. Trees not only adorn our living space, but also are beneficial to us by way of conserving energy, assisting us with our emotional and mental health, offering healing support and creating a healthy environment for us.

Selecting the Perfect Tree

We’ve been blessed with the gift of nature by birth, however with technological and mental advancement, mankind has reduced the gift drastically, which is now affecting us. With their ecological, recyclable and biodegradable benefits, air improving quality, energy saving features, and the ability to capture storm water run-off, trees are not only a meaningful gift for your loved ones but can also have a long-lasting effect on our environment and future generations. Practically and personally, a tree makes for a perfect gift even for those who do not have the luxury of a backyard.

From fruit trees which come with an add-on benefit of providing delectable fruits in the comfort of a home, miniature trees which can grow in pots and planters can also be a chosen option, for they are easy to grow on a patio that receives the sun’s rays. A flowering tree would serve a great ornamental purpose and if it comes with a fragrant variety of flowers, then it’s an added benefit. However, when selecting a tree, it is important you consider the growing space and your loved one’s interests, to give a tree the right nurturing and environment to grow.

Whom Do You Wish to Gift the Tree to?

When you gift a tree, it is important to consider some key points, because the growth of a tree is pretty much like raising a child or a pet, with careful consideration, love, nurturing and the right amount of elements required for their upbringing. The effort also requires you address questions like who are you looking to gift the tree to? Is the person someone who’d appreciate the gift, is responsible and caring enough to take care of it, does he or she have enough space for the tree, depending upon their lifestyle and the resources they can afford to have at their disposal for the tree’s upkeep, will they be able to maintain it properly?

Top 10 Tree Gift Ideas

Orange Fruit Tree

Known for their sweet fruit, the orange tree is usually grown in tropical and sub-tropical climates and its fruit can be eaten fresh off the tree, or processed for its juice and peel. This tree has a height of 19 to 29 inches with a spread of almost 5 to 9 inches. It will grow to a maximum of 4 to 10 feet. Citrus trees, when serving as ornamentally grown plants may take about 5 years to bear fruit, with their miniature properties and limited root space that can curb the tree’s growth. In terms of its upkeep, the tree requires regular maintenance to keep it pest free, pruning to maintain its visual appeal and also trimming the crown foliage to let in proper air and lighting. The orange tree is priced at Rs.449 on Nursery Live.

If the person does not have an outdoor space to shift the tree to when it grows bigger, consider a miniature orange tree which is just as pretty and has the same beautiful white flowers which eventually bear fruit, but in a small size that can easily been kept indoors as a potted plant.

Braided Pachira Bonsai

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The Pachira Plant also known as the Good Luck Tree symbolizes good luck and serves as an invite to good fortune and prosperity. Renowned as a house plant, the money tree is actually a Feng Shui remedy that attracts positive life force energy and as the tree grows, the unique 5-stems shoot from the tree. The more leaves the tree has on it, the more it reflects on the owner’s financial fortune. Originally from Mexico, the money tree can grow up to almost 60 ft in height in its natural habitat, but elsewhere, they are confined to being ornamental potted plants. The Pachira Bonsai should be placed in a bright corner, preferably at a window facing south. It comes planted in a lovely pot, priced at Rs.1,680 on Amazon.

Christmas Tree

Popularly known as the Christmas tree, Araucaria cookii is an indoor pine slow growing plant, which attains a manageable height of 3-6 feet. Its layered branches covered with pale green needle likes leaves, the tree requires a bright and well-lit placement. It enjoys free and circulating air supply and a lot of moisture in the summers.

If you plan to buy a Christmas tree it is best to ensure that it’s a live plant that comes with its root ball intact, which would most likely be covered by a burlap. It is also advisable to buy a smaller tree, as its transition between outdoors to indoors to outdoors again will be much easier. The upkeep of this tree requires a planter that has good drainage system and one that can absorb or take care of any excess water, a regular screening of the soil to ensure it isn’t dried out.

As a home decor the tree leaves can spruce up all Christmas décor while medicinally, it is a helpful remedy for fever. The price of the tree varies for its varying length, ranging between Rs.250 for a feet tall plant to Rs.10,000 for a 10 foot tall tree on Joginder Nursery.

Arcea Palm

Also known as the yellow butterfly palm, bamboo palm or the golden cane palm, Arcea Palm is one of the easiest variety with its feather shaped branches that add a tropical vibe to any setting. It is also considered one of the best air purifying plants, as certified by NASA.

One of the most important parts of growing this variety is to provide the right amount of indirect light, from a south or west facing window, as the leaves when exposed to direct sunlight turn yellowish green. They need regular care in terms of water, which should keep the soil slightly moist in spring and summer and dry slightly in fall and winter.

It is best to fertilize the plant with a time release fertilizer during sprint, which gives it ample nutrients that are needed for the entire season. The leaves could use a micronutrient spray in summer, and repotting the plant is a must every 2 to 3 years. It is priced at Rs.331 on Exotic Flora.

Fragrant Frangipani

A rapidly growing tropical tree, a Plumeria produces a large number of fragrant flowers between March and October. Though a small tree, it has the potential to grow up to almost 30ft at maturity. It is a warm climate plant that’s averse to the winters and hence can grow indoors in a planter when the weather turns cooler.

