Keep Dogs Cool in Summer: 7 Vital Tips That will Help You Ensure That Your Pooch Remains Unharmed by the Scorching Summer Heat (2020)

Keep Dogs Cool in Summer: 7 Vital Tips That will Help You Ensure That Your Pooch Remains Unharmed by the Scorching Summer Heat (2020)

Dehydrating, scorching, and tiring summers do not only bother humans. But our furry little friends too are tired due to the heat. It is essential to ensure your dog is cool when the temperature outside soars high. Even if you don’t take your dog out during the sunny hours of the day, still your pet would want to stay cool. Here are some easy ways to ensure your pawed friend stays less disturbed during this summer.

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Top 7 Ways to Ensure Your Dog is Cool This Summer

1. Ensure Your Pet Gets Plenty of Water

When you play with the dog in the backyard or take it for a walk, or whatever you do even during the evenings, ensure that there is enough fresh water available. You need to give him water every 15 to 20 minutes, in small amounts. This is a must though he doesn’t ask for or show signs for water. The water must be cool. Do not worry about carrying water when you are out. You can try the small collapsible bowls to carry. You need to give him water if he pants during any activity. Also, take him to the shade. If the dog is about 40 to 45 pounds, then you should give him only a few ounces at one time. Wait for another 15 more minutes to give more water.

2. Don’t Venture During the Noon

This is something recommended not only for the pet but its owner too. Play and walk outside any time of the day based on the temperature. When the humidity is high, and it is too sunny, it is recommended that you stay indoors. During the summers, choose the morning hours or the evenings after the sun sets when you want to have some exercise.

Another factor to be checked when you want to go out with your dog during summers is to check the temperature of the pavement. The asphalt on the sidewalk can get too hot under direct sun. You need to simply touch the pavement and check how hot it is before you let the pet walk on it. If you insist that your furry friend has little boots, again, you need to be aware that they too can get hot. So, it is better to avoid direct sun and check the temperature of the pavement.

3. Consider Finding a Shelter Other Than Dog Houses

Your dog needs lots of fresh air during the summer. The dog houses never allow fresh air. Unless you have constructed a customized mini house that lets fresh air to move in and move out, you cannot let him stay in that. It can be dangerous when the temperature is too hot. So, find some shady areas in the backyard or lounge. You can also keep a freshwater bowl ready always. Add some ice cubes, which make your dog happy.

4. A Parked Car is a Big No!

Often, there are stories of how the parked cars are fatal for kids and pets left inside. If you are taking your dog to the supermarket or somewhere out, and want to leave him there, drop the idea! Even if the windows are open or cracked, still, it is dangerous for him. You need to understand that the temperature is too hot inside a parked car, even on mildly hot days. The cars parked under the direct sunlight can be too hot that can be life-threatening. If you are taking him on tour, then an air-conditioned car is a good choice. But, again, you need to see if he pants. Especially when he is not accustomed to travelling, it can add to the anxiety.

5. Let Your Dog Splash in Water!

Make the day funnier by taking him to parks with pools, or lakes, or any area where he can drench himself and play. If he does not like the idea of swimming, then throw the stick into the water, and let him fetch it. He has to swim to get this done. However, you need to be ready with towels to keep him warm after he is done with the water activities.

6. Do Not Shave

You might feel that the long locks in your pets will make him feel irritated. So, you can give a thought about shaving the hair. On the contrary, the locks let him stay protected from the sun’s heat and increased temperature. So, let him remain insulated with nature’s protection.

7. Know the Signs of Heatstroke

Be aware of the heatstroke signs, so that you can act immediately to save your furry friend. When his temperature is above 101.5, you need to be careful. When it pants and breathes rapidly, it is a clear sign of heatstroke. Other signs include thickened saliva or excess of saliva, muscle tremors, staggering, and depression. Take him to the vet when you spot these signs. Meanwhile, wrap him with wet towels, and use a fan to aid the cooling process. Cover the belly, groin, and underarms with wet towels.

You should also know the symptoms of dehydration. Lethargy, dry mouth, depression, and sunken eyes tell you that the dog needs to be hydrated. You can even fold the skin at the top of its neck to check if it is dehydrated. If it is slow to snap back, then you need to act fast. Immediately give some cold water. Or add fruit or carrot juice to a bowl and encourage the dog to drink it. If he prefers ice chips, then give them too. However, also consider taking him to the vet immediately.

Enjoy the Summers With Your Pet!

When you have taken care of all these, next check how hot your home is. This is because you will leave him inside the home for sometime in a day. So, your home should be cool too. You can also try a few products like a bed for cooling the dogs, swimming pools for dogs, and dog cool fountains to keep your dog cool. When you have done all this, just sit back and enjoy the summers with your pet!

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Keep a Check on Your Dog's Eating Habits As Well!

Eating habits in summers can change significantly for some dogs. It is entirely normal for your dog to eat less during this season. However, you must keep a check on its diet and feed him/her with proper summer based food only.