Top 10 Netflix Teen Movies to be Watched Solo or with Your Best Friends in 2019: Binge Watching the Best of TV and Films Has Never Been So Good!

Top 10 Netflix Teen Movies to be Watched Solo or with Your Best Friends in 2019: Binge Watching the Best of TV and Films Has Never Been So Good!

For all of those who don't like going out much, Netflix comes as a boon! With every genre of movies and TV shows present over there, you can watch plenty of movies and shows every day and would still not run out for years to come! If you're planning for a sleepover or looking for some of the best movies which you could watch with your friends or even alone on your devices, we've got the best movies for teenagers to watch. So what are you waiting for? Login your Netflix and start watching!

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Why You Should Subscribe to Netflix?

Content is king and the king of streaming content today is Netflix. For those living under a rock, Netflix is the world’s biggest Video On Demand (VOD) service. It is subscription-based streaming Over the Top (OTT) service which offers online streaming of a library of films and television programs, including those produced in-house. Netflix is not just a streaming service; it is ingrained in the neo-urban culture.

We see a massive shift towards digital forms of entertainment, and Netflix along with some other contemporaries is paving new ground. Everyone is jumping on this bandwagon, and it is probably time you did too. A significant difference between Netflix and other streaming platforms is that Netflix doesn’t just stream content but also produces content with major hits in both regional and international markets. Roma, a Netflix film, won three Academy Award (Oscars) in 2019. This goes to show that Netflix is here to stay and to make quality content for its customers.

Another thing that works in favour of Netflix is ‘account sharing’. With Netflix, you can have multiple users that can access Netflix under one subscription. So this makes Netflix great for families or even for a group of friends. What more? This gives you something to talk about. If there is anything that people today don’t want, it is FOMO. So don’t miss out, speak to your parents and get your family a subscription.

3 Tips to Get Most Out of Netflix

Now that we’ve established the ‘why’ let’s look at the ‘how’. How can you make the most out of your Netflix account? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are three pro-tips that’ll make the subscription worth it:

Add Rotten Tomatoes


We’re all on the constant hunt for fresher content. And what better way to assess how fresh something is than Rotten Tomatoes rating. For those of you who don’t know what Rotten Tomatoes is, it is a review-aggregation website for film and television shows which grades a film based on reviews submitted by people. So our first pro-tip is to add a Rotten Tomatoes plugin or extension to your browser (preferably Google Chrome). What this add-on enables you to do is separate the cream from the crap. It curates the best of the best and gives you only the crème de la crème.

Skip the Spoilers

Flixplus, another Chrome plugin has changed the spoilers game. Movie posters, trailers and blurbs all diminish the joy of watching movies because they end up giving out hints to the storyline, plot-twists and that ruins the art of immersive storytelling. Flixplus has a fix for the same. Add that plugin to your browser and protect yourself from spoilers enriching your Netflix viewing experience.

Get New Netflix Features Before the Masses

Do you like being the first one to know something? Or do you like owning the latest gadgets or software? If that’s you, then you are in for a treat. Netflix has a built-in feature that allows users to get their hands on before everyone else. New layouts, algorithms, add-ons, unreleased features, and much more, this Netflix hack always keeps you ahead of the curve. Go to your settings and then Account -> Test Participation. It is a classic two-way bargain where Netflix gets to test its features, and you get an upgrade before the masses. So the next time you are with your friends, you can brag about how ‘your Netflix’ is better than ‘their Netflix’.

Top 10 Teen Movies to Watch on Netflix

1. To All the Boys I Have Loved Before


This is a 2018 American teen romance film directed by Susan Johnson, starring Lana Condor, Noah Centineo, Janel Parrish, Anna Cathcart, Madeleine Arthur, Emilija Baranac, Israel Broussard and John Corbett. The movie traces the love life of a high school junior Lara Jean Covey who writes letters to boys she feels for before locking the letters away in her closet (which her sister ends up sending to the respective boys). The story is vibrant, jolly, quick-paced and humorous. It’s a great watch for teenagers. It is extremely relatable. Haven’t you ever fallen for someone and not told them about it?

2. The Kissing Booth

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This 2018 Netflix original blockbuster was based on Beth Reekles' book with the same title. It is a teen romantic comedy film written and directed by Vince Marcello. The Kissing Booth follows the story of Elle played by Joey King who is attracted to her best friend Lee’s brother Noah who is older and is the quintessential bad boy. Conflict arises when a romance starts blossoming between Elle and Noah, potentially jeopardizing Elle’s relationship with Lee. This movie was very well-accepted, and its sequel is set to hit your mobile and laptop screens soon.

Heads up: You may want to avoid seeing this movie with your parents, but it would be a perfect movie for a date.

