Top 10 Saree Picks for the Summer of 2019 to Turn You Into a Gorgeous Ethnic Diva! Also Read Our Tips on Achieving the Perfect Saree Look

Top 10 Saree Picks for the Summer of 2019 to Turn You Into a Gorgeous Ethnic Diva! Also Read Our Tips on Achieving the Perfect Saree Look

Here we have listed down all the reasons why you should go for sarees this summer and how to pick the right one. We have also recommended 10 comfortable and gorgeous sarees that you can pull off with ease this summer.

Tips to Pick the Right Saree for You

It’s that time of the year again, the summers are here and the heat and sun will be the harshest for the next few months. With the heat and sweat, one is bound to feel drained and exhausted. Why add to one’s troubles by wearing a saree which is not meant for the season? What one wears not only adds to their overall comfort, it also reflects one's style quotient and adds to their personality. Confidence about one’s wardrobe also adds to the individual's confidence and reflects in the way a woman carries herself as well. Here are some cool tips to pick the right saree for you. Now here’s more reason not to stay away from sarees this summer.


With the summer at its peak, the fabric of your saree becomes extremely critical. It is recommended to purchase sarees which are lightweight and soft. Cotton is the all-time favourite fabric for summers. Being extremely absorbent and light-weight, these breezy fabric sarees are one of the best known for summers. Equally comfortable and breezy are viscose sarees, linen sarees and malmal sarees, both offering plenty of pores for easy air flow. Malmal even offers a very smooth texture to the user. Talking about smooth fabrics, chiffon sarees are also extremely popular during summers for their soft and light-weight properties. All these fabrics not only look fabulous on you during summers, but they are also bound to capture eyeballs all around.


Summers are the times to stock up light pastel shades in your wardrobes. With pure white having the tendency to wash you out, these light colours are extremely pleasing to one’s eyes and help add some colour to your wardrobe. With the tendency for light shades to reflect sun rays and not absorb the heat, these fabrics help keep you cool during the summers. Sarees in pastel shades like baby pink, mauve, lavender, light green, mint, ivory or aqua will help you stay cool and stylish. Summer is the season for pastels.


With multiple choices available both online and off-line, summer special sarees are available for all budgets and varieties. With plenty of individual designers also coming into the market, one can find saree’s ranging from as low as ₹200 and can even end up shelling out as much as ₹50,000 and more, depending on which store one picks up the saree from or the occasion one is picking up the saree for. Online stores today offer plenty of offers and discounts helping you make your choices smartly. Time to add summer special sarees into your wardrobe.

Top 11 Saree Trends for Summer of 2019

Ruffled Sarees

Ideal for summers, this light pink printed saree made of poly chiffon is an ideal choice for any woman this season. With a beautiful floral print on the saree, this saree with ruffles at the borders is the flavor of the season. Priced at ₹2,249 on Myntra, this wonderful dress that comes with an attached blouse piece can be yours and will be delivered to your doorstep. Meant for daily wear, this saree is light in weight and can even be washed in a washing machine. Just pair the saree with matching jewelry together with high heels and showcase the diva that you are.

Geometric prints

For ₹499, this this silk cotton blended saree from Flipkart will definitely make you the center of attention wherever you wear it. This sea-green coloured saree, that comes with an attached blouse piece, weighs just 0.5kg and comes with a beautiful geometric print. An ideal casual wear, this saree can be dry-cleaned once in a while to maintain its true elegance. Usually delivered within 3-4 working days, this geometric printed saree by Alankar sarees is a must-have for your wardrobe this summer.

Sarees With Belts


This summer, remember to spice up your saree with this trendy kamarbandh from Flipkart, the traditional belt for sarees by Womensky. At ₹485, this gold polished brass metal belt will be delivered to your doorstep within 3-4 working days. Part of Indian Women’s ethnic collection, this belt made of alloy, pearls and stone is ideal wear for both weddings and casual occasions. With its antique finish and looks, be sure to flaunt your fashionable and elegant looks.

Sarees with Peplum Blouse

Nothing can get any better or ethnic than this gold coloured peplum style blouse. This cotton tissue fabric is extremely comfortable for summers and goes wonderfully well with dark chiffon sarees, especially black contemporary style saree. Pair them with traditional earrings and scoop necklace together with high-heeled footwear and you are ready to rock any traditional get-together. Priced at ₹4,000 on, this wonderful quarter sleeve blouse, available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL will be door-delivered within 5-7 working days from ordering.

Dhoti Sarees

For ₹2,999 this Maroon Butti Print Dhoti Saree from is a one-of-a-kind for a refreshing festival dressing. Available in sizes from S to XXL, this saree made from 100% viscose is a perfect fabric for summers. This regular-fit saree with pockets goes best with a golden crop top, traditional earrings and Kolhapuris. Available online, be sure to order now or pick up this flavor of the season from any Global Desi stores. A dress for special occasions, this dress can be given for dry cleaning once in a while for a long life.

