Throwing a House Party? Here are 10 Easy Mocktail Recipes to Make At Home + 5 Delicious Appetisers to Make Your Party Menu Versatile (2020)

Throwing a House Party? Here are 10 Easy Mocktail Recipes to Make At Home + 5 Delicious Appetisers to Make Your Party Menu Versatile (2020)

Don't let cocktails have all the fun. Nonalcoholic mixed drinks can be as thrilling and refreshing as any cocktail. There are many ways you can mix up juices, sodas, and syrups to create refreshing beverages that everyone can enjoy. These are very easy and very less time consuming, these drinks are the best whatever the occasion, from a casual afternoon to a party with the kids, or adults you will love these easy drink recipes.

It is Effortless to Make Mocktails Right in Your Kitchen!

For those abstaining from alcohol, for a baby shower and many more non-alcoholic occasions, mocktails are the best choice Mocktails are generally the non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktails. They bring together several exciting flavours in one exciting format. These are easy to make and inexpensive. It made by mixing different fruit juices, soft drinks, iced tea, etc. They are such a good option because you can imbibe moderately and feel great the next day, unlike cocktails, which stays with you even the next day in the form of a hangover.

Mocktails bring fun without alcohol, and they are a blend of several exciting flavours. Nutrient-dense ingredients like fresh vegetable juices, kombucha and coconut water, just to name a few. Ingredients like these are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals so they can turn a tasty mocktail into so much more.

Extremely easy and very less time consuming, these drinks are the best way by which you can make your party menu versatile!

You don't necessarily need to be quite the bartender to make a light mocktail, and anyone can make mocktails. Also, they are very cost-effective as alcohol is usually the most expensive part of the drinks menu, and mocktails require no alcohol.

Unlike a cocktail party, a mocktail party won't leave you hungover and miserable the next day. The biggest reason for mocktails to be so famous is that you don't have to damage your health to savour its taste. This is why cocktails are not preferred over mocktails, as you can drink something that tastes good and doesn't have to pay for it in the short term or the long term.

Easy Mocktail Recipes to Make at Home

Virgin Pina Colada

An unforgettable glassful will surely leave your tongue-tingling and shake your taste buds out of their reverie.

A fresh and tangy mix of pineapple juice and coconut milk, and bound together by a scoop of the always loved vanilla ice-cream! The virgin pina colada comes out to be a tasty and refreshing drink, perfect for any and every party that comes to mind.

A few household tricks can play the home run, and the same is with this mixed drink. Try to use readymade pineapple juice instead of fresh to keep the tartness in check, and to make the drink more predictable.

Just mix all the ingredients in the measure and blend them till they make a good mixture and serve chilled with garnishing, and the perfect thirst quencher is ready!

You can add 3 pineapple cubes as a garnishing element to make the drink look as good as it tastes.

The drink is not only tasty but also nutritious and contains along with other things a right amount of carbs, some protein and a good amount of sodium too.

Virgin Mojito

Mocktails come in a lot of varieties, some of which are just the non-alcoholic counterpart of the famous cocktails. One very famous example is the 'virgin' mojito, the go-to drink in the case you are not sure what your guests might prefer.

Virgin Mojito is a water-based drink that has mint leaves, lemon juice (citrus flavours), and sugar. The mint leaves also offer a multitude of health benefits such as aids in digestion, helps in common cold, soothes insect bites and many more.

This drink offers a lot of health benefits along with the brilliant expression of flavours fresh and soothing. What makes this one of the best mocktails is how this is to make!

All you need to do is to get the ratio of the three ingredients in the correct range and lo and behold, and your drink is ready! Place some mint leaves with lime juice and mash them till the leaves get slightly bruised. Add the honey syrup or sugar, as per your choice, and then just add sparkling water or any other aerated drink. Your virgin mojito is ready!

Add a lemon, and some mint leaves on the glass top to garnish it, chill, and your drink is ready to serve!

New Mother Mocktail (Juice Blend)

Just as the name implies, this new mother mocktail is made with a delicious blend of juices that are just perfect for recovering moms, baby showers or any occasion that calls for a fruity delight. A typical fruit mix, using three different juices, this mocktail makes sure your every sip is unique.

A significant fact to keep in mind while designing any menu is that every guest matters. Some people are always there who do not prefer strong drinks or any alcoholic drink. At a party, there must be something good and refreshing for everyone to sip and chill, and believe us, it feels good to be taken care of.

The best part, apart from the taste it offers obviously, is how easy this drink is to make. Just mix equal parts of cranberry, apple and orange juice in a big jug or mixer. Fill your most lively glasses with this mixture and then add a right amount of crushed ice to give it the added coolness! Garnish it with the fruit of your choice and tada! It's done.

Want to savour the flavour alongside your sugar worries? Just fill the glass halfway with the juice and then top it off with sparkling water or the soda of your choice. You can use both readymade orange juice and freshly squeezed orange juice, but we will always advise you to prefer the fresh juice as the freshness will surely come out in every sip you take.

The goodness of fruits and juices is known to everybody, and the same is with this drink. With the benefits of cranberry, apple and oranges together, you cannot ask for a healthier and lighter drink!

Non-Alcoholic Margarita

Margarita is a name as old as the cocktail itself. It is a classic drink and has been a favourite for a very long time. Virgin margarita is a non-alcoholic version of this famous drink. The best part of this drink is the citrusy tang it provides and is assisted by the salt-rimmed glasses to provide a well-rounded flavour that makes it a favourite amongst all.

You need orange juice, some sweet lime juice, lemon juice and a bit of sugar, and of course, ice. Don't forget to rub a half-cut lemon along the rims of the glass. Mix all the ingredients well in a large bowl and serve immediately.

