How to Look Sharp at the Workplace and 10 Must Have Pieces in Your Wardrobe: Learn How to Work the Latest in Mens Formal Wear Styles (2020)

How to Look Sharp at the Workplace and 10 Must Have Pieces in Your Wardrobe: Learn How to Work the Latest in Mens Formal Wear Styles (2020)

Whether you are dressing for an important interview or you are suiting up for a black-tie event, any kind of formal occasion calls for a formal shirt. A staple in every man's wardrobe, the formal shirts expresses your style. Keeping up with current fashion trends, formal wear has adapted to the ever-changing styles of men's clothing. In today’s fashion market, you will get a surplus of formal wears, but choosing the best one is a very daunting task. This is when we come to your aid to guide you through various types of fits, cuffs and collars so that you can decide which type of men's shirts you want to go for.

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The Ruling Men’s Formal Wear Styles in India

Men’s formal wear is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. Not only the formals are required for the interview, and day to day official jobs, men look elegant in the style in parties, reception and other functions as well. A tuxedo for the wedding has no replacement and it can never go out of style. There are several parts of formal wear for men. It may not be mandatory to wear them together on all occasions but a man shall always have a collection of these in his wardrobe.

Components of Men’s Formal Wear

There are many components of the formal wear for men and if you want to be always ready for an occasion, you shall have some from each of the category. While it is often thought that the best ones are costly, you can make a smart choice and save money. Here is a guide to what you shall have in your wardrobe and how much.

#1 Formal Trouser

Formal wear is not completed without a pair of formal trousers. However, this does not have to be boring and lose fit. There is the normal regular fit one and there is slim fit, flat-front, sharp fit, tapered fit, and skinny fit trousers available in the market. You have to choose the trouser according to your body type, waist size, thigh size and your height. You shall have at least 5 pairs of trousers, 2 of them being solid colours. Other than solid, you can rely on checked, and stripped ones. One of such trouser shall be light coloured to suit your bright coloured shirts.

#2 Formal Shirt

A formal look is not completed without a well-fitted, elegant shirt that does justice to your overall look. There are boxy fit, regular fit, skinny fit, and slim fit shirts available to choose from. No matter what suits your body type, you are well within the range of formals and you can wear them in offices, interviews and social occasions. The linen formal shirts are quite popular these days. There are a variety of colours and they are quite comfortable too.

#3 Tie

A formal tie shall be an addition to your wardrobe. You can accessorize your tie with a pin depending on the occasion. While talking about ties, you have a bow tie, broad and skinny tie. If you can have a collection of all the categories, there is nothing like it. However, if you have a couple of wide ties, in your stock, it will be enough for you if you don’t need to wear it regularly.

#4 Waistcoat Vest

If you are wearing a suit as a part of the formal wear, you can couple it up with a vest of the same colour. Even if you are not wearing a suit, you can wear the vest too on your formal shirt and couple it with a bread tie or a bow tie. It is almost mandatory to have a black one in the kitty. You can also purchase a light coloured one or one that matches your suit.

5# Suit

Suits go a long way and if you have two or three in your wardrobe, you are ready for an interview, a board meeting and even for a reception. Suits are generally costly but investing in one is a good deal. The measurement is vital while purchasing one, so it is important to get it done before ordering.

10 Must Have Pieces of Men’s Formal Wear to Buy Online

If you are looking forward to getting some new men’s formal wear, you need not go out. If your interview is online or you need to present yourself in a meeting, the online store is the perfect place to shop. You get a wide variety of branded products at affordable prices. You need to find the best deals and discounts to make sure the product is well within your budget. Here is a list of 10 products for your convenience. They are the most stylish products at reasonable prices.

#1 Men Green Regular Fit Organic-Linen Rich Blended Formal Shirt

This one is a product from CAVALLO by Linen Club. The beautiful light green shirt is made from organic linen and thus, comfortable to wear during the summer. The fit for the shirt is regular and it is suitable for machine wash. It consists of a straight hemline and a long sleeve. The patch pocket looks cool on the shirt. It is suggested to iron the shirt after every wash to make sure it looks as good as new. The shirt is available on Myntra with a price tag of INR 1,049 after discount.

#2 Raymond Men's Pleat-Front Formal Trousers

This formal trouser, from the house of Raymond, is a must-have for its exquisite style and brilliant fit. The material is made of 75% Polyester and 25% viscose which gives it a soft shine. This slim fit trouser is an open length one which means you can fix the length according to your need. The dark brown trouser comes with a zip fly button for a secured fit. You can hand wash the trouser and can also machine wash it. You can get this handsome pair of trousers from Amazon at an affordable price of INR. 759.

#3 CODE Checked Slim Fit Formal Shirt

If you are looking for variety in your shirt closet, you shall check this checked shirt from CODE. The navy-blue cotton-blend shirt comes in a slim fit and will make you look handsome. With a spread collar, long sleeves and great design, this shirt is about to give you that dapper look that you longed for. The best part is, you can pair it with any of your solid coloured trousers and shoes. The shirt can be machine washed as well. This very enigmatic piece is available at Lifestyle store at an affordable price of INR. 779.

