Women Feel Beautiful in Red: 10 Unique, Bold and Striking Red Kurti Designs Every Woman Should Incorporate in Her Wardrobe in 2019

Women Feel Beautiful in Red: 10 Unique, Bold and Striking Red Kurti Designs Every Woman Should Incorporate in Her Wardrobe in 2019

Ladies! It’s time you add one or more stylish kurtis to your wardrobe. Talking of Kurtis, red is one colour which makes anyone stand out in the crowd. It has a beauty of its own. So here we present to you some of the gorgeous red Kurtis every girl would love to have in her wardrobe. Let's take a close look!

Different Red Kurtis Styles to Choose from

Indian ethnic wear is a legacy clothing style popular not only in India but worldwide. The vibrant culture and traditions of our heritage have been brought in a subtle way to our dresses. India is a multicultural country, which translates into an array of costumes and traditional outfits. Many are worn only in certain areas, but there are some items of clothing that have found a wider, pan India appeal. Some of which are saree, salwar kamees, kurti pajamas. Ethnic pertains to the characteristics that a group of people display. Further ethnic wear suggests the origin of a particular culture widely rooted in its traditional ways.

Our sarees, kurtis designs and dupattas are popular and also worn by foreigners. Even the fashionistas of the country believe in ethnic styling. With every ramp walk at the fashion shows, we notice women in beautiful and stunning Kurtis with contemporary designs. It leaves every girl drooling over it. We know it and thus we bring you a few handpicked designs of the trending kurti designs. A kurti a day keeps every girl sorted away.

Tail Cut Red Kurtis

It is the kind of kurti suitable generally for taller women. These kurti designs are perfect for your casual parties or general festivities. There are a wide variety of body types which will look apt with this dress design. Pear, Hourglass or triangle shaped, to start with. Tail cut kurtis are perfect asymmetrical designs with the longer backs designs. The last few seasons have seen the tail cut kurtis trending a lot. People with a slightly rounder body shape it is better if you avoid such kurtis. Also, it is a kurti which can easily pair up with normal leggings or jeggings, anything which is full length.

High Low Kurti

The high low kurtis are the brand ambassadors of asymmetrical kurtis. It is a trend followed by women across different ages. Suitable for typically every body type, even the middle-aged women are donning this look perfectly. The plain high low kurti are the ones trending this New Year. So pairing it up with a pair of beautifully printed leggings would be an interesting idea. We would strictly avoid this kurtis for a typical formal setting. But on the other hand, they go perfectly with any other informal event. While choosing your bottoms you could experiment with some ankle length leggings to give a little modern twist to the entire outfit.

Flared Kurtis

Flared Kurtis are this millennial invention. This attractive piece of clothing is a must for your wardrobe. The hemline goes both ways making it a little bouncy and the obvious choice for all your walks. They give a really chic look to your entire attire. You can carry this look to your next working day or for an outing with friends. It is perfect and typically suits every event. You can perfectly use this look if you have a tall, round or pear-shaped body type. Pair it up with different leggings and jeggings style for your next outing.

Kaftan Kurtis

It is a warm summer day and you are bored with your general boring daily wear. Kaftan Kurtis are a confident dressing trend this year which is comfortable and stylish both. Suitable and convenient for every body type, it is a perfect design for everyday wear. From visiting college, office to an evening coffee, it is a beautiful solution to your daily needs. This is the most casual and airy kurti design which camouflages your belly this year. So the round figured ladies this is the type of clothing you shall look forward to.

Front Slit Kurtis

A simple kurti design but with a little twist that makes every difference to your outfit. The front slits with a casual pair of palazzos and a few jewels to accessorise. It is one of the most sought after style these days. This is a pair of clothing which suits every occasion from casual wears to party evenings. Avoid such dresses if you are petite or with a round body type. Also, this is a part of casual wear so ditch it on occasions like formal meetings and gatherings.

Choose the Best Red Kurti for the Perfect Valentine's Day Dinner

Kayza Coral Red Solid Kurti

Coral Red is the in colour this winter. The Kayza solid red kurti is a straight fitted round neck design wear perfect for the nest party. The golden border and the beaded design compliment the red kurti. The lower half of a kurti gives it the old school look. So when eyeing for the next party wear, Make sure to keep this dress as part of your wardrobe. The coral red kurti has 3/4th sleeves which makes it uncommon and a must have. Easily available at a price of Rs. 800 on cilory.com, it also doesn’t put pressure onto the pockets.

Biba A- Line Red Kurti with Embroidery

Source www.ajio.com

Brands do make some bold statements. The Bright red Biba A – line kurti is sure to turn many heads this year. The Red Kurti gives off an exclusive festive charm. The beautiful golden embroidery on the neckline and the sleeves makes it an ideal option while shopping for the next wedding party. Floral designs adorn beautifully over the red kurti. The simple classy design with contemporary embroidered art is available at an affordable price of Rs. 1,350 on Ajio.

Shineon Red Designer Long Kurti

For all the style icons and divas, Shineon Red Designer Long Kurti is the ideal dress this New Year. Satin silk and crepe are the classiest fabrics from the queen wardrobes itself. So it makes your dress even more comfortable and royal. The classy embroidery and the basic designed patterns make you feel like a real queen. It is perfectly suitable for an evening party or a much waited date night. It is a budgeted solution for your wardrobe at Rs. 1,800. Buy it from Cilory.

