Want to Give Your Dog a New Look(2020)? Take a Peek at Some of the Most Adorable and Practical Dog Accessories to Give Your Pup a Little Extra Style!

Want to Give Your Dog a New Look(2020)? Take a Peek at Some of the Most Adorable and Practical Dog Accessories to Give Your Pup a Little Extra Style!

Caring for a puppy is similar to caring for small children and it must not be taken lightly. You should make sure that you have the following 10 dog accessories before becoming a proud owner of Puppy.

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Pets and Our Mental Health

If you are a pet owner, you know how much your pet adores you by its jumps and wagging tail, the moment you arrive. You are filled with a sense of being wanted on seeing the joy of your pet. Do you know this feeling has an immensely positive impact on your mental health? We all go through stress, depression and anxiety in our day to day life which affects our health negatively. It has been found that pets can contribute towards eliminating these negative emotions of their owners. Quick cuddling of your pet dog can boost both your physical and mental health.

Pet owners immensely enjoy the company of their pets. A dog is the best friend of its owner. There are considerable positive aspects of the bond between an animal and a human. Pet dogs acquire the ability to comprehend our body language, voice tone and gestures. They even seem to understand our language and are always loyal to their owners. They stare into your eyes and try to comprehend your emotional state. They can decrease your depression, stress and anxiety thereby impacting your cardiovascular health positively. Your pet dog can reduce your sense of loneliness and provide unconditional affection. Studies have revealed that pet owners can handle more stressful conditions and their blood pressure gets lowered while dealing with their pets. You get calm and can relax easily since the secretion levels of hormones like dopamine and serotonin gets enhanced while interacting with your pet. You are rapidly de-stressed by the act of caring for your pet which helps to make you peaceful.

You are also able to get the required exercise while you take your dog out for a walk. This, in turn, keeps you fit and healthy. Your pet dog provides you with a strong company, which reduces loneliness and adds longevity. You fail to feel isolated as your dog yearns for you and makes you feel wanted. You can talk to your pet to ease your loneliness when you are alone.

Dogs like to follow a schedule of regular exercise and feeding which keeps them balanced and cool. Sticking to the routine of your pet boosts your mind and removes your anxiety and depression. Additionally, dog owners become socially active as they meet new people when they walk with their dogs.

Pets work wonders for elderly people as there are numerous health benefits from the interaction between animals and humans. The physical activity of the owners increases thereby causing a positive impact on the nervous system. The perception and moods of the elderly get positively influenced when they observe their pets which decreases their depression level significantly. The elderly people are filled with a sense of responsibility and learn to live with a purpose while caring for their pets. Thus they get stimulated to perform their daily activities and remain invariably active.

Points to Account for While Purchasing Dog Accessories

A dog owner requires telepathic communication ability, to understand the basic requirement of the dog. You should try to understand their body language and behaviours through keen observations to know that your dog is happy. Heed on the following points while buying items for your dog to make it happy.

Comfort Level of the Dog

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A comfortable dog is always happy. So look for accessories that put it at ease. Some signs of a happy dog are:

  • A happy dog blinks frequently and has relaxed eyes. A dog with a tough gaze and narrow eyes indicate an aggressive nature, while wide eyes show that your dog is troubled.
  • The ears of comfortable dogs remain floppy and loose. They may even keep one of their ears up, when happy. A scared dog keeps their ear pinned towards the back. If you find their ears thrust forward, they seem to be interested in something.
  • A dog at ease exhibits a loose body and wiggle around happily. When a dog keeps its body tensed, it means the dog is unhappy.
  • A happy dog seems to smile by opening its mouth and showing its teeth. However, a dog panting with an open mouth indicates it is completely stressed. The tail is another indicator of your dog’s comfort level. It would wag its tail softly and also raise it, when happy.

Choosing the Right Product

Dogs have their own preferences for specific things. You should procure items based on the comfortable level of the product, your budget and quality. Dog owners pay special attention to the quality rather than looks of the products they procure.

Price and Durability

You should examine the durability of a product before buying it for your dog. Your dog becomes accustomed to the product gradually, so durability is a must for dog accessories. It creates difficulty for changing their accessories frequently, as your pet may become uncomfortable. You should never compromise with branded products that guarantee safety and durability. The price of the commodities should also never be negotiated.

Safety of the Product

The safety of a pet is a major concern for all pet owners. You should always heed on the safety of your pet which will keep both you and your pet in a jubilant mood. The commodities you procure for your dog should always be made of non-toxic materials. Additionally, the pet commodities should be devoid of any sharp or rough edges, which may inflict injury to your pets.

