Confused Between the Words Mocktail and Cocktail(2020)? Here is a Guide to Find the Difference and Enjoy These Different Kinds of Drinks According to Their Tastes and Preferences.

Confused Between the Words Mocktail and Cocktail(2020)? Here is a Guide to Find the Difference and Enjoy These Different Kinds of Drinks According to Their Tastes and Preferences.

When we see Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Martini or similar alcoholic drinks in a menu, we know those are cocktails. But what about mocktails? Mocktails are far more visually and aesthetically appealing drinks than the usual soft drinks. We’ve put together this list of mocktails, and traditional cocktail recipes that taste just as good with or without the alcohol.

Mocktail or Cocktail ?

Enjoying a drink with friends is one of the most favourite past time these days? And, why not? There is nothing as refreshing and relaxing as a cool and crisp drink after a hectic day’s work. However, most of the time, we relish these drinks without actually understanding the uniqueness and contrast between them. Been confused about deciding on whether you are drinking a cocktail or a mocktail? Well, you are not alone! Many people tend to get confused between the two terms and use them in the wrong context. In this article, you will get to know about the basics of the two types of drinks so that you will be confident to order the right type of drink next time!

Main Differences between Mocktail and Cocktail

Alcoholic Content


As the word “mock” in the term mocktail suggests, this drink is ideally an imitation of an alcoholic beverage. In essence, you will not be consuming any alcohol while drinking a mocktail, as there is no alcohol in it! Cocktails, on the other hand, has significant amounts of alcohol in the drink. A standard cocktail will have alcoholic content or a spirit combined with other sweet-tasting beverages.

The Preparation Method


There is no hard and fast rule for preparing a mocktail. This means that anyone can make a mocktail drink according to their instincts. However, cocktails are prepared based on a standard procedure. This is so because it involves the mixing of alcoholic content in the correct proportions. While preparing cocktails, it is most important that you do not exceed the alcoholic content and make sure to follow a standard recipe. Also, it is worth mentioning that there are standardized mocktails that are popular.

The Difference in Tastes

The taste between cocktails and mocktails differs considerably. Mocktails are generally very sweet in taste as it mainly consists of fruit juices and soda. Cocktails, on the other hand, usually taste a little sour or bitter. This is simply because of the fact that these drinks have alcoholic content in them. The taste of the alcohol mostly overpowers the sweet flavours or predominantly stands out, making it uncomfortable for a nonalcoholic person to consume. Nevertheless, sometimes mocktails taste a bit sour if left longer before consuming.

The Consumer's Preference

Why do you think there is a difference in the drinks in the first place? Of course, to suit both types of consumers- the alcoholics and the non-alcoholics. Alcohol consumers prefer to take cocktails, considering the similar aspects of having an alcoholic drink. However, non-alcoholics usually steer clear of any drinks with the stench and taste of alcohol. Hence, these types of consumers are generally fond of mocktails that are drinks similar to cocktails but devoid of the alcohol!

The Difference in Purchase Prices

Quite obviously cocktails are more expensive than mocktails. This is because they contain a significant amount of an alcoholic beverage in it. Alcohol or spirit is costly on their own and depending on the distillation method and the brand of the company, the price may vary. Mocktails, on the other hand, are more affordable by most people as these are simply a combination of fruit juices and sugar syrup. Moreover, they are easier to prepare and do not demand expertise in the preparation.

Age Limit for Consumption

Since the drink contains alcoholic content, cocktails can be consumed only based on strict regulation of age. Most governments around the world have imposed an age bar for people to consume alcohol. Any retailer or distributor found to be selling or preparing cocktail drinks to people below the government-imposed age limit will face legal consequences for doing so. Mocktails, on the other hand, can be consumed by all irrespective of age. These drinks are also called virgin cocktails or punch and can be consumed safely by children, pregnant ladies and even recovering alcoholics.

Consequences on Health

Although cocktails do not have the same consequence as direct consumption of alcohol or spirit, the drink is still harmful to the body. The alcohol content in cocktails affects the health of the consumer and may result in hangovers even the next day. However, mocktails are harmless drinks that are beneficial to the health of the consumer. And most importantly, do not leave you with a hangover on the next day! Are mocktails healthy for the body?

No party can do without drinks. So, there are cocktails for alcohol lovers and mocktails for non-lovers. But, does drinking mocktails imply good health to the consumer? Facts reveal that it does for more reasons than one! Here are some of the reasons why choosing a mocktail over a cock will turn beneficial for you.

  • Mocktails are hydrating as they are best when prepared with base ingredients like coconut water or sparkling mineral water.
  • Mocktails are prepared with nutrient-dense ingredients like fruit juices, infused herbal drinks, and even iced tea.
  • Mocktails have no alcohol in them. Thereby leaving you with all goodness of health without consuming alcohol that is detrimental to health.

What are the drawbacks of having mocktails?
Well, if you thought that mocktails are good to have at all times of the day, then we say you must refrain from doing so. Because:

  • Mocktails have a high content of sugar in them owing to the fruit juices in them.
  • Mocktails are generally prepared from processed juices (not fresh) with high sugar. They may contain chemical flavourings for added taste.

Bottom Line:

Cocktails were invented in the 1860s. Traditionally they were prepared with spirit, sugar, water and bitters. Later on, in the 1930s, need to be aroused for a drink similar to the cocktail but without the alcohol. Mocktails are considered a clever invention as they humorously rhyme with a cocktail and have an appropriate first syllable quite synonymous to their function!

So, the next time you are ordering a drink for yourself, do it with more confidence, as now you are more aware of what a cocktail and a mocktail is!

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To conclude, we can sum it as Cocktails and Mocktails are drinks that can be enjoyed in several ways, seasons and occasions. So, next time you head to a classy bar do ask for your choice of Cocktail or cocktail and if you are in a mood for experiments, just tell the bartender the base you want and he should do the needful.