The Ultimate Guide To Saree Falls: Find Everything You Ever Need to Know Here!(2020)

The Ultimate Guide To Saree Falls: Find Everything You Ever Need to Know Here!(2020)

Glamorous, traditional, sensuous and pretty, a saree is all this, but this stellar graceful garment does needs a few vital support elements. The saree fall may be a small non-visible accessory, but is very important to the saree. Learn all about how to select the right fall, stitching techniques as well as how to affix it onto your saree yourself and even where you can buy fall-pico machines online.

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What Is Saree Fall And Saree Fall Stitching?

Ever since sarees entered the mainstream market, saree falls made their presence too. Quite like the blouse and petticoat, saree fall is an equally important element to make sure the saree stays there where it is supposed to be.

Saree falls are nothing but a 3 meter long and 5 inches broad stripe of cotton fabric which is manufactured through saree fall cutting machine these days. It is affixed on the hemline of the saree in such a way that it covers the saree leaving the pallu as it is.

Talking about the saree fall stitching then it can be done by either a sewing machine or manually by hands too. In fact, many women prefer it to do it all by their hands only to ensure its sturdiness and stiffness. It is definitely the most required yet underrated part of a saree which is barely noticed.

Why is the Saree Fall So Important?

It Is the Foundation of a Good Drape

You just cannot ignore the importance of a saree fall at all. Saree fall is known as the foundation of good drapes. Of course, you can drape a saree without a saree fall too but it won’t be graceful and won’t fall into places too. Talking about the drapes on the waist, you really need to affix the fall at the bottom hemline of the saree. Otherwise, your saree won’t be draped properly.

It Protects the Saree from Stretching and Tearing

Talking about the cotton and lightweight sarees, in particular, you will notice that their fabric is super lightweight and more prone to tear. In such sarees, if you will not add the saree fall, then they will be more prone to stretching and even tearing too. Sometimes, the absence of saree fall can destroy a cotton saree in no time.
So, you might be able to wear heavy sarees without saree fall, but it is just to have one in lightweight sarees for their longevity.

Adds a Bit of Weight to the Saree so It Falls Better

No matter what kind of fabric it is, a saree demands stiffness and a bit of heaviness at the bottom. This makes the saree look firm and easy to carry too. The saree fall adds this much-needed weight into the saree and keeps the drapes on their place throughout. So, no matter for how long you wear that saree, the fall on the hemline will ensure good drapes every time.

Supports The Hemline

Sarees are floor length and sometimes we let them be flowy and floor touching. In such cases, the lower hemline of the saree remains quite closer to your footwear and hence prone to tearing and damaging too. However, when you add saree fall to it, it protects the fabric of the saree from getting damaged. It gives the much needed support to the hemline and ensures that it remains safe from being scratched and damaged.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Saree Falls

Where Best To Buy

It highly depends upon the buyer that for what purpose they need the saree fall. For example, if you are a normal customer who needs a single fall for some saree then it is recommended to buy one from the local market. You can easily find one for a mere Rs.50 or maybe Rs.60. However, if you are planning to buy them in bulk then it is recommended to contact the wholesale dealers to save some bucks. You can find them online too and we have also mentioned about them in the upcoming sub-sections.

Typical Prices

The typical prices of a saree fall varies on the basis of the source it is bought from. You can also find saree fall online like the one we have mentioned here. This one is a combo of 4 saree falls available in colors like green, yellow, orange and brown. This pack is available on for Rs.199. only. The standard pricing of the fall remains the same in the local market too which ranges between Rs.50 to Rs.60.

How to Pick the Right Saree Fall?

Pay Attention To The Colour

If you think it is easy to buy that long stripe of fabric for your saree then you are totally wrong about it. There are women who end up buying the wrong color of the saree fall and then the contrasting color peeps out from the layers of the saree and looks really pathetic. So, in order to save yourself from embarrassment, you need to learn to choose the right color of saree fall. It is quite simple as just put the saree on the fall and if you can see the color of the fall not blending well then it is not the one.

Right Kind of Fabric

The right kind of fabric is very much important when you are choosing the fall. You would not want to replace the saree fall after a period of time just because it got withered. This is why, it is recommended to use cotton or terry-cot falls as they are quite sturdy and stiff. This stiffness adds weight and support to the saree. Many women pick Polyester falls too but as their fabric is slippery and soft in texture, they might not make a good choice for the longer run. Rubia cotton is known as the most popular fabric for saree falls.

Quality Of The Colour

It is very important to not only check the fabric of the fall but its color fastening too. The color must not bleed with water else it will destroy the color of your saree and you won’t be able to wear it again. There is a trick about saree fall that many women use before attaching it to the saree. They wash the fall and let the color bleed and then dry and iron it. After this process the fall is attached to the saree as the color does not bleed afterwards.

Is It Possible To Wear A Saree Without Saree Fall?

People always have had mixed reviews on the debate that whether it is worth to wear a saree without a saree fall or not. Sometimes, you forget to attach the fall and it is impossible to do so if you have just half an hour to go somewhere. In such a condition, you would have to wear the saree without the fall. If you are wearing thick sarees then you might survive without the saree fall only if you are wearing it for a few hours.

