Top Picks for the Best Dog Treats for Training, Dental Health, Fun, and Special Occasions(2020)! Stock up on Some Tasty Rewards for Your Pup!

Top Picks for the Best Dog Treats for Training, Dental Health, Fun, and Special Occasions(2020)! Stock up on Some Tasty Rewards for Your Pup!

This article tells you all you need to know about amazing dog treats, and what you should consider before buying treats for your pet. We have recommended 10 dog treats that you can purchase online. Read on!

Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Treats

Having a pet can be a huge responsibility. You need to care for them like any other human. If you have dogs, the job is doubled since you need to take care of them the right way to keep them healthy and happy. You might have heard of treats being given to dogs. Do you know what they are? Treats are small snack loaded with nutrients and delightful flavors that your dog would love.

Now there are different types of treats that are available. The first types are the crunchy treats which mostly include tasty biscuits. They are available in different flavors, sizes, and shapes. However, it is important to choose a treat based on the size of your pet. The next type of treats is soft treats that are chewy and soft in texture. They can be used during pet training sessions.

The next one is Rawhide which is a bone treat that is made with animal hide and has further chemicals. However, these ones are not recommended. There are chews available which are for basically chewing purposes. They are made from cornstarch and other digestible ingredients. The last type of treats is Freeze Dried.

These are one of the best treats you can offer your dog since they are available in different forms like liver, seafood, meats, and poultry. These are the basic types of treats that you can feed your dogs and show them some good love. Now let's have a look at some of the basic things you need to consider before giving them any kind of treats.

1. Consider the Size of Your Dog

The treat that you decide to give your dog should be in accordance with their size. You can't just give a small dog a big treat and vice versa. You need to pay attention to the difference in nutrition requirements in every dog. Smaller sized dogs have lesser nutrition requirements than bigger sized dogs. Hence, first, consider the size of your dog and get them a treat accordingly.

2. Remember the Purpose

Treats are given for various purposes. Some owners give them during training, while others use them as a relaxation tool while the owners are away. Others treat their dogs to fill in their nutritional needs as well. There are dental treats available that help to keep the dog's teeth in excellent condition. Often dogs suffer from joint pain and dysfunction. In such cases, treats can be used to relieve pain and distract dogs from the pain.

If your dog is constantly asking for food and if you are worried about this massive size, treats are a low-calorie alternative that can be used. Some dogs also face digestive issues which can be due to a number of reasons like stress, change in eating habits or poor food quality. The treats are a great way to improve the digestive systems and are loaded with nutrients and proteins for your dog.

3. Decide on the Texture of Treats

As discussed earlier, there are multiple types of treats that can be given to a dog. Soft chews are a great alternative for dogs who have sensitive teeth. Additionally, there are dry treats and wet treats that are available in the market. Choose treats for your dog based on your needs.

4. Be Aware of its Contents

Be sure to know the contents of the treats. Some treats are rich sources of vitamins while others are rich in minerals. Know what your dog needs and provide them with the right kind of treats to fulfill their nutritional needs. Make sure to read the labels before purchasing any treats for your dog. The right treatment will add nutritional value to your dog's diet.

The Best Dog Treats Online for Your Puppies

If you plan on training your dog, play with them, or simply wish to cuddle them up, a dogs treat is a great way to make them feel loved and appreciated. While training your dogs, these small treats encourage them to continue good habits and behavior. Additionally, it also improves our relationship with our pets. Treats are also known to improve the dental health of dogs. Hence, it is a win-win situation.

1. Lil Bitz - Tasty Training Treats

The Lil Bitz Tasty Training Treats are bite-sized chewy morsels that your dog will love. They are grain-free, which is a great advantage. Additionally, they are a perfect alternative for sensitive tummies. Hence, your dog won't face any digestive issues on consuming this amazing treat. It does not contain any artificial flavours or colours. The treats have real chicken which no dog can ever resist. It is perfect for rewarding, training or simply to spoil your dog. Every treat contains 4 calories. It can easily be added to food and is a healthy, grain-free and tasty treat for your dog. You can buy this healthy dog treat at the cost of Rs.625 only.

2. Meat Up Chicken Flavour Dog Treats

Meat Up Chicken Flavor Dog Treats are another best-selling treat for your canine. It has a crunchy texture which helps to remove tartar and plaque build-up. It is rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which promote lustrous coat and shinier hair. The product does not have any added colours or flavours. Additionally, it is rich in loads of vitamins and minerals that keep dogs active and healthy. There are different flavours available like milk, mutton, and chicken. The oven biscuits are made with real chicken to provide a nutritious and complete meal for your loved pets. Make sure to store the product in a cool and dry place. Buy these treats from Amazon at Rs.199 only.

3. Acana Prairie Poultry Dog Food

Acana Dog Food is a dry treatment that uses low glycemic oats. They are locally grown which helps to keep the blood sugar stable. Similarly, it maintains physical fitness. It is a perfect treat for all dog breeds. The product has high protein content from turkey, chicken, eggs and herring oil. The special treats are packed with protein and nutrients which are great for active and healthy dogs. Give your loved pet Acana Dog Treats and see them dance with happiness. Heads Up Fortails offers this wonderful product at only Rs.299.