Sheer Net Sarees

This pearl lace bordered peach embroidered saree, made from net material is a perfect party wear in peach colour. With a matching blouse-piece attached with this saree, one can pair this saree with a clutch, bangles and earrings and adorn this casual outfit to die for, in any party. Priced at ₹1,618 on Limeroad, this product would be delivered within 3-15 days, depending upon the destination of delivery. With simple and elegant embroidery, this product needs to be dry-cleaned only for the longevity of the fabric. Welcome this summer sun with this beautiful peach saree.

Gown Sarees

Made from Lycra and soft net with a taffeta lining inside, this elegantly embroidered Zardosi crimson red draped gown saree with attached paella in red will make a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Priced at ₹20,340 on, this gown saree is all you have dreamt of and more. Designed with intricate floral embroidery, get set and go floral this summer. Delivered within 5-7 working days, just place your order let the product floor you.

Sarees with Pants

It’s the new saree with a millennial twist. This all-new modern draped pant saree with vertical stripes and front tie-up can be all yours for ₹10,500 on Available in various sizes ranging from XS to even XL, this pre-draped cotton pant saree in black from the pot plant clothing is just what your stylist would recommend this summer. Together with some modern junk jewelry like a rustic bracelet and simple flats, showcase the diva of today that you are. With the product designed as per orders, expect a wait time of around 5-10 weeks for this beauty to reach your doorstep.

Fringed Sarees

From the design house of Ridhi Mehra comes this elegant and embroidered black saree with a fringed hem. At ₹27,800 on, this chiffon saree will be home delivered to your door within 20 days from ordering. In sizes ranging from XS to XXL, this saree comes in all sizes and with a petticoat included. Pair it with a gold tassel droptop and enhance the royal looks in you. Together with some matching jewelry and clutches, be party ready.

Chiffon Sarees

A woman’s true friend, this chiffon saree in Peach colour is an all-time favorite for many Indian women. Ideal for daily casual wear, parties as well as festivals, this self-designed chiffon saree with Resham embroidery comes with a matching blouse piece attached and will reach your doorstep within 5 working days. Priced at ₹800 on Craftsvilla, it is now very easy to stay in sync with high fashion. It is time to adorn yourself in Bollywood style.

Checklist for When Shopping for Sarees Online

With the boom in internet and adoption of digital wallets and digital payments, it has now become extremely easy to find and shop for products of your choice online. With plenty of platforms also launching to fulfill this demand and a lot of designers switching to digital media, it’s a bonanza for shoppers today. However, with the traditional touch and feel missing with online shopping and with it being very easy to launch an online brand, it is also equally easy to feel disappointed with the entire shopping experience. With prudence while shopping and knowing your needs very clearly before going online shopping can go a long way in ensuring the satisfaction of shopping for a great product at a wow price. Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure full paisa-vasool satisfaction while shopping online.

User Reviews

Quoting Eleanor Roosevelt: “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.” The digital version of learning from other’s experiences is the user reviews left behind by users from the past about the product, quality and satisfaction. The more the positive feedback for any product, the more likely it is that you too would be happy with the product. This is equally critical to determine how reliable the platform you are ordering from is, as per its past customers and their experiences. Usually accompanied by a rating system ranging from 1-5 stars, this should be the first test quality and service reliability before placing your order.


Another important aspect to keep in mind before going online shopping is to know exactly what occasion you are looking at the dress for. With plenty of digital options available to choose from, one could end up confused on what to buy if there is no clarity of the purpose that the new outfit would be serving. Also, with no clear occasion in mind, one could tend to purchase a product on impulse and not end up using the same for a very long time as you may end up waiting for that one occasion that that dress would fit perfectly into. Added to this, is the risk of sinking the funds you could have utilised on something else that would have suited the occasion better if you had one in mind while making the purchase.

Ease of Accessorising

While a saree on its own may look extremely beautiful and tempting, it may seem incomplete when worn if not worn with matching accessories. Understanding the importance of these accessories is critical while purchasing the saree online. A saree without the ideal accessories is like a half-baked cake, you have the cake but can’t eat it. Even if you force yourself to eat it, it would not taste even half as great as it would have if it was cooked completely. While making your saree purchases online, be sure to identify the kind of accessories you may need with the saree and the ease with which these can be purchased as well, as this could be the critical differentiation between good shopping and great shopping.


Today’s Indian woman is an extremely intelligent and independent woman who deserves to dress and look the way she wants. With times changing, styles have also undergone a great change and this is evident in even the most traditional outfit for women in India, the Saree. With today’s day and age, where technology plays a key role in all our lives, shopping for sarees online can be one of the most liberating and gratifying experience for modern Indian women. Hoping these 10 saree ideas for summers for this summer together with what to keep in mind while shopping online, would help make this summer cool and trendy for the beautiful women of today.

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Beat the Summer Heat With Sarees

Summers are a time when too many clothes feel like a cumbersome experience. However, if you choose the right kind of fabric and colour, even sarees will make you feel comfortable. Make sure you pick the right fabric and colour and use minimal jewellery and keep your comfort as the first priority. Your confidence and ease of pulling off an outfit is what matters the most.