10 Gifts for Pet Lovers of All Kinds: Everything the Crazy Cat Ladies, Dog Dudes, and Wildlife Enthusiasts in Your Life Really Want (2019)

10 Gifts for Pet Lovers of All Kinds: Everything the Crazy Cat Ladies, Dog Dudes, and Wildlife Enthusiasts in Your Life Really Want (2019)

The internet is a vast place, with many, many weird and wonderful gift ideas. So, while this guide is a great place to start, if you're looking for something maybe a little less eccentric, browse through our sortable gift guides. For all the people in your life who love their pet as much as other people love their children, get them a present they’ll positively love. Whether it’s for them or their furry four-legged friend, they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift.

Do You Want to Surprise Your Animal Lover Friend with a Gift That He/She Would Love?

If yes, then keep reading as we present to you some amazing and thoughtful gift ideas for an animal lover. Gifts are always a good idea to please someone. What could be more pleasing than receiving a gift that you fall for! Get to know your friend well before getting them the right gift.

Some Facts about Animal Lovers

So, is your friend a true animal lover? Well, there might be quite a lot of instances when you have strong doubts about that? But are there any obvious signs to look out for?

Well, scientific research shows that animal lovers and pet owners are happier and healthier than others! Also, it is said that pet owners have better physical and mental health than people who don’t have companion animals. Apart from being happy and healthy, are there any other signs that an animal lover shows?!
Check out for the signs to find out for yourself. The following signs are usually found in most of the animal lovers, so would be present in your friend too!

  • They own or strongly desire to own a pet
    Animal lovers are crazy about animals. They seek out any opportunity to own a pet for themselves. They are obsessed with their pets. If the circumstances are such that they cannot own one now, you can notice that they desire to get a pet someday or the other. Remember seeing your friend drooling over somebody else’s puppy and saying that she will own one too? Guess what, she is a true animal lover!
  • They love seeing animals- even pictures of them for that matter!
    Ever observed how happy your friend seemed when he picked up that animal-print t-shirt from the store? It is funny how the very sight of any animal, amuses an animal lover, isn’t it? They just admire the sight of animals, even on the TV screen!
  • They love fondling animals.
    Animal lovers just love holding and cuddling animals. That could be either dogs, cats, birds or any sort of animal for that matter. Seen your friend taking time to cuddle a stray cat or bird? Probably she is an animal lover after all!
  • They are very emotional about pets
    Animal lovers need not necessarily be vegetarians. But they loathe the idea of killing or hurting animals. They cannot stand any sort of violence against animals, and get very emotional even if it is in the movies. Sounds like your friend?!
  • They own animal-themed things
    Noticed that your friend has animal-themed jewelry or have a collection of animal figurines at home? It is quite an obvious sign of their obsession with animals. These people are excited about including the thought of furry friends in whatever they do.

Top 10 Animal Lover Gifts!

Now that you are sure that your friend is a true animal lover, get ready to take a look at some of the best gift ideas for him/her. These gifts are some of the most popular and highly rated by customers.

Gift Journal for People Who Love Dogs

Dogs are quite largely the synonym for pets. In fact, the most popular and adopted pets in India are dogs! As per statistics, India has the fastest-growing pet market in the world, with more than 600,000 pets (mostly dogs) being adopted every year.

A book that depicts the life of Doug the pug, is great as a gift for a dog lover. The images and illustrations of the pug literally warms the heart of an animal lover. The Journal is a collection of humorous and fun images of the dog. The pet journal is New York time best seller and is available on amazon.in for Rs. 767.

3D Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs are cliché when it comes to gifts, we know! But, take a look at this lovely 3D animal-themed mugs and you will know why it captured our interest.

Any animal lover would love to start off the day by having coffee from an animal-shaped mug. These cute ceramic mugs come in different forms and shapes including that of a dog, cat, dolphin and even a penguin. This cute deer shaped mug, for instance, would definitely melt any animal lover’s heart. What’s better? These mugs also serve as quirky and fun décor pieces! Check out for yourself. Amazon sells them for Rs. 599 apiece.

Cute Dog Decorative Pen Stand

Pen stands are practically a two-in-one gift. They serve as useful storage for stationery as well as a décor piece. This beautiful and cute puppy shaped pen stand is an eye-catcher for sure. And, for an animal lover, it could be much more than that. A pure treat to the eyes, this puppy showpiece is a perfect addition to any dog lover’s collection. On any boring or tiring day, this cute little puppy will bring on the smiles! Go ahead and check out on Amazon for Rs.369.

Animal Print Cushion Cover

If your friend is an animal lover and also a dire fan of home décor, then this could be it! These cute cushion covers from Stitchnest comes with high-quality digital prints of a cheetah cub and a baby koala. These cushion covers will lite up the living room and bedroom with animal love and coziness. These cushion covers are made of jute and are very easy to maintain. You will find different versions of the cartoon-inspired animal prints on Amazon. Also, this product is priced at Rs. 299 for two covers, hence well worth a buy.

