Get These Lovely Incredibles 2 Party Favours Online and Surprise Your Little One in 2019

Get These Lovely Incredibles 2 Party Favours Online and Surprise Your Little One in 2019

The Incredibles are loved by all. It is a family with everyone having superpowers. So, if your little one wants to throw a birthday party, make it super-power charged with these Incredibles 2 party favours. You can thank us later!

The Incredibles 2 Craze among Kids and Adults Alike


Incredibles 2, which was released in 2018, created quite a stir amidst children and adults, all alike. Sequel to the 2004 American computer animated superhero film, this film was a hit even before it reached the screens. People awaited with bated breath for their super hero Mr. Incredible to create magic on the screen once again. The film was the second highest grossing animated film of all time.

The success of the film also added it to the party theme bandwagon. Soon, there were birthday parties, celebrations and other such events happening pretty regularly, on the theme of Incredibles 2, particularly for kids. When organizing themed birthday parties, parents go to great extents in arranging food, décor, cake and favors in the same theme, thereby creating a memorable experience for the little ones.

Organising an Incredibles 2 Themed Party

If your kiddo is crazy about the Incredibles 2 movie and its characters, then you can give him or her the sweetest surprise by throwing an Incredibles 2 party. Whether it is their birthday or any other achievement party, this theme is surely going to be a hit with his or her friends. Here are some easily available Incredible 2 party ideas, which you can buy online.


While arranging food for your Incredibles 2 themed party, buy tableware matching the same theme online or from your nearest party supplies store. You can get paper plates, napkins, candles, straws, hats, paper cups and paper glasses with the movie print. Also buy 2 to 3 different table spreads for your food and games tables. Mr. Incredible is always donned in a few colors: red, yellow, black and orange. When arranging food, you can ensure that you take note of these colors and get maximum food items in the same hues.

A good example would be a fruit salad made from watermelon, strawberries, mangoes, papaya, bananas and black grapes. Drinks can be exciting as well. You can make soda pops in these colors to complement your theme. Get cupcakes made with the same colored icing and you can insert tiny labels in the cupcakes, with an Incredible 2 character imprinted. Incredibles 2 burgers are also a great idea. You can put in the burger bun, a black colored (use edible food color) potato patty with some red and orange bell peppers to go with your theme.


Decorate the house or the area you have chosen as the venue, in similar shades. Get large printouts of the characters from the film and paste them on the wall. Colorful ribbons also look great on the walls. Also inflate balloons in the same shades. Get your invites also in the same theme. There are various invites in Incredibles 2 theme available online and you just need to fill in the details.


If you are planning to bake a cake yourself, then there are plenty of ideas available online for Incredibles 2 themed cakes. If you are going to order from a commercial store, then do let them know in advance about the theme. They might have already made cakes with the same theme and you can order similar ones. Cakes are one of the most important parts of a birthday celebration and so ensure that you take extra efforts to make it look perfect.



No birthday party can be complete without some fun games. Below mentioned are a few games which can be planned to entertain the children. You can easily get these games supplies online or you can even make them yourself.

  • Pin Mr. Incredibles
    Get a large poster of Mr. Incredibles and blindfold the children. One by one, they have to pin Mr. Incredible’s eye mask on the right spot, which he seems to have lost somehow. One who does it perfectly gets the prize.

  • Make your own Mr. Incredible eye mask
    Give the children eye masks (pre-cut) and let them paint it on their own. You can also make them draw their eye-masks from scratch and cut it out for them. This activity can be done to keep the kids busy and engaged.

  • Game of Super Powers
    Before the party write down all kinds of super powers on sticker labels (for example super-speed, invisibility, x-ray vision, super-strength, flying, elasticity, etc.). Once you want to play this kid game have all the kids stand next to each other, all with their backs to you. Go one by one and stick a sticker on each kid’s back (don’t tell them what their super power is). The point of the game is that each kid needs to find out what super power they have by asking other players who read it and act it out.

Dress Code

Inform everyone to dress up in the Incredibles 2 shades to make the party ambiance look more movie like. The birthday boy or girl can dress up in an Incredibles 2 costume.

Incredibles 2 Party Favour Ideas

Party favors depend upon your budget. Here we have shortlisted some easily available online party favor items in Incredibles 2 theme which can be gifted to all the invitees when the party gets over. Browse through the list and choose your pick

Lunch Bag + Bottle Combo


This stylish lunch bag and bottle combo with an Incredibles 2 theme will be an instant favorite. The rectangular design makes it easy to carry in the school bags. The tiffin box has a capacity of 550 ml and is of the lock and seal type. The bottle has a capacity of 500 ml. Engineered from food grade plastic and featuring a good finish, this one will impress the children and their parents alike.

