Pet Accessories so Adorable You'll Want to Run Out and Get a Pooch or Cat of Your Own!

Pet Accessories so Adorable You'll Want to Run Out and Get a Pooch or Cat of Your Own!

Having a pet at home is like having a child, or another addition to the brood. There are adorable moments, fun play times, trying times and frustrating moments when they have a mind of their own and don't want to list. Most pet owners will treat their furry darlings as members of the family. And like any loved person, they'd want to spoil them with gifts too! Here are some great accessories to buy for your own pet or to give as gifts to someone who has one.

Pets are Often Treated as Family, with Good Reason Too!

Pets are defined as companion animals kept for company, entertainment or as an act of compassion. But we would like to define these little souls as true friends. They may belong to an entirely different species, but they first become friends, and then family, completely inseparable from us. There is something so magnetic about nurturing a life, and a pet lets you have that feeling mixed with lots of love. Here at BP Guide, we will guide you to care for, nurture and pamper your furry and not so furry friends.

Pets and Unconditional Love

Little do we realize that the love of a pet is the purest of them all. They love you no matter what you are, who you are and all in the return for a little love and care. Pets return the love you give to them manifold and you are immensely lucky if you have someone like that. Have you ever noticed, the family member who despises the idea of even bringing a pet into your home is the inseparable one in the end! That’s the magic of unconditional love.

Is Having a Pet Healthy?

Love, companionship and fun are all great, but did you know that having a pet is healthy? Yes! You heard that right. These little bundles of joy are good for your body and health too.

Studies show that dog owners, or those that have a pet are more active than those who don't. This in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Having a dog, or a very active cat or a pet that keeps you running around, helps you get the right amount of exercise your body needs on a daily basis. It is definitely a break from the continuous hours of sitting at a desk. It helps your blood flow, increase your heart rate and also get some vitamin D. The extra exercise that the pet owners get, also keeps the blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.

Pets aid to a great extend in reducing stress and prevent loneliness; especially if you live alone. Pets helping in mental health is a very credible fact. There- are therapy dogs and pets too. Pets also help to fight depression. Your heart and mind are sure to feel a lot better if you have a pet around, and who wouldn’t love endless snuggles and brainless talks with their pets.

Our Pick of the Top 10 Pet Accessories

Ticks and fleas are a pain to get rid of. They ooze the blood out of your pet, and multiplies in a blink of the eye. These parasites are extremely unhealthy for your pets, and once they are in your household, they are so hard to get rid of. Thus, prevention is the best option. Make sure your pet’s body is clean and regularly brushed. If you find any sight of ticks or fleas, rush to the doctor or chemist and get medicines and shampoos to get rid of them asap.

Accessories for the Mighty Cats

In recent times cats have given a very tough competition to the good boys around the world. The easy maintenance, less attention cravings, detached attitude could all be triggering the increasing number of cat owners. Here are a few special picks for all the kitties out there.

Cat Trees


The Callas Rio And Me Cat Tree Toy with 4 platforms, rope and scratching post is the perfect gift for your little furball. It is an amazing product made with high quality durable wood, covered in plush fabric that provides the perfect coziness to your kitty. The beige color cat tree is 44 inches in height. It is a great way to promote activity in your cat as there is ample room to run around, reach, climb and play. Grab this cat tree from at a great price of just Rs.2,199.

Luxurious Beds


The Hiputee luxurious and durable, polyester filled Soft Dual Colour Dog/Cat Bed is another must buy accessory for your pet. This bed is extremely cozy and breathable. The best part is that, it suits both warm and cold weather conditions. This bed can be easily moved around and is an extremely attractive addition to be placed in your room or living area. The bed also has nest-like walls that are filled with high quality soft polyester that surround pet. It induces a feeling of security and care. It can also be used as a kennel or crate pad for trained pets, multipurpose for those who can get creative with it. This bed is available in in various sizes, and is compatible for both cats and dogs. The XXL is priced at Rs.1,899.

For the Love of Fish

Fishes are a great option for those who are into appreciation from a distance. They are low maintenance and extremely calming to the eye and soul. Here is our pick for your beautiful aquarium.

