Know Someone Who Can't Live Without Their Beloved Pet Pooch? Here are 10 Amazing Personalized Gifts for Dog Lovers in Your Life (2019)

Know Someone Who Can't Live Without Their Beloved Pet Pooch? Here are 10 Amazing Personalized Gifts for Dog Lovers in Your Life (2019)

Dog owners are obsessed with their pups. Friends never let friends obsess alone. Help take their infatuation to the next level with fun and create personalized gifts for the dog owner in your life. What’s better than scrolling through photos of the special fur babe? Putting those photos on a phone case, blanket, or even put it on a ring for the world to see their puppy love is real! Here’s a list of gifts for the friend who just can’t get enough of their four-legged friend!

How to Pick the Right Gift for Pet Lovers?

Something Useful for Both Pet and the Owner


While giving personalized gifts for dog lovers make sure that it is useful for both the dog as well as its owner. Of course, the choices differ when the person is only a dog lover but doesn’t actually own a dog of his/her own. Some of the most prominent choices you can make are Inset shield protect for dogs, dogs leash, first aid kit etc. Moreover, carriers and travel bowls can also be a great choice.

Cleaning and Organizing Products are Appreciated the Most

While it can be amazing to be a dog lover, it can be hard to keep the house clean. You can give a gift that can be helpful enough to make their lives more organized and well-arranged.

Accessories to keep the toys and treats of their dog well-arranged can be a great choice to make. Also, you can get some cleaning items for their home as well as some smart cleaning items for their dogs too.

Treats and Toys!

Treats and Toys for both the dog as well as the dog lover would be a great idea. You can always look out for personalized candies and other edible items. Moreover, giving a personalized toy with the name of the dog on it would be an excellent and quite an adorable move you can make. Apart from it, you can find a lot of different types of pet treat gift packs in the market.

Some Really Amazing and Personalized Gifts for Dog Lovers

Personalized Phone Cover


There are numerous types of personalized dog gifts for dog lovers which are surely quite adorable. We use our phone the most so why not give a gift that will showcase their favourite animal.

This is a personalized smartphone cover which you can create on your own for your friend. For this, you can choose the photo of a dog for them and you even have the option to add text too. The material of the case is sturdy and the matte finishing further makes it super attractive. You can personalize as well as buy this smartphone cover on for Rs 299.

Engraved Wooden Plaque

Dogs are man's best friend and they make our lives richer and better with their unconditioned love. If anyone you know loves their dog as family, then gift them this wonderful engraved wooded poster. Here a photo of your choice is engraved on solid wood panels by artists with a personal message as well. You have the option of picking from three wood types: Mahogany, Birch and Beech. Each panel is of 14 mm and there are three size options to choose from : 18x12, 12x8 & 9x6 inches. Order this on WoodGeek, prices start at Rs. 1,499.

Pet Figurine

One of the most amazing personalized gifts for dog lovers is this pet figurine. Getting a lifelike mini structure of the dog can be an extraordinary gift for someone who absolutely loves their dog with all their heart.

Mycutemini from Chennai does the job for you and thankfully they have a website where you can order the figurine. For this, you need to provide them with a few photographs of the pet and that’s it. This is a one month process at a stretch where you will be asked to give a nod to the process a few times.

This is a complete custom made gift where you can order for necessary changes if needed apart from the photograph. You can’t just find anything cuter than this for your dog lover friend. Get this pet figurine on for Rs 4,500.

Personalized Cushion With Dog Photo


Get the dog lover you know a cushion bearing the face of their pet. Surely they would love seeing their beloved dog's face beaming at them in their living room or their bedroom. Check out this basic option available on fnp,com. This custion measures 10-11 inches x 10-11 inches.

If you want a more luxurious cushion check out the sequin cushsion from for where it is available for a price of Rs 699. You can select from colour options like gold, red, blue and silver.

Pet Portrait

Another very interesting gifts for dog lovers would be to give them a huge portrait of their dog. Of course, you can’t do it on your own and this is why we are suggesting you a source to get the acrylic painting done with superb finishing too.

These acrylic paintings are 100% handmade by the artist of the website and the best thing about it is that you can make a thousand revisions in it.

Even the tiniest details are covered beautifully by the artist and you can further instruct them regarding special additions. There are a lot of options of customizations too like the size of the painting, several characters in the painting, finishing option etc. which further determine the final price too. A 12” X 12” painting of 1 character and framed can be ordered on for Rs 5,400.

Personalised Dog Collar

Every dog lovers loves accessories that make their favourite animal look good. Accessories like collars, bowls or even grooming kits are a great idea. To make it special how about personalising it wil the dog's name. Check out this cute collar from where you can spell out the name of the dog. There are 4 sizes available and the material is leatherite. You can add up to 5 characters onto the collar- the alphabets are slide on and smooth so they don't hurt the dog. Order it for Rs. 999 on the site.