This drink is perfect for kitty parties, small get together, and birthday parties.

With the benefits of all the juices involved in the recipe, this drink ticks all boxes in the healthy section, and you don't have to worry about your loved ones' health at all.

Pomegranate Cocktail or Mocktail

Call this pomegranate mocktail a mimosa or a spritzer with a twist, either way, and this drink calls celebration anywhere you may be, a party, or even alone!

It just perfectly fits in summer when you need some light and cool to beat the heat, or in the other months, when you want something that is not too sweet but at the same time lightens your mood up.
This drink can have a variety of versions, and you can make them just by interchanging one ingredient with another, and the recipe remains the same!

You need to balance the sourness of the lemon, the sweetness of the syrup, and the amount of spicy touch you need. The cardamom and vanilla bring out the real flavour of this drink, and you can vary their amount according to your own need. Serve this with fries, nuggets, or any other comforting finger foods.

Orange Mocktail

The citrus flavour is ubiquitous and never-ending, and you can see a brilliant array of drinks made out of citrus fruits. One of them is the tangy orange mocktail. With the delicious combination of fresh orange juice, mint, and a hint of lemon, this drink is sure to make your mood go as fresh as a lime!

The ingredients required are fresh orange juice, a small amount of lemon juice, a cup of sprite, ginger ale or sparkling water according to preference, sugar as needed, mint leaves, and some salt to taste.

This drink is very versatile and is ready to serve at any gathering or even just for yourself. Just add some ice cubes in the end and add a slice of lemon or some mint leaves for the garnishing.

Ginger Ale Recipe, Indian Style – Non-Alcoholic

Another refreshing drink coming directly from Indian households, ginger ale is a very famous and loved drink. A must-have in the hot summers, ginger ale, is always served chilled.

This drink is made up of ginger, lemon, and sugar. To make about 4 servings, you need about 200gms of ginger, sugar as per required (or jaggery), a cup of lemon juice, and some salt as per taste.

Mix these in a jar or a bowl and serve with plenty of ice cubes. Do not add ice cubes if not serving immediately.

Apple Pie Sparkler Mocktail

All the delicacy of apple pie, now with sparkling water in a refreshing blend of taste and flavour. Add it to your holiday table and make it more exciting and fun! Because apple pie sparkler mocktail is all about the holiday vibe!

A great option as a welcome drink for guests in the coming festive season. When guests will frequent your house, bring colour and flavour on your table with this drink, don't just go with the old and boring water.

A dreary water-based drink can be changed to a tasty treat just by some creative touch. Take a can of sparkling water and add it to homemade apple pie syrup to create a killer sparkler mocktail for entertaining your guests.

You don't even need to make the syrup the same time you make the drink. You can make the syrup beforehand, and whenever you need the mocktail, pair it up with the sparkling water, and your drink is good to serve!

Summerberry Cooler Recipe

A delicious drink made up of raspberry juice, along with the sweetness of strawberries, apple juice, and concentrated lemonade. A loved-by-all drink, it is perfect for any get together or a small party where you want to add something creative on the menu.

Take the fruits, and the juice concentrates in a blender and mix them well until smooth. Strain through a fine-mesh and discard the pulp.

Pour the concentrated lemonade in the mixture, and your drink is ready. Add a few ice cubes, and you're good to go.

Citrus Strawberry Mocktail Recipe

Feeling dull and looking for something refreshing to drink? This citrus strawberry mocktail is going to make you feel fresh and energised throughout the day. There is absolutely nothing that can go wrong when you are talking about strawberries and citrus fruits, so you have to try out this mocktail recipe.

All that is needed is strawberries, orange juice, sparkling water, lemon juice and icing sugar, mix all these and serve chilled. This drink is sure to rock the party and make all the guests love you!

5 Delicious Appetisers to Complement the Mocktails at Your House Party

Potato and Sooji Snack

This Dish is all about quick and tasty! Made with sooji and veggies and potatoes, these veg cutlets are perfect party snacks.

You can make these snacks in advance and keep them in the freezer. Shallow fry them only when you are ready to serve them. Cut them in the shape of your liking and entertain your guests.

Quick & Easy Samosa Bites

Another fun-filled delight that will fill your guests' bellies well and satisfy them to the fullest. These Samosa Bites make a great appetiser and make sure you make them extra as these go fast!

Ready in just thirty minutes, these are made up of potato and veggies filling, which make them everyone's favourite!

Mushroom 65

The perfect tea time snack, Mushroom 65 as the name suggests, is made of mushrooms. Often not much liked by many, it is a surprise something so tasty can be made out of mushrooms.

Take a bite along with your tea, and your evening is sure to be amazing.

Achari Paneer Braided Puff Pastry

Soft succulent paneer flavoured with a blast of tingling spices and seated in a buttery gold flaky pastry, and this is a mouth-watering treat that s fit for any time treating. An evening snack and an equally good starter meal, this Paneer Delicacy are sure to leave a taste in your mouth you won't forget easily.

Grilled Tofu Tikka Skewers

You will love this meatless delicacy with all the healthy protein. These Tikkas are an excellent option for the appetiser section of your party and are also perfect for potlucks and outdoor summer parties.

It is not as difficult to prepare as the other tikka dishes and is in no way any inferior to its paneer and chicken counterparts.

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How Healthy are Mocktails?

They’re just as healthy as the ingredients you put into them. So when you make mocktails, you want to choose wisely and make sure they are not just a nonalcoholic sugar and calorie overload. You won’t get hangovers and as long as you choose your mocktails carefully (low-sugar, for sure), then you can imbibe moderately and feel great the next day. Never overdo it because they do often contain fruit juices, which you only want to consume in small qualities. But you also won’t get addicted to mocktails.