Ten Different Dog Accessories

We are suggesting few cute and classy accessories for your pet dog, which will make both you and your pet happy.


It is more convenient to control a dog using a harness rather than a collar. It is easier to train your puppy who is learning to walk using a harness, as it prevents it from getting tangled in a leash and hurt itself. It is also suitable for your back and arms to control a big dog by equipping it with a harness, in crowds and busy streets, which prevents your dog from pulling. The pressure generated due to pulling gets scattered throughout the body of your dog, thus the strain on its back and neck gets decreased effectively. You can also help your dog to stand from its sitting or lying position by gently pulling on its harness. The seatbelt of your car can be easily attached to a harness that keeps your pet safe while driving.

This harness is padded for extra comfort of your dog and can be used daily. You have two options for attaching the leash. There is a ring in the shape of a V that gets placed on the centre of the back of your dog where you can attach the leash for daily walks. The reinforced webbing at the chest of the dog will assist you to redirect your dog. It also possesses a reflective trim so that it could be visible in poor light. You can buy this comfortable item from www.headupfortails.com at a price of Rs 3,500.

Lounger Dog Bed

There are different types of stylish and expensive beds for dogs. Your pet dog requires a bed for sleeping at night and also during the day. The bed will help your dog to sleep much more comfortably than on a human bed or couch. The beds keep them warm, calluses are prevented and their arthritic joints are cared for. Their bed can be carried wherever you move with your pet, which helps your pet to sleep in its familiar bed. This tends to reduce their anxiety about sleeping in unfamiliar places. Beds can also be easily washed which averts your pet from being infested by mites and fleas. Dogs feel safe and secured in their own bed, so they should never be punished on their bed. This can make them anxious preventing them to relax on it.

This cute and printed lounger bed is comfortable and soft for your pet to relax and sleep for long hours. Your dog will surely love this bed which is washable and quilted with a cushion for extra soothing. This bed can be procured at a price of Rs 5,299 from www.headsupfortails.com.

Dog Goggles

The goggles for dogs are termed as Doggles, which makes a dog fashionable and smart. The shades protect the dogs from sunlight and especially aid those with eyes sunlight sensitive to sunlight. Progressive eye inflammation is a condition for dogs termed as Pannus, which influences their cornea. Dogs of a breed like Labrador Retrievers, Dachshunds, Greyhounds, Border Collies and German Shepherds are generally found to be affected by this eye condition. Exposure to sunlight enhances the severity of the condition. The dogs having symptoms of light sensitivity, Pannus and dry eye conditions can be aided by the tinted lens of Doggles, which decreases the UV light.

This doggles come with a frame cushioned in foam to fit your dog’s face. Apart from protecting your pet against sunlight, the head and chin straps that are adjustable will keep the doggles in place. You can buy this pair from www.marshallspetzone.com at a price of Rs 592.

Puppy Pee Pads

If you want your puppy to be well behaved with their toilet habits, you should go for puppy pee pads. Pee pads are also given to dogs with neurological or arthritis problems. These items are very convenient as you can place them wherever required. If you live on the upper floor of a high rise building, it is much easier to use pee pads for your dogs, rather than taking the long spree to the ground level. The mess gets absorbed and can be disposed off in trash bins. Your pet learns the habit of peeing in an area away from their bed. Additionally, during foul weather, it gets impossible to take your pet dog out, when you can use the pee pads conveniently.

These puppy training pads are so manufactured that each of the pad has 5 layers that have high absorbing quality. The pads also have a charcoal tissue layer, which enhances its absorbent quality along with a leak-proof layer which prevents spoiling of the floor. It is equipped with a floor lock system to fix it at a particular position. These pads have a pleasant odour, are anti-bacterial and easily disposable. You can purchase this item from www.headsupfortails.com at a price of Rs 1,899.

Nutritional Food

Nutrition is essential for your dog’s health. It provides energy and maintains the health of your dog. Nutritional supplements are paramount for your dog, even though you may feed it with the most suitable food. Protein is an essential element for your canine as it helps in building and refurbishing of body tissues and muscles. Dogs need 22 essential amino acids for synthesizing the required proteins. However, the body of a dog can synthesize only around 10 of the amino acids, while they acquire the other required proteins from food.