Animal Inspired Salt and Pepper Shaker

So, your friend admires elephants? It’s no surprise that some people adore this gigantic animal for all its grandeur, while most of us hesitate to be anywhere near it. This elephant-shaped salt and pepper shakers from Bigsmall would look great on his dining table, we guarantee! The set comes with two different sized ceramic pieces shaped as cute elephants. They don’t take up too much space on the table and are very easy to refill. The dash of colours is very soothing and represents the calmness in elephants. They are economically priced and available on Big Small.

Customised Name Tag for Pets

If you are looking for a personalized gift for animal lovers, then we suggest you check this out. Pet lovers are usually very obsessed with their pets and can’t even stand the thought of missing them. What best than to have a personalized name tag for their beloved furry friend! This Bone-Shaped Name Tag from Pawzone can be customized with the pet’s name and a contact number. This could be very helpful for anyone to reach out to the owner in case the pet gets lost. The personalized tag comes at a reasonable price of Rs.299.

Bird Feeder

Feeding an animal could be one of the nicest things to do. If your friend is more of a bird lover, then a bird feeder would be an ideal choice for a gift. This Bird Feeder from Nature Forever Society is environment-friendly and is made of food-grade plastic. It can simply be hanged outdoors to attract and feed birds and small animals like squirrels. This only cost Rs.110. Your friend would like the idea of getting up close with nature and would be excited about creating a bird sanctuary within the limits of his home!

Chase Toy with Scratch Pad

Here comes a very innovative and fun toy for your friend’s always-active cat! The cute little mouse on the toy will take the cat on for a chase (literally). This fun toy also comes with a scratchpad for relaxation. So much for your friend to thank you for keeping the cat off his/her new couch! This toy is portable and easy to clean. Also, it doesn’t need batteries and will keep the cat busy for a long time! Marshal’s Pet Zone features this toy with a 25% discount now. This is available at Rs. 750.

Fish and Aquarium Bowl

Fishes, in general, need less maintenance and qualify for a pet too! This season get your friend a lovely fish in an aquarium bowl. You can get quality fish bowls on Flipkart for Rs. 495.

Also, check out Bunny Cart to choose a variety of low maintenance fishes like this Red Platy for Rs. 25.

Animal Lover Gift Basket

Gift Baskets are a wonderful way of gifting an array of pet-friendly products to your animal lover friend. This gift basket from Pet connect is a great gift for doggies. This basket consists of gluten-free biscuits, grooming products and toys for the pet dog. Alternatively, you can also assemble products and customize a gift basket for yourself. This could be a more cost-effective option.

Bonus: Experience Gift for Pets

Experience gift for pets are trendy and very much in these days. There are plenty of pet grooming studios in all major cities now. You can offer a luxurious pet grooming service for your friend’s pet as a gift. Woofs and Wags also has a doorstep grooming service for pets. Looks like the pet could use a spa day! Your friend is just going to love this idea if she is equally crazy about grooming her pet!

Tips for Gifting an Animal Lover

While gifting an animal lover friend, there are certain things that you need to think well before making a purchase.

Choose an Animal Oriented Gift- Obviously!

This is a no brainer of course. Make a wise choice and get to know your options while gifting an animal lover. They, for all reasons, just love anything related to animals. There is a wide array of products online and otherwise, that are related to animals.

Consider Which Animal They Like the Most.

If you know your friend well, you also might know which is his/her favourite animal. You could probably make guesses at this one, or ask them in person. Don’t be surprised if you find out that his favourite animal is a giraffe!

Decide Whether to Get a Gift for the Animal Lover or Their Pet.

If your friend owns a pet, chances more likely are that they would love to receive a gift for their pet. Take the time to do your homework. Find out what gifts that particular animal would like the most and go for it. It goes well without saying that, if your friend isn’t a pet owner, always go for a gift that well suits them and not for any animal!

Try to Get a Personalised Gift

Many a times, we resort to generic gifts for many reasons including the lack of time or convenience. If you take the effort to get a personalized gift, it quite obviously shows that you put in a lot of effort to understand the person. There are plenty of options for getting customized gifts. Check them out if they fit your idea and budget for a gift.

Have Your Budget Fixed

Sometimes the biggest gifts may not be the most expensive, you know. Think of all ideas that come to your mind when thinking of a memorable gift for your pet lover. But, always be on the lookout for better options. Keep a budget fixed in your mind. If you find anything interesting but the price looks iffy, then refer your budget guide and stick to it!

So, wait for no further to get that special gift that you have been longing to get for him/her. Animal lovers are usually very kind at heart and gentle (well, most of them!). They are very fond of creatures (both big and small) and are usually very easy to please. You are one lucky person if you have an animal lover friend. After all, it is said that we can judge a man by his treatment towards animals. So, get him a good gift that he will always be thankful for!

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