#4 NETPLAY Tapered Fit Flat-Front Chinos

This is an off-white coloured pair of chinos in trapped fit, suitable for any formal occasion. You can couple it up with a light shirt and a similar coloured suit. You can also wear it with any bright coloured formal shirt. Due to its fit, it looks stylish and can be suitable for any body type. The material is a cotton blend and comes with button closure and belt loops. You can modify the length of the chinos according to your fit and look handsome while wearing it. This brilliant piece of formal wear for men is available at AJIO at a price of INR.1,299.

#5 Arrow Slim-Fit Patterned Weave Bandi Waistcoat

If you are about to purchase just one or two waistcoats, you can rely on Arrow for this slim-fit patterned waistcoat. The beige coloured waistcoat is made of 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose and the lining is 100% polyester. It is comfortable to wear and provides a definitive structure to your body. The patterned weave looks fabulous and the multiple pockets not only make it easy to carry things but also improves the look. The waistcoat can only be dry-washed. This very handsome formal waistcoat can be purchased from NNNOW at INR.1,750.

#6 TITAN Black Dial Silver Stainless Steel Strap Watch

When thinking of formal watch, titan is the absolute front runner. Its great design and long-lasting machine inside, make it the best choice. You can always trust this brand for metal watches like this one. This black analogue watch comes with a steel belt with a silver finish. The stainless steel increases the durability of the watch and it suits every attire. It also comes with an unbeatable Titan warranty and with numerous service centres around India, you will not be short of right services at the right time. This particular one is available from TITAN store at INR.1,945.

#7 Eliz Luxe Belts for Men Reversible Leather 1.25 Waist Strap Fashion Dress Buckle Eliz Luxe

If you are looking for a reversible belt at a low price, this one from Eliz is the right choice. The two colours are burnt umber and black and it can be reversed to either side, thanks to the reversible buckle. The belt is 1.25 inches wide and made of genuine leather. It fits the waist sizes from 28 to 42. The buckle itself is rust-resistant which makes it long-lasting. You can remove the buckle and resize it according to your requirement. You can purchase this belt from Amazon at a price point of INR. 399.

#8 Hangup Designer Solid Men Suit

If you are about to purchase your first suit, you shall surely go for a solid black one like this. You get both the coat and the pants in this piece. The collar has a touch of silk while the remaining part is in matt finish. This suit can be a part of your attire in an office meeting, a party or even the reception of your friend where you want to look dapper. Make sure you know your size well before you order the suit online. This suit is available online on Flipkart for INR. 2,449.

#9 Marks & Spencer’s Satin Slim Striped Tie

The tie is a staple in the wardrobe with beautiful shades of blue diagonal stripes. Whatever formal you are wearing; this tie can add a notch of sophistication to it. It comes in a slim cut and looks good on everyone. The colour is such that it can be worn with deep and light colours alike. There is just one size available for this one. It looks well with suits as well. You can buy this tie from Marks and Spencers and you need to pay only INR. 799 for this beautiful piece.

#10 Two Coated Latest Design Formal Shoes for Men

This beautiful pair of shoes are dark brown in colour. This is the latest formal trend that looks good enough even with casual wear. This lightweight shoe proves breathability and the faux leather inside reduces odours. It has double stitches and the slip-resistant outsole makes it easy to wear, anywhere. The inside of the shoe comes in PU foam sole which makes it quite comfortable to walk in. The hint of black in the design makes it look even more attractive. You can buy this pair from Billaberry at an affordable price of INR. 920.

Tips to Accessorize Your Formal Wear

Your formal wear is incomplete without the right accessories. The three major accessories that complete your look are, watch, shoes, and tie. Here is what you shall look forward to.

#1 Watch

If you want to carry a formal look for any occasion, a watch is a must. It should be one that makes a statement. It does not have to be from some big brand. You can purchase low-price watch with a formal look. Choose from rectangular, square and round-shaped dials and colours according to your choice and requirement. A watch need not be of the same colour. However, the metallic watches suit all kind of clothes.

#2 Shoe

If you are dressed from top to bottom informal and you are not wearing the right shoe, then the look will go in vain. These shoes are available in solid, textured and woven design. They are available in different price range but if you don’t want to spend much on several shoes, you can choose a solid coloured one. You can check out the pointed toe, round toe and square toe options to choose the one the suits your requirement. Measurement is very important, so check the guide for measurement while purchasing online. You can also check the measurement of any of your previous shoes and order accordingly.

#3 Belt

The last but not the least is the belt that goes with every formal wear. Belt width can be either slim or wide and both look good with formal wear. Brown and black are the most popular colours in formal belts. You can also purchase the reversible belts that can work as two belts. Make sure that the belt comes with a tang closer and follow the instruction for cleaning to make sure, it lasts long.

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Head to Work in Style with Men’s Formal wears in the Latest Trends!

Wearing smart looking clothes goes a long way in creating the right impression in the minds of your boss, subordinates and colleagues apart from your performance at work. Whether you are a fresher in a startup company or the CEO of a multinational organization, a good collection of formal shirts is a must-have in your wardrobe. All you have to do is look at our collection of formal wears and accessories and pick some that best suits you. We hope this article helped you to pick the latest trends of formal men’s wear and accessories.