Tired of the Same Old Kurti and Leggings? Mix Things Up with Kurtis in Western Styles: 10 Dazzling Indo Western Kurtis for a Radiant New You!

Tired of the Same Old Kurti and Leggings? Mix Things Up with Kurtis in Western Styles: 10 Dazzling Indo Western Kurtis for a Radiant New You!

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Are you tired of wearing the kurtis and leggings day in and day out? Are you looking to update your wardrobe and bring it to current trends? The, you are in the right place. We scoured through the online stores for the top 10 stunning kurtis for your wardrobe. We also added the latest trends in the kurtis for your inspiration.

Latest Trends in Kurtis

Source cashkaro.com

A girl can never have enough clothes. And for an Indian Woman, Kurtis are a complete go-to outfit. But in the new age, modern woman's perspective to fashion has become more than just having “staple clothing garments". Take for instance the Indian women who draped Sarees once, now she draws ideas from the whole world today. The exposure to western culture has definitely brought in a change in the way clothing is perceived. It is no longer just traditional. With changing times, even the most traditional apparel has been modified to hold an urban look without compromising on tradition. The Indian woman is well aware of the fashion trends and she definitely does not imitate the west blindly. Her wardrobe is often updated with modern Indian clothing that blends perfectly Indian Style and modern trends.

The Bollywood film Industry has a key role in defining the way of transforming the way of Indian women dressing. Regardless of how Indian women choose to dress, one thing is quite clear – they are smart, confident, and independent individuals who believe they can achieve anything in life, and what they wear definitely reflects that. Women of 21st Century with their head in the game are also experimenting with fusion wear, which merges seamlessly the best of both traditional and modern, creating a style that is as unique as it is Indian.

Kurti Designs That Are More Western Than Indian

Kurtis are every girl’s go-to outfit. They can never have enough of them. It simply goes with anything from black leggings to skirts. The latest trend is to experiment with western outfits. The various “in” trends are Shirt Style Kurtis, Jacket style, With Pockets, cold shoulders, Kaftan, Cape styles, cowl Kurtis, Slits, Empire waist etc. Western clothing has basically taken over the entire world, and it's taking kurtis with it. It now has so many different styles that we can’t even keep up!

Long Gowns with Trousers

This simple, classy and elegant look is a must for every wardrobe. This look is gorgeous, comfortable and exciting at the same time! Perfect look for festivities and functions. An Anarkali is basically a long gown with pants, it's more western than you can imagine! And we use it in our daily lives. It definitely says modern when you look at it.

Button Down Jacket Kurtis

The buttoned-down jacket styles Kurtis are doubtlessly chic! Complete the look with leggings, denim, palazzos or even the ethnic bottoms. Dare to be different with this distinct and independent look. The slits on this button down jack make it resistible and very fashionable. And together with straight pants, it’s dynamic and sexy.

High-low Kurtis

This look is a trendsetter. In this type of kurti, the front hem is shorter compared to the back. The High-low kurti not only gives you stylish looks but also add a feminine touch to the attire. This look is perfect as casual to Office wear. The high-low kurta gives a look very similar to a party dress paired with pants. It is beautiful and gives you a bold smart look. This is definitely a daily look outfit.

Fancy Collars

Fashion innovators have taken fancy collars to the next level. You can add a Chelsea for an elegant look or a kaftan/pseudo collars for a simpler look. Mandarin Collars are definitely for those who love collars but conscious of the deep neck styles. Plus, fun fact, it makes you look taller. The collar of a kurta can change it completely and enhance it so much. By adding a fancy collar to a regular or simple kurta, you change it into something very fashionable at once! The combinations are endless once you figure out what works best for your body, and what can be done with the right material and right design. It’s just like making a new creation or having a life-changing discovery.

Asymmetrical Hemline Kurtis

Asymmetrical Hemline is a total chic style. So if you're that frill, lace loving person, these put them all together, put on a good pair of heels and voila! This certain type of kurta can change the entire outfit and make it edgy. You want to look sharp and chic, go for an asymmetric kurta. Changing the hemline to be asymmetric is a super smart way to mess around with a regular kurta and change it to be more fashionable. Adding frills completes the look in a way you can’t even describe. Say goodbye to regular with this asymmetric design, and say hello to the new fashionista you can be.

Pencil Cut Kurtis

This look is for the ones who want a figure flattering, fun look. Wear a matching legging to complement the style. Very similar to a pencil skirt, the kurta falls in a straight pattern just like the skirt. Bring your inner diva out to enjoy this outfit for a party evening in the city, and be yourself! This look is absolutely stunning and makes you feel confident in a straight design that resembles a pencil skirt or dress.

