Find Yourself Whining Every Time You Have to Wear a Saree for a Function? Best Colour Combinations to Make Your Sarees Come Alive (2019)

Find Yourself Whining Every Time You Have to Wear a Saree for a Function? Best Colour Combinations to Make Your Sarees Come Alive (2019)

Saree combinations play a huge in the saree’s overall appeal. No matter how beautiful a saree is, imperfect combinations can ruin the look of your saree. The beauty of the saree accentuates only when it is going well with an appropriate combination in a perfect fit. Here we are glad to present some gorgeous and unusual combinations that you have probably not tried.

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Why the Right Colour Combination is So Vital to the Look of a Sari

Right Balance of Colour and Fabric Is Very Important

When it comes to buying the right kind of saree combination, colour is not the only thing which plays a huge role. Fabric is as important as colour and to be true, fabric plays a critical role in determining how the colours of the saree are going to pop.

For example, a dark green colour looks really different when you are using silk fabric as compared to that of the cotton fabric. Our recommendation is to check out a wholesale fabric store in your locality to understand this colour and fabric combo for your saree.

Weird Colour Combinations Can Ruin Even a Good Saree

No matter how gorgeous is the print on your saree and how expensive it is, if the colour combination is not good then it is not worth having this saree at all. Weird colour combinations can totally ruin the look of the saree. For example, teaming up two warm colours like red and orange can be too fierce for a saree. Also, combining sober colours like light blue and pink can make the saree look absolutely dull. So, decide wisely.

Colours Are Important to Highlight the Design and Pattern of Sarees

Saree colour combinations are really important to know how the saree will turn out to be. In fact, these are the colours which highlight the patterns and prints on a saree. For example, Shibori is a really popular saree print inspired by Japan, but only with the right kind of colours will it pop out. The same applies to the rest of the prints and patterns and you really need to have strong colour combo game for this.

Most Popular and Trending Saree Colour Combinations

Dark Green and Red - for Traditional Look

Do you want to find two colour combination saree which is perfect enough for traditional ceremonies and celebrations? You should better try your hands at finding a Dark Green and Red colour combination for your saree.

This one is a really popular saree combination not from recent times but even from the old times too. It gives a very feminine yet bold look to a woman because of the use of solid colours. And if you want one such saree for a function then make sure that you go for the silk or jacquard fabric for such type of sarees. These are heavy fabrics which give a very rich and royal look to the saree and hence will make you look more elegant. Make sure that the green colour comes on all the saree while the red colour enriches the pallu.

Pink and White - for Subtle Effect

Pink and white both are very soft and subtle colours and hence wearing a saree of this colour combination can be a risky fashion choice. However, as we are talking about baby pink colour here, this complements the white very perfectly and add some dimensions and variations to plain white colour scheme. So, if you are attending a day time function or event then you cannot find a better choice than a pink and white saree combination.

For this combo, you need to make sure that you pink colour (prefer this one with some prints) goes on the pallu while the white colour stays on the pleats below your waist. Georgette or chiffon fabric would be the best to choose for such type of saree colour combination in order to complement the subtlety of the colours.

Royal Blue and Golden - for Regal Vibes

When it comes to finding that rich and regal saree combination, you just can’t afford to miss out on the colour royal blue. This one is such a solid and bold colour that you cannot mix another bold colour with it as it will make your saree look absolutely gaudy and over the top. So, you have the option to approach something lighter like the colour golden. This colour perfectly balances out the boldness of royal blue colour and you end up getting a perfectly regal saree for you.

You can either go for horizontally half and half royal blue and golden coloured saree or the other option is to have a royal blue saree with a golden border all over. This will turn out to be something epic and satin can be a nice choice for this type of saree combination.

Pink and Orange - for Vibrant Look

We are talking about the hot pink and bright orange colour combination here. You must be thinking that both are so warm and bright colours then why are we mentioning such combo for you. Well, the thing about hot pink and bright orange colour is that they both have a neon colour appeal which is super trendy right now. And apart from that, these colours have great undertones so blending these colours on a piece of fabric looks really great and satisfying.

Most importantly, this colour combination is something which is perfect for both traditional as well as stylish sarees. You can find a lot of saree options in this colour combination and you will be glad to see how perfect it looks. Prefer such sarees for day time function and in georgette fabric which is flowy and will make you look more radiant.

Maroon and Golden - for Bridal Look

All the shades of red especially maroon are popular for giving bridal appeal to a woman. So, if you are looking or some bridal inspiration then the combination of maroon and golden saree would come handy for you. Also, this is one of the most popular and perfect silk saree colour combinations too as it makes a woman look absolutely gorgeous and elegant.

The silk fabric gives more richness and solidness to the entire look. As for the combination, you can prefer golden touch on the border of the saree which goes full-fledged on the pallu followed by maroon on the remaining part of the saree. This will turn out to be a goddess like look and hence perfect for the occasions like wedding. A Kanjeevaram saree would be the perfect choice for this colour combination.