Zoeyam's Red Cotton Anarkali Kurti

Anarkali’s are the most loved and wanted fashions styles of the year. This ancient piece of tradition caught the attention of the designers a few seasons back. From then onwards it was no stopping and looking back. We have seen wonderful Anarkali kurti designs trends over time. One such piece of work is Zoeyam red cotton kurti with a beautiful Chinese colour and a dark red colour. The ankle length beauty can be brought home at a much-budgeted price of Rs. 895 from Snapdeal. Lightweight and 3/4th sleeves will indeed make you fall in love with it even more. Wink Wink!!!

Silk Roots Red Crepe Straight Kurti

We all heard our mothers cribbing about silk saree and kurtis. But our generation has really had less experience with this material. The new generation silk roots crepe kurti is the ideal wear to prove your mothers. It is the best way to make them understand that we are aware about cloth fabrics and textures. The detailing of the net pattern throughout the shoulder and neckline makes the dress outshine other casual attires. At a pocket-friendly price of Rs. 549, it is the ideal kurti for your evening casual strolls and night chats. In case you are the person who loves festivities. The elegant look makes it a perfect dress during the festivities too. You can buy this number from snapdeal.com.

Biba Embellished Printed V neck Red Kurti

Source www.ajio.com

Designers these days are working hard towards creating dresses which inspire form creativity and our heritage. Embellished work is getting the majority of votes this year. The Biba V neck red kurti is a stunning piece of clothing. The beautiful floral embroidery across the neckline and the perfect embellishments through the dress makes us a diehard fan. A minimal makeup and simple pair of dangler earring and you are ready to smash any wedding or traditional festivity. Within an easily affordable price of Rs. 2,500 on Ajio, it is a dress every girl should have in her wardrobe. Make sure that your girl pals are jealous of your new attire.

Nitya Octane Blue & Red Kurti with Long Jacket

Glass, Zari and Embroidered pattern designs in a chanderi fabric is a collector of masterstrokes in a single pot. If you are in love with what we just said, the Nitya Octane blue & Red dress is the perfect ensemble you could carry. This dress consists of 2 parts. The first is the simple gown length kurti in blue which gives a simple yet elegant vibe. Covering the floor length kurti is a beautiful extraordinary red Jacket with Zari thread work design patterns. The jacket gives an edge to the already stunning kurti in blue. The red jacket kurti‘s back slit makes enhances the outfit and takes it to the next level. The perfect gown like kurti is a perfect evening dress for your wonderful evening parties at a very modest price of Rs. 1,649 only from cilory.com.

Sukanyaa Red Cotton Kurti

There are times when we love to bag a casual and yet a trendy design. The shirt style sukanyaa red cotton kurti is what you need. Shirt style kurtis are the biggest dressing style of the market. The cotton fabric makes you comfortable and can easily be a part of the casual wardrobes. The upper part of the kurti is buttoned and has a very simpler neckline with a collar design look. This is a kurti style which you can wear to a casual working day in the office and simultaneously enjoy a dinner date with your friends too. Something which can be wore to different set of formal or informal events are the ones which everyone eyes for. The kurti can be easily bagged from snapdeal.com at a budgeted price of Rs. 549.

Visudh Printed Red Anarkali Kurti

So you are this girly chic who loves dressing up in beautiful dresses in summers. Which I believe is every girl’s desire these days. The visudh printed red Anarkali kurti is the perfect fit as your casual dress up days. With a beautiful flared look and a three quarter sleeves are the trendiest and the classiest styles of our era. The material - viscose rayon is comfortable and soothing. On the other hand the floral looks pattern creates a visual treat for your audience. Everything of the design comes intricately with the shirt collar and the flared hem. It can be beautifully paired up with black leggings to just be on the go. This beautiful piece of clothing can be bagged at a pocket-friendly price of Rs. 819 from myntra.com.

Bonus Tip: Select the Right Fabric to Make Every Style Look Exotic

Every dress gains its momentum with the right fabric. While making a dress it is indeed important to choose a better fabric. But moreover, it is important what the overlook of the attire you want and what is the occasion for. When choosing a silk fabric it is kind of obvious that you want the dress to be inclined towards classy and elegant flares but when you choose something in a chiffon material it is supposed to sensuous and stylish. There are other fabrics like cotton which is generally used for general wear clothes and needs to be washed on a regular basis.

So let’s help you out with a few occasions. When you are choosing for a wedding or an equivalent festivity it is better to go with a silk fabric or a chiffon fabric with laces and zari work. Embroideries are also a great arena these days according to the fashion police. For your everyday casual dress up cotton, mixed cotton, rayon etc is quite comfortable and gives a great appeal too. Further with bridesmaid gowns or evening gowns, satin silk is considered royal and gorgeous. Even plainer colours up bring the whole dress. Secondly comes the design, with the right fabric if the right design is intricate the clothing is then considered the right match.

From our editorial team

Transform Your Red Kurtis into a Dress

Now that the red lover in you is happy seeing the wonderful Kurtis mentioned above, go ahead and choose the one which is right for you and right for the occasion.

There’s one thing we got to love about red coloured kurtis and that is that they can be transformed into dresses as well – and gorgeous ones too! All you have to do is pick the right kurti (preferably, ones with defined waistlines) and wear it as a dress. You have to be careful to team it up with the right footwear, however, or it could go wrong.