Some Trendy Ways to Style Kurtis

Printed Leggings

Leggings, the basis for every outfit. Printed leggings add more colour and life to your outfit. Travel-Friendly, stretchy, casual. Looks perfect and feels like your second skin. Make sure your leggings are not too loose or too tight. Printed leggings should be matched with plain or solid coloured kurta to complete the look. A heavy patterned kurta could just make it a disaster and you could just make the worst statement through the outfit. Too much pattern is always a bad idea. Feel free to mix and match with bold accessories and let the style drive you as you choose your shoes and hair to match. Paired together with stilettos, it could be the most elegant and fashionable outfit for work and is a pretty confident one. Make bold fashion choices and let that reflect in your life!

Kurtis on Jeans

This confidence booster apparel is a perfect hybrid of Western and Indian Fashion. This powerful pairing is effortlessly chic and comfy. Jeans are the perfect go-to. They are totally 21st century and can complete the look. They go with just anything and the styles with jeans are endless. Jeans with pockets make for convenient secret pockets under the kurta and you never need to go anywhere without your money or phone. You get to keep them right beside you. Skinny jeans or jeggings paired together with kurtis are extremely modern and are also adapted now by the western culture. A long top and jeans? Isn’t that the same as kurtis and jeggings? With the new colourful jeans available today, you can easily mix and match your colours to make the perfect outfit in the perfect colour in the perfect style. Enjoy your jeans in every combination possible!

Trousers as Bottoms

Want to give a more professional, classy look to your Kurtis? Pair it up with a good pair of trousers. And there you have it, trendy and refined. With so many kinds of trousers to choose from, this decision could take a while. Feel free to try out all the possibilities before you decide what style suits you and your kurta best. What suits your kurta could maybe not suit your body, so try it on before you choose. Don’t let your eyes deceive you. What fits one does not have to fit another. Different trousers include Palazzo pants, or drawstring parallel pants, or cigarette pants, or pencil pants. The options are never-ending.

Give It a Ripped Look (Distressed)

If the "ripped look" is your style, why not flaunt yourselves in a collared front slit Kurti? There are various kinds of slits in kurtis – the long side slit or the front slit all the way up to your stomach and when paired with leggings, you get to show off your fine physique in this kurta. Party wear long kurta in a long kurta that goes all the way to your ankles and has a large slit from the waist. It is super elegant and totally chic. You’d be the belle of the ball in that outfit.

Shorts or Skirts! Be Bold!

Be a head turner with your old or ripped shorts with Kurtis. Trendy and Bold! Short Kurtis or long Kurtis with skirts, you decide. It definitely shows the beauty of Indian Ethnic glow. A long kurta with shorts is totally the trend these days, even the west has adopted this. Wear a long flowy kurta with slits on both sides all the way up to your waist with denim shorts to give a classy look. Or a colourful Anarkali to compliment your denim mini shorts and long legs.

10 Trendy Western Kurtis to Shop for Online

Rayon Floral Printed Stitched Kurti

This kurta is made from rayon material and is very comfortable to wear. It is a starry black coloured kurta with a white floral pattern that is stitched on the black material. It has a beautiful yet simple round neckline which accentuates your collarbones. Indian Visarat makes rather beautiful everyday use kurtis that are comfortable and a little fancy making it possible to be worn to parties too. This A-line shaped kurta is sleeveless and goes best with white leggings. Pair it up with a pair of black heels and you could just be the belle of the ball in this stunning outfit. This can be bought on Voonik for Rs. 949.

Mehandi Green Cotton A-Line Kurta

This Mehandi green kurta is absolutely gorgeous. The colour is not very common and so it makes it all the more striking when you wear it. Pair it together with white leggings and you have the perfect colour combination. It is made from the softest and most comfortable cotton and is an A-line shaped kurta. Very similar to a dress, this kurta is long enough to reach the calves and it has a three-fourth sleeve length. It has a round neckline which makes it simple and is the perfect everyday outfit for casual occasions. This richly styled kurta is sold by Voonik for Rs. 1150 only.

Indigo Line Printed Front Slit Kurta

This is a striped kurta in the colours white and indigo. It has horizontal stripes above the waist and vertical stripes below the waist giving the illusion of being tall. It is made from the softest and most comfortable cotton and is perfect for everyday wear. The material makes it easy to walk in and do regular daily activities in it. It is in the shape of an Anarkali and is calf length. Paired together with chill slip-on or ankle length sneakers, this could be the perfect casual outing outfit, or just perfect for a stroll. It has a mandarin collar and is simply beautiful. This kurta is sold for Rs. 1120 only at Voonik.