Health problems like a loss in weight, dull coat and weakness occur in any dog when there is a deficit of these essential amino acids. The hormones and enzymes required to carry out the normal function of the body by boosting the immune system and give the required energy are also obtained from proteins. Nevertheless, proteins cannot be stored in a dog’s body like fat, hence it should be supplied regularly through diet or as a supplement. Dogs having more activity or lactating, sick and pregnant dogs require an extra amount of protein. This pack of nutritional food for dogs containing high-quality proteins is just perfect to provide the necessary energy and make your dog healthy and happy. You can feed this food multiple times during the day which stimulates the digestive system of your dog. You can procure this item from Flipkart at a price of Rs 900.

Pet Stroller

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A pet stroller is an excellent utility for carrying a litter of puppies. If you are visiting a doctor, you can keep your pet stranded on the stroller and prevent it from running on the floor which always has a chance to contaminate your pet. The stroller helps to transport your pet from one place to another if they get exhausted. Elderly people who tire easily prefer strollers for their dogs, as they can walk at their own pace. You can also use the stroller as a seat for your dog on occasions like dog shows. The paw pads of your dog get uncomfortable while walking, as the road salt has a tendency to make them dry, which can be avoided using a stroller.

If you travel with your pet on boat and cruises, it becomes easy with the stroller, as most dogs hate walking on docks. Your dog remains safe on a stroller from other aggressive dogs. This stylish pet stroller is equipped with front shock absorbers, rear security brakes, storage basket and cup holder. It also has a rain hood and ventilation mesh, screen windows along with a compartment for storing goods. It can be easily folded. You can buy this cute stroller for your pet from www.ubuy.co.in at a price of Rs 6,997.

Carrier Crate

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A carrier crate is a suitable place to keep your dog when you cannot supervise it and avoid behavioural problems like digging, chewing and barking if kept outdoors. The materials of the kennels should be made of metal, wood or plastic which should always be leak proof. The screws and nuts should not be exposed as these might inflict harm on your pets. The kennels should be well ventilated and the wheels should be detachable and not emit offensive odours. This crate to carry your dog is made of biodegradable plastic, with a strong handle. It has slits for adequate ventilation due to the proper circulation of air. You can buy this product from www.marshallspetzone.com at a price of Rs 1,530.

Pet GPS Tracker

Since dogs are curious by nature, they move away if you let go off their leash. This makes you tense as you have to search for your dog without any clue. Presently, the GPS tracking collar has become an essential item in the accessory list of dogs with which you can easily track your dog’s movement with this gadget. The GPS tracker can also monitor the heart rate and the amount of exercise your pet is getting and can be loaded into your cell phone making the operation easy.

This pet tracker can be attached to your dog’s collar and is made of skin-friendly materials which will not irritate the skin of your dog. This small-sized tracker also has a long battery life, is lightweight and adjustable. You can get this GPS tracker from www.ubuy.co.in at a price of Rs. 4,367.

Anti Skid Dog Shoes

Dogs of certain breeds like German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are susceptible to health conditions like degenerative myelopathy and dysplasia of hips, which finally causes osteoarthritis. The dogs walk in discomfort under these conditions like dragging their paws, scrapping and rubbing their feet which causes more severe problems in their paws. A set of shoes for your dog will reduce these problems by making its paws stable and further protects it from the cold winter, hot pavement during summer and things like shattered glass pieces that may be strewn across the road. It can enjoy trailing with you when equipped with the perfect footgear.

This pair of attractive anti-skid shoes will prevent your dog from sliding or slipping away on smooth surfaces like a tiled floor. You can buy this red and black pair of shoes from www.marshallspetzone.com at a price of Rs 1,580.

Dog Car Seat

A dog car seat protects the dog securely in its place with the help of a seat belt and prevents it from sliding away. This seat is essential for puppies as they get distracted easily and may create disturbance for you while driving. It can look out of the window safely while you drive by being strapped on the seat.

This pretty pet carrier and car seat can be easily attached to the seat belt. It is devoid of the zipper so your puppy can easily enter it. You can secure your pet my attaching the harness to the interior tether. The pad inside can be removed and washed easily. You can buy this item from www.ubuy.co.in at a price of Rs 3,602.

Top Pick: Groom Your Pet Dog in the Most Suitable Way

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You can choose from a wide range of pretty and cute commodities to adorn your dog. Do not go by the looks of the materials. Since a dog can never express, so you should be extra careful about its comfort. Always purchase things which are safe and comfortable, although it may lack the desired looks. Choose the appropriate product and be the proud owner of your pet.

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Regardless of what pet you have, they want to engage in recreation. Toys are the one pet accomplice that allows owners to ruin their pets. To remain your pets amused you need to present them a lot of different toys. Again you need to spotlight on the size. Pets often won’t play with toys bigger than themselves and some pets can consume smaller toys which can lead to injurious medicinal problems.