Spoil Your Pooches and Toms with These Functional and Adorable Pet Collars! 19 Pet Collars + Accessories for Both Cats & Dogs (2019)

Spoil Your Pooches and Toms with These Functional and Adorable Pet Collars! 19 Pet Collars + Accessories for Both Cats & Dogs (2019)

Can't keep ahold of your hyperactive dog? The least you can do is to have a check on him! From GPS dog collars to cute little collars for your pup, this post brings you all kinds of accessories for your pets. Keep scrolling to find them all!

Get Your Pet a Collar!

If you are reading this article, then you either own a pet or are a pet lover. Pets, our sincere and trustworthy friends for ages, are always cuddling, playing, waiving their tales, or jumping around us. Your pets require a lot of care and pampering as they are dependent on you for food, shelter, and, most importantly, love. Dogs and cats are the most petted animals, and although they are quite homely, they still need to be tamed at times, and hence, the requirement of pet collars becomes all the more important.

We usually don’t bother much about the type, material, or design while purchasing a pet collar because we think of it as a regular staple for our pet. However, different types and sizes of pets may require specific pet collars, and that’s what we are going to discuss in this short article. Simultaneously, we will also check a few cute and useful accessories for dogs and cats.

Pet Collars for Dogs

GPS Dog Collar

If you have a hyperactive and runaway dog, then you need this GPS Dog Collar. This dog caller can track your dog anytime and records the tracking for the past three months. There is an option to call the pet tracker from your phone and also check the location and movement of your pet right on your phone. It also comes with a Security Fence feature by which you can set an area and will immediately get an alarm on your phone whenever the pet crosses that perimeter. The callback function automatically calls on the phone number set by you. The tracker is water-resistant and lightweight with 3-5 days standby time and has a low power alarm as well, reminding you to charge it on time. This GPS Dog Collar can be purchased from thedelhihaat.com for Rs. 3,096.

Nylon Leash with Collar Set for Puppy

A soft, but sturdy nylon collar with leash set for your cute puppy, which will not be very hard on the neck of your puppy. Only half an inch broad, this 17 inches long collar sits comfortably across the neck of your collar, and the 55-inch leash lets you control your pet. This nylon leash with a collar set for your puppy can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs. 199.

Adult - PetSutra Reflective Dog Collar

This pet collar is handy when you want to take your dog on a walk during the late evenings as the reflective stripes offer high visibility during the dark. The PVC coated nylon material is waterproof and flexible, thus providing extra comfort to your furry friend. Further, the nylon padding is easy to clean and strong enough to hold even the very active dogs. The odour-proof and adjustable pet collar can be purchased from petsutra.com for Rs. 412.

Big Size Dogs - Chrome Plated Dog Collar Choke Chain

This Chrome Plated Dog Collar Choke Chain is for the big boys, especially the ferocious ones. This choke chain is 63 cms in length and lets you control the heavy dogs easily. Once the chain is pulled, it applies pressure on the dog’s neck and thus choking his breath to some extent, which instantly calms him down. The pressure will automatically release, once the dog slows down to a normal pace. This chrome-plated choke chain can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs. 190.

Brass Spike Pu Collar for Medium & Large Size Dogs

This looks more like a spiked armor for your dog than a collar as the shining brass spikes beautifully sit on the 2-inch broad leather belt. The belt is 25 inches long and can be adjusted according to your dog’s neck size. This spiked collar is especially useful if your dog has a habit of picking up a fight with other dogs every other day as the spikes protect the neck of your dog from the sharp teeth and claws of other dogs. Also, the brass rivets in between provide a beautiful look to the collar; this brass spike collar can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs. 784.

Some Cute Dog Accessories

Moving from dog collars to dog accessories, we have listed a few items here which are useful as well as entertaining for your pooch. The dog accessories are an important part of the daily care and training of your dogs and hence should be chosen wisely.

Comfort Harness Vest for Dogs

If you think that a choke chain is getting a bit too harsh on your dog, because he is overly active, and at times this action gets him into a fussy position as his breath gets stuck due to the choke chain, then this comfort harness vest for dogs can be an excellent alternative to keep control over your heavy canine. This harness also has a sturdy stitched handle to directly keep a tab on your dog, apart from the usual leash. The reflective thread in the stripes ensures your dog’s safety during nights, and the inner pad is soft and can absorb sweat, thus not providing any discomfort to your dog during the long walks with you. This strong and attractive harness vest can be ordered from amazon.in for Rs. 799.

Durable Rope Training Leash For Dogs

We have talked about collars and harness vests, but to control your dog from a distance, a strong leash is equally essential. A beautiful and sturdy leash not only lets you take charge of your active dog but also completes the look with a dashing collar and gives a style statement for the owner as well. This jute and rope leash is soft on hands, and the steel harness at one end of the rope can take an adequate pull of your dog. The design is crafted to make it anti-slip and can be purchased from petsutra.com for Rs. 289.

