Do You Want a Guard Dog or a Furry Friend to Play With? Here are the 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World (2020)

Do You Want a Guard Dog or a Furry Friend to Play With? Here are the 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World (2020)

Probably the first animal ever domesticated and man's first friend, pet dogs are more often viewed as family than a pet. These friendly, loving creatures have a way of creeping into your heart, even when you don't expect it; bring a ferocious guard dog home one day and he's an adorable, indispensable part of your family the next. Whether you're looking to beef up security at home or want a pet around the house, here are some of the best breeds to pick from.

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Dogs: Man's Best Friends

Why are dogs considered man's best friend? Well, the answer lies in the thousands of years of evolution which has made the bond between humans and dogs so strong. Man has been domesticating dogs for some 30,000 years now, and the friendship has only gotten stronger. So much so that it is now in the DNA of both species to have a common fondness for each other. Dogs have unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship for their master which they fulfill till their last breath and we humans must value, if not learn this sincerity and resiliency from them.

Dogs often don’t expect anything in return, spread selfless love and will greet you with the same enthusiasm every day, day after day when you return home from work. Dogs live in the present and they won’t regret over the past or dwell in future and even if you have scolded him few minutes back, he would be again playing with you with the same energy and without any grudges. Various researches have shown that these canines can smell fear, anxiety and sadness, thus if you are low or depressed; even if your close ones are not able to gauge but your dog will. A therapy called pet therapy was also developed based on the impact of having pets at home for someone who is suffering from some disease and the results of this therapy have been very positive.

We have researched the ten best dog breeds which are good for keeping as pets and have classified them into two categories - for security purposes and to have a companion at home. This way it will be easier for you to choose the right canine for your home.

The Most Ferocious Breeds of Dogs on the Planet

Starting with the ferocious dog breeds, these are the dogs which are apt from security point of view and are not just show dogs. They have the image and looks to imbibe fear among people in general and provide you safety from the trespassers and burglars. Although, one should be careful while domesticating them at home so that they don’t start biting innocent people and such proper training and habits have to be developed in them.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are a breed of very powerful and intelligent, medium to large sized dogs which have their roots in Germany, hence the name German Shepherd. These are the most popular dogs among the security forces and detective agencies due to their strong sense of smell and powerful attack. These dogs have helped the security agencies to crack many cases and nab the crime suspects. But because of few instances of biting by them, people have somewhat fearful image of German shepherds; so do take care while you take him out on a walk. If required, use a dog mask to protect others from the jaws of your pet.

These dogs are basically big puppies at heart and want themselves to be treated like one. But, this breed is not meant for an inexperienced or busy dog owner as they require a lot of physical activity, exercise and space to move and play freely. If they are kept in a small place for a long time, then they can turn destructive and may behave in a wild manner. Also, they shed a lot of hair during the end of winter, so be ready to pick up hair balls early spring from the different corners of your house if you are planning to pet one. But these dogs are one of the easiest breeds to train and they would easily understand your command with a little patience and practice.

Great Dane

One of the tallest and largest German breed of domestic dog is the Great Dane. Also known as the gentle giant, this dog is a very loving canine, have an approx height of 30 inches and weigh around 35-40 kgs. Great Dane is a very obedient dog and can be trained easily because of their smartness to learn quickly.

Great Danes should be fed carefully as per their age (puppy, adult or senior), because they are prone to bloating and hence small multiple meals every day and preventing any strong physical activity around mealtimes can reduce the chances of this problem. Bloating may sound as a normal phenomenon for us, but is the primary cause of death for most of the dogs of this breed.

These are huge and very powerful dogs and require proper training and socialization right from the start when they are puppies. Though Great Dane’s have a shiny and smooth coat, but they do shed some hairs during the shedding season and hence they require regular combing and trimming of their nails.


An extremely dangerous security dog breed with a very strong bite is Doberman, also known as Doberman pinscher and this breed is mostly known for its cropped tail, but they do have a natural tail which is docked so that they can move quickly and the long tail doesn’t act as a hindrance while they are in action.

The Doberman is a breed developed in 1890 by Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman, a tax collector from Germany. He combined big, fearsome breeds like the Greyhound, Rottweiler, German Pinscher, Great Dane, German shorthaired pointer, Weimeraner, Old German Shepherd Dog, and few more, Doberman created his own prototype; a dog that was strong, durable, fast, loyal, intelligent, and ferocious. In 1908, the Doberman was recognized as an official breed in USA and since then has been used in military and police service. This is the second most popular dog breed used in defense and police forces after the German shepherd.

Pit Bull

Pit Bull breed of dogs were developed as fighting dogs in North America and were created as a mixed breed of bulldogs and terriers. Few famous breeds of Pit Bull include the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Pit Bull is a very strong dog with powerful jaws and they can be really dangerous, hence need to be tamed with utmost care and proper training. In the United Kingdom, Pit Bulls were used in blood sports like bull-baiting and bear-baiting; but these games were officially banned in 1835 with the introduction of animal welfare laws. Due to their fighting abilities, they are famous among the military and police forces.


Boxer dog breed was developed in Germany and it’s an easy to train and intelligent dog. Though boxers are sporty dogs and they love to play, but have very powerful jaws and strong biting capability. Justifying their name, boxers have a large head and body paired with strong jaws.

