Give An Indo-Western Twist To Your Look: 10 Trendy Kurti Pants to Accentuate Your Style Statement in 2020!

Give An Indo-Western Twist To Your Look: 10 Trendy Kurti Pants to Accentuate Your Style Statement in 2020!

The versatility of kurtis is what makes it a mainstay of every Indian woman's wardrobe. Go indo-western by teaming with a variety of pants! Find here nifty ideas for pairing your kurtis with different types of bottoms, from palazzos to cigarette pants.

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Different Styles of Kurti Pants

If you are a girl who loves to wear kurtis daily, then we have a lot in store for you in this article. Kurtis are so comfortable and versatile that once you start wearing them, then you don’t want to wear anything else. You can easily jazz up your kurtis by wearing them with different styles of bottoms. Kurtis can be worn with different styles of bottom wears like salwaar, pants, jeans, etc., You can create numerous different looks with a single kurti just by pairing it up with different types of bottoms. For an Indo-western look, wear kurtis with jeans, for a traditional look wear them with churidars, and for a casual look, go with pants. So, if you want to jazz up your casual kurtis with pants, then you can wear the following styles of kurti pants.

Cool Patiala Pants

If you are looking for something super comfortable with your kurti, then nothing is more comfortable than Patiala Pants. These pants are generally worn by Punjabi ladies, but these days due to their comfort and appeal, everyone wants to try them. Patiala Pants offer a beautiful draping effect with the fall of lots of pleats. It requires double the amount of fabric compared to normal straight pants, to design these pleated pants, but due to extra pleats, these pants are highly comfortable. So, if you want to create a cool look with your kurti pants, then invest in some colourful Patiala Pants today.

Edgy Cigarette Pants

To create a professional look, pair your kurtis with cigarette pants. Cigarette pants are like churidar but without churi. They are straight pants of ankle length. They are trending these days and are very lightweight so you can wear them all the time. With your trendy tail cut kurti or flared kurti, you can pair cigarette pants to create a modern look. Moreover, if you wear them with long kurtis or kaftans, then you will look highly stylish at your office.

Funky Wide Leg Pants

Tight churidars or jeans are not a comfortable clothing option for work. However, with these wide leg pants, you can surely get some comfort. These pants are perfect kurti pants for summers. If you have toned long legs, then wearing wide leg pants with kitten heels will make you look very hot. However, if you are of short or moderate height, then you can also wear wide leg pants, but avoid wearing them with flared kurtis. Follow this simple golden rule - if your bottom is loose, then balance it with a fitted top, or vice versa.

Distinctive Bottom Options to Wear With Kurtis

Kurti pants always make you look smart and professional, but you don’t want to always look professional. Sometimes you want to look carefree and girlish in your kurtis. So, if you want to look sexy, funky, sassy and cool in your kurtis, then you can pair them with following cool bottoms.

Aladdin Salwar

You might have tried harem pants by now as they have been in trend for a long time, and now you should also try the Aladdin salwar. This salwar basically has a slit down the side of the lower half below knees. These pants are generally made from the soft material up till the knee so that it forms a structure around the legs of the person who is wearing it. You can wear any type of kurta with this salwaar to look cool and funky, but wearing waist-length kurtis will flaunt the bottom better.


The pairing of kurtis and jeans is a pair made in heaven. Nothing can beat the classic look of faded denim jeans with a trendy kurti. The jeans create a neat and clean look when they are paired with the kurtis. You can pair jeans with any type of kurtis according to your body structure. If you are tall, then long kurtis with jeans will suit you the most. However, if you are short, then a knee-length Anarkali kurti will look best on you. Moreover, kurtis with jeans can be worn for office meetings as well as for hanging out with friends.


If you like layers, then you'll fall in love with the kurti and the skirt pair. When you are pairing kurti with skirts, make sure that if your kurti is long, keep your skirt short and if your skirt is long, then the kurti should not go beyond knees. With skirts, you can pull off the perfect Sunday look. For lazy walks on Sunday mornings with your friends and family, this combo of skirt and kurti is simply perfect.

10 Funky and Comfy Kurti Pants You Can Buy Online

Are you looking for the perfect bottom wear to pair with your stylish kurtis? Do you want to create a different look with the same kurti? Then, get these stylish and edgy kurti pants to go with your kurti. By styling the same kurti with different styles of pants, you can create a different look every time. Don’t believe us? Then, get any of the following kurti pants and check out for yourself!

Casual Pants

For the comfort seekers, these casual pants offered by Go Colors are absolutely the best. These pants are very comfortable as they are designed for relaxed silhouettes. These casual pants are available in numerous different colours and sizes, so you can easily wear them with your colourful kurtis. You will completely feel relaxed and comfortable after wearing these pants all day because they have an elastic waistband with a drawstring to give you relaxation. These loose extended pants will look gorgeous with short kurtis. Just wear flats with these pants and you are all good. Order your favourite colour casual pants from for ₹599 only.

Gold Cotton Pants

Gold is the new black. Today, you can easily pair these stylish golden pants with any party-wear kurti. That’s because all party wear kurtis today have some pastel golden touch in them. If your kurti doesn’t have a golden shade, then you can still wear gold pants with contrasting kurtis as well. In these gold cotton pants, an elasticated waistband is inserted for your comfort. Moreover, the fabric used in pants is very soft and won’t harm your skin. Just grab your favourite party wear kurti and pair with these Biba gold pants which you can order for ₹999.

