How to Get a Perfect Fit in a Tailor-Made Blouse: What Kind of Blouse Will Suit Your Body Shape + 10 of the Latest Blouses to Buy Online (2020)

How to Get a Perfect Fit in a Tailor-Made Blouse: What Kind of Blouse Will Suit Your Body Shape + 10 of the Latest Blouses to Buy Online (2020)

It’s no secret that the classic saree is the most dependable piece of clothing that every woman treasures in her closet. But what is a beautiful saree with an ill-fitting or a mismatched blouse? And this saree essential is no more a mere accessory; it can actually make or break the look that you have so carefully put together! And it’s very important to pick a blouse pattern that suits your body type. So, here is a list of saree and blouse designs that work wonders for every body type. Let’s take a look!

Which Blouse Style Will Suit Your Body Type?

If you are looking for beautiful sarees for your bestie's wedding for at your sister's wedding, then you may need to spend hours looking at options in the stores. Though there are tons of choices available in the market, all the sarees are not suitable for you. You need to find something that will perfectly flaunt your body type and make you look best. Well, our article will help you understand different styles of saree blouses and skirts that will suit your particular body type.

Top-Heavy Figure

If you are one of those lucky ladies who is blessed with a heavy bustline, then you need to be a little careful in your blouse choice. The right blouse will accentuate your body structure without making you feel conscious. One tip is to avoid blouses with heavy embellishments. Look for plain blouse designed with lightweight fabrics like crepe, georgette, satin, etc. Another tip is to avoid deep necklines. Instead of the front deep neck, you can adopt a backless blouse.

Small-Busted Figure

For the ladies with a small and petite frame, a blouse with heavy embellishments and busy designs is a good choice. These will create the illusion of a fuller bust and will add volume to your body frame, thus bringing out the perfect look. In addition to these tricks, to make your top fuller, you can try different styles of blouses like padded blouse, heavily embellished blouse, layered blouses. In short, you can wear a blouse style which can enhance your bust by making it look fuller. Additionally, you should pick halter neckline or neckline which can show off your lean neck.

Slim-Athletic Figure

If you are naturally slim or have achieved a slim and athletic body after spending long hours in the gym, then you don’t have to worry much as you can easily flaunt any style of the blouse on your toned body. That said, baring well sculpted shoulders can be incredibly alluring and you can try a variety of blouse designs that show off different parts of your upper torso. Are you proudest of your sculpted arms or back, shoulders or neck? Pick form noodle straps, deep neckline, halter necks and backless blouses, corset style blouse, etc.

Jacket style blouses are also really in and you can pick a long or short blouse if you do not want to show too much skin. Close fitted necklines with three-fourth sleeves look beautiful on broad shoulders. Choose a blouse in a different colour from your sari as contrasting colours will also work well in highlighting your upper torso and drawing attention to a slim waist.

Broad-Shouldered Figure

Women who are the owners of broad shoulders, always feel outsized when they wear Indian attire. But there is a huge plus side of having broad shoulders - it makes your waist look wonderfully small! Besides, being athletic is considered beautiful now and you can proudly hold your shoulders high. For women with broad shoulders and larger frames should look for backless blouses with short sleeves to highlight their beautiful body type.

Which Saree Style Will Suit Your Body Type?


Well, now as you have gathered knowledge about the different type of blouses which are going to suit your body type, then in the next step you should gather information regarding the different styles of sarees. It might seem to you that all sarees are draped in a similar manner, but it’s not true. Sarees are one of the most versatile types of clothing option which can be draped in numerous different styles. Now, let’s check out which saree draping style is ideal for your body.

Pear-Shaped Body

Pear-shaped body owner women have a heavy bottom as compared to their upper body. So, this type of women should wear sarees of lightweight fabric to tone down their heavy bottom. They can wear chiffon or georgette fabric sarees as these fabrics will balance out their whole body. You should never wear mermaid cut or A-line style as it unnecessarily adds attention to your bottom parts. You should go for straight pallu style in draping as it will proportionate your body. Pear-shaped women can wear bright coloured sarees with the embroidered or printed border.

Apple-Shaped Body

If you got curves around your bust and stomach area, then you are the owner of the apple shaped body. Apple shaped ladies should go for heavily embroidered sarees. To cover your torso, you should wear long blouses. You should drape your saree higher if you are going to wear a small blouse. Silk sarees are perfect for the apple shaped women and net sarees are worst for you. Draping style has to be simple or you can try Gujarati style pallu. You can try contrast colours of blouse and saree to create a dramatic effect.

Over Weight Women

Well, if you are overweight, then stiff fabrics like cotton or silk are your biggest enemies as they will not make you look svelte. You should go for lightweight fabric like chiffon or satin as they will give your body proper structure. The lightweight fabric will draw attention away from your body weight also.

Slim Figure

If are a slim woman with short body frame, then you can opt for fabrics like cotton, organza or silk sarees. They will add volume to your body. You should get sarees in lighter hues like pastel shades as they will look great on you. Plus, you can highlight your saree with heavy embroidery and embellishments like brocade patch or beadwork. As you are slim so you can carry bold and big prints in a variety of colors. Slim figure ladies can opt for backless, sleeveless, halter neck very easily.

The Perfect Body Fitted Saree and Blouse Styles Online


If you are looking for the perfect Saree and blouse combo which will flaunt and highlight all your body curves perfectly, then you can easily order different styles of sarees online. We have selected ten perfect saree and blouse combo which you can order immediately and give your wardrobe a shake-up. So, pick out any of your favourite saree and shine like a true India diva.