3. Edge of Seventeen

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The Edge of Seventeen is a coming of age movie which focuses on the protagonist Nadine Franklin (pop-singer Hailee Steinfeld). It captures the essence of growing up and is a well-balanced depiction of teenage life. It manages to elicit the character’s mental state and is something that most teenagers can take a note or two from. This movie was both critically lauded and received praise from the masses. Steinfeld outdid herself, and Woody Harelson’s character is spot-on too. A must watch.

4. Heathers


Heathers is an American black comedy television series, created by Jason Micallef. It is a lively show which is not for the faint-hearted. It is a modern-day adaptation of the classic 1998 film of the same name. It follows high school student Veronica Sawyer (played by Grace Victoria Cox) and her conflicts with a self-titled clique consisting of three fellow students who share the name, Heather. For those looking to add some spice to their watch list, this is the perfect movie. An excellent watch for the weekend, take it easy and don’t gulp everything down in one go.

5. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a beacon that has guided filmmakers towards making better films since it was released. No other teen movie even comes close to making a cultural impact on society and films like The Breakfast Club. The film is about teenagers from different high school cliques who spend a Saturday in detention with their strict assistant principal (Paul Gleason). It is an introspective journey that the viewer takes with these misfits and troublemakers. A score to die for and a story worth living with, The Breakfast Club has it all. Might we suggest watching the movie on a Saturday while you chow down on your breakfast?

6. Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles is a 1984 American coming-of-age comedy film starring Molly Ringwald, Michael Schoeffling, and Anthony Michael Hall. It was written and directed by John Hughes (the genius behind the Home Alone Trilogy, Baby’s Day Out, Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off). Sixteen Candles is a supple and sweet story. It is a light-hearted flick that revolves around high school sophomore Samantha ‘Sam’ Baker whose family has forgotten her 16th birthday (hence, 16 candles). It touches upon sensitive topics in a very soft and innocent way, a perfect depiction of teenage life.

Remember: Always make a wish before you blow out the candles, no matter how old you are.

7. A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time is an award-winning science fantasy novel written by American author Madeleine L'Engle which was adapted into a movie in 2003 by Disney. A Wrinkle in Time is a story about three children whose father, an astrophysicist, goes missing under mysterious circumstances. The film follows the search and rescue of their father from another planet. The movie is replete from mythological, pop-culture and historical references like the Tessarect (made famous by Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe), the antagonist IT, mythical creatures and more.

Advice: Don’t blink.

8. The Duff

The DUFF is a 2015 American teen comedy film directed by Ari Sandel and written by Josh A. Cagan, based on the novel of the same name by Kody Keplinger. DUFF stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend which is a derogatory term that has been going around high school corridors for quite some time. This movie addresses the alarming problem of stereotyping and bullying that students have to face daily through the eyes of Bianca, a high school senior from Atlanta, who is struggling to fit into the dynamic of her school — not giving you any spoilers. The storytelling is very vivid and hits you where it hurts in the most direct way.

9. Twilight

The Twilight Saga is a series of five romance fantasy films based on four novels American author Stephenie Meyer. Twilight is one of the most famous teen movies of this generation, and if you’ve not seen it yet, then you are in for a treat. It has everything — love, drama, friendship, werewolves vampires, humans, vampires dating humans, humans dating werewolves, action, and whatnot. The Twilight Saga might be an offbeat genre and might not suit every viewer’s palate, but one certain thing is that there is not one dull moment in the series. Also, make sure to perk up your ears and watch out for the beautiful song - A Thousand Years.

10. The Fault in Our Stars


This hit flick is based on bestselling author John Green's young adult novel, his magnum opus, The Fault in our Stars. The fault in our stars is a classic love story of girl meets boy, love ensues and then... well, no spoilers! It is a character-rich plot and is beautifully written. The protagonist is a teenage girl who suffers from a rare type of cancer and believes that she doesn't have very long to live. Her condition is delicate, and she has lost all hope in life and living, this changes when she meets a free-spirited cancer survivor at a cancer support group. Sparks fly, and the story picks up pace. The two leads played by Shailene Woodley and Ansel Ergot in this heart-wrenching tale are magnetic, and their chemistry is laudable. The characters are somehow both larger than life and realistic. The shots in the movie are scenic, succinct and stupendous.

Suggestion: Keep a box of tissues nearby.

Enjoy the Virtual Feast of Amazing Teen Movies on Netflix

With great power comes great responsibility. So spread out these ten flicks over your calendar, don't binge watch all of them over a weekend. That will ruin the after-effect of the movies. Let them sink in for a day at least. Filmmakers always have hidden messages in their movies, make sure that you are receptive and try reading between the lines. And in case you're looking at movies to watch with a date then these are perfect fits. Go ahead, Netflix and chill!

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Remember to Take a Break

Everyone loves to binge watch their favourite shows and movie series on one-go! But, it could lead to some adverse health consequences. We all know how watching screens for long hours could affect our eyes, but now it's a proven fact that it could affect our sleep patterns and mind too. So, keep yourself and your mind healthy and remember to take a break!