They are quite friendly, gentle, quiet and protective by nature and often used as guide for the blind people. Boxers are found in white, brindle and fawn colors and due to their patience and protective nature have a great bonding with children. They are about 23 inches in height and weigh about 70-80 kgs. They have a short hair and shiny coat, hence require very little grooming, but the nails should be trimmed regularly.

Gentle Dog Breeds That are Best to Have Around the House

Moving to homely and friendly dog breeds, these are the breeds which are considered less violent dogs and are mostly harmless to people around. These dogs would hardly attack anyone till the time they don’t feel any kind of hazard from that person. These dogs are very gentle and playful and can be great friends with your kids.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a cute faced and lovable dog which is considered India’s one of the most popular dog breed. A dog of this breed is about 23-24 inches tall and can weigh around 35-38 kgs. They have a thick and water-repellent double coat skin which requires occasional grooming; and come in luscious chocolate, cream and black colors. Labrador’s are very friendly, active and social dogs who require a lot of exercise every day as this dog is highly prone to obesity.

The Labrador breed dogs require high quality food in accordance with the dog’s age and they need all the necessary nutrients which the breed requires. Their average life expectancy is 10 – 12 years and they are very good swimmers as well.


You must have seen the Vodafone’s popular mascot dog that follows his master everywhere! Yes, the cute, little, grumpy faced dog is pug. They are considered one of the best family dogs and ideal for people living in apartments or small houses as they don’t require too much physical activity or space to jump around. They don’t shed too much and hence are quite easy to maintain with only a little grooming required; but their nails should be trimmed regularly as long nails cause restlessness in them.

Pugs come in different colors like Apricot, Black, Fawn and Silver Fawn. They are considered ‘Toy Group’ dogs and the average height of pugs is 12 – 13 inches and weighs around 14 -16 kg. These dogs are prone to obesity and hence their diet shouldn’t contain too much of fat contents. They are highly adaptable and can easily adjust inside home and get involved in outdoor activities as well.


Naughty is the word written on the face of a Beagle breed dog; they are an extremely friendly and intelligent breed of dogs. One of the most adorable and preferred pet breeds across the globe, Beagle is a medium sized dog with an average height of 13-15 inches. They belong to the hound group category of dogs and are often used as sniffer dogs at the airports because of its strong sense of smelling.

Beagles have a tendency to eat everything and over eat, hence it’s very important to keep a check on the quantity and quality of food they are eating. Beagles need a rigorous horse training of about a year and it’s better to stick to a crate training process.

Remember, Beagles are not guard or protective dogs and they should be petted just for domestic purposes like playing and accompanying for a walk etc. They weigh around 20 - 25 kgs and average life expectancy is 12 to 15 years.


Ever heard of the movie 101 Dalmatians? Yes, that friendly and playful, black and liver color spotted dogs in that fun movie. Dalmatian is a large and muscular dog breed and its roots trace back to historical region of Dalmatia in Croatia where it was used mainly as a carriage dog. Dalmatians are well known for their superior endurance and stamina and are midsized dogs with an average height of 20 - 24 inches.

The Dalmatian coat is usually dense, short and fine and they shed year round and hence need regular grooming as their stiff hairs often entangle into clothes, carpets and other home articles. The average lifespan of a Dalmatian is 11-13 years and they are prone to certain health problems specific to their breed like allergies, deafness and urinary stones.

Golden Retriever

One of the most beautiful dogs among domestic dogs is the Golden Retriever and also one of the most popular in India. They are intelligent, can be trained well and make for a good watch dog. The medium sized, sturdy and good looking Golden Retriever comes in rich golden and cream colors and has a water resistant coat, wavy outer coat or dense with straight coat which require regular grooming. Their average height is 20 – 24 inches, weigh around 25 – 35 kg. and average lifespan is 13 – 15 years.

If Treated Right, Your Dog Can Be the Best Friend You Ever Had

Not only are dogs kept as pets for company and getting positive atmosphere in the house - their bounless energy and enthusiasm to play with you, just be happy to see you or sulking in a corner after being scolded for chewing up your slippers. Few people also keep them merely as another indicator of their social status (look how costly my dog is). However, safety and security are two other factors due to which the man - dog bond has developed very firmly and mutually over time, and not only for man but for the dogs as well. Dogs have become smarter and sharper hunters and catchers over the years. Since the old age when man used to hunt their food and was dependent on meat, milk and wool for his basic needs, these true friends have been the big brothers for the sheep, goats and cows etc., protecting them from other animals and keep them intact in the herd so that they don’t go astray.

And you in turn, must care for and love your pet, just as you would one of your loved ones. Dogs are incredibly sensitive and while words usually make no sense to them, the meaning and tone is understood very clearly, sometimes better than most people. Your big, brute of a pet may look tough on the outside, but needs just as much care and affection as the small, cute and fluffy little pooches - they may be tougher but their hygiene, personal care and diet are all very crucial and must be watched carefully. But most important, when you bring a pet home, it's not a decoration or a plaything but a new addition to the family. Remember that.

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Pets aren't just another possession

They may not be like us, walk on four legs, bark and bite, maybe even chew up your favourite shoes. You may not even be a dog person but keep one for security, encounter the neighbour's pet on your way home each evening or bump into a stray from time to time. Whether you're a pet owner or not, they are living creatures with feelings, treat them kindly if not with love. And if you own one, it is your responsibility to care for it's well being.