Adjustable Plastic Dog Muzzle (Medium)

This plastic dog muzzle is perfect for dogs that tend to attack or bite strangers even when you are on a walk holding his leash. The plastic basket gives overall protection, and the padded and comfortable belt doesn’t hurt your dog while he is barking. Also, while your dog is playing off-leash, this muzzle prevents him from eating undesired objects. It’s ideal for medium-sized dogs and can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs. 220.

Big Rubber Ball Toy for Medium and Large Dogs

An excellent item to keep your pet engaged, entertained, and physically active. This rubber ball toy bounces in different directions, thus keeping your pet amused, and they will be busy playing with it while you are engrossed in other important tasks. The rubber ball toy for dogs can be purchased from amazon.in.

Bone Shaped Steel Customized Name Tag

This bone-shaped steel customized name tag is not a normal dog name tag, but you can get the pet’s name and your mobile number engraved on it which will help you to track your pet if they are lost as you can be reached on your mobile number by the person whosoever finds your pet. This sturdy steel name tag can be ordered for Rs. 225 from marshallspetzone.com.

Collars for Your Troublemaker Cats!

Yes, we love cats too! These little pets of the lion family aren’t as active as dogs and normally stay quiet and move slowly, but sometimes they act very naughty. Cats, generally being smaller and softer than dogs require little bit more care and supervision. We have handpicked few cat collars specially made for cats and your cat is definitely going to look much cuter and prettier after wearing them.

Cat Collar, Faux Leather, Purple

The purple color cat collar is made of faux leather, thus is soft and protects your cat’s neck from itching and irritation. The collar is made of a single piece of leather and is crafted out of non toxic material. The silver buckle is made of brass and can be adjusted as per your cat’s size. This beautiful cat collar is available on petsutra.com for Rs. 299.

Bandana Cum Neckerchief Collar for Cat

This bandana cum neckerchief collar will make your cat look like a superstar. The band is made of soft leather, and the bandana is made from cotton. Keep a gap of 1-2 cm while adjusting the metal clasp in your cat’s neck. Purchase this bandana cum collar for your cat from flipkart.com for Rs. 219.

Embellished Cat Collar Charm

An apt collar for your kitten, this embellished cat collar charm is made of 100% Nylon rope which is made of high quality adjustable sliding knot closure and the five jingle bells not only add to the appeal of this collar by giving it a necklace look, but also produce sweet sound while your kitten is in action. The collar weighs just 14 gms and can be purchased from flipkart.com for Rs. 180.

Bow Collar Mascotas Charm Collar

Another beautiful pet collar for your kitten, this batman design bow tie makes your kitten look smart and adorable. The bell pendant produces a crisp sound and looks very elegant. The collar is made of PU leather, which is soft on the kitten’s neck and this pet collar can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs. 275.

Red Silver Studded Alphabets Upto 7 alphabets Collar

Here is one more customisable pet collar for your cat on which you can get the name of your pet in the form of beautiful and shining alphabets on a red-coloured belt. The pet collar is available in four different sizes and can be purchased from marshallspetzone.com for Rs. 765.

Cat Accessories

Cage Mouse Toy for Cats

Play a Tom and Jerry game in your house with this cage mouse toy, and this toy is surely going to catch the attention of your cat. An artificial fur mouse is trapped in an alloy cage, and your cat trying to catch the mouse makes for an entertaining situation for you and amusing game for your cat. The cage is about 6.5 cms in diameter, and it can be purchased from marshallspetzone.com for Rs. 106.

UV Protection Sunglasses Windproof with Adjustable Band for Cat

Make your adorable cat look like a rockstar and protect her eyes too. These UV protected sunglasses come with an adjustable band and fits perfectly on the face of your cat while making her look smart and cool. You can put these glasses on your cat on a picnic, outing, on a beach, or even for a selfie with yourself and enjoy the likes putting it on social media. These UV sunglasses are available on amazon.in for Rs. 2,609.

Cute Pet Water Drinking Fountain

Let your cat have her drinking station with this cute pet water drinking fountain. With a little bit of training, your cat would know where to head for the next time she feels thirsty. This 1.6 L Pet water drinking fountain is made of anti-bacterial BPA free PP resin and without plastic microparticles to give clean water to your cat. It also has an activated carbon filter that keeps the water clear and fresh. The fountain has a low consumption water pump, which operates silently, and with regular usage, it would consume only about 1.5 kWh per month. The pet water drinking fountain can be purchased from thedelhihaat.com for Rs. 2,840 and is available in green, blue and orange colours.

Pawzone Kitty Hut

A cute little adobe for your kitty, which itself is shaped like the open mouth of a cat and is quite comfortable from inside. The height of the hut is 12 inches and is 17 inches long, making it spacious for your cat to hide or sleep. The cute hut can be purchased from marshallspetzone.com for Rs. 1,875.

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