Grab the set from for Rs.1,425. The box and the bottle are both BPA free and environment friendly. This box is in an ideal size and does not occupy much space. It features dimensions of 17 X 13.5 X 7 cm.

Sipper Bottle

A cool water bottle in the Incredibles 2 theme will be a great choice as party favor. This insulated water bottle has a capacity of 600 ml and can retain the temperature of the water for a few hours. It is available for Rs. 275. The bottle cap also has a hook, which enables you to pin it to your bag.

Grab this one from to complete your party celebrations. The bottle is made from polypropylene material and the inside of the bottle is easy to clean and lightweight. The bottle is odorless and hygienic. It also has an easy grip.

All-in-One Favour Pack


If you have a slightly higher budget for party favors, then we would recommend this cool all-in-one favor pack which will excite the children beyond compare. Priced at Rs. 2,275 per pack, this one contains 48 pieces. The pack includes 8 dog tag key chains, 8 maze puzzles, 8 yo-yos, 8 siren whistles, 8 mini-tops and 8 maps with activity sheets.

This is an excellent choice as party favor and there is quite a good variety of Incredibles 2 themed items inside. Will keep the kids busy and excited and they will definitely feel happy with the huge variety. Grab this from

Stickers and Tattoo


Get this temporary tattoo and sticker party pack from for Rs. 2,319. The pack contains 240 stickers and 50 tattoos. You can use the contents as party favors by dividing equally among the number of children invited.

The stickers of Elastigirl, Violet, Mr. Incredible, Dash and Jack Jack can be gifted to the children as prizes for games too. The temporary tattoos are not harmful to the skin and can be removed with water. Kids love getting such tattoos imprinted on their cheeks or wrists.

Loot Bag

An Incredibles 2 loot bag can be purchased from These bags come in a set of 8 and are priced at Rs. 20 per pack. These gift bags can be used as party favor bags. They come in size of 14 x 27 cms. The bag is made of good quality plastic and is quite sturdy and durable.

The print on the bag matches with your theme and shows the little efforts you have taken in throwing the perfect birthday bash. These bags can also be used as loot bags for piñata. Even if you do not plan to give an Incredibles 2 themed gift in return, you can pack your favors in these bags to make them match with your theme.

Action Figures


Your Incredibles 2 fan club will go berserk when you gift them action figures of Incredibles 2 characters. These characters can be purchased from for Rs. 1,462 for a pack of 5 figures. If your budget allows, you can gift a family pack to each child or just give a single character to each person.

These junior super figures are of Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack and Mr. Incredible. The figures are portable and made from harm-free plastic. These figures can be used for playing. This one indeed would make your theme party complete.

Wearable Mask

Kids will definitely rejoice with this cool Incredibles 2 themed wearable mask. Gift this one as a party favor or let them don these masks during the party. Priced at Rs. 2,806, this cool mask is available at

The deluxe mask shows the shape of Dash’ upper head. Children will get highly entertained with this Deluxe mask. You can even have a role play during the party and make the person posing as Dash, wear this mask. The mask features dimensions of 7 x 5 1/2 inches. It is made of good quality material and will last for quite some time.



A cool and affordable party favor, this one will spread a smile on the children’s faces and also make your theme complete. Grab these wrist bands in Incredibles 2 theme from Priced at Rs. 1,739, these rubber bracelets have cool wordings engraved on them, relating to the movie. Each pack contains 6 bracelets and you can order as many packs according to the number of invitees.

Bounce Balls


Priced at Rs. 2,342, this bounce ball pack contains 6 balls with the Incredibles 2 theme. The pack contains bounce balls in three designs. You can gift each child one ball and so order the number of packs according to the number of invitees.

Grab it on

Mega Favor Pack

This mega favor pack is priced at Rs. 13,523 and it is available on It contains a huge variety of Incredibles 2 themed products. The 48 pieces inside can be divided equally to the children. This fun addition to your theme party, children will love to test out their talents and skills with the items inside.

It will make them feel as if they own super powers just the Incredibles 2 family. Includes eight of each: spinning tops, yoyos, maze puzzles, siren whistles, dog tags and activity sheets. The items are all made from plastic.

Bonus: Pay Extra Attention to Gift Wrapping

While choosing party favors in Incredibles 2 theme, you should also give an extra effort to gift wrapping. If you have ordered plain paper bags or gift bags, then you can put a sticker of the characters, on the bags. You can also make paper tags with these characters on toothpick and insert each tag on the gift.

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Throw a Great Incredible 2 Themed Party in 2019

All these little tasks together add up to make a great Incredibles 2 party. If you do not have the time to do everything yourself, you can easily order online as everything is available on the net right from food, décor, invites, cake to your exciting party favors. Throw and incredible bash and give your little one the best experience of his life.