Jaipur Kurti Women's Olive Solid Cotton Slub Pants

If you are looking for regular wear pants to pair with your straight kurtis, then this olive coloured solid slub pant is perfect. You can wear these pants with your office outfit to make yourself look professional. They are comfortable and have an elastic waistband. Moreover, olive colour is very versatile and can be easily paired with any colour of kurtis, especially with light colour kurtis. You can create a dynamic office look with these pants available on for ₹619.

Jaipur Kurti Women White Solid Cotton Slub Trousers

If you have long kurtis or ultra-short kurtis, then this pair of white cotton trousers will be your perfect bottom choice. This is a loose-fitted short trouser which will fall slightly above your ankles. So with long kurtis, it will look awesome. So, you can easily flaunt your accessories with these trouser style pants. You can wear stylish anklet and high heels to make yourself look vibrant for a night out with friends. This versatile white trouser can be ordered from for ₹659.

Off White Regular Fit Solid Jogger

To create a beautiful fashion statement wear this regular fit solid jogger type pants with your kurti. With your short vibrant colour kurtis, this bottom will look truly amazing. This jogger has a mid-rise, so you can easily move in them. Moreover, you will get an easy slip-on closure and two pockets in this white jogger. You can easily flaunt your payals and high heels with this pant. So, immediately get these off-white cropped joggers from Myntra for ₹599.

Yellow Solid Rayon Palazzo

If you want to follow the latest trends with your appearance, then these elegant and classy yellow palazzo pants are part of the latest trend. These palazzos are very stylish with a comfortable waistband and two side pockets that give a snug fit effect. With a beautiful pink coloured long kurti and beige colour flat sandals, you can team up these yellow solid rayon palazzo pants. These classic palazzos can be easily ordered from the for ₹519.

White And Black Color Aztec Printed Cotton Plazzo

From Skyline Trading, you can get these simple yet elegant palazzo pants in white and black colours. You should immediately ditch your uncomfortable jeans and adopt these comfortable rayon palazzo pants to pair with your kurtis. The eye-catching feature of these pants is the beautiful henna print on the bottom hemline. Accessorise these palazzo pants with your pointed high heels and traditional payals. You can order them from for ₹849.

White Cotton Flax Narrow Pants

To enjoy the comfort and relaxed day in your office or college get the white cotton pants for yourself. These beautiful white pants can be easily teamed up with your vibrant colour kurtis like red, yellow, blue, etc., If you want to wear these pants for your work, then pair it with tailored mandarin collared kurti and high heels to look utterly professional. However, if you want to enhance your chic appeal, then combine it with flared or tail cut kurtis. With the side pockets and elastic waistband these pants make your life easier, so immediately order them from Biba for ₹899.

Wine Paisley Wide Leg Pants

Do you want to enhance your boho style? Then, you have to get these billowy wide leg paisley printed pants. These wide leg maroon pants are designed from the lightweight soft fabric which adds up flares to them. The inner lining and waistband of pants is very soft and snuggly fit. To highlight the printing of the pants, wear them with neutral colour kurtis and minimal accessories. You can get these beautiful pants from for ₹699.

Mide Rise Full Length Pants

For a fun day out with your friends, you can wear these multicolour black and white mid-rise pants. These polyester mid-rise pants are very comfortable and stylish. You can wear flared short kurtis with them to look like a little doll. You can wear beautiful anklets and black flat sandals with them to complement your outfit. You can place an order for these pants on for ₹699.

How To Accentuate Your Kurti Pants With Accessorises

Well, a stylish kurti pant can really take your look to another level. But, do you want something extra to accentuate your looks with the kurti and pants? We can bet that you like to accessorise your look a little more. So, to highlight your legs more in the perfectly fitted pants, you can wear the following accessories.


Payal is a traditional Indian jewellery article which is worn around the ankles. Payals are available in numerous different designs and materials, but silver payals with small bell-like ghungroos are the ethnic style. When you wear beautiful jingling payals with your straight pants, then everyone will get enchanted by them. You can order gorgeous payals online from stores like


Anklets are sort of like payals, but minus the ghungroos. Plus, anklets are usually worn on one feet only. They are available in different styles and designs. You can get colourful designer stone anklets or beads-studded anklets online and highlight your beautiful kurti pants even more. You can get a matching bracelet with your anklet to look like a truly stunning diva.

High Heels

The skin-fitted pants accentuate your toned legs very beautifully, but if you want to accentuate your legs even more, then wear high heels. The high heels will make you look more stylish and emphasise your kurti pants in a fashionable way. Moreover, if you have a short height, then wearing high heels with kurti pants will make you look taller and will highlight all your body curves.

Toe Rings

If you are planning to wear sandals or kolhapuri chappals with your kurti and beautiful straight pants, then you should wear toe rings. The stylish toe ring is a traditional Indian jewellery article which is mainly worn by married women. So, when you are wearing open sandals with your kurti pants, then attract attention towards your beautiful feet with stylish toe rings.

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