On the contrary, lightweight sarees with delicate fabric like chiffon, cotton and georgette must be worn with the fall only. Moreover, exquisite and expensive sarees like resham, Banarasi and other pure handloom sarees must not be worn without the saree falls. They have really delicate edges and without a fall, they might get withered. You would not want to ruin such an expensive saree for sure.

Getting Your Saree Fall Stitched

Get It Done By Your Tailor Or The Place You Buy The Fall

If you are completely noob at stitching then you should better give away your saree and saree fall to the tailor as he/she will get it affixed for you. Also, the stitching charges for a saree fall are very less. The local tailors charges about Rs.10-20. for stitching a saree fall while it might go up to Rs.40-50. at some boutiques.

Moreover, you should also know that these days, almost all the shopkeepers provide you sarees with their fall and Pico done along with some finishing too. At many shops, this policy applies to the saree above a certain price range. So, when you are buying sarees in bulk, never forget to ask the shopkeeper to get it done for you for free.

Do It Yourself!

Did you know that you can stitch the saree fall on your own too? In fact, there are many videos available on YouTube which will help you out in it. All you need to do is to keep the saree fall soaked in water for some time so that excess color can get away. Now, dry it and iron it well and then start stitching it on the hem of the saree. After stitching one fall, you will definitely become a pro at it.

How To Stitch Saree Fall On Your Own?

Manually With Hands

What you need
  • Saree
  • matching saree fall
  • matching thread and a needle for stitching

How to Stitch
  • If you are taking a cotton fall then first wash it and then use as it shrinks. However, in case of polyester saree fall, you won’t have to wash it.
  • Now, secure the saree fall on the saree through safety pins. It will help you in stitching properly through the guidance of where to start and where to end.
  • Put the saree fall on the edge of the saree and mark the length up to which you want to stitch at a time. Now, use a running stitch with a single thread and start stitching.
  • Repeat the process until you reach to the end of the length. Once getting done with the edge side, start the stitching process again on the top side of the saree fall.
  • In this way, you can stitch the saree fall on your own.

Through Sewing Machine

What you need
  • Saree
  • Matching fall
  • Sewing machine with the set up done

How to Stitch
  • Put the saree fall on the saree and match their edges to make sure the fall does not peep out of the saree.
  • Now, put both the saree and the fall under the sewing machine and start the machine for running stitches.
  • Keep on pulling the stitched saree outwards to make way for the unstitched part. Also, keep on adjusting the fall on the saree for the perfect stitching.
  • Once you are done with the edges, repeat the process on the other side of the saree fall for complete stitching.

3 Websites to Buy Saree Fall in Wholesale


Indiamart is a popular destination for buying bulk products on wholesale price. The same applies to saree falls also. It provides saree fall in 5 types of fabric but you would have to place an order of 10 dozen per colour to get the right price. The site offers Rs.85. per dozen of falls which is a remarkable price as compared to the local market and other online destinations. The minimum order quantity for this price is Rs. 300 per dozen.

Vimal Mills India

Vimal Mills is a leading manufacturer of saree falls and you can find their falls being sold in the local market too. They have been in the business for years and it would be great to purchase the bulk falls from directly their website. They provide various types of saree fall like Rubia, poplin, linning etc. You can choose the desired colour from their colour chart and enquire about the prices at the wholesale rate.

KSA Trading Company

Our next wholesale manufacturer of saree falls is KSA Trading Company. This company provides saree falls in multiple fabrics like cotton Rubia, Polyester falls, ethnic saree fall and many more. You can check out their shade card to check whether they provide your desired color or not. You can use their site to enquire about the prices at wholesale rate. However, you cannot place an order through it.

Know About Saree Fall Pico Too

Did you know that saree pico is as important as affixing the saree fall? This especially applies to lightweight sarees having delicate fabric. In fact, you can do saree Pico with hand too. It is the process in which sarees are folded from the edges and then stitched. Only a few millimeter of the fabric is folded which is almost seamless. It is done to ensure the complete protection of the edges of the saree so that it does not get scratched or withered at all.

Want to Buy Your Owen Saree Fall Pico Machine?

If you are not able to do the saree pico with hand then you can use a machine for it as well. We have enlisted two machines for it having different features which can do stitching as well as saree Pico for you.

Pico Fall Sewing Machine (Manual)

This one is a manual sewing machine capable of doing multiple types of stitches as well saree pico too. It uses cotton threads and capable of doing stitches up to 3 lengths. This is a Usha sewing machine having a needle gauge of Db 16. As this machine is manual, you would have to rotate the lever to make the machine work. After initial adjustments and settings, you can use this machine for as long as you want.

Electric Sewing Machine


If you need a break from bulky and manual sewing machines for saree Pico then you are going to love this automatic and compact machine here. It is capable of providing 12 types of stitches and work on electric power supply. You can select the type of stitch by pressing the desired button. Although this machine provides more options and Pico feature too, it is not capable of being used on thick fabrics like denim, velvet etc. Buy this machine from for Rs.3,069.

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