Red and White - for the Classy Look

If we ever take a look at a red and white colour combination of saree, it instantly reminds us of the popular Bangla sarees. They look absolutely elegant and gorgeous and the one of a kind appeal is something which compelled us to mention this saree combination here. The thing about this saree combination is that you have numerous ways to wear the sarees in this colour combination.

Whether it is a typical Bengali look or modern free pallu look, this saree looks just stunning in every way. Moreover, whether it is a white saree with a red border or red saree with a white border, this colour combination will grab some eyes no matter what. A Seedha pallu saree in this combination would also look quite gorgeous especially if it has that Bandhani print on it. This saree would look good in lightweight fabric only.

Black and White - for the Retro Look

Many of the parties and functions these days have started to keep their theme as retro. This special theme demands you to wear sarees a certain way and what else can be a better saree combination for this theme than the black and white. You will not find women wearing black and white sarees in general as the combination is really dull and lifeless except for some stark pieces.

However, when it comes to the theme, black and white sarees are the perfect choice to create that retro look. A white saree with a black border and black embellishments on it would look beyond gorgeous and you can wrap it around in that retro way too. For some experiment, you can also try this combination as the other way round (black saree with white border).

Yellow and Green - for Refreshing Appeal

You must be thinking that both yellow and green are such bright and popping colours and mixing them together in attire might make you look weird. But you need not worry as popping and pastel colours are in the recent trend and you can surely wear a saree having a combination of both.

A saree with the combination of these two colours would look so radiant and bright in the day time functions especially like Haldi and Mehndi. We would recommend you to wear this saree in floral print as it will look quite refreshing and eye-catching. With the base of yellow colour and floral print and border of green on it would look really soothing to the eyes. You can definitely go for this combo without any doubt.

Pink and Purple - for Being the Showstopper

The combination of purple and pink is one of the most common ones when it comes to the sarees having a traditional appeal. You will mostly see this saree combination in the fabric of jacquard, silk and other heavy fabrics which further enhances the look of the saree. It completely depends upon you that which colour you want to have on your pallu which you can decide on the basis of your complexion.

We would recommend you to pick a purple-pink saree with golden or some other embellishments on it. It will make the saree look absolutely rich and royal in terms of looks and appeal. Such sarees have mostly traditional vibes so do not experiment this colour combo in modern designs like frills and ruffles.

Grey and Black - for the Edgy Look

Talking about the latest saree colour combinations and trends, grey has become such a popular choice these days. In recent times, everyone wants to look edgier and sexier and you cannot find a better colour than grey for such appeal.

As for the combination, you can combine the colour black with grey. Black adds the perfect contrasting effect in grey colour and makes the attire look even classier. A horizontally half-half saree in grey and black colour would look absolutely gorgeous. You can also go for a fully grey coloured saree with a black border and black blouse. For the styling tip, make sure that you keep the blouse sexy and stylish in order to increase the oomph factor in the saree.

Interesting Saree and Blouse Combination Ideas to Go for


Well, that was about the saree combination regarding the colours and patterns. This is the time for us to give you some interesting tips about trending saree and blouse combinations now. Women are focusing more on the blouse details than the sarees and this is why you need some tips if you want to be a part of this trend.

Jazz It up with a Crop Top

Crop tops have overpowered the concept of blouse these days and to be true, this trend is quite quirky and appealing. Women have stopped paying heed to getting their matching blouse stitched for a saree. You just need to buy solid coloured crop tops and you are good to go. You can team up them with any type of saree and rock it with the utmost ease.

Wear a Peplum Top for Desi Chic

A peplum top looks every bit of classy even when you wear it with a skirt. Interestingly, you can wear it on a saree and rock that elegance with this Indian garment too. In this way, you will be looking absolutely stylish and donning two different types of clothing into one garment which brings the best of both worlds for you.

Don a Shirt for the Boss Lady Look


If you want to enhance that saree combination look then you can go for a nice shirt instead of blouse with your saree. Keep two three buttons open to give it an off shoulder kind of look. Make sure to use appropriate jewellery and accessories to make the whole look work for you.

Use a Shrug or Jacket to Look Uber Fashionable

Shrugs or Jackets are the new cool in traditional saree fashion. You just need to wear your saree in usual Nivi drapes and simply wear a nice matching embellished jacket over it. This will make you look ultra-glamorous and stylish in no time. You can use the same jacket on western outfits and on other sarees too.

Go for a Bralette for the Sultry Look

Bralettes have become the new cool for women not only in India but internationally too. You can wear them with western outfits and now you can wear them instead of your regular blouse with the saree. It will bring a sensuous drama into your whole outfit and you will surely grab people’s attention in no time.

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What goes around, comes around. This statement holds true in every walk of life. The popular ancient classic “Kamarbhand” or waist belt is back to take the fashion world by storm. Gold and silver waist belts have been a part of Indian traditions and still look great when teamed with sarees. Stone studded belts are also quickly grabbing the limelight. Waist belts help to showcase a slender waist and accentuate your appearance.