Aquarium Decoration

For your little fishes, the Aquatic Gateway Sculpture Stone would be perfect. The most fun and attractive part of having fishes as pet is the decoration of the aquarium. It is indeed creating a world with our own hands. Head to to get this décor piece and so many similar ones. These are not just attractive decoration pieces but a home to your pets. It is priced at just Rs.428.

Accessories for Pets That Come in Small Packages


Finding the perfect accessory for pets in small sizes can be tricky. It could be rabbits, hamsters, kittens, lap dogs, or anything small, only a few realise that unconditional love is also available in small packages. Here is our pick for these little cuties.

Fabric Cage

The Petsworld Fabric Cage for Pet Animals is an apt purchase for your small indoor animals. It could be cats, small indoor dogs, lap dogs, rabbits, hamsters or any small animal. It is made up of water-resistant quality fabric, and is held up on solid steel rods as anchors; welded together in perfection. It has protected and reinforced seams and comes with a bottom zipper and a top flap for opening that can be removed. It requires no assembly and falls flat when needed for easy storage. It is available in at Rs.4,999.

Props for the Not So Free Birds

We are all about freedom in love for pets, but some birds are domesticated and that's about it. So what can be done is make the life in a cage fun and colorful as it can get. Here is our pick for your squeak.

Bird Swing

Birds are such sweet creatures. Waking up to their chirping sound could brighten the whole day. This time get a bird throne for your chirpy friend from It is made of quality wood and lined with colorful acrylic beads and bells for lots of entertainment for your little bird. It is easy to install and will for sure become a great play toy to perch on. A swing also promotes exercise, balance and coordination. So, it is indeed a win-win. It is priced at Rs. 313.

Accessories for Man's Best Friend: Dogs!

Cat's could plan of world domination for all eternity, but let's get real; dogs are love, dogs are the best, they rule and that is the final word. Here are our favourite picks for your non-stop wagger.

Tick and Flea Repeller

Thumb rule of pet care is to keep ticks and fleas away. These little parasites can prove to be extremely unhealthy for your pets, and also a great pain if indeed they get infested; as these things grow like wildfire. The Tickless Pet Ultrasonic Tick and Flea Repeller from is the one stop solution. It produces 40KHz ultrasonic waves with an operating range of approx. 1.5 m. Just fix it on your pet’s collar and enjoy 9-12 months tension free. It is priced at Rs.2,750.

Bow Tie

The good boy or grumpy cat of your family, deserves to look like one too. So, this time get him or her a lovely bow tie. The Huft Prism Detachable Bow Tie for Dogs from is a lovely pick. It is fancy, elegant and proper. It can be used for cats too. Grab this bow tie at just Rs. 299.

Jute Toy

Everyone loves toys. You do, we do, and our pets most definitely do. But it is very important that the toys we choose for our pets are made of good quality fabrics, that are not one bit harmful. And for the same we have chosen jute toys. Easy on the pet and the environment. The Tortoise shaped PetSutra Dog Interactive Toy for Puppies and Adult Dogs is our favorite pick. Grab this from at just Rs.599.

Pooper Scooper

As much as we love dogs and cats, we despise picking up their poop. The smell, the gags that follow! Let’s not get into details. Bid goodbye to the days of picking up the poop with your hands, the pooper scooper is here to your rescue. The Pet Dog Waste Easy Pickup Pooper Scooper from is a convenient and easy to use product. The large scoop also allows a on time pickup. This is an ideal gift to a pet owner. It is priced at Rs.1,598.52.

Mouth Muzzle

We know that you do not want to put a muzzle on your darling pet. But at times; trips to the vet and some public appearances would demand a bit of extra care. The HM Steels Plastic Mouth Muzzle from is extremely comfortable to be put on your dog. It is made of flexible straps and quality buckle; this is a lovely purchase. It is priced at just Rs.199.

Tips to Choose the Best Accessories


Since we are talking about pets and pet accessories, we will also give some tips on choosing the best pet accessories. They are short, simple and are as follows.

Comfort: when you look into buying pet accessories, your first and foremost concern must be the comfort of your pet. Buy materials and this are soft on their body and would not hurt them in any circumstances.