Customized Collar Tag


Sometimes simplest gifts are the ones which turn out to be the most useful and special pieces. This cute collar tag is the perfect personalised gift for the dog lover in your life! This glittery dog tag has stone embedded around a space to add a photo graph or even text. There are several different shapes availabel from a plain round frame to stars and dog bones, each measuring around 35mx 35mm. Choose as per the style of the owner and dog! Availabel on Amazon Indiafor Rs. 1,610

Personalized Pet Mats

This versatile pet mat is a wonderfully useful personalised gift for a dog lover. Made of cotton/polyester mix fabric the mat can be used in the house, in cars or anywhere else. Easy to carry and manager, the mat will be dog's own comfy place to relax! You can customise it by adding the name of the dog at the corner. Available on for Rs. 1,799. There are 5 sizes available from S to 2XL, each suitable for different breeds. Look up the chart guide available on the site and order as needed.

Personalized Dog Toy


Dogs love toys and what best to delight them than a new toy? Here a special toy that is personalised with their name. Available on Etsy at prices starting at USD 19 (~Rs.1,500) this bone shaped toy is made of poly tweed, with polyester filling. Safe and fun to chew, the toy will be a wonderful gift. There are 3 size options : Small (9”), Medium (11”) and Large (14”) so pick as per the size of the dog.

Custom Magic Mugs

We totally understand the fact that photo mugs have become a very common gift to give to someone but it is undoubtedly one of the most adorable personalized pet memorial gifts you can think of. So, we decided to pick it anyway but of course, this one has some modifications too.

Known to be the magic mug, this is a mug made out of special material which shows the photo on its outer periphery when a hot beverage is poured in it.

It comes in black colour which remains the way it is unless something hot is poured in it. After a few seconds, the picture on the outside will become clear to you. Isn’t it simply amazing? You can get one such mug for your dog lover friend with the photo of the dog printed on it. Get your hands on this mug available on for Rs 249.


Another very useful item which can be personalized for your dog lover friend is a t-shirt. They can wear it as well as flaunt the love for dogs at the same time. It would be even cuter when you can get it personalized with the photo of their dog on it.

There are other options like the colour of the t-shirt, customization areas, gender of the recipient, and many more. After doing it all, you can finally design a t-shirt as per your requirements. These are round neck short-sleeved t-shirt which can be worn on a regular basis. You can customize and buy one on for Rs 325.

Other Creative Gifts to Consider for Dog Lovers


Apart from the best dog gifts mentioned right above, there are plenty of other creative gifts you can choose for dog lovers. If you are not looking for something too materialistic or personalized then we have some suggestions to give. These are mostly experience type gifts which will create great memories for you and your dog/pet lover friends.

Take Them to a Pet Cafe


Pet Cafes are the new cool trend in town. If you are living in a nice city then you are more likely to find these cafés easily. For example, there are some cute and fun-loving cafes opening all across the cities in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other big cities in India. If you are living in one such city then you can take your dog or other pet lover friend out there. This will be such an amazing experience to play with cute furry friends out there.

Help Them in Adopting a Pet


It is always a better decision to adopt a pet rather than buying one from high-end stores. If your dog lover friend is planning to get a dog then you can help them in adopting one rather than buying. You can contact shelter homes and other NGOs who continuously work towards caring for stray dogs and other animals. You can visit one such shelter with your friend and help them get their furry friend home.

Books on Pets

Caring for a dog is no less than caring for a baby especially in the initial days. If you are not keen on buying personalized gifts for dog lovers then you can buy them something which can turn out to be quite helpful in their journey of training their dog. A book on dogs or other pets can be a great help for them to take care of their dog in a better way. You can find plenty of such books on Amazon.

Let Them Babysit a Dog for a Day


You will never find a dog lover saying no to babysit a dog for a day or two. The best thing you can do for them is to give them the opportunity to babysit a dog for a day. You can talk to your other friends for it or some relatives too. You will surely find a solution to this idea and you can actually make them happy for a day.

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Your Thoughtful Gift Will Be Appreciated

You'd be surprised at just how much that dog-owning relative or friend of yours will appreciate your thoughtfulness in gifting his or her four-legged friend something special. No matter the size, shape, age, or breed of your unsuspecting recipient, there's a gift out there to match their preferences and style. Yep, we just claimed dogs have style, and we're sticking by that statement. The above-mentioned gift is few of the special, and sweet dog gifts on our list, and we know you're bound to love every last one of them.