Discover Some of the Best Monthly Dog Boxes from Our Recommendations That Your Dog is Guaranteed to Fall in Love with Month after Month

Discover Some of the Best Monthly Dog Boxes from Our Recommendations That Your Dog is Guaranteed to Fall in Love with Month after Month


Looking for awesome new dog toys, tasty and healthy dog treats, grooming items, chew toys, and more for your dog? If so then a monthly dog subscription box is the perfect option. We round up the best subscription services for you to choose the right one. From health boxes to foodie and toy selections, there is something here to suit every pup.

How to Make a Dog Feel Loved

  • Give a dispensing toy as a treat
    Dog’s toys are essential as they help in the brain development of the puppies and keep them occupied at home while alone. The dispensing toys keep their brain challenged and entertained and are the major motivators in their life. Some of the interesting dispensing toys are Kong toys which are best for the aggressive chewers. They can be stuffed with food and will help your dog to spend hours with these toys. Other dispensing toys are the durable Pickle Pocket, the best gasification like Kibble Nibble, Tug-A-Jug which help to clean your dog’s teeth.
  • Take to the park
    Dog parks are one of the best options for the dogs and even their owners to socialize and interact with other people and pets. There are several benefits of taking your dog to the park as it allows your pet to be free of the leash and socialize. Regard taking your dog to the park, not for his exercise which can make it a chore for you, but your good health and daily exercise. The outdoor fresh air and no-leash give your pet energy to learn new things like trying to follow their noses etc. you can be benefited to know that how much control you have over your pet when it is released free in a big area. Nothing can make you happier other than watching your pet having a good time.
  • Give a dog a massage
    Dogs love your touch when you rub their belly scratch behind their ears but just like humans they love getting massages too. While it may feel silly but it is actually beneficial for your pet and it also helps to connect you with her and create that unconditional bond, along with relaxing the pet.

Best Dog Gift Box

Woof Box

Woof-Box is the monthly subscription of premium goodies that you can use to enhance your pet’s well-being and make them happy. The beautifully decorated box is loaded with four or more goodies like dog treats, dog toys, accessories and surely a lot of love. If you go to a normal pet store, you will find all the common toys and treats. Over that, you have to buy them individually. But the package of Woof Box is loaded with unique four or more goodies which are carefully curated with interesting goodies hard to find in normal pet stores.

They also make sure that each subscription comes with new surprises every month, and nothing is repeated. You can also wish to have something that you may like in the box for the next month, by simply giving a call to their phone number. If your puppy does not like an item in their WoofBox, the company will simply replace the item for free without any fuss. The quality is guaranteed and replacement is free of cost. You just need to log in to their website and sign up for the amazing subscription box. The subscription boxes are shipped every month full of exciting and exclusive toys and treats for pups. There are six subscription box packages –Birthday special Woofbox for Rs. 2,762 – Rs. 3,293, Puppy starter Woofbox for Rs.2,360 - Rs. 25,488, Adult special Woofbox for Rs. 1,888 to Rs. 20, 391, Vegan special Woofbox for Rs. 1,888 - Rs. 20, 391, Chew Master (Serious Chewer) for Rs. 3,300 – Rs. 4,500 and Senior Special Woofbox for Rs. 2,360 –Rs. 25, 488.

Pet Box

Pets like dogs are the best friend of humans. We will never find such a loyal and loving friend anywhere else, not even in human beings themselves. Human friends might get bored and ditch you in life, but the loyalty of a pet dog is unimaginable. Pets are everything in our life from being a best friend, a stress buster, or a partner in crime, thus it is our happiness if our pet remains in their happiest mood and shape. PetBox is the pet hub of all the necessary accessories for your pet. Pamper your pet with the pet essentials so that they live happily with you. From a comfortable pet bed to healthy pet food, favourite toy or full-fledged health-box, the PetBox supplies everything that any pet or parent could ask for. They also supply funky and playful pet accessories along with pet vaccination health records. Your dog will enjoy a variety of things from their website such as – Dry food, Dog health wellness, dog biscuits and treats, dog grooming types, bowl and feeders, collars and leashes, dog toys, flea and ticks and other accessories. You will get ‘Pet Health Box’ is a great service by Pet Box which you can access after subscribing and logging in to your account on their website

Marsha and Buddy

The perfect innocent bond between a human and their canine companion is the best gift on the planet. Marsha and Buddy is a dedicated brand that respects that bonding and tries to make your doggy as happy as possible in their special way. They believe that just like human beings every dog has a different choice, personality likes and dislikes. That’s why the product range differs in a variety of ways. You can subscribe for the subscription box which has different items in each of the - Buddy’s play box (Rs. 850 – Rs. 1,800), Buddy Bite Treat Box (Rs. 672), Buddy Bo which is a six month subscription box (Rs. 6,480), Buddy Bo three month subscription box (Rs. 3,420), and Buddy Box a one month subscription box ( Rs. 1,200). You can also buy single treats, accessories, grooming products, clothing, and food separately from their website if you wish. They have an amazing variety of healthy food options for your dog which comes with yummy taste.