Usage: even though you would want to splurge, only invest in products that you and your pet would indeed use. There is absolutely no necessity in filling the garbage landfills. Also, buy products that are useful for your pet. What might seem useful for another need not be useful to your pet. Keep that in mind.

Price Range: when you buy pet accessories, make sure to stick to a lower price range. As these things are going to be used by pets, they are sure to get damages over a short period of time, and if not damaged, spillage and dirt are sure to mess it up. You will want to change whatever you have bought in while, whether it may be cages, utensils or toys. So, purchase wisely.

Pet Friendly Products: only purchase products that gel in with your pets. Buy products that are not harmful if ingested. And, if it is absolutely necessary to buy such products, make sure everything is sturdy and bite proof. More then the fanciness, the compatibility to your pet is what matters.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Pet!

Deciding to have a pet is not enough when it comes to having a pet. Getting a pet is definitely going to be a great change into your life and daily routine, and hence before you jump into it, have a clear idea of what you are getting into. You will not just be responsible to yourself, but also to the pet.

  • Lifestyle: while choosing a pet, it is imperative that you take your lifestyle into consideration. A dog or cat will be best suitable if you have a normal 9-5 routine that gives you enough time to walk them and take them out on breaks. If you are on a bit tighter schedule, go for pets like fishes, where just feeding and occasional cleaning id more that enough. If you are more on some indoor pets, you better opt for hamsters, rabbits and birds as you can keep food and water ready at their disposal, that you can even be away for a day or two. Make sure the pet you are going for can be well managed with your lifestyle and time schedules.

  • Expenses: let us tell you in advance, pets can be expensive. From their food, to cleaning essentials and veterinary visits, expenses are sure to come up and you must be prepared. Dogs and cats tend to be more high maintenance, that other pets. So, make sure, the pet you choose, fits your budget too. You cannot compromise on the quality of food or supplies of your pets, as it could greatly affect its health and lifespan.

  • Pet Source: the source of your pet should be well researched. Make sure your pets come from well bread authentic and healthy breeds to make sure, they are as healthy as they can be. Also, make sure to get your little animal friends from trusted breeders or pet stores. Always be safe than sorry.

    You can also adopt a stray from a shelter or rescue an animal in distress. There will be a lot more work involved here, from first taking the animal to a vet to get all the shots to health concerns that may never really go away. Depending on how much distress he or she went through, the animal may take a lot of time and love to come out of their shell. But such a pet will love you like nothing else on the planet and it will be a much more fulfilling experience.

  • Health: make sure their veterinary tracks are thoroughly checked and are vaccinated and disease free. We too are great advocates of pet adoption, but a through doctor’s checkup before you bring the animal home, is absolutely necessary. Just like you make sure of your pet’s health, make sure you are not allergic to pet fur and do not have other related health issues.

  • Family acceptance and Space: if you stay with your family, before getting a pet make sure to discuss the idea with your family members to know if all of you are on the same page. Parents and grandparents are sure to deny on the first trial. We all know the drill, don’t we? And then in the end they end up loving your pet more than anyone else. But there sure are situation when this don’t happen. This may be due to health concerns or even religious beliefs. So, make sure there arises no tension on the matter in your household. Just like consent of your family, it is also necessary to see if your home has the space or room to accommodate a pet. Fishes might just need a nice corner, indoor animals not so much, but dogs need their space, not just to move around and sleep, but also to go on walks and get some exercise. So, make sure your home is pet compatible.

  • Commitment: pets are not for the commitment phobic! Getting a pet is going to be a great obligation. Till death does you apart. It comes with great responsibilities that cannot be ignored. You need to take care of your pet on a daily basis even if you are not feeling like it, or don’t have the energy for it. Thus, only go in for getting a pet once you are completely sure about the responsibilities and commitments that come along with it.

  • Let your Heart Speak!: lastly no matter what all we say, it is all matter of the heart. What pet you want, which breed you want, how you want it and how you treat it. It is all up to you. And so, we wish that all your decisions are to be taken from your heart and with lots of love. Love can never go wrong!