4. Jerhigh Cookie Dog Treat

This product is an excellent choice for dog treats. It is prepared with pure chicken meat and is made with extreme love and care to provide a nutrient-rich treat for our canine families. They are easily digestible, tasty, pure and fresh. There are no added colours or flavours in the product. Give your dog Jerhigh Cookie Dog Treat to provide them with natural goodness and other nutritional benefits for your dog. You can rest assured your dog will love its taste and texture. This amazing cookie dog treat comes at an affordable rate of Rs.175 only, on

5. Sara's Doggie Treats

Sara's Doggie Treats in the Chicken Liver With Tumeric flavour is an instant hit among dogs. These yummy treats are packed with loads of flavours from farm-fresh chicken liver. The amazing treat is slow-cooked at particular temperatures which retain its goodness and nutrients. Tumeric is a powerful ingredient that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant properties and is an immunomodulatory agent. The treats are rich in iron and Vitamin A. Additionally, they provide great snacking options for dogs. They are suitable for all dog breeds and contain 100% natural ingredients. Every treat should be given at moderate levels. Overfeeding can be harmful to your dog. Buy these doggie treats for your pooch at only Rs.315, available at Heads Up Fortails.

6. First Bark Soft Chicken Tenders

The First Bark Soft Chicken Tenders is another great option for dog treats. You can use it for training purposes or for snacking options too. If you happen to train them, the soft chicken tenders are a great way to teach them. The recommended quantity for small dogs is 1-2 treats, medium dogs can be served 2-3 treats while large dogs can be 3-5 treats. The ingredients in these amazing treats are vegetable protein, glycerine, sorbitol, corn, starch, and salt. This is a delicious treat with zero fillers and no added chemicals, colours or flavors. Try this lip-smacking snack treat for your dog and see them shower you with loads of love. These soft chicken tenders come at only Rs.148 from

7. Nap Pet India Puppy Dog Munchies Chicken Flavour Stick Treats Chew

The Nap Pet Dog Chews is a delicious and natural treat for your dog. When dogs are given these treats, the constant chewing action helps to prevent the build-up of tartar and additionally strengthens the gums. This, in turn improves the dental health of your dog. The treat is rich in Omega 3 which promotes shiny and healthy hair. They are extremely detailed to offer a tasty and nutritious snack option for your pet. They are low in fat calories and are keeps your pet active inside and out. Nappets offers this great product at Rs.240 only.

8. Fekrix Spinach Flavour Dog Biscuit

The Fekrix Spinach Flavoured Dog Treat is a yummy snack for your pawed friends. It is made with delectable wholesome ingredients which are essential factors for your dog's needs. The calcium in the treats promotes strong bones and teeth. The product does not contain any artificial flavours or preservatives. Some of the ingredients listed in the Fekrix Dog Treats are whole grain cereals, wheat flour, liquid glucose, edible vegetable oil, sugar, salt, milk solids, mint flavour, spinach, and invert syrup. Purchase the product at the given link above. Treat your dog with these super yummy snacks to fill their hearts with love. Purchase these dog biscuits at an amazing rate of Rs.180 only, on Pet Shop India.

9. Kabab Meat Flavour

The Rawhide Kabab Meat Flavour is a sure loved snack among dogs. The treat is formulated with all the necessary vitamins, proteins and minerals which provide the right nutrition for your dog. It can be used to train your dog or while simply spending time with them. Make sure to give these treats in moderation to your dogs. These are easily digestible snacks that are easy on your dog's tummy. They are loaded with the right ingredients to offer a wholesome great snack. You can buy these tasty kababs from at only Rs.150 for your pet.

10. Dog Chews and Treats - Chicken Big Sushi

Chicken snacks are some of the favorite foods of your canines. Let them indulge in these Dog Chews and Treats and spoil them with love. They include chicken meal and glycerin which will be your dog's favorite snack. Watch them wait for their favorite treat time. The treat is suitable for all breeds of dogs. Dogs having a weight of 5kg can be fed 1-2 sticks a day, dogs weighing between 5-10kgs can be fed 2-3 sticks per day while dogs weighing 10-25kgs can be given 3-5 sticks per day. Rs.200 is the only cost of this treat and it is available on

The Various Types of Treats You Need to Know

Dog treats are available in multiple varieties. Some of the most favorite ones are pig ears. They are made from the ears of pigs which are delicious yet fatty treats for your dog. Pig ears can be given occasionally to pets and not too often since they are linked with obesity issues. Find pig ears that are made with the least of chemicals. Other treats include special diet treats which are basically very healthy for your dog. Many stores even personalise special diet treats for dogs.

Every treat you give your pets should be overlooked for its calorie content. Too much of these treats can also be a danger for their stomachs. Make sure you know the purpose of giving such treats to your dog. You may give them to show affection, or train them, play or spend time with. Look for digestible treats that aren't too heavy for their sensitive tummies. There are a lot of options available for dog treats with different nutritional values.

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Right Food for Your Furry Pal

Select the right treat for your furry friends. You can even consult a vet for a detailed discussion on the same and inquire about the best treats for your dog. If you would like to purchase any of the above-listed products, click on the links to be redirected to the official websites. Make sure you serve your pets the right amount, else they might end up with digestion problems, or obesity.