Scriberr is a marketplace where you can get the subscription box option for your pet dog. If you are following a hectic schedule and want to spend more quality time with your pup and pamper her then you deserve a bit of indulgence every month. It is a great way to experiment and explore new products while revamping your pet’s life. All you have to do is to subscribe to the box of your choice which comes with a guarantee to deliver the top-notch quality products at super affordable prices right to your doorstep every month. The subscription boxes for your doggy include WoofBox and Wowdogbox, Rs. 1,600 to Rs. 799 respectively. The wide range for curated Monthly Boxes is a convenient way to gift to your beloved ones pet too.

Rescue Chocolate

Rescue Chocolate offers perfectly giftable collections of our life-saving sweets! Their chocolate bars are all vegan and are handcrafted. They are available at a subscription rate of Rs. 1,500

Doggie Dinner Jar Box

A Personalized Gift is itself a unique, easy and fun experience for everyone, and if it is for the beloved pet dog then it becomes a celebration whether you buy it for a special life event or just like that. These personalized gifts represent creativity, individuality and joy. There is no gimmick or hidden fees and the personalization is free of cost. Most orders ship out in just one or two days even if it is customized. The ‘personalized dog dinner treat jar’ can be personalized with any two lines of text of your own choice. It comes with an airtight lid and a glass container. You can choose from nine design colours and the capacity of the jar is 26 oz. You will need to wash by hand as it is not dishwasher safe. Keep the favourite treat of your pet friend in this stylishly printed with a retro doggie diner dog bone design. The price for this item is Rs. 1,420 approx.

Dog Birthday Gift Hamper Box

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your furry friend or someone who has a pet dog at house, this gift box from Etsy is a wonderful thought to surprise the cute one. The gift box is unique and can be personalized, which contains so many yummy treats. The box can be personalized with the name of the dog applied to the top lid and the box is made from solid 100% recycled cardboard with a magnetic closure and a fabric tab with a hand-tied ribbon, it is and beautiful and a keepsake. Each box will come with the following products - Dog Popcorn x1, Dog Sausages x 2, Crunchy Biscuits x 2, and Natural Dog Jerky x 2. The treats are suitable for dogs from the age of six months. The price of this personalized treat box is Rs. 3,828 approximately.

Duo Gift Box

If you want some weird, fun and wonderful gift for your dog or another pet-loving family on the special birthday of the dog, then Prezzybo is the right choice for you. Pawsecco Duo Gift Box for Dogs treats your precious pet dog with their own Friday night wine party at home. With the advice of veterinary experts, the Pawsecco treat has been created and the dogs have tested the taste. It contains 100% natural herbs, using healthy herbal infusions using Elderflower, Linden Blossom and Ginseng. In this awesome pack you will receive 2 x 250 ml bottles, ‘Pet-House White’ and Pet-House Rose’. The outer colour of the box is different and you can choose them but the inside content will be the same. You can pour it over food or serve as a drink, whatever the pet loves best. It is created with high-quality herbal ingredients like Elderflower, water, caramel (natural), and created with healthy hers which is alcohol and grape free, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The dimension of the bottle is 20.50 (L) x 12.00 m (W) x 6.00 cm (D) and the price is Rs. 1,255.

How to Choose a Perfect Gift for Dogs

Gift a Cosy Bed

Think about a comfy long night sleep for your pup and choose a dog bed wisely. You need to measure your pup and go for a ‘cave bed’. Look for a heavy-duty bed and get a machine washable cover for it.

Choose Necessary Supplies

Buy something that will be necessary if you have a dog at home. The collar and leash, a good organic pet shampoo, some grooming kit, travel essentials are some of the things you should always keep handy.

Get a Toy Pack

Always keep some chew toy packs for your loving friend, as more or less every dog loves to play with various kinds of toys and chew them. Playing rope, with the ball, puppy teether, plush dog toys are some of the good toys you can always keep at home.

Make the Special Occasions Special for the Dog Too

You can make yourself and the pup happy by celebrating his birthday or any special occasion. Give extra care and attention with some homemade food, and special gifts. Remember they are no less than humans regarding emotion and will remember tiny things you do with love.

Gift something unique

Try to gift something unique to your pet dog or some pet-loving friend. A grooming shampoo, a dog jacket with a hoodie, a dog bow tie or pup carrier are some unique yet useful things that will show your love for the cute pet.

From our editorial team

Do Your Research

Check out these fun pet subscription boxes to find the best fit for your pet’s personality. If you’re curious about what the subscription experience is like, browse the many photos and videos other pet parents share as they unbox goodies each month. You’re sure to find something “pawsitively” appealing for the furry friends in your life.

Once you determine what type of box will suit your pet’s lifestyle and interests, you have all the information to research the best subscription box for you and your pet. We recommend comparing at least 3 or 4 options before making a final decision. Searching online is typically the quickest, most thorough way to discover all the pros and cons you need to keep in mind.