Caring for Your Pet: the Dos and Don'ts

Just as we said earlier, getting a pet is not the last step. It is the first step to commitment and responsibilities. And just like you, we too love our pets. Hence, here we are sharing our must follow pet care tips, to ensure that your little friend is happy; both mentally and physically.

Exercise is as Important for Them as for You


First and foremost is exercise. Make sure your pets get enough movement and they do not become lazy. A short stroll, a little game of fetch or a few minutes of running around would be enough in a day, but it is absolutely necessary to give your pet that movement. It makes sure that, they do not become obese, remains healthy and their limbs are active and strong. It doesn’t matter if your pet is a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a hamster, a bird or even a fish; make sure they have enough room for movement, and they remain active.

Be Mindful of Their Dietary Needs

The right food is so important when it comes to the pet. Unlike what you had seen people do all along, please do not feed your pets human food. We repeat, DO NOT! What we eat, may be good for our gut, and would satisfy our taste buds, but these spices could be extremely unhealthy for your pets. Make sure you give them food, specially made for them. It is always not necessary to feed your pet expensive store-bought food. You can always alternate them with food specially cooked for them under the direction of your vet. This will for sure, ensure that your pet remains healthy and lives long. A great diet will also help maintain a healthy weight.

Enforce a Timetable

Another important thing you must do is to create a time table for your pet. Most of us suck at keeping one ourselves, but it is so good for your pets. Keep fixed timings for feeding them, and also train them to relieve themselves at fixed intervals. This would ensure that, they don’t mess up your home, and have better control of their bowels. Also, time tables prevent from over feeding the pet. Time tables can also be kept for walks and exercises.

Love and Care

Just like small children, pets too need love, care and attention. A small belly rub, a treat for behaving well, timely food and walks, exercises, small talks and anything in this line goes a long way with your pet. This immensely increases the bond and all this love and care will be returned to you in manifold. Pets are little lovebugs. They feed not only on food, but also on love and care.

Veterinary Checkup and Medication

Routine veterinary checkups are a must. Even if there are no symptoms of diseases, a routine checkup, vaccination and grooming can go a long way. Checkups are not just meant for dogs and cats; they are meant for all kind of pets. And they are necessary.

Timely medications and vaccinations are very important when it comes to pet care. Make sure you deworm your pets on a regular basis. Also, notice slight difference in routines like sluggishness of non-consumption of food. These are indications of diseases. It is also necessary to give them pet medicines, suggested by a vet. We need not become vets ourselves.

Training, Spaying and Neutering


As much as we would love to spoil our brats, it is very necessary that they are trained. From potty training, to food habits and behaviors, training your pet makes everything easier. Trainings are also immensely healthy for your pets.

Spaying is the removing of ovaries and uterus of your female pets and neutering the removal of testicles in male pets. Spaying and neutering help cancer and other related diseases and immensely improves longevity and health of pets. This also helps the females to not go into heat and the male pets to stay closer to home. Neutered male pets are also better behaved. And need we say, spaying and neutering is more cost effective that taking care of the litter.

Oral Care and Parasite Protection

Oral hygiene is very important when it comes to pet care. Cleaning your pets’ mouth, or using ingestible mouth washes on a regular basis will prevent development of plaque and other bacteria’s and also helps improve gut health. And nobody should want their pet’s mouth to stink like a dead rat. Oral Hygiene is a must. Period.

Likewise, ticks and fleas are a problem and a pain to get rid of. They ooze the blood out of your pet, and multiplies in a blink of the eye. These parasites are extremely unhealthy for your pets, and once they are in your household, they are so hard to get rid of. Thus, prevention is the best option. Make sure your pet’s body is clean and regularly brushed. If you find any sight of ticks or fleas, rush to the doctor or chemist and get medicines and shampoos to get rid of them asap.

From our editorial team

Safety is always a priority

As caregivers to an animal, it is your responsibility to look after their well being. They may seem like mature souls sometimes, giving you emotional support in a way no person can, but they haven't learnt to look after themselves and are entirely dependent on you. Anything you buy for them, from food to toys and hygiene products, all must be properly checked to determine whether it is safe for them. Much the way you'd do for a child or person who relies on you.