Pastel Green Mukaish Saree with Floral Blouse

For ladies with slim figures, this is a perfect pair of blouse and saree. This soothing pastel green colour georgette saree is decorated with the subtle mukaish work. Moreover, this charming pastel colour saree is paired with the enchanted floral blouse in cotton silk base. It is a perfect outfit for the toned body women. The ladies can highlight this saree combo more with the silver bangles and jhumkis. Plus, wear neutral makeup with this attire. You can order this pastel green saree with floral blouse from for Rs. 5,500.

Serene Mehendi Green Soft Silk Saree with Red Border


If you are looking for something Indian and ethnic in style, then you can opt for this serene mehendi green saree adorned with a beautiful red border. When you have to attend pooja or festival celebration at your family members home, then you can wear this silk saree with the matching silk blouse. This outfit is a perfect reflection of elegance and class. To flaunt this silk saree more beautifully on your apple shaped body, you have to accessorize it with the traditional gold ornaments like a long gold necklace or large gold ballies. You can easily order this silk treat for yourself from for Rs. 1,799.

Kutch Handblock Print Ajrak Pure Chanderi Saree


For the elegant lady, this black saree is going to be just perfect. This saree is designed using the ajrakh hand block technique which is a process with up to 14 stages employing natural colours for printing and is practiced in Kutch and Barmer areas of India. This saree is a celebration of Indian heritage and culture. If you have to attend an important office meeting or seminar, then you can wear this black saree with the complementing white blouse. The blouse is kept plain and long to highlight the saree work.

This saree is quite beautiful on its own so you don’t need to wear any extra accessories, but you can wear small metallic earrings with this outfit. You can place an order for this saree on for Rs.3,200.

Cream Satin Saree with Printed Blouse

If you are looking for something simple and elegant to wear daily, then you can pick this cream outfit for you. It is a lightweight satin cream saree with beautiful geometrical blue print on the border. This saree comes with the matching pair of printed blouse as well. You can easily carry off this saree on a regular basis as it’s very comfortable and stylish. With this saree, you can wear chunky jewelry pieces to accentuate your looks as saree and blouse are relatively very simple. You can buy this casual cream saree for yourself from for only Rs.1,024.

Amazing Pink Georgette Ruffle Frill Saree with Blouse Piece

If you want to look sexy and stunning in your saree and blouse, then you can get this hot pink ruffled saree for yourself. It is a gorgeous two layered frill border saree with the amazing ruffles. The sensual sleeveless and heart style matching blouse makes the outfit even more stylish. You can wear large and ballis with this pink lushing saree to look utterly sexy. You can place an order for this sexy saree from for Rs.1,499.

Blue Mercerized Cotton Saree with Broad Zari Border and Unstitched Blouse Material

This is a contemporary style tradition saree in pure Merz cotton material. It is a gorgeous navy blue saree with a stylish gold and red striped border. This zari work saree is paired with the plain matching blouse. You can flaunt this saree on traditional as well as casual functions. Try to wear authentic small gold earrings with this outfit. You must add this classic saree to your wardrobe. Buy it from for only Rs.639.

Ishin Womens Chiffon Zari Saree

A classic chiffon printed red saree is a must-have saree in every women’s wardrobe. This saree has a printed pattern that gives it a gorgeous look and the vibrant shade that gives it an effervescent vibe. The zari work along the border with an élan look. It has matching red blouse which you can customize as you please. With this attire, you can wear your Kundan kitty set and doll up like a true Indian woman. This classic red saree is available on for Rs.799.

Ligalz Multicolour Casual Printed Saree


This summer season, you can wear this stunning floral printed saree from ligalz. The beautiful multicoloured printed motifs make the saree look alluring. The printed saree is paired with a plain red blouse. You can use this sari for daily wear and on casual day events. A light and pretty sari for when you wan to dress up without over doing it. Order it from for only Rs.499.

Leeza Store Khadi Silk Magenta & Beige Printed Saree


If you want to wear something elegant and traditional, then this khadi silk magenta saree and blouse is perfect for you. The saree has gorgeous beige printing on it which makes the border of saree look vibrant. This saree has a plain blouse so you can wear necklaces or earrings with it. It is a perfect outfit for semi-casual type occasions. This saree is available on for Rs.471.

Gorgeous Black Georgette Saree


If you are in the mood of something trendy, this black georgette saree with golden geometric printed border is perfect for you. This saree has a plain black blouse. You can wear this outfit for casual events with simple accessories like studs or plain gold chain. This saree and blouse can be ordered from for Rs.419.

Saree and Blouse Pairing Has to Be Perfect


The saree and blouse are both a part of one dress, but they individually command attention. Even if your saree is stunning, go ahead and find an equally beautiful blouse. On the other hand you may want to highlight just one of these. In both cases what you must be careful about is the sari and blouse should look good together.

If you want to wear a perfectly designed outfit, then you have to pick the right style of saree with the right type of blouse. The style of blouse and saree needs to complement each other perfectly such as if you are going to wear lightweight crepe saree, then wearing it with the sleeveless or deep neckline blouse will look nice. Similarly, when you are going to wear traditional Kanchipuram silk saree, then with its full sleeves and plain round neck blouse will look classy. So, always pair your saree with the perfect style of blouse if you don’t want to get trolled by the fashion police.

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Try Layering

If there is one trend that the fashion police is going gaga over that is layering up. And who says you have to wear your saree the conventional way? Drape a saree with a non-conservative blouse and throw on a cape or a jacket on top. It looks hot and so unique! The key to looking flawless and carrying off the saree with great flair is the way you walk in it. You need to be comfortable in what you wear and confident that you look gorgeous.