Women's Printed Straight Kurta

This multi-coloured kurta is made by La Firangi and absolutely stunning. It has jagged striped in multi colours making it funky and really exciting to wear. It is made from the most comfortable cotton and is full length. Paired together with matching leggings and heels you could really enjoy making your regular day a more exciting day. Feel free to mix and match with accessories, and let your bold choices bring out your inner adventurous self! Buy it for only 600 Rs. on Flipkart.

Women's Solid Straight Kurta

This white kurta is one of a kind. The jacket has a white cotton waist-length top which is super comfortable and sits well on the skin, and over that is a transparent white net that falls on the back and all the way to the calves. It is stunning and is an eye turner. In the middle on the front, all the way from the round collar to the waist is a column with golden sides making it stand out even more. Combine this with a pair of black jeans, or leggings and simple flat shoes for any day out. It costs only Rs. 540 on Flipkart.

Amayra Women's Cotton Anarkali Kurti

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This beautiful kurta is in an Anarkali style and is made by Amayra. It is made from the finest cotton and is very comfortable to wear. The blue kurta has a simple round neckline and has a pattern all around it with more elaborate designs on the bottom and has small red balls on the ends of the three-fourth sleeves, and on the bottom of the kurta. Paired together with white leggings, it is absolutely beautiful and is perfect for a day out shopping or visiting friends. It goes very well with beige heels and a super fun outfit for a girls day out as well! Buy it for only Rs. 665 on Amazon.

Women Navy & Off-White Printed Straight Kurta

This is a full-length kurta in off-white with beautiful blue coloured prints. The prints are geometrically patterned and it has a shirt collar with buttons all the way down. This kurta is extremely elegant and the perfect outfit to wear when you need to look respectable, like in an interview or so. It is a straight kurta with three-fourth sleeves and has a straight hem. Made from the finest and most comfortable cotton, it really is possible to look elegant and be comfortable while doing so. It has two slits on the sides making it absolutely chic, and it goes well with a pair of blue denim jeans. Super comfy outfit for you when you add to it soft slip-on or converse to complete your look. It costs only Rs. 494 and is available to buy at Myntra.

Women Burgundy & Mustard Yellow Printed Kurta with Palazzos

This is a beautiful burgundy kurta with elegant style and stylish prints all over. It is full length and has half sleeves that have a mustard yellow bow on the ends to give effect. The neckline is a simple round shape, with a small oval shaped peep hole making it all the more stunning. It comes with a mustard yellow set of palazzo pants which complements the style and colour of the kurta perfectly. This is a really fancy outfit and is perfect for a day out and when you go partying or to more semi-formal occasions. Pair it together with fancy jewellery and dazzling heels and you have the outfit of the day! Buy it from Myntra for only Rs. 1119.

Women Green & Yellow Floral Print Anarkali Kurta

This floral printed kurta is dazzling and very interesting in design. It has a V-neck which accentuates your petite shoulders and has short sleeves through which you can show off your slender arms. It is rather a bold combination of colours with green, yellow and pink and is an Anarkali styled kurta. This Anarkali-styled kurta has a flared hem and really compliments your waistline as well. It is ankle length and really stunning when paired together with leggings and can be worn to family-events or semi-formal functions. Add in a pair of heels and beautiful jewellery and you’re all set to go! Buy this for only Rs. 679 from Myntra.

Women Navy & Printed Kurta with Palazzos

This is a super classy outfit that is extremely chic and elegant. It is very modern and has the latest design of kurta. The kurta is a navy blue colour with large checks and has a beautiful high round neckline with buttons all the way down to the hips. This kurta is sleeveless and the length goes all the way down to the calves. It is paired with matching palazzo pants that have the same design and pattern and is made from the finest cotton making it super comfortable for regular wear. It has three slits in the front and on both sides to show off the beautiful palazzo pants, and to compliment your figure. Buy it for only Rs. 1519 on Myntra.

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Play Safe and Choose Something That Flatters You

Kurtis are an important part of an Indian woman's wardrobe. It might be traditional or fusion, heavy with western influences. But the key is choosing the one that suits you and your physique. A kurti that doesn't fit you properly might lead to unflattering looks. If in doubt always go for A-Line kurtis for casual use and Anarkalis for party wear. This should cover most of your needs. You can also up your ante by choosing cold shoulder kurtis and kurtis with fancy collars like mandarin collars. If you are looking to multi-task a kurti go for something that you can use on its own as a maxi without the need for pants or jeans. Kurtis are something that you can play with as you desire. But take care to choose something that suits you.