It is best to select a compact version of the plant with even and bright colors and a strong, straight trunk with well-spaced branches. The tree requires bright sunlight for almost 4-6 hours every day, and is ideally placed in a location where the soil drains well and water doesn’t collect after rainfall.

Any proximity to radiating heat or brick walls should be avoided. The tree should be watered well and then not until the soil is absolutely dry, the frequency of watering should reduce in autumn and none in winters. New growth would require normal watering in spring. The tree comes priced at Rs.429 on plantsguru.com.

Neem Tree

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A tall green tree with small bright green leaves, which has the potential to grow up to 100 feet the neem tree blossoms in spring with small white flowers and has a straight trunk with a rough and scaly bark which is brown grayish in color. Also known as azadirachta indica or Indian lilac, the neem tree is a seasonal bloomer which thrives in most soils but usually in dry, poor and rocky soil.

The tree’s seeds, bark and leaves are all good for medicinal, cosmetic and insecticidal purposes and are known to be used by most health practitioners to treat ailments ranging from skin trouble to diabetes. Neem usually starts bearing fruit after 3-5 years and comes to full bearing at the age of 10-12 years. It requires full sunlight to part shade growing conditions, a well-drained soil and dry to medium watering system. This small plant comes with a pot, priced at Rs.395 on Amazon.

Ashoka Tree

Considered, one of the most sacred and evergreen trees in India, the ashoka tree is very popular in Ayurveda too. Thanks to its rich and beautiful orange-red flowers and beautiful foliage, it is widely planted in most gardens. Also known as saraca indica, the mature tree grows to a height of about 6-9 meters with leaves up to 15-25 cms long. The tree requires full shade, well-drained soil and a medium watering regime. The bark of this tree is used for medicinal purposes and is known to have a healing effect on the endometrium and ovarian tissues. Buy a sapling of the tree which is priced at Rs.311 on exoticflora.in.

Plant a Tree Gift Initiative

‘Plant a tree’ is an initiative which is much need and is appreciated for the betterment of mankind and our future generations. They plant tree on behalf of your loved ones, should you choose to gift them the opportunity to contribute towards a clean and healthy environment.

These trees are planted at authorized places for each individual and for all kinds of occasions. When you choose to plant a tree on their behalf, you get a customized e-certificate to honor them and let them know that a tree or trees have been planted in their name and they are instrumental in making a greener and renewable nation!

You will be explained the process of plantation and detailed pricing on request, where you choose the project you would like to be associated with and the number of trees you’d like planted. Contact plantyourtrees.com to learn how you can join this project.

Silver Lady Fern

An enigmatic dwarf Silver Lady Fern or Blechnum Gibbum is a strong tree fern with neat and proportionately styled fronds that grow up to almost 90 cm long and 30 cm wide. It usually requires an indoor placement with ample lighting, away from direct sunlight but you can have it placed in a shaded spot outdoors too. It needs a loamy soil with a consistent moist texture. Any old and wilting leaves should be trimmed regularly for a healthy growth of the fern. It is said that the older it gets, the more its trunk grows, making the plant a real free tree. It is priced at Rs.799 at nurserylive.com.

Indian Sandalwood Tree

Generally known as chandan, the Indian sandalwood or santalum album is yet another sacred and evergreen tree known for its fragrant wood. Originally found in India, Indonesia and the Malay Archipelago, the tree comes really expensive for its essential oil.

With a varying height of 4-9 meters, this tree enjoys a long life of almost 100 years. The tree feeds off the roots of other trees, which in turn support its growth by supplying macronutrient phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium during its early developmental stages.

Growing sandalwood by Individuals was illegal until 2000, owing to the abuse it has faced at the hands of mankind. Today, it is allowed to grow the tree without its commercial use, cutting or harvesting of wood. The tree sapling is priced at Rs.451 on exoticflora.in.

Bonus Tip: The Gift of Green, a Unique Concept

In a rapidly changing world like ours where thanks to technological advancements, global warming and cutting of trees is rampant, the gift of a live tree makes for the ultimate gift. Most people aren’t aware that trees can be planted on someone’s behalf, thus making it a pleasantly surprising and wonderful option. Over its life span, a tree absorbs an average of a ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing the gases that cause global warming.

So, when you give a tree as a gift, you can feel proud about doing something positive for the environment while giving your gift recipient something special. Some noteworthy points to keep in mind while gifting a tree would help you make the right choice.

  • Size: The gift of a tree is never restrictive by its size or color, they cannot be commercially exchanged and hence are thoughtful, personal and always a charming choice for a gift. However, it is best to choose a size which can be managed well and comfortably by the recipient to begin with.

  • Space: Not everyone has the luxury of a garden or open space, hence choose a tree which can be grown in confined or small spaces.

  • Weather: There’s a huge variety of trees that can grow in different weather conditions, so it will be easy for you to choose one which can be easily grown in planters, and thrive well irrespective of the weather conditions, with proper maintenance and nutrition.
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Trees are living things, gift them only to those who will nurture them

Not everyone has a green thumb and there will be those who do not appreciate a tree as a gift. You may love the idea but don't try to impose your views on others, specially since trees and plant are living things. They require a nurturing environment and have been known to flourish under loving care. It will be a shame if a beautiful tree or sapling withers and dies because the recipient does not know how to care for it. In such cases it may be